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“Can anyone help me, I am trying to get DHL Barbados to replace my equipment that has gone missing from a package in DHL Barbados cage.”  – (Frustrated DHL customer in Barbados)

This cry was received via email by a Barbadian who is being led around the blackberry bush by DHL Express, an international express mail service. The issue is a simple one: Mr. Blackman (the customer) ordered 1 mobile phone and batteries from a supplier in China which was to be delivered via the DHL Express network on March 23, 2013 and to date he has NOT received the equipment. Such a delivery is normally expected to take 3-days plus time to clear customs, an additional 1 to 2 days.

Mr. Blackman has shared a string of emails with BU which raise several questions and is enough to frustrate the average person. To summarize: The package was received by the DHL station in Barbados, allegedly opened and retaped by the Customs Department. However when the customer (Mr. Blackman) received the package his shipment was incomplete i.e. the equipment was missing.

Mr. Blackman was given a copy of a letter dated 02 April 2013 which was sent to the DHL China station to confirm that he received an incomplete shipment. The shipment was sent on the shippers account which means that DHL China has to reimburse the supplier in China to trigger a replacement order for the customer in Barbados.

The customer as at the 15 April 2013 has confirmed he is none the wiser about when a transaction that should normally take 4 to 5 days has now taken almost one month. BU calls on DHL Express to make good on its customer service promise and resolve this issue without further delay.

See copies of a few emails between the customer in Barbados and DHL Express.

Date: Sat, 13 Apr 2013 00:03:54 +0000

Dear  Mr. Cowan

Your letter to DHL China  stated that DHL Barbados along with our Security confirms that Mr. Blackman did not received his complete order,missing from the shipment 1 piece Mobile Phone  ZP810H and 2 piece Batteries value $334.00.  Sir I compliment you for being honest with your full knowledge, after discussion with your
Security Officer as to how the equipment gone missing from the cage of DHL Barbados, however your letter did not state when or how DHL Barbados will replace the equipment. By your control you are depriving me the used of my equipment. Sir your email to me on the 30 March 2013 stated, that you contacted the origin station where the shipment came from and started the claim process, the shipment was sent on the shippers account and therefore only the shipper will be reimbursed after which they will resend me a replacement phone .
The DHL China letter to the Shipper stated they are not responsible for the lost, (that’s  true) you knew the responsibility belong to DHL Barbados, yet by your control you continue to deprive me the used of my equipment, what have I done? I paid DHL, Us$75.00 to freight a package from China to Barbados in 3 days, I paid DHL Barbados, BD$208.91 in order to receive a package with missing equipment, that was taken from the package in DHL Barbados cage, the incident is confirm by DHL management and Security Officer who by the used of security Camera knows when and how it was taken.  Sir  I am asking again,for the intention of DHL Barbados for the replacement of my equipment

Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2013 18:34:17 +0000

Mr. Cowan

I am writing with due respect  to you as DHL Manager in Barbados, I am asking for the respect a Customer of DHL be granted, to me who is  trying to address the lost of vital equipment to my Freighting Business by DHL. You call my lost an incident, now you are taking advantage by not advancing the claim, all you said you were going to do, are not done to date  DHL is big, I am a small Trucker Sir, I am asking for an urgent replacement of equipment 1 zopo zp800H Cellphone and 2 zopo Batteries that are missing from a DHL package#8259545335 address to me Alden Blackman

Sir, after I made my report to the Customer Services Agent in Barbados on the 27 march 2013 at 10.25  she ask me to wait for the Security Officer, a Mr. Robinson, I told him what is missing from the package, and showed him it was cut open and re taped, he said, it was cut open for customs purposes, and that the Cellphone, Batteries, I pad, and 2 Key ring Torchlights, put back in the package resealed and put in a cage, he showed me where he marked CAGE, on the package, he said he is going to check Security Camera, came back and told me he is going to report what he see, and I can make a claim, I requested written acknowledgement of my lose equipment, he said he can’t give me, he will make the report ,I ask when, he said Today,  my request to see a Manager was not granted and I leave DHL

I call DHL at 11.25am,Customer Service Agent ( Lisa Beckles ) told me the Manager is Mr. Cowan, but he is in a meeting ,she ask for my cell# so that he can call me I give her my cell #s, and waited for the call, that never came. Sir I needed to know if Mr. Robinson had made his report to Management. I called for Mr. Robinson and Mr. Cowan 4 times  from 1.30 pm to after, and was told they not answering the calls, the last Customer Service Agent, that answer said his mane is Jamal   so I call the Police , the Police call DHL,  and a Mr. Cowan call me we had a discussion and he said he had to get the report from his Security Officer to confirm my claim, before he call me,he send me an email and request some information, that I supply,  he said the Incident will be reported in the  Security Incident  Database and his Customer Agent will email me a Claim form so that we start the claim process To date I have not received any claim form  DHL is responsible for the delivery of a package with pieces of equipment that has gone missing at DHL, the incident is confirm by Mr. Cowan and his Security Officer

Sir. the equipment  ( Zopo zp800H Cellphone and 2 Batteries ) are  very vital to my Truck Freighting Business and I need to have an urgent replacement of the equipment

Best Regards!

Date: Sat, 30 Mar 2013 13:31:27 +0000
Mr Blackman,

We have contacted the origin station where your shipment came from and started the claim process. The shipment was sent on the shipper’s account and therefore only the shipper will be reimbursed after which they can resend you a replacement of phone.

Date: Mon, 8 Apr 2013 03:54:34 +0000

Dear Ms. Harris

I am sending this email, as to record the progress of, and again I am asking for the replacement of my missing equipment (zopo zp 800H Cellphone and 2 zopo Batteries) from package#8259545335 at DHL Barbados, you have seen my first email report, now this is the 7 April 2013  and I am still at the stage, when I made the report of my missing equipment (cellphone & batteries) The only thing that has change is that Mr. Cowan of DHL Barbados has not replied to my email he must think that this is small and it will go away, I am not giving this up, I was insulted and disrespected, by Mr. Cowan when I made the report and he continue to insult my intelligent.

On sat 30 march 2013, Mr. Cowan sent me an email, saying he has started the claim process with the shipper, the shipper will be reimbursed, after which they can resend a replacement phone to me, the sales person in China send me an email, saying the DHL China Agent needed letter of confirmation of lose by DHL Barbados, photo of the cut package and what was in the box, I ask Mr. Cowan to confirm the missing equipment, the letter was done after, you (Ms.Rickie Harris) told me you are assisting with the situation, on APRIL 2 Mr. Cowan sent me an email, saying, we are putting together a letter to send to DHL China, copy to me, stated DHL Barbados along with our Security confirms that Mr. Blackman did not received his complete order, missing from the shipment is 1 piece Mobile Phone(zp810 H and 2 piece Batteries value Us$334.00  I hope that information is satisfactory and will be of assistance

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  1. As I read of Mr. Blackman’s plight I was about to open a parcel from South Korea delivered by FEDEX and shipped only a few days ago and I have had many shipments from China, Hong Kong and South Korea delivered to my door by DHL and FEDEX.
    That a customer should be put through such a harrowing experience is testament to the buffoons you have to deal with in Barbados.

    A few months ago I had to import some other stuff from China and the supplier prominently displayed a number of destinations they would not ship to – a few South American countries and individually named all Caribbean islands, Barbados included.
    That would of course mean that anyone in Barbados who needed such an order would have to request that someone they know in the USA or OK would have to order it and when it arrived, on-ship it to Barbados.

    It’s amazing the trials and tribulations that you have to undergo there to get even the simplest of things done.

    On my last visit I went to the phone shop in Super Centre or is it Center now, where I bought a SIM card and a $20 top-up. The following week I went to the same shop as I was again shopping there and thought I’d get another top-up – To be greeted with “We don’t do top-ups” and after minutes of wrangling “I can sell you a top-up”.

    Another instance in 1985 when I went into Barclays Bank (not Broad St.) to change some travellers checques. The lady had one look at me and there was an obvious instant dislike so she brought out some forms and painfully filled them out in triplicate then asked for my paaaasssssssport please which I chucked down on the counter at her. I was minded to tell her that the bank would be better served by replacing her with something intelligent like a computer terminal – a waste of speech I reckoned so I said “and you have a nice day too” and removed my presence from that dick brained individual.

    • These international courier companies like DHL. Fedex, UPS and others have very sophisticated software installed which track all packages to the door unless there is a tampering with the coded label affixed to the package. Establishing that the package arrived in Barbados and when opened in Customs was empty or incomplete should have taken less than 1 day. Generating a communication to the DHL China station and reimbursing/establishing a credit to the shipper in China another day or two. Bear in mind DHL operates on the service promise of speed to destination,.

  2. Somebody got a new phone and musee pompasetting wid it bout here. Seriously if the package was examined by customs it meant that the item was HERE or else a notation would have been made by both customs and DHL about the missing item at that time all dated and stamped. DHL would have then contacted their shipper and report the item missing and then alert the customer before he arrives to pick up his item. If that wasn’t the case then someone from Barbados thief the phone. Mr Blackman needs to file an on line complaint with DHL headquarters in the USA and copy DHL Barbados with all the correspondence from that idiot manager.

  3. My daughter ordered an ipad from Apple USA and had it sent to a friend’s apartment in Florida. The item was signed and received from Fedex by the reception desk at the apartment building yet when the person went to collect it from the desk was told that they know nothing about it. He contacted my daughter who then contacted Apple and Fedex. Fedex had a record of a name and a signature of someone who worked at the apartment complex and yet when questioned they stated that they can’t recall accepting any package from Fedex. Well the apartment complex had to refund my daughter’s friend the full amount that was paid for the ipad. I wonder if that employee is still working there?

    Whenever I shop on line I track my packages. When it arrives I always ask someone to check it to make sure I have everything I ordered and in good condition. Amazon is an amazing company when it comes to Customer service. I once ordered something and it was the wrong size. I contacted Amazon and was told it had been shipped and to refuse the item when it arrived. That was done and I was refunded.

  4. A read of the correspondence indicates the phone went missing from the DHL Cage in Barbados. A further read shows that security cameras are trained on the area. This should be a simple matter for the Barbados station manager to resolve.

  5. @ David
    It would be a simple matter…
    ..if the thief was not his girlfriend, or cousin, or wife’s second cousin’s husband, …or long time school friend…
    …all now an internal coverup is underway – wanna bet?

    How many employees in Barbados fall outside those specs? 🙂

    This is also why we still have our DPP, COP, AG, CJ etc…..
    ….and why we will NEVER solve the problems we face without a BAFBFP styled solution….

  6. Agree that someone @DHL in B’dos has a new phone, I believe instances like this are the tip of the iceberg when one person steps forward there are probably a few more who didn’t receive their items but haven’t gone public with their concerns

  7. Surprising that DHL Barbados has given Mr.Blackman the run around given the service level agreement in place. A couple of weeks ago the Station Manager was on CBC boasting about 2012 being the best year ever. Well Mr. Station Manager, how is your customer service?

  8. @Bushy
    ….and why we will NEVER solve the problems we face without a BAFBFP styled solution
    Do you mean that the place will then be run by some clown in military garb who knows nothing about nothing?

  9. This man need to consult a lawyer (another thief) and bring charges. It takes a thief to catch a thief.

  10. LOL @ Sargeant
    Probably a brigadier with sergeant mentality 🙂
    Then all the highly educated jokers will straighten up and do what they are paid to do – and then go home and grumble in their bathrooms….

  11. “Do you mean that the place will then be run by some clown in military garb who knows nothing about nothing?”

    Sarge………..RFL you got that one right! You notice how Bushie appoints people to run things while he sits back and watch? LOLLL

  12. IG246
    Consulting a lawyer is akin to paying good money to chase after bad as he may end up out of pocket more than the cost of the phone. His only hope is that the resulting negative publicity will make DHL pony up and replace the phone or refund his money.

  13. You are correct these international companies are very sensitive to negative publicity. If we don’t get a resolution in 7 days we do another blog.

  14. Reading the correspondence suggests that the content of the package was stolen from the cage in Barbados.The camera should indicate the time and person(s)entering and exiting the cage but it will not necessarily pinpoint that particular phone.The loss should be reported to the local police and serial numbers etc given.Such information should also be given to local service providers.Meanwhile the local DHL manager would do well to reimburse the expense of replacement and hope the police finds the culprit.Looks like an inside job.Blackman should not get the runaround.This seems a straight forward loss by theft.

  15. I had a similar experience some time ago with a laptop computer that I had ordered from Dell USA and shipped by DHL. Happily I can report that, although it took me a couple of weeks to get it all sorted out, I was then shipped a replacement by Dell. Never heard what happened to original computer but am sure that someone benefited by having a new laptop compliments DHL Barbados. Best of luck to you in your claim Mr. Blackman. I agree with IG246 that Mr. Blackman needs to file a complaint with the DHL head office and let the local police and news media get involved. These “uppity” (big time) companies do not like this kind of poor service aired in the public domain.

  16. A few months ago, a customer ordered an IPad and it was delivered via UPS. The customer knowing no one was going to be home during the day, set up a security camera where packages are usually left.

    When a family member got home and did not see the package called UPS who verified the time the package was delivered.

    When the customer checked the camera, it showed that Fedex had also went by to deliver another package. However, the Fedex guy upon delivering his package, turn around and took up the package left by UPS. To say the least, the Fedex employee was dismissed when the customer went to the local office and presented the evidence.

    I wrote about that incident to say this, the package could have been taken by anyone, starting with the location that accepted it through to its final destination — the last people whose hands it came in contact with.

    I hope that the Shipper, DHL, Customs and any intermediate party would get together and do the right thing.

  17. Sorry………………there is an available way to track that package and narrow the search to a specific suspect.

  18. This is normal at DHL, they have been hushing up these activities for 2 or 3 years now. I know someone who had several cell phones stolen.

  19. @Bush Tea April 15, 2013 at 8:00 AM…
    It would be a simple matter…..if the thief was not his girlfriend, or cousin, or wife’s second cousin’s husband, …or long time school friend……all now an internal coverup is underway – wanna bet? How many employees in Barbados fall outside those specs? ”

    I don’t often agree with you but here you are absolutely right.

    This fren, fren thing, and this cousin thing got the whole place mash up.

  20. Wunna out hey talking my name BEHIND MY BACK … cowardly bitches … and picking yah teet’ as if yah mekkin’ sense … HA HA HA. The day half ah wunna start mekkin sense I swear a pig gun fly through my window … HA HA HA …. MURDA

  21. @ Simple Simon
    “I don’t often agree with you but here you are absolutely right.”
    …actually Bushie is always perfectly right….what is different is that here you actually UNDERSTAND……very good progress.

    Who knows, at this rate we may be able to upgrade you from “Simple” Simon to “Simon”,…….and after you get to understand some more things (in a couple years perhaps). ….to Super Simon…

    …but let’s take it slowly…..we won’t want to overheat your brain circuits….

  22. Well Well | April 15, 2013 at 6:44 AM |
    But then you have to deal with DHL employees who are Bajan…………dream on.
    The root of the problem. Un- Professional Service. On more that one occasion, I ‘ve had shipments coming in from the UK within 48 hours,only to have them laid up in the courier’s warehouse for a further 18 to 30 days before I received the items. In both instance I was the one who had to initiate the call . Once I went straight to the courier centre, after some 20 days in the dark , only to wait a couple of hours for the items to be cleared by their on site Customs officer ,in their adjoining warehouse.
    These courier services need to come under some sort of local regulations. Its a shame to have to pay high cost to have these items ship by air, then to have them laid up longer than if they were sent by less expensive ocean freight.
    Barbadians on the whole seem to have the Rihanna and Duiguid cuss word written all over our faces, for these business to treat us that way.
    But to be honest I have had dealings with the three main couriers ,not including the Post Office, and found that the other two delivered in a more timely and professional manner.

  23. A few years a go I ordered a piece of electronic equipment from a supplier in the States. I tracked it to Miami, where it was lying dormant for well over a fortnight .I made an enquiry to the local reps here , who were at the time stationed at the airport. When I checked on the status of the shipment the next day, I saw that it was logged as just left Miami and on its way to Barbados. A few days later when I checked at the airport, it appeared as if the parcel had dropped off the plane as it landed. And as far as they were concerned ..End of Story.

  24. islandgal246 | April 15, 2013 at 11:30 AM |
    I just sent this link to DHL global mail , their PR dep and their Customer Service dept.
    Don’t hold your breath. I also sent my concerns to the Courier HQ in the USA , only to be referred back to their branch in Barbados.

  25. Colonel……….I would not even bother to tell you my experience with amerijet’s agents in Bim, it’s still too raw………….just suffice it to say, because of their incompetence, i lost a lot. These companies hate bad publicity and lawsuits, it makes them go after the local culprit employees.

  26. I too have been a victim of DHL Barbados, I too purchased a phone from China to be delivered through DHL, however when I went to retrieve the phone it could not be found even though DHL showed it had been received. Eventually I was told by them to report it to the merchant I purchased it from who would then make a claim in China so I could be reimbursed.
    The problem for me however is that when the merchant when on line and viewed DHL, my item number showed that I had received the item. He refused to believe me, so I did not receive my phone and lost my money in the process. Don’t have to tell you I have not used DHL since.

  27. Tacky Gabriel you actually trying to share a joke with this coarse person called Islandgal? Please share it your buddy commoner sense.

  28. Folk all of you who have been burnt by DHL, why not get together and picket their offices here??? Let the public know about their paredial tendencies.

  29. To update on this matter: soon after this blog was posted the customer was contacted with a view to resolving the matter. Will keep the BU family posted.

  30. @ David

    Just goes to show, Dave, that a little negative publicity would make these guys jump to attention. What a pity it does not seem to work with our politicians in Bim! On the contrary, it seems that negative publicity seems to run off of them like water off a duck’s back. lol.

  31. re Gabriel Tackle | April 16, 2013 at 5:33 PM |
    Heard Fedex and Ups merging.New name proposed is Fedup

    good pun like it!

  32. Ole man weighing in

    Has the claimant called the police? Lord knows that will be another waste of time.

    I was going to suggest that he request an official police report from the RBPF and send it to the shipper as proof of his loss.

    Have any of you ever tried to get a Police Report? That is another waste of time, ONLY THE COMMISSHONER (purposely misspelt for my admirer Island246) only Doting can issue sign a police report or so i was told by the Offers at District A.

    What about the Fair Trading Commission or the Office of the Public Defender?

    There you go, I have cursed three times already for the morning by mentioning the boys in red and black, the waste of time people at the F*** Talk and Conversation and the Comic Book sounding “PUBLIC DEFENDER” like a Bajan Perry Mason or Matlock, waste of time the lot of them.

    In my future articles i will be promoting, civic unrest, sedition and treason because it would seem that reasonable pleas for the common man to big ups like Mr. Cowan fall on deaf airs here in BIM.

    BAFFY, I feel that COWAN got de man phone doah whu afta all when you check tru de evidence you see one common denominator (i) package received by DHL (ii) Checked by Customs and put into cage (iii) Camera footage by DHL cant pick up culrit (iv) Cowan possibly giving misinformation on process of reimbursement? and (v) Dragging feet re reimbursement?

    COWAN IS DE TIEF and i calling pun DE COMMISH tuh arrrest he fourth wit or else, OR ELSE I GINE SKIN MY BOTSIE AT COWAN & DE COMMISH & LET ALAIR DEFEND ME in front of SONIA RICHARDS!

    THis country really messed up

  33. The lady had one look at me and there was an obvious instant dislike so she brought out some forms and painfully filled them out in triplicate then asked for my paaaasssssssport please which I chucked down on the counter at her. I was minded to tell her that the bank would be better served by replacing her with something intelligent like a computer terminal – a waste of speech I reckoned so I said “and you have a nice day too” and removed my presence from that dick brained individual.
    A WOMAN is at the centre of this aspect of the complaint. This is how women operate . A man would have never done this _”The lady had one look at me and there was an obvious instant dislike so she brought out some forms and painfully filled them out in triplicate then asked for my paaaasssssssport ”

    Women are going to destroy the world.Women in the work place dealing with the public ? Only those who are given to be NISE should be dealing with the Public.

    We have to start picking horses for courses and stop placing persons who are not up to scratch in a particular areas of work. We have to stop the mediocrity or we as a country will fade faster that we are fading i every facet of society .Just giving a girl a job because she is your friend’s son;s girlfriend has to stop.

    Women need to be controlled. They are weak at problem solving but very skilled at creating confusion and stress in the home and in the workplace. Control them or perish in the mayhem that can caused. We have to stop talking and act. There is not enough action because in this small place any action you take will mash the corns of certain persons who feel that they are untouchable

    Disclaimer ; This is not an attack on women. It is not the view of a patriarchal white male chauvinist or such things. It is a reality that we must deal with

  34. Can someone investigate the RATIO (number) of women to men employees at FEDEX; DHL; UPS
    and the positions they hold ?

    There might be a solution in the answer.

  35. Whuloss

    Dr. De Honourable.

    I only hope two tings for you.

    Dat nuh body ent know what you real name is and dat you is a real doctor causing when de wummens in heah and de real world find out who you is you gine get some licks, verbal and possibly real blows to bring you back to the sanity and experience of 2013.

    Man you is a certifiable madman, and my wife tell me to tell you dat!!

  36. I cud’nt beleive my eyes with dat ting de Honorable do so read it agin.

    you see de real issue David[BU]?

    “Just giving a girl a job because she is your friend’s son;s girlfriend has to stop.”

    Apparently all dis slobber is about de friend son girlfriend…you believe dat?

    He striking out at Ms. Ghandi, the late Ms Thatcher and the innumerable female contributors to our world, including he Muddah (now dear de Honorable i hope you doan tink dat i doing a the Honorable Dr. Duguid pun you by mentioning you mudda hearrrrr) but you like you din get you medication like i did at 8 a.m dis morning

    Man i gine hafta follow dis column all this morning now. Fortunately i doan hafta cook today but i suppose to do de lawn and cut some branches from de hedge dat growning ovah de road

    • Update on this matter is that DHL has promised to reimburse the claimant by weekend. We will see.

  37. The fact is that DHL knows who stole the cell phone but so far no one has mentioned Customs, who would surely have had access to the lock-up. This could explain DHL reticence in pursuing the matter with the proper authorities. After all, was the package not opened in front of Customs? DHL employees wouldn’t be the only ones knowing the contents.

  38. A guy next door to me used to work for sewell air services.
    He confessed to me one day that most of the pilfering happens there before the packages are transfered to DHL.
    If i wanted a brand new blackberry torch the going price was $250 at the time

  39. The update is “DHL sent the consignee letter for settlement and awaiting his response.” Hope the man gets it.

  40. @David. Pls update us once things are settled. And hopefully you open a new blog with some positive words for the company.

    • @Sujan

      Here is a note which we received from Mr. Blackman on the matter:

      “Hi David

      David, BU gave the push I needed to get DHL to understand that you can’t unfair every Barbadian and get away, and I thank you for the great help DHL has paid me for the Cell & batteries, got the cheque cash to make sure it not rubber

      Thanks David”

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