Notes From a Native Son: Is There a Future for African Caribbean Enterprise in the UK

Hal Austin

Hal Austin

Not so long ago, the veteran Grenada-born UK broadcaster Alex Pascall invited me to give a short address to a group of Caribbean elders reflecting on the last 60 years of our presence in the UK. This was followed shortly after by a St Vincent-born retired teacher, who was asked by the senior Methodist minister at her church whey there was a noticeable absence of African Caribbean intellectuals in British life, unlike the 1960s and 70s. It was something that concerned me privately for sometime. Although in a superficial way this has no direct connection with Barbados, in a real way it does, since the lack of dynamism in the African Caribbean community in Britain has similar echoes in the Caribbean.

British Publish Space:
The observation that the Caribbean dimension to British public discussions is missing is very astute and the minister should be complimented for his profound perception. This absence, or more properly marginalisation, is particularly observant in the press, in local and national policymaking, in the work place, and most disappointing of all, in the universities and think-tanks. Even on matters of direct interest to the Caribbean community, the debate is usually between opposing white views and, on very rare occasions with a black input by default – a David Lammy or Trevor Phillips.

The other default position is using an Asian voice to speak on behalf of black people – Yasmin Alibhai-Brown of the Independent, for example. This is also seen in book reviews, profiles of black entertainers, sportspersons, etc; black people may be the performers, but they are never invited to articulate their art or skills, on the presumption that they are not intelligent enough to theorise their performances or skills.

Currently, there is a nationwide debate on immigration, which purports to be about the European Union and the right of Bulgarians and Romanians to enter the British labour market. While this is the case with organised politics, ignoring for the time being the recent Queen’s Speech, given the rise of Ukip and its setting of the electoral agenda, forcing the other political parties to drift rightward, the Bulgarian/Romanian nexus is not the agenda for the popular phone-in radio programmes. On those programmes (led by the London radio station LBC) the talk from callers is about the growing segregation of London, white flight, the growing ratio of non-white Londoners and other stereotypes that one thought had gone out of fashion in the 1960s, such as blacks smell, etc. Afro Caribbeans are blamed for knife and gun crime – in fact, most of the victims and perpetrators are African – and an overall rise in criminality.

For those of us who live in London, where 25 per cent of residents are foreign-born, and read the Russian-owned Evening Standard, which purports to be the Greater London regional newspaper, the absence of black people from its news pages, except in negative terms (crime, illiteracy, unemployment, poor housing, etc) is astounding.

The black community, mainly the Caribbeans, are over-policed, not just by people in uniforms, but by the creeping army of privatised police, so-called security guards who assume that they too have a mandate from the wider society to police those more likely to cause trouble. Legislation now going through parliament gives this right to landlords, employers, national health service staff, and family doctors.

Even in the low-paid basic jobs such as fast-food restaurants, cleaners on the underground, working in the kitchens of City firms, Caribbean people are squeezed out to noticeably make room for Eastern Europeans, EU student-types, Australians, New Zealanders, South Africans, Latin Americans, Africans, Bangladeshis and others.

Even at the height of the ten-year economic boom which ended with the banking crisis and the housing bubble, black unemployment was more than double the average, and for the 16-24 year olds, always in double figures. It now stands at about 50 per cent.

Even those young people who want to better themselves by going to college or getting more conventional skills training, often find themselves accepted on to courses to make the numbers, but comprising a higher ration of the failed students. Nursing degrees at some of our second-rate former polytechnics are good examples.

We have seen numerous examples of young men being suspected of crime being executed or badly beaten by various arms of the state – by shooting or beating to death while in police custody, or being ignored and left to die or receiving poor treatment in hospitals. Being black in modern Britain is now a capital offence. Those professionals who escape the stereotyping and professional ghettoising are constantly challenged by ethnic juniors who question their competence, if they respond, they are accused of being aggressive, forceful, anti-social, angry, even violent.

Black people, and in particular Caribbean people, are always the ‘other’, the ‘primitive’ artist, the ‘self-taught’ singer, the ‘natural’ performer, not properly trained or taught in the modern European way. Ironically, during the Thatcher years the black voice was at its most vocal, being central to the Labour Party Leftwing project, led by Ken Livingstone, at the GLC, the numerous Labour-led London councils, and in some of the regions such as Sheffield, Liverpool and Birmingham, all of which opposed Thatcherism.

The systematic marginalisation of the Caribbean voice began under the rise of New Labour as it was seen as part of the anti-Tony Blair Leftwing. At the same time, groups such as the Conservative Black Councillors, were slowly allowed to wither and die on the political vine as a new generation of black Conservatives were taken inside the inner circle of the Tory party. We are now witnessing a political environment in which Compassionate Conservatives, LibDems and One Nation Labour routinely attack black people as an easy way to re-gain popularity – just read the Queen’s Speech. So, the marginalisation of Caribbean intellectuals from the popular debate is not surprising; it is part of the broader marginalisation of Caribbean social and cultural life – and, predictably, it is the Caribbean community itself which is often blamed.

Of course, we as Caribbean people are not perfect and one of the most glaring faults in our social organisation is the lack of a black or Afro-Caribbean economy. By this I do not mean there are no enterprising individuals from the community, but rather the lack of coherent business organisations and individuals providing the goods and services that the community badly needs.

Where are the teachers providing the Saturday schools, private tutorials and one-to-one teaching that so many of our young people so badly need? Where are the garages that provide the top quality vehicle maintenance, the builders providing first-rate service, the electricians, plumbers, and so on. Too often there are complaints about people wanting to do work in the ‘black’ – avoiding the tax man – ignoring the legal consequences if the work goes badly wrong. How about the electricians and plumbers who walk out to go to bigger better paying jobs, leaving the individual homeowner with dangerous bare wires hanging or toilets not flushing? How about our doctors, lawyers, architects, financial advisers, the people who should be providing leadership to the community? What about the surly and often bad mannered service we get in the little take-away restaurants, forcing many people to spend their money with businesses owned by other ethnic groups when they would rather not? In many cases we have internalised the very contempt that the host community, and the so-called New Britons, have for us by treating each other in much the same way.

Analysis and Conclusion:
We have now reached a stage when the marginalisation is almost complete; we are collectively forced, if lucky, in to low wage jobs with few if any prospects, poorer housing, our children’s education is neglected and ignored, and every white member of society, including the newly arrived Eastern Europeans, think they have a natural right to lecture us on good manners and social behaviour. We are routinely denied justice, even though we are more likely to be victims of crime rather than the perpetrators – whatever the tabloid newspapers may say. Our Christian religious beliefs are ignored if not treated as the obsessions of a primitive people, while those of other ethnic and religious groups are treated as the beliefs of a more culturally sophisticated people.

We have seen the national hypocrisy of elevating the Stephen Lawrence murder in to some kind of national grieving while the almost daily maltreatment of young men – and a few women – by the criminal justice system has become normalised. Then there are those who claim that we as a people should be grateful that we are given opportunities in Great Britain which, in many cases, we would not have been given at home. This claim to relative gratefulness is disingenuous and, in many ways, is a very part of the racism we face as part of our everyday lives.

In fact, like in Nazi Germany, some black people themselves become perpetrators of the oppressors’ racism in the silly belief that if the young muggers, and single mothers, and illiterates were to go away everything would improve for us as a community. Of course, they conveniently forget that the ideal model of this form of assimilation, the Jewish community, has faced neo-Nazi violence in every European nation, almost every day since the ending of the Second World War. Here they are, the best educated, the most sophisticated, the perceived most law-abiding, and in many ways the most silent of all ethnic and religious communities in Britain, yet they are not spared any of the contempt of large sections of the white community, working class and professional class.

Then there is the intellectual cover, the assault on multi-culturalism, the casual dismissal of the doctrine of equality, the very battles that have led to the global fight over militant Islamism. Even in matters of our health we are ignored, even when we suffer disproportionately, such as prostate cancer (three times as high as white men), there is no attempt to appeal direct to them, not even on good public health grounds.

The marginalisation of the African Caribbean community in Britain is almost complete.

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  1. i live in London and agree with most of the contents of this piece. The only thing I would add is that according to last census whites were under 2/3 of Londons total population. Excellent piece.

    • Hal read the article which is enlightening. What is a little murky is the why? How is it that Blacks are being crowed out/marginalized? There was always the view that Caribbean immigrants bar the Jamaicans were passive as far as criminal activity is concerned. Is it the 50s and 60s immigrant have failed to instill proper values and direction to compete with immigrants from other countries? Is it a case of embedded prejudges rising to the fore? Can you better define the why?

  2. This is a brilliant commentary by Hal Austin, who is spot on with his observations regarding people of African descent in the UK.

    Some of us believe that all is well because we are allowed to hold bank accounts, buy houses, own luxury cars and receive approval for achievements in the form of British Empire medals.

    Complacency amongst persons of African descent in the UK needs to be replaced with conscious minds and greater respect for each other. Until this happens, we don’t stand a chance in hell of being able to leave great legacies for our children and grandchildren. They will instead have to start from scratch, as opposed to starting out with skills and tools left for them by their parents and grandparents.

    I have a dream…!

  3. I’ll try to be brief by citing anecdotal instances that characterises attitudes.
    In the early 1960’s Caribbean immigrants were more involved in British life but as we increased in numbers the negative attitudes became embedded and a rapid withdrawal took root.
    Prof. Hunt (A Barbadian) gave Enoch Powell a proper dressing down on TV and it was given with such clarity that Mr. Powell was speechless.
    Typical attitudes now:-
    School Children: They don’t teach us anything about our culture.
    Older people: Back in the West Indies they only taught us from English books.

    A family of 4 moving from London to Birmingham into temporary housing on a council estate with the children going to a local school where there were lots of black children and to their shock they were the only black family to turn up at parents’ evenings to discuss their children’s progress.
    Ahead of their impending move to their own property in another district, the children were moved to a school in that locality. That prompted their erstwhile black school friends to taunt them with “Di and David going to a white school”, that was in Britain in 1981.

    On a TV program with newspaper editors including one black editor, a white editor said he was amazed that he never had any black applicants applying for journalist jobs. The black editor said it was because they thought they wouldn’t get the job. The white editor replied that that was very strange and negative.

    On the whole, blacks who are successful are regarded as having “sold out” and as I have said here on at least one occasion, you’ll not get criticised for being a shit house cleaner.

    At one secondary school in Birmingham where the headmaster is a Trinidadian, there was one girl who after a holiday in Jamaica with her mother, came back to school and all she would do is walk around with a MP3 player and nodding. The mother withdrew her pocket money, then her lunch money, but she kept on nodding to the music with no interest in school work, so mum and the teachers just gave up.

    Something else I mentioned here – In 1992 our UK company had hundreds of millions of pounds worth of orders for large computer systems on the books and it was evident that we would need a significant increase in staff to handle the load and also that even if we could hire experienced engineers, which we doubted, it would be very expensive.
    Our UK director called us, the Specialist group, to discuss the situation.
    He suggested advertising in local and national newspapers up and down the UK and in job centres.
    £8500.00 PA starting salary, company car with free fuel, private health insurance for employee and family, hotel accommodation on travel and out of pocket expenses (we weren’t stingy – one colleague had a glass of brandy for £41 on expenses), training in Ireland and the USA and career advancement opportunities.
    He wondered if he should increase the job offer to £10500 but we told him he’d probably die in the crush so he agreed to stay with £8500 starting salary.

    The interviews and hiring we left to him and the senior engineer he appointed to manage the new team.
    The team was established, trained and fulfilling their role.

    One day the Director came in to see me with a puzzled look on his face —
    “When we advertised for the installation team we never had one black applicant, do you know why?”
    “Well Frank, your guess is as good as mine” I replied.

    That’s quite indicative of approaches I have had over the years where people are puzzled when dealing with West Indians they turn to me to see if I could give them some insights into their thought processes if they were any.

    1968, I am in charge of a shift in HQ Near East Air Force and at nights when the bulk of work was done, I’d let them split up and have a couple of hours sleep each, until one morning when 2 guys repeatedly went back to sleep whenever they were woken up.
    Next night on duty I told them no one will be sleeping on my shift again, then I told them I was off to get some sleep and anything at all that needed a decision, wake me up.

    Next morning on the way home one guy said he had to admire my standing no nonsense and told me of a black guy they had in charge at another station abroad – “We would say some rubbish about black men and he would disappear for the rest of the night so we had the running of the place all to ourselves”.
    That guy should never have been in charge of a crossing point for old people so they could cross the street safely, F-words fail me to describe the creep.

    Overall, there are significant black people in Britain but there are a substantial block of low life that are responsible for the stabbings and shootings.
    Letisha Shakespeare and her cousin Charlene Ellis who were shot dead on New Years Night back a few years, shot by a gang including her half-brother.

    There was also the story that went out on a local black radio station saying a young girl, an illegal immigrant from Jamaica had been raped by 10 Asian men in a store in Perry Barr. This brought people from all over Britain to protest outside the store.
    They could not produce the girl they say for fear she would suffer a worse fate “being deported back to Jamaica”. The resulting toll from that rumour, 1 black guy shot and one (a Systems Analyst getting some fish and chips on his way home from work) knifed to death.

    They say “Stupid Is For Life” but on closer scrutiny it can be passed on.

  4. This is an eye opener made even more so as I observed many “Returning
    nationals,” here in Barbados speak of the Queen and her family with a twinkle in they eyes.

    • And to Mr/Ms Whitehill – add to that the African host at an awards event in Birmingham saying that smoking (permitted at dining table at the time) could not commence until we had toasted The Queen. I am still waiting for Cleopatra and/or Nefertiti (amongst others) to arrive.

  5. When I juxtapose the title of the article against the content I believe that ‘African Caribbean’ should be replaced with the word “Black” but I shouldn’t linger to quibble.

    This is a time when the second or third generation of those “Black” Immigrants should be coming to the fore but it seems there are being overtaken or overwhelmed by other immigrants from other parts of the old “Empire” who are bound together by religion or country of origin while the British born blacks increasingly see themselves as British (and try to assimilate into the mainstream) and their parents see themselves as Bajan, Jamaican, Nigerian, Ghanaian etc.

    “Black Enterprise’ where to begin? I used to visit the USA mainly Brooklyn during the 70’s and 80’s where it appeared that many businesses where Black owned or Black managed, fast track to 2005 after an absence of many years and it is hard to miss the ubiquitous ‘nail shops” run by Koreans the clothing store run by a Bangladeshi or the restaurant run by someone from another country; some whites who fled to the suburbs during the “white flight” are moving back and purchasing and renovating those historic “Brownstones” while Blacks are being slowly pushed to the margins. There must be something in our collective DNA that allows us to stand idly by while others erode the gains that we made while we slowly regress and fall further in the pecking order.

    Austin shouldn’t despair about Britain, I am told that there is a high percentage of intermarriage between “Blacks and Whites” thus in about 200 years the society may be more “café au lait” and in 1000 years who knows? After all remnants of people of African descent in Britain were erased before (Caesar’s legions had soldiers of African origin who surely fathered children in Britain) so history can always repeat itself.

  6. @ Rashid

    The ratio of Londoners born outside Britain is 25 per cent, this includes Eastern Europeans, Asians, Middle Easterners, Americans, French, etc. London has 250000 French people, the sixth lawrgest French province.

    @ Sid
    I advertise and talk to satudent journalists quite often, in the last ten years I have had one black guy applied for a job, and he wanted to take control even before he was offered the job.
    I have spoken to students at City University, the black studnets sit in the back, do not ask questions, and at the end when others are giving me their details, the black students sit on the edges.
    Part of getting opportunities is to create your own opportunities. Whatever the reason for their reticence to be a journalist in a white majority community means you have to communicate.
    There is racism, yes, but sometimes we must blame ourselves.

  7. Leave it to Sid Boyce to protect the Status quo in an enviroment where so-called justice is being meted out to a group of people in the most unjustifiable ways……..A race of people whose eyes have been opened to the realities and the unacceptance of no longer wanting or waiting to eat the crumbs falling off the masters table as once did the older generation of West Indian immigrants

    • Minus some factors, are we not seeing some similarities with the younger generation of West Indians living at home, where the acquirement of the latest fad/gadget seems more important to them. Many times I’m amazed at how our grand parent produced and achieved with so little at they disposal.
      These times with the education and technology available, it would appear there is a step backwards for the young people living here.

  8. Agree that there are very ,very few afro caribbean voices in the media.Check the BBC and you a disproportionate number of indians compared to persons of african descent.

    The week-end talk show uses a semi- illiterate jamaican guy representing Radio Jamaica on the Dateline show.I am so embarassed to listen to him.Why cannot they use someone like angela ransome or another articulate and intelligent caribbean person.

    Jamaican Yardies are creating problems for caribbean people in Canada and Britain.

  9. Thanks for giving us this perspective on the Black condition in Britain.
    It is really a global phenomenon that stems from the failure to adhere to an ideological framework of BLACK LIBERATION, do for self, and African nationalism as taught by Marcus Garvey.

    This ideological vacuum in the upbringing of Black children creates A PURPOSELESS SELF-DESPISING AND FRATRICIDAL GENERATION (as was intended)

    When racism is all-pervasive, governing every aspect of life, controlling everything that the victim consumes physically and mentally, it can become INTERNALIZED and SELF-FULFILLING so that the victim becomes the inferior character that the racist initially projected into his psyche.

    Look around Barbados at the condition of the youth and see what overfeeding on Crop-over-culture and a starvation of African liberation culture can do for the youth


  10. Whitehill | May 10, 2013 at 8:31 AM |

    This is an eye opener made even more so as I observed many “Returning
    nationals,” here in Barbados speak of the Queen and her family with a twinkle in they eyes.
    Using Barbados as a prime example, black people continue to steadfastly hold on to any attachment with the colonial slavery past, that stifles their ability to think with clarity, they just refuse to use their God-given will to free their minds and wear this as a badge of honor…………i do believe after centuries of such behavior it is now DNA embedded.

    I was riding a subway yesterday fill with quite a few women of black ancestry, i was the only one not wearing a wig, weave or some other dead thing covering and hiding my natural and living hair………it was a slap in the face, i observed many whites watching this as well…………….something is broken within the black mind that needs to be fixed, but only blacks can do it themselves.

  11. Hal……………contrary to what most blacks would believe, the plan is still in place, if something worked to your advantage for well over 500 years, and the people are still showing signs of being intellectually passive and complacent to other races………why, i would bring back that plan that worked so well centuries before, but in a different format.

    That is why i am so against the total dependency on tourism by Barbados and the other Caribbean islands, that makes the black race and their future generations very vulnerable to any kind of future exploitation including as some of the scumbags would love to re-enact, modern day slavery. I fail to see where Caribbean leaders are unable to see what can happen to their own people and as recent as yesterday making it seem in the media that the people will die without tourism, i am questioning the sanity of some of the dumb ass politicians as well as their true motives.

  12. @ Sargeant

    The African experience in Britain is different to that of the African Caribbean people, so is the Indian Caribbean experience, and the white Caribbean experience.
    There are about 10000 white Barbadians in Britain. Apart from Michael Stoute, where are they?

  13. Hal………..gotta remember the white Bajan only consider themselves Bajan when it suits their purpose, being the descendants of indentured servants, regardless of the circumstances, of British or Irish they will clearly see themselves being of that class, they are after all allowed citizenship and other relief without much undo stress. Barbados is a black majority country and as such the Bajan white will not see any dire need to advocate on the population’s behalf, unless it is to their own benefit.

    • Well Well, all said and done we’re decades past that place where we can blame any Europeans for our sorry ass state. I got out of the ” Black power bit,” I was somewhat of a closet radical because; I’d grown tired of the blacks in the USA blaming others and not looking to themselves and seeing the cause as to some of their problems. Now I’m back here in Barbados, if only a “skin teet” was a cure the black bajans and Barbados would truly be punching above their weight.

  14. Close to a half century of my four score years and one were spent in Rule Britannia

    I now give you a wake up call.

    On the one side they say that we negroes have over the years gotten lazy knitted our genes and DNA

    On the other side of the divide Britishers have institutionalized racism.

    Many of you have whispered behind me and the misses’ back at church and said that us black returning nationals from the UK are mad as a hatter, me more so than the madam.

    They have created a division among us that until my Lord comes back or until the young studs impregnate all their daughters and assimilate their race will keep us doomed

    It is called the bigger with the keys – the token nigger.

    They give one of us position in their system and then in subtle ways gnaw away at any budding unity in social, political or economic spheres

    ‘Ralph why didn’t you tell us the rest of them were (planning to join the union, talking to the union rep about low wages etc) we thought better of you Ralph, that’s why we have you that position, the new company car etc. you let us down’

    And we niggers go out of our way to get back hunkies respect and regard, even if it means a few other blackies gets stomped in the process

    You have to understand England, it is not like the United States where the are also racist BUT respect your skills and ability to make them green, in the UK they hate you and practice their supercilious attitudes

    So what the Queen Mother has said recently is an embodiment of that toleration that they afford us blacks.

    Englant not England is an island where our black children don’t have anywhere to run before these encounter that invisible wall of toleration

    Our women even though hated are hated less than our men ergo the fact that more of them are given chances to ‘integrate’ into whiteys system Rule Britannia

    It would take me years to write a dissertation on this.

    While I do acknowledge a significant amount of Hal’s comments I think that this aspect of living in this dour place is absent from this discourse

    The white man has imbibed the code noire in his tea and we are being ground up for that evening cuppa and have neither noticed it or have resigned ourselves to being slaves in this questionably different plantation

    Long Live the Queen

  15. Whitehill…………..they have the power within themselves to make that change, but when they have leaders whose only goal in life is to receive a title out of england along with any perks they could sneak out of office, the people are doomed, cause they too are not seeing what is right in front of them………

  16. Whitehill | May 10, 2013 at 8:31 AM |

    This is an eye opener made even more so as I observed many “Returning
    nationals,” here in Barbados speak of the Queen and her family with a twinkle in they eyes.
    Kindly correct the mistake
    The word is THEIR and not THEY

    Pardon me but this grates my nerves whenever I see it

  17. @H Austin
    There are about 10000 white Barbadians in Britain. Apart from Michael Stoute, where are they?
    To ask the question is to know the answer, they blend in with the majority and get on with their lives, if there was hardly any real interaction with other Bajans in Barbados other than mandatory school or work what’s the upside with identifying with them in Britain?

  18. @Hal
    You say – ‘The African experience in Britain is different to that of the African Caribbean people,’
    What is the difference between the experience of a black skinned african and a black skinned caribbean people? Do white english treat these two groups differently and if so why and how do they tell them apart?

  19. @ tired and confused

    In terms of racism, they may face the same hurdles, but how they respond is different. the First, in terms of education, Africans outperform Caribbeans; they are also a newer community and many of them often will accept jobs that many young people of Caribbean will not, and, a lot of them came from war-torn countries such as Sierra Leone, Eritrea and Somalia.
    This experience has its own difficulties.

  20. @ Hal Austin | May 10, 2013 at 11:36 PM |

    Hal, you have done a fairly comprehensive job of outlining the many challenges facing black people in the UK today; especially those from Afro- Caribbean backgrounds.
    Pieceuhderockyeahright @ | May 10, 2013 at 1:11 PM also gave a fine piece of analysis of the much harder challenges that confronted their immediate fore parents in their so-called Mother Country of Christian values and understanding.
    But one area it seems you have omitted or deliberately shied away from is that of the new brand of racism facing blacks in Britain today. For some unjustified and unexplained set of reasons the ethnic community from the Indian sub-continent have taken over where the white man has receded with stark and overt racism against people of African ancestry.
    It is obvious that these nouveaux arrivants cum nouveaux riches who have really benefited from the early struggles by Afro-Caribbean people against the blatant and nastier face of British racism now see themselves not as part of the black diaspora (as they once selfishly convenient did) but part of the emerging modern British middle class whose skin colour has become a bit brown-but still “fairly” indistinguishable from those of the old public school system.
    This ethnic group have managed to take control of a large slice of Britain’s economic residual cake; they have also taken over many of the old professions like medicine and law and play very important roles in the local councils’ administrative and political decision-making areas.
    Blacks are being further marginalised as far as the allocation of State and local government resources is concerned. Dwindling housing, education and employment opportunities for young blacks readily come to mind.
    Many of the values religious and social practices adopted by their fore parents from their colonial masters are being pushed more and more in the background while those based on other cultures mainly the Pakistani version of Islam are being promoted actively and attracting more and more of the limited public resources.

    Maybe it’s time black people give up their religious addiction that kept them back over the years and stymied their real potential. The white British people have moved away from the opiate; it’s time the children of the Sun follow suit. After feeding black people a set of myths and fables fashioned in the white man’s image to control their easily conditioned minds, its time blacks be brave enough and genuinely ‘ape’ the white man in putting superstition behind them for the preservation and survival of their black identity kissed and blessed by the Sun of Righteousness.
    I know the Islandgal would agree with me. What you say, “piece of the old rock”?

    • @Miller

      Noticed you too have avoided the question posed by BU which deals with the why? What enablers are there in the British society which allow Blacks to be marginalized? Are we seeing the same in the US and Canada to the same degree?

  21. @ Common sense is not common | May 10, 2013 at 9:52 AM |

    Thanks for the contribution.

    What you said is unfortunately rather true. The image of the “intelligent black person” is not something often seen.
    Even Bajan Rhianna is referred to on the BBC as that “American singer”.

    BET (Black Entertainment Television) does not help advance a different and more positive image of black people other than as entertainers and promoters and consumers of products manufactured and sold by ‘other’ people(s).

    Keep on making such quality observations and submissions. We and Well, Well will be counting (LOL!!)

  22. Miller…………… forgot to mention that Indians from the subcontinent still practice their destructive caste system, one of their advantages is that they utilize the education system to the nth degree. As usual Caribbean people allow themselves to be marginalized, people from the African continent realized this and acted accordingly, caribbean people are still pretending to be shy and stuck on colonial created religion, the whites have moved out of london, we know they are a people who are skilled at survival and quick on the uptake. Alot of people don’t know but at least a decade ago the black man who owned BET sold it to the jews, you are not going to get positive images of black people coming from them, they too treat blacks how indians from the subcontinent treat black people, and when Caribbean blacks in their usual style of folly still believe that jews are God’s chosen people, it will get no better. Again i say, people only treat you i the way you allow them to, when you want to pretend you are complacent to other races.

    • Even when Johnson owned BET it portrayed Blacks in a negative point so what is the point?

  23. @ miller

    I was not shying away from controversy. I am on record as saying the worst racism we face as black people in Britain is not, ironically, from white people.
    Inter ethnic rivalry has an awful stench and it is unreasonable to expect an ethnic and religious group, based on its exceptionalism, to treat non-believers and non-ethnics – with the exception of the European – as equals. They do not.
    That is one of the reasons why I am so alarmed at the demographic changes taking place in Barbados.
    I remember watching television in 1972 and ;iles of Ugandan Asians got off planes and were despatched to all corners of the UK.
    I remember white patients not wanting o be treated by Asian doctors, people running away from them; and, in those days, they associated with Caribbeans and were willing to identuify themselves as black, then slowly they became brown, and moved away.
    The Hindus now want to move away from the Muslims. But this castism lives on.
    I have also seen the incredible transformation of vast areas of the UK, from Bradford in the north to Southall and Tower Hamlets (what we used to call Bethnal Green) in the East.
    However, we cannot judge people by their ethnicity or religion. I have a very good friend who is of Indian ethnicity and was born in South Africa.
    His entire family was involved in the ANC.
    Sometime a groupf of Caribbean Indians flew in from the US to hold a meeting about politics in the Caribbean and made the assumption that because he was of Indian ancestry, he was onside in such vile politics.
    I have never seen him so angry. He rang me to tell me about it and the steam was coming down the line.
    Decent people avoid such politics. Some of my greatest friends are white. I also try and avoid some who are black and Barbadian.
    Life is complex. I was told that by Professor St Clair Drake, the great sociologist, whose father was Barbadian. His father dropped the s from his surname because he was in the US illegally.

    @ David

    The problem with the UK’s African Caribbean community is that although some individuals go on to reach great heights, collectively we have lost our confidence.
    This is also the case in Barbados – outstanding individuals, but a collective failure. Just look at our institutions and politics.
    We cannot face up to the challenges of the 21st century, so many of us hide behind party colours. It is defeatism.


  24. Hal……that’s another thing i have noticed, Indians from South East Asia, do not consider Caribbean indians real indians, it appears that ethnic groups are walking around with incredibly warped minds, not surprising that the white race who make up a mere 10% of the worlds 7 billion people are in continuous and consistent survival mode.

  25. @ David | May 11, 2013 at 8:10 AM |

    No David, not so! The answer was encased in the scoffing suggestion that the black man is easily conditioned to make him feel and act inferior because of the extreme brainwashing received from the forceful ingesting of a religion corrupted by the European and foisted on him as a solution to life’s problems and his spiritual salvation.

    The answer was also well put by that liberated free thinking mind of Well, Well and summed up in her statement quoted below:
    “….and when Caribbean blacks in their usual style of folly still believe that jews are God’s chosen people, it will get no better.”

    When one ethnic or racial group can get another group of people to ‘buy’ into a religious system that portrays the European as godlike and the deities and saints as pale skin that psychologically dominant group does not have to wage militaristic threats or war against the other conditioned submissive group in order to take away their lands, exploit their resources enslave them for cheap labour or sexually abused their women folk.

    The black people in the UK, especially those from the Anglophone Caribbean are exceptionally vulnerable because of their long colonial experience and Pavlov doglike cultural conditioning into the Anglican religious concept and image that the Jewish god is white and his son is a white man with deep blue eyes who must be worshipped in order to see the Promised Land and to live in the ‘sweet-bye-and-bye’ with milk and honey not tasted on Earth. Even poor Adam & Eve are portrayed as anthropologically impossible European without the slightest questioning on the black man’s part how come he is descended from 2 white people.

    On top of this religiously false indoctrination the black man has to deal with the self-degrading use of the word “BLACK” which is always portrayed in the English language in rather negative terms except when referring to financial health of course. Almost everything bad is associated with the word ‘black’.

    Black people certainly contribute unknowingly to this continuing state of ignorance and deliberate mental exploitation by those with vested interests to keep them (the blacks) in their socio-economic apartheid place as just consumers and not producers, and as plain hewers of economic wood and drawers of political waters.

    Knowledge, David, is Power. And scientific knowledge is the key to undo the mental shackles keeping back the black man today. He has a very rich history; one to be proud of and to regain if he should only seek the knowledge that explains his existence and his black skin.
    But things are so bad today that you only have to go the average black person’s house both the UK and in the Caribbean (especially Barbados) and see the dearth of books and literature of all kinds other than the BIBLE and possibly the local newspaper and gossip magazines.
    But, maybe the miller has it all wrong and the black man is much smarter than the white man gives him credit for. Maybe, the black man realises that resistance is futile and the way to survive is to be assimilated into a false sense of British Borg-like cultural hypocritical acceptance.
    After all, the White man has shown in the past what he is capable of. The decimation of those who resisted makes recent history a lesson to learn. Just ask the indigenous people of the Caribbean and the “Americas” what happens when your land and resources are in the explorative and exploitive crosshairs of the European and you resist even when Christianity is offered as a palliative to your economic subjugation.

    Sorry David for being so long-winded, but the miller craves your indulgence on intellectual grounds and extends his apologies to those who find reading this ‘windy’ piece a bit off-putting but eye-opening.

  26. Miller said:

    “Black people certainly contribute unknowingly to this continuing state of ignorance and deliberate mental exploitation by those with vested interests to keep them (the blacks) in their socio-economic apartheid place as just consumers and not producers, and as plain hewers of economic wood and drawers of political waters.”

    Miller…………this is completely and consistently enabled by black politicians, the need is for them to look within themselves and see what they are doing and tell us if they are proud of themselves for maybe not even having the knowledge to comprehend what they do and if they are aware, that it can be constituted as crimes against their own people.

    Funny Miller should speak of history, i was being mindful just last night about the recession or depression that would have forced Europe in the 14th century to be so desperation driven to seek the help of people like Christopher Columbus to invade, pillage, plunder, rape and enslave, and use whatever means was necessary at that time to gain much needed wealth and riches to build and maintain an empire off the misery of the African continent. That is what should be on the schools curriculum in Africa and the Caribbean, if only to wake up and shake into consciousness and people who remain very much asleep.

  27. That should read:

    That is what should be on the schools curriculum in Africa and the Caribbean, if only to wake up and shake into consciousness the people who remain very much asleep.

  28. explain to me which side of the physchological fence miller is on .it appears that on one hand your are putting blame on those ho have exploited and brainwashed blacks and then in true millerism style saying that its all black people fault for allowing the architects to keep them in mental slavery. the question then is how are blacks going to undo hundreds of years of a sytem which continues to hold them economically as well as physcologically hostage.

  29. @ Hal Austin | May 11, 2013 at 10:30 AM

    We are singing from the same hymn sheet even if you are in the “Ivy” College choir and “I the miller” at the back of Mr. Blackett’s ice truck or in the Major Nook classroom even if we share currently, as we write, the same geographical space in Bligthy Land.

    You are a man that can read between the lines and can certainly remember that poster right across London in the 90’s that showed a racist person possessing the smallest brain of all thinking species.
    Your SA friend is a classic example of what the world needs more of.

    I believe that instead of teaching all of this religious crap that feeds the fears of naïve people about other people from different backgrounds -whether racial or cultural- we should be teaching the young about science which explains the way we are either anthropologically or culturally.
    At the end of the day or in the final analysis we are all one in the eyes of God.

    Bajans, despite their naïve ignorance, have an unexplained connection to the BNB’s advertising lingo of yesteryear- (a National bank even if in Post Office format but truly owned by Bajans instead of being controlled by politicians and whose absence would hurt us in time to come)- “The Sun shines on all of we”.

    But Hal, we must say that David BU is doing a magnificent job of allowing each and every one with a modicum of Bajan education and or experience, even from the far flung 4 corners of the Globe, to virally and virtually meet and greet and offer our little bit in the form of our individual contributions.
    Cheers, Geyser!

    Thanks David (BU)! God bless BU and may the Sun shine like perpetual light on it!

  30. A great example of how black people are now responsible for their own shackled minds, is the starvation of indians in the recent 19th century. 30 million starved to death because they were so psychologically blinded by the European facade in place at the time, that they sent all their wheat and food stash to Europe, don’t know if they were paid, but suffice it to say that millions starved to death in India while Europeans wined and dined and got fat until some of them died from good living………….we know that the Indians will never allow that to happen again. It is a lesson that other ethnicities should take to heart. The European cannot be blamed for much of anything that is happening within the black race in 2013, we are aware, we have their form of education, we speak English, we are supposed to be able to think critically and analytically to circumvent whatever plans are afoot to keep the black race in perpetual subjugation, we are supposed to be independent of mind washed that happened centuries ago. As i said earlier, the European race makes up a mere 10% of the 7 billion people that are currently populating the earth, they have been in survival mode for many centuries and have studied and observed the complex and destructively warped minds that occupy several ethnic groups, they cannot be faulted for looking out for their race. We could only hope that blacks will eventually learn to do the same someday.

  31. @ ac | May 11, 2013 at 12:25 PM |

    You tell us, ac! After all, you are a black and support a black skin party but with a white mask marked JADA.

    Ac, you must get your black boys in the DLP to stop taking bribes and kickbacks from the Jada murderous Cosa Nostra.
    That’s not the side the miller is on. The miller is on the side of decency and fairness in public governance unlike your lying incompetent leader pretending to be in charge of a bunch of crooks and conmen called a cabinet but is just a gang of wild boys in Jada’s work yard.

  32. @miller

    You are a great observer. BU is a better forum for discussion than the Barbados parliament and the silly newspapers. I do no often comment on journalism, given that I have spent the last 40 years working in the mess in the UK, but w have two newspapers that are worse then in the 1950s and 60s.

    @ Well, Well

    Indians were starved during the Second World War, that is where the theory of food security came from, something that the ‘educated’ ignorance of our leaders seem to have missed.

  33. Hal……………….thanks, i knew it was recent, our leaders are just complete and utter fools with one track minds, consistently depending on one source of income without making any serious effort to implement food security for their people or create another source of income for the island. I have sat and watched them pay lip service to the issue for years, i can now quote verbatim and lip synch exactly what they will say on the subject next time it enters their frivolous and shallow little minds.

  34. @ Well, Well

    How did we decline to this level as a nation. I date it from Independence and the move towards the Bajanisation of all our jobs, no matter the skills and experience of the recruits. This then became even more corrupt by jobs being offered to relatives and friends of the well connected.
    I remember a few years ago a young female graduate from the London School of Economics, not particularly outstanding in her discipline (I even loaned her some of my books) being offered a job before she graduated. Of course she failed.
    I also experienced it as a young man at Waterford when major Noot retired and the entire school went out and battled for him and won that year’s inter-school sport for the major. We cabled him on the ship as he returnd to Britain to tell him we had won.
    He was replaced by, in my view, the most despicable, vile man, Stanton Gittens, I learned at that early age that Bajanisation does not necessarily mean good.
    Sometime ago I gave the keynote speech at the Old Scholars Association here in London and made that point – tht the spirit of Combermere we now celebrate al over the world is the spirit drummed in to us by people like the Major and Harry Sealy.

  35. Hal………………i believe post-slavery that the education introduced should have been tinged with the true history of Africa’s greatness, their Queens, Kings and Pharoahs, the fact that Africans introduced, science, medicine, astrology, etc. etc. to the world, all our geniuses should have been cataloged and identified to our young kids from pre-k going forward. This was the job of our leaders when they were granted independence, i don’t see where the British would have ever stopped them or withheld aid for revealing such truths. Even if some PMs were not aware at the time, which i doubt, since some were well read, the PMs and leaders we have now are well aware of the greatness of our African ancestors, instead of making sure our young minds are also aware, to inspire and build self confidence in the race, they continue to perpetrate and encourage the feelings of inadequacy and inferiority in their own race. I think that is the biggest mistake made by politicians post independence and then everything just started to degrade, decay and disintegrate, hence here we are.

  36. Miller u are hiding behind political propaganda to avoid answering my question. A people who havebeen raped of their identity and culture and had to adopt and adjust to a Euopean culture and way of life is now in expected to reverse their mindset in a short period of time. Yes although some have been able to battle those inherit demons handed down There are those who find it easier to conform than to fight a sytem already in place.

  37. Miller…………….would you like to try? i think i deserve a break, we could take turns………….

  38. tired and confused “What is the difference between the experience of a black skinned african and a black skinned caribbean people? Do white english treat these two groups differently and if so why and how do they tell them apart?”
    People from caribbean came 70 years ago, reaching 4th generation, integrated, many in mixed relationships, whites started accepting them

    Africans came 25 years ago, darker skin, sound like they arguing when having a party, they do jobs that west indians won’t do, kids are cute funny

  39. I have been waiting for a graduate from Waterford High school to step forward and denounce Hal’s analysis of Stanton Gittens but alas non has been forthcoming so I must reluctantly conclude that “the ayes have it”.

    Disclaimer: I did not know the gentleman other than hearing his name as HM of the aforementioned School but was frequently entertained by stories of his forays into the announcing booth when cricket was being broadcast by Rediffusion.

  40. Wow, fantastic blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you made blogging look easy. The overall look of your site is excellent, let alone the content!. Thanks For Your article about Notes From a Native Son: Is There a Future for African Caribbean Enterprise in the UK | Barbados Underground .

  41. Wow, awesome blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you make blogging look easy. The overall look of your web site is magnificent, as well as the content!. Thanks For Your article about Notes From a Native Son: Is There a Future for African Caribbean Enterprise in the UK | Barbados Underground .

  42. @ David,

    This is an excellent contribution from Hal Austin and a host of others. I always found him to be pompous and aloof. However he does have an excellent, analytical mind.

    Here are two interesting stories:

    In the land of opportunity, African immigrants veer closer to the poverty trap


    EU leaders offer Africa a grand bargain over migration with no bearing on the real world

    Analysis: The EU will ask Africa to take back your huddled masses – and send us instead your students, researchers and entrepreneurs

    • @Exclaimer

      He ducked on us but we soldier on.

      On Sun, Nov 8, 2015 at 12:31 PM, Barbados Underground wrote:


  43. Here is a copy of a speech by a prominent Barbadian in Canada. It is worth a serious analysis.

    Keith A. P. Sandiford
    Mr Justin Trudeau, the present Prime Minister of Canada, is making a great deal of his determination to promote a programme of multiculturalism and diversity in such a way as to make our country the one most likely to attract hard-working and useful immigrants to a place long famous for its enormous size and incredible underdevelopment. Canada is almost 3,856,000 square miles in extent but caters only to a population of less than 38 million souls. It is larger, that is to say, than the United States of America with its 328 million people occupying approximately less than 3,538,000 square miles. Canada is also just marginally smaller than the whole of Europe, whose present population is estimated at almost 743 million as of January 2019 in an area measuring 3,930,000 square miles. There is no question that Canada has been severely underdeveloped ever since its indigenous population lost control of the land. One of the major reasons for this situation, quite ironically, is that, until very recently, the Canadian government persisted in retaining some of the harshest Immigration Laws imaginable. It was not until the 1950s that Blacks and Browns were offered any opportunity to settle in this country. While white alumni from the prestigious Caribbean secondary schools had always been encouraged to immigrate here and make useful contributions to the country’s development, others were discouraged. Such white Barbadians, for example, as Professor Charles Bourne, Dr Wesley Bourne, Dr James Bovell, Colonel Richard Clement Moody, Lt Commander Wesley Alleyne Seale, Henry Peter Simmons, John Taylor and Professor Emeritus Frederick Winter all left indelible marks on Canadian life and culture. In stark contrast, thousands of black alumni of Combermere School, Harrison College and The Lodge had joined the Canadian military services during World War I and World War II and hundreds of them had sacrificed their lives on behalf of the British Empire. Very few of them received promotions or were offered Canadian citizenship. And it took several decades of determined action on the part of Owen Rowe (1922-2005), a native of St George, Barbados, to have
    governmental approval to establish a plaque in Ottawa in memory of those Caribbean-Canadian soldiers who had made enormous sacrifices during World War II. Finally, on 11 November 2000, he managed to persuade the federal government to lay a wreath at the Cenotaph in Ottawa “in honour of West Indian WWII Veterans”. Owen Rowe’s experience is simply one indication of the extent of Canadian racism throughout the 20th century. All kinds of opportunities were cruelly denied the Blacks and the Browns from the Caribbean and elsewhere. Coloured alumni from the prestigious secondary schools could enter this country, on Student Visas, to further their education at places like McGill University and the University of Toronto. Others were allowed to enter as “Landed Immigrants” to work temporarily on farms or as porters on the trains. The only loophole left to the Non-Whites was the Naturalisation Clause which automatically offered full Canadian citizenship to any person (of whatever origin) who was born in this country. One particular Barbadian family of no little renown was destined to make considerable use of this “birthing” clause. It was the Searles Family from St James that eventually played a major role in persuading the Government to liberalize Canada’s Immigration Policy. II. INITIAL CRACKS IN THE CONSERVATIVE WALL The situation gradually changed during the 1950s. Canada found itself in dire need of domestics, nannies and nurses. It therefore decided to import hundreds of Caribbean young women, as landed immigrants, to fill these needs. They had to come without their husbands, parents and their children. They came literally in droves, settling particularly in Ontario and Quebec; but full citizenship remained beyond their grasp and the vast majority of them were left at the mercy of wealthy and white landlords and landladies, who could always hold the threat of deportation over their heads. It took a vigorous and prolonged protest from Caribbean leaders in Montreal and Toronto to bring about some liberal reforms during the time of John Diefenbaker’s tenure. These changes had nothing whatever to do with Pierre Elliot Trudeau or his son, Justin, as several Canadian journalists have recently been claiming. The major advocates of liberal Immigration Reform were actually black community leaders with Caribbean roots, such as the Barbadians Donald Willard Moore (1913-94), Edsworth Searles (1921-2009), (Dr Gerald Searles (1925-2006), and Dr Kenneth Searles (1923-2001) and Jamaicans
    like Bromley Armstrong (1926-2018), Harry Gairey (1898-1993) and Stanley Grizzle (1918-2016). They founded the Negro Citizenship Association (NCA) in 1951 and campaigned earnestly for some measures to release the domestics (especially) from their peculiar form of slavery in its modern guise. Led by Donald Moore, they organized a delegation to Ottawa in 1954 to seek reasonable amendments to the existing Immigration Laws. They were royally and repeatedly snubbed by Louis St Laurent, the Liberal prime minister. It was not therefore before 1958, thanks mainly to the support of the Conservative “Dief the Chief”, that legislation was finally passed to permit post-colonial Blacks and Browns to apply for permanent residence. This law, however, soon needed to be buttressed by several other legislative measures to make life liveable for the Caribbean-Canadians in big urban centres like Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. The first was the “Fair Accommodation Practices Act” of 1961. This was eventually followed by a new “Bill of Rights” which announced the principle of “racial equally before the law”. Later on, a more comprehensive “Charter of Rights and Freedoms” had to be passed. As the gulf between white and coloured jobs and salaries continued to widen, the Government tried its best to legislate some form of equity. But such efforts have never really succeeded. Racist Whites, in spite of the new legislation, continued to discriminate against the Blacks and Browns so furiously that the Non-whites gradually found themselves confined to urban ghettos from which the Whites had angrily departed. From the very best jobs and the very best areas the Blacks, Browns and Yellows found themselves steadily excluded – as had so long been the case in the UK and the US. III. THE SITUATION BECOMES MORE COMPLICATED Considering that post-colonial Blacks and Browns had come mainly to Canada, the UK and the US with similar European cultural habits and religious beliefs, it was mainly racism which often militated against the establishment of so-called “melting pots” and mosaics”. The problem has become considerably more complex in recent years when millions of Arabs, Asians, Buddhists, Hindus, Indians, Jains, Muslims and Sikhs began to seek refuge in the West. Their religions, ideologies and behaviours are too vastly different to be squeezed comfortably into any kind of “melting pot” or “mosaic”. All too often, Eastern religions and traditions are woven into the laws and morals of the various countries. There is therefore a strong temptation to worship and behave
    in oriental ways, sometimes at variance with the host traditions. Some Muslims and Sikhs, for example, have become so committed to the notion that religion always trumps politics and laws, that they have been trying to subordinate local regulations to the demands of Salarian law. Many of them have actually managed to compel the British Government to legalize the religions of their own native countries. The Muslims are always the most aggressive immigrants and as they are also the most reproductive among the host peoples, their numbers have grown the most rapidly over the past few decades. They have thus become a real danger to the Anglo-Saxon elements of the society. The Canadians have thus seen some of the most negative results that can follow from a tendency to deal too liberally with hostile and aggressive invaders. Our government must be very firm in insisting that citizenship can only be offered to those who swear to obey the laws of Canada. All immigrant felonies should lead to immediate deportation. Moreover, all applicants should be thoroughly screened to prevent the infiltration of criminals, drug dealers and potential terrorists. Schools and colleges should be open to all newcomers to allow them to adjust as soon as possible to the Canadian conditions and to make positive contributions to our economy and culture. There are many Canadians who believe that the Liberals, in their anxiety to save thousands of oriental victims from torture and death, have been too lax in their screening methods. Already there is evidence of young Muslims declaring war on Christian institutions and of angry Christians going so far as to destroy Islamic mosques in some major urban centres.
    Within the past few decades, too, Canadian immigration has produced some difficulties that could not easily have been foreseen. Many wealthy Chinese families, for example, have been welcomed into the country, especially in British Columbia, where they completely destroyed the real estate market by lifting the price of housing beyond the ability of the locals to compete. Hundreds of workers have been forced to abandon the major urban centres like Vancouver and Victoria and seek refuge in the suburbs and rural areas. They simply cannot afford to purchase houses in the cities. They therefore have to use public and other forms of transportation to get to their previous places of employment. The municipal governments have welcomed the foreign millionaires who
    can afford the exorbitant property taxes. Provincial and municipal politicians are also vying among themselves to secure Chinese votes since the Chinese contingent has become so huge. There is also an Indian population that can be manipulated. In these ways, the newcomers are generally able to wield an enormous and unfair influence over Canadian politics and defeat the whole purpose of multiculturalism. V. SOME CONCLUSIONS
    History has shown that the major obstacle to multiculturalism and diversity in every part of this earth, be it Canada or elsewhere, is blatant racism. So long as the majority of Whites continue to believe that they are (and always have been intended by God to be) the cream of humanity and civilization, any effort to promote diversity and multiculturalism is doomed to failure. Many Whites have been known to favour Indian and oriental cuisine and sometimes music. But most of them still regard Blacks, Browns and Yellows as inferior beings. Note how, even the 21st century, American Whites have embraced Donald J Trump, despite his obvious and incredible bigotry, stupidity, ignorance, mendacity, vulgarity and narcissism. Please note, too, how shabbily the British have recently been treating the same Blacks and Browns, whose ancestors had fought so nobly and unselfishly for “The Mother Country” during two World Wars. Nor is there any secret that US police have traditionally been killing and brutalizing innocent Blacks and Browns with total impunity despite the Civil Rights legislation of the 1960s. Too many important Caribbean Blacks have been known to suffer too often from Canadian forms of stereotyping. Such well-known writers as Austin Clarke and Cecil Foster have attested to this. And only the other day, such a popular and very well-known television personality as Marci Ien was stopped by cops in her own driveway in Toronto because she seemed to be driving a car that a black young lady could not have been expected to afford. For any attempt at multiculturalism to succeed, the host country must educate and train its police forces to fully understand the concept of racial equality. It must promote the idea that nonwhite professionals are generally of equal value and intelligence in comparison with their white counterparts. In the same way, it should encourage Canadian Heads of Departments and Ministries to make a careful study of foreign colleges and universities, their syllabi, staffs and standards. Only
    in this way will they be able to properly evaluate the merits and abilities of Eastern and Oriental professionals seeking employment in this country. Multiculturalism and Diversity can only be accomplished if the host country is prepared to make all immigrants as comfortable as possible. Canada must treat them as equals to native citizens and make them feel even more “at home” than they had previously felt. On the other hand, Canada must insist on total obedience to its laws, customs and traditions. It is very indecent and unconscionable, after all, for a friendly neighbour to seek refuge in your home and then attempt to control your family’s behaviour.

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