Commissioner Dottin, Attention!!!

Submitted by John Bergan
Commissioner of Police Darwin Dottin

Commissioner of Police Darwin Dottin

Mr Commissioner I would like to compliment the officers of the Royal Barbados Police Force for swiftly apprehending those two criminals charged with the shooting of the visitors. I do hope however that we will be able to secure a conviction as the record of achieving this has not been to promising in the recent pass.

This situation to the incompetent people you have consistently place in position over the years. It is not much different with those Bertie Hinds also has recommended for promotion in your absence. It seems that the two of you were both playing friends first. I can only say that both of you have systematically destroyed the organisation.

Take for example Sgt 734 Spooner who has been in this position for about 20 years he is used religiously every year to manage all of the stations in the Southern Division irrespective of the volume of work. It is known that former ACP E Moore  when he was the officer in charge of that Division exhibited full confidence in Mr Spooner. This is to the point where he rejected Station Sergeants who were recommended to manage Oistins in preference to Mr Spooner and yet still Mr Spooner is persistently over looked.

Now Mr Hinds when he had the opportunity to make recommendations also overlooked Mr Spooner and recommended S/Sgt Deane his driver. We all know that you knew full well that Mr Deane has limited experience and in your efforts to show him up you intended to transfer him to District A. It was only after opposition from your management team that you sent him to District C the second hardest station in the island to manage. Incidentally that is where the PM, AG, Min of Transport and a few other MPs reside.

One would have expect that apart from the persons mentioned residing in that police district with the large volume of crime that you should have had enough common sense to provide that area with good prudent management. No you sent Mr Beane who has probably amassed the most sick leave in the Police Force as a S/Sgt. His sick leave was more regular than his salary payments which are monthly.

Tell me something Mr Commissioner, why is it that you are now pulling the old constable tricks of taking sick leave when certain demands are being made of you. Is it that you have finally accepted that you should still be in the constable rank?

While I have commended the efforts of those  who arrested the two robbers,  I must asked this question, why is it that we can only get speedy results when there seems to be public pressure. How could these two men have committed so many offences and remained at large to shoot the tourist, to be then apprehended in less than a week?

The people of this country need to ask questions: how could it be that some much evidence could be gained in respect of 53 crimes in a week. I will submit that the police are not motivated to work. I do believe that the evidence was there all the time but no effort was being put into stopping those fellas. Secondly, the situation with the Campus Trend that information was available in respect of those murders, one of whom had fire bomb his former boss car and nothing was done. It has been rumoured that the information used to finally arrest them was available from the Chicken Galore Bank Hall case.

It is therefore an embarrassment to the organisation and you as a manager that six lives had to be loss and two tourist shot before we feel motivated to act. It all comes back to poor management. You should know Mr Commissioner that you have an incompetent ACP in the person of Mr Cumberbatch. I will take you back to the management conference you held at District A Band House a few years ago for the rank of S/Sgt and up, in spite of the multiplicity of problems to be discussed the only contribution that he could have made was to tell you that he has informants that told him who said that they were glad when Barbados Underground published a story that you were being moved. I would have said THANK YOU Mr Cumberbatch but i would prefer if you could use those talents in cultivating informants in the wider context of Barbados to solve the crimes we were having.

Now to the highlights of your poor management and the supervisors you put in place. Is it not true that Sgt Sandra Dottin, your cousin, has the record for the most dismissals of cases based on the non-production of files. Including serious matters such as rape? Mr Commissioner would you be kind enough to produce statistics as to the amount of criminal matter that were dismissed before the courts due to none production of case files. The primary reason being that the quality control officer i.e. the supervisors and station managers cannot properly guide those responsible for the investigations on evidence and what is required. Well, the evidence shows that if Sgt Dottin herself is having her matters dismissed then she cannot guide others if she cannot guide herself.

There lies your problem promoting the wrong persons for the wrong reasons. We have persons in our midst that could not raise a promotion for between 10 -15 years who have a proven track record of good management skills and working ability. A few examples, Sgt 1104 Goddard Sgt 132 Carter, Sgt 975 P Gill, Sgt 676 Seale (who you personally asked to return to the CID to help build it back) Sgt 914 Lynch, Sgt 858 Reid, Sgt 842  Moore, Sgt 1117 Babb, Sgt Griffith on of the best Court Prosecutors we had, a Sergeant for almost 23 years, Sgt 62 Burnett former speed cop, detective, administrative assistant, managed the Research and Development Unit now an attorney -al -law, has masters in legal drafting and still struggling as a Sergeant in that rank for 20years  S/Sgt Cossey the list can go on. Then we are wondering why such poor service.

The limers are being promoted, ASP Maxwell who all he can contribute is to talk at meetings that he do not have old cloths. He was run from District A as the Sergeant i/c of the CID Unit for incompetence by the then Deputy Mr Blades only to be promoted a year later. What is this really. No but you thought it prudent to continually promote the mini Commissioner Inspector Wiltshire who continue to work in the same area  from time he was a constable no additional responsibility for the additional pay.

Is it not true that persons were identified as the best Sergeants a few years ago to represent the Force at Profile Caribbean to create a template to identify the type of traits to look for in candidates for the force and also to use as a gauge to promote persons from Sgt to S/Sgt yet still four promotions has passed those identified as the best. No wonder things has to reach crisis proportions before the fellas feel the need to react.

Stay in tune, more to follow.

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  1. This is a very informative blog. As I read this blog, I realised that the situations that were described could apply to almost all Government Ministries, departments and statutory boards. Nepotism, lodge connections, political interference and sexual favours are now the preferred methods of recruitment in the public service.

  2. Do we have any well run organizations in Barbados?

    What is the status of that case where several senior officers took the CoP and AG to court?

  3. David asks “Do we have any well run organizations in Barbados?”

    Yes. there is one. Barbados

  4. Well said Hants.
    BU is THE BEST….and if it had come 10 years earlier we COULD have made a real difference.
    Unfortunately the point of no return is passed….the hole is already in the Titanic hull and the water is coming in….
    …barely enough time to launch lifeboats now….

  5. With the crime situation as it is surely now is a good time for AG Brathwaite to thank Dottin and give another a chance as CoP? What are you waiting for AG?

  6. David / Bish Tea
    we still have to admire Mr Dottin only a man with nuff balls could take that pressure and not feel the need to move he got to have godies lol
    I wonder who has the bigger balls he or the Gov’t

  7. David
    thosesenior officers are Mr Dottin pimps this would be some of them thirs pomotion in 8yrs and no production.. If that blog is true is this not an abuse of the tax payers funds that the mnin commissioner as he is refered to can work in one position no additional responsibility three pomotions resulting in increase pay for doing the same thing. Is he a specialist?

    • @Benny

      For some reason your comment went to spam. Well have to figure out why.

      Yes the blog exposes a level of unprofessionalism which must be dealt with.

  8. Bergan’s revelations hurt like hell.This calls for radical surgery by the Police Services Commission but do they have the balls to do it?We will see what happens from here on in.

  9. @Benny | March 29, 2013 at 8:18 PM… wonder who has the bigger balls he or the Gov’t

    The government has no balls at all.

  10. David–Some time ago o ask if the C O P will say to us how many cases relating to police wrong doings has been referred to the DDP and the Solicitor General .The act D C O P is on record as saying that he is not going home untill his son becomes station sargent –this dcop is one of the worst peopleout and will lie and has beening on poor citizens —as with that woman whitshire she has no manners i recall a friend of my had to tell her off two years –she came to the station did not know what was going on and accuse the youngster of all sorts of things ,now he says when she sees him she holds down her head

  11. One must increasingly wonder what it will take to get some response from the Government of Barbados to the problems being identified in the Royal Barbados Police Force. The people do understand the constrants the are place on the officers of the publice service and that they have little or no legal voice. We must therefore thank god for Barbados Underground.

    When will the powers at be especially in the light of the recent revelations on this blog; the matters of promotion now engaging the courts, the Derrick Crawford issue which has now gone global, the reactionary methods of policing we are seeing, the vast amount of dismissals at trials and others for want of prosecution; see that ther is a need for some sort of investigation into the management of the police force. Some oerson or persons simply are not getting it right.
    In addition there is the high incidents of sick leave, matters of policemen on suspension( and I do not include those with matters engaging the courts) for as much as six and seven years only awaiting investigations and decisions from the Commissioner. They was an officer who recently returned from work after being off the job for ten years. He recieved all payments due to him for the time that he was home now is that not a waste of tax payers funds when that matter should have been disposed of years ago and we got some sort of service for the money that was paid out.
    Any ways those things are not surprising when the management of the force can say that hard work counts for little it leads me to conclude that valued service for reward is not part of the politics and culture of the organisation. To give further justification for beliving my last point ther was a Sergeant Mr Broomes that was transfered to from Hastings station for following through on a matter after the Detective S/Sgt Miss Boyce was draging her feet on the case. Mr Broomes who was formerly a detective with many yearsb experience went and arrested the culprit. the basis for his transfer was that he was trying to undermind the S/Sgt whom everyone knows has some loving connection with the ACPi/c Crime now acting COP.
    Mr Broomes was transfered for working got fustrated unfortunately he took ill and that was his cue to leaveThe Station Sergaent is patiently awaiting the outcome of the court caser to see if she will get the third pomotin that she was recommended for within years years. Incidently, she to was reassigned but to work as the COP personal officer.Family first.
    Mr COP you have it wrong. As a head of as department it is country first you should take the lead from Carmeta Fraser her motto was food first but is was food for the nation.
    You see Mr Commissioner yor mistake is that you failed to embraced the person with a love and committment for the job eapecially those with the technical know how. For that you have failed and failed miserablly poor advisers the Crawford issue speaks to that i am sure that you now regrets. I hope that the purposed or pending travel advisory do not make us all regret. How much more foolish can we look as a nation that instead of the criminals causing us to have a travel advisory it is the actions of the police.
    What is more disgusting is a seemingly gutless and impotent administration is sitting down and allowing this country to be destroyed. This is a call for the PM, Min of Tourism and the AG to take this matter more seriously meet with those ladies and get to the bottom of this issue and do some damage control n the interest of all.
    This is a humble voice calling for a word from the WISE

  12. Peter
    The Ministry of health like he got to provide some viagra or sialis to make them fellas function lol No wait the tax payer will be paying twice for non performance I know an old fella that still got a finger grower tree

  13. Benny………you will have to ask the question, who has more dirty secrets on whom.

    Peter Rabbi………………..Carmeta Frazier, i thought of her last night, now that was a lady of class and vision, steadfastly trying to educate Bajans in farming and their own food security. May she be resting in peace.


  15. @Caswell

    We need a group of like-minded citizens to come together and lobby for changes. They don’t have to be brand name either.

    • David

      There was a like minded group which campaigned against the proposed changes way back in 1974. They promised that would reverse the changes if and when elected. They got elected in September 1976 and immediately set about exploiting those changes. Both parties enjoy the power too much. You know what they say: power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  16. @Commissioner

    Can you tell us how the surveillance equipment that was procured for cricket world cup being used? Is it being used guided by the laws of Barbados?

    You stated you were confidant that the force completed a clean investigation of the Crawford matter and you are prepared to make the file public. Now is the time!

  17. From what I understand, the surveillance equipment is being used to spy on the nubile breasts of young girls and well endowed females.

  18. Caswell, you have correctly indicated that the situations described here could apply to all government departments. The Court Marshals’ department is a carbon copy of this. Horribly poor leadership and victimization.

    • Legaljustice

      Trust me when I tell you it’s worse at the Court Process Office. It got so bad that they changed the qualifications so that the current holder of the post of Chief Marshal would be able to qualify for appointment. My understanding is that they are proposing to change back the qualifications for any future Chief Marshals.

  19. @ Well Well
    …but of course it would never be used to collect information on any big boys who may someday wish to exert any actions against the powers that be in the Force…
    ….even though we all know that there are unlimited opportunities for the collection of such info…

    Anyone foolish enough to accept computer equipment given specifically to THEM by external interest can’t be too difficult to infiltrate.
    Anyone who will accept large bribes from businessmen to fund electioneering – and then complain about a poor fellow on the block accepting a couple dollars for a (meaningless) vote can easily be compromised.

    But since this information is not collected, it means that the authorities are free to take steps to discipline a clearly failed COP.

  20. Isn’t it bizarre that with all the cell phones with cameras NOT ONE person was able to record VOTE BUYING, yet many in high office have stated that they witnessed it. It is only the lower echelons of society can use a phone to record things like the abuse of a child!

  21. Bushie………………Knowledge is power, I know you know this……………..those who accepted electronic gifts are still clueless. I guarantee you the COP knows this, I am sure his brain is dizzy with knowledge.

  22. J Edgar Hoover slithered around successfully for many decades on pure knowledge (how he got it, well that is another story) Hoover’s knowledge still keeps people in line today, many decades after his death.

    • If the men in blue believe the time is now to go public with concerns albeit under the cloak of anonymity so be it. What BU can tell you is that the decision makers in government will get to read. When David Thompson was alive he read BU and contributed from time to time. We are not sure about Stuart but we know his good friend Hal Gollop reads BU and therefore a reasonable conclusion to make is that he informs the PM if he believes there is good case.

  23. i find this article very interesting and informative,however the timing seems more significant. one can easily see the political affiliation of the article and its comments, and one could only wonder,if this article would be published,if the results of the recent general election was different… the facts that are included in the article,could easily be nullified by the infatuation of the political affiliation

  24. Obsessive and fanatical political affiliation is a non-productive and blinding concept as we continue to see on this blog time and time again.

  25. This is so true this person could not have said it better Commissioner Dottin on sick leave and if someone else had done this he would want to charge them with Malingering. yes he promote all he family and all duh do is making the force shame Sgt. Sandra Dottin is one big time. Seymore Cumberbatch could hardly see and cannot even talk and he running de force right into de ground like Dottin. Dotting go home yuh destroy the force. P.M Stuart send he home stop wasting time, yuh soon aint guine got nobody tuh work. Head of the Bridgetown Division David Johnson should go home, what he said about John Maxwell is true a fool and want promotion fuh doing nothing we tired of he. DOTTING GO HOME GO HOME YOUR ARE INCOMPETENT.

  26. Retirement in the Police Force should never have changed from 60 years…. That started all the problems. As I see it the guard at the B.D.F changes at 55 and its a compulsory move.

    The AG could have solved it all too, but he said there was no rift. Oh what a lie!!!!!

  27. Can someone supply the names of the Police Service Commissioners?and the name and profession of the chairman?The Nation wrote Anglican priest Dean Dr Frank Marshall is deputy chairman.Attorney at Law Dr Trevor Carmichael was chairman but is now a senator?

  28. @ Fabian
    “Retirement in the Police Force should never have changed from 60 years…That started the all problems”

    Fabian, you have made a general statement describing your objection to the early retirement now offered in the Force today. But, you have failed in your dissertation to enunciate the fundamental reasons why you think that 55 is an inadvisable age of retirement. Maybe you’re thinking that the early retirement has contributed in some way to the inefficacy that is so prevalent in the Force today? Which in turn has contributed to the level of crime in Barbados? Man I don’t what you’re thinking, but it surely leaves in the jungle without a compass to approximate to the right course of travel. Note: I’ve heard through the grape vine that a lot of the early retirements in the Force today. Stems fundamentally from the preexisting health concerns of its members. But, don’t qoute me on that one because I stand to be corrected on this point also . All in all, it would be interesting to ascertain the genuine reasoning as to why you believe that the early retirement has contributed to the started of the problems? As you so indistinctly puts it.

  29. I have a friend who is one of the policemen awaiting the outcome of the court case and boy is he miserable. He says that he worked hard for his promotion yet the system is preventing him from his rewards. Its really funny how Barbadians just sit and take everything like its oh so cool. Why is the case being shuffled from judge to judge? Is something wrong that it being delayed like that?? Where is our chief justice???? Can anyone tell me what he did to become a knight of st andrew??

    • Sherry

      Don’t you read the papers, the Chief Justice is on the champaign, and lecture circuit. It would therefore appear that his time is well taken up and does not have any time for this Chief Justice thing. I guess that you people waiting for justice would just have to wait. Who do you think you are? Can’t you see that the Chief Justice is busy?

  30. @ Bozocky
    I think that you read me wrong or i didnt explain myself well.
    The retirement age limit was 60 and it was moved to either 65 or 67.
    Was saying that it should have been like the BDF leave at 55 regardless.
    So had it stayed at 60 the conflict between Dottin and Hinds would never have reached the stage it was at. They both would have been at home maybe on the beach relaxing or something.
    High Crime can be as a result of the ecomomic situation, however poor results as it relates to solving this crime could be as a result of frustration who knows, who likes hard work for little or no rewards.
    It might be a production problem too.
    Barbados is becoming a very indiscipline society and our police officers are coming from that same society so what do you expect??

  31. Like Abed said, Barbados is gearing up for the perfect storm, both financially and socially. Things are happening so gradual that we are now realising the effects. Take for instance, People driving on the roiad at some reckless speeds, parking around corners, worse of all even at night wthout park lights, cyclists riding on wrong side of the road, and even at night dressed in black and the cycle without light, However, the hierchy in the BPF are so busy foghting each other that law and order in this country has reached an ALL TIME LOW. Attorneys-at-law not registering to work any longer but still working, and imagine medical doctors struck off the registerd list, but only certain people know who they are and who to avoid. Businesses are smelling hell with many either closing, about to close, or drastically downsizing, which means massive lay-offs. This is not preaching doom and gloom, this is reality right now and withing another few months this country is going to be in a financial and social tornado and God alone can help us get out, we need divine intervention. It might sound bad but the best thing to happen to this country right now is a devastating hurricane, which will cause the international countries and agencies to have pity on Barbados and assist us on getting back on our feet by financial help, both by giving us money, soft loans and right offs on exsisting loans, THIS country in BIG BIG trouble and the powers that be seem to be looking after themselves and family and no-one else.

  32. Mr. Commissioner…. Its has been years now that ive been hearing that this Government is preparing charges for you. These charges must be very long and well thought out that its taking so long for us the public to hear what you are being accused of.
    Im thinking for sure one of them must be for frustrating the Government, preventing them from continuing its political interference in the daily runnings of the Force.
    Hang in there Mr. Dottin you have support in Barbados and its more than you think.

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