What Have You Done Commish?

The following submission was sent to BU on March 9, 2013 but was snared by the spam bucket.

Submitted by Benny
Commissioner of Police Darwin Dottin

Commissioner of Police Darwin Dottin

I am amazed at the recent public statement by the Commissioner of Police Mr Dottin advising Barbadians to leave their jewellery at home. I do honestly think that this is a testimony  of your inefficiency and the inability of your administration to properly manage the crime situation in this country.

I think that by now you should have realised that managing the Royal Barbados Police Force is more than the manipulation of statistics.  I guess that you cannot give instructions to the effect like a few years ago when you advised that when a house is broken into but nothing is stolen to register a case of disorderly behaviour instead of burglary. because the former would paint a different picture.

On the issue of house breaking when I leave my jewellery home and the thieves decide to break in and take it what would be your advice then to bring my home to the nearest police station or stay home and watch it? Please do not answer because I do believe that your are capable of finding an answer to that.

You lack of human skill and a philosophical understanding of human nature has cause you to have demoralised the members of the RBPF. Did you expect that your charges would have remained committed with you making such statements that hard work is no criteria for promotion?You are managing an organisation that if persons work hard or not they salary is the same. Why work hard if it will take me no where especially when it can be observed the you have a block of your friends, pimps and your cousin’s woman that you only seek to promote each time you make your recommendations. It is no coincidence that  you make recommendations every two years when these same persons become eligible again. Mr Commissioner I do however understand how you arrived at this level of reasoning because when you examine your own development you cannot point to one day of hard work.

The people of Barbados deserve better, people need to feel secure in their home, to be able to walk the streets almost confident that they will be free from molestation and relatively safe. We are aware that no Police service or  Government policies could cure the ills of any society but we do not expect to be told that these organisations have given up and that we are to deprive ourselves of the things that we honestly through hard work have acquired. If you feel that you  have a right to hold onto a job that you did not work hard to acquire why should you feel that I should not be able to be proud of the things I have worked hard to acquire?

I think that you should start from the inside out and be honest and fair with your staff. Give the hard working officers their just deserts and let that motivate others to follow suit; that is to work hard remain committed and strive for excellence in their chosen field content in the knowledge that they stand a fair chance of advancement.

One of the basic wishes of every individual is to be within the scheme of things to be treated fairly.

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  1. Can someone please ask Mark Williams to give it a rest?Day after day this man on the radio with the same tripe.This hypocrite seemingly has forgotten all about 1999.Perhaps he would have us believe that candy is what Cynthy was passing out then.Or is it a fact that Mark desperately misses that check?Next time you call Mark would you be kind enough as to tell Barbados exacly what you did (what ya brought ta de table)that was worth $5671.08 of our money every month? Mark my friend,the dance has long ended.Stop this singing for supper.

  2. One has to wonder exactly how incompetent a leader needs to be in Barbados to be dispensed with!
    In most jurisdictions, even competent leaders are removed when the RESULTS that they achieve are unsatisfactory. …..not so in Barbados, where it seems that idiots are established until death or delayed retirement do us part.
    The commissioner should have been gently asked to ‘retire early’ from as long ago as his juvenile complaints about being unable to fill vacancies. OBVIOUSLY no one wants to work for an idiot. Even officers who were there for years have been looking to get out…or have been clearly unenthusiastic about their jobs….
    Will right young educated persons seek to join such a body?

    Then his really stupid press conferences which seem focused on convincing us that we were all stupid and that the obvious increases in crime were in our imagination – because his ” statistics” said otherwise.
    ….then the rapes
    …the long beach murders…
    …The cash for gold…
    …The lack of vision and piss poor communication skills….

    The only reason he remains in place is that, …if we applied a similar principle across the board, we would also need a new AG, PM, CJ…

  3. @Bush Tea

    Do not forget the long running feud which was allowed to continue by the Attorney General Brathwaite of Bertie Hinds, now retired, and Bowen who was reinstated with full contract after a long suspension. Also several senior officers opted for early retirement.

    A fracture in the force has been allowed to remain unattended for years with the obvious consequences.

  4. “The only reason he remains in place is that, …if we applied a similar principle across the board, we would also need a new AG, PM, CJ…”

    What can be expected from an administration of which two of its Constitutionally established upholders and enforcers of the laws of the land can openly admit to the witnessing of blatant votes selling and buying but refuse to publicly commit to reporting the matter to the Police for further investigation leading to the apprehending and prosecution of the perpetrators of fraud and electoral illegalities.

    If these naively stupid politicians think that they can foolishly make statements of charging electors of gross illegal conduct and it would remain basically as comical entertainment for just as stupid law breaking Bajans they might be in for a major shock.
    These statements,, thanks to the speed of communication, are now all over the world. The recent general elections in Barbados would be seen by international observers and institutions as being fraudulently conducted and the legitimacy of its current government as suspect.
    How does this country explain such a sad state of affairs against a background of the allegations of gross incompetence and cover up leveled in the British Press about our chief law enforcement agency?

    Suspect policing and a suspect electoral process are signs of a degenerating governance system previously unknown to decent Bajans many still proud of its formerly clean international reputation of a country punching above its weight in all aspects of civil governance, economic and social development. The model of small state development has now been broken and the pieces scattered on the sacrificial mantelpiece of partisan political expediency.

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  6. Leave your valuables at home………………..so the thieves can break into your homes and steal them…………..makes a lot of sense to the COP.

  7. David also factor into the equation that because of Dottin’s actions as recently as Friday in court one of his staff that he Dottin sent on leave for refusing to tap the phones of senior members of RBPF who took his case to court and has won his case by Dottin’s actions he will now add an additional. Expenses to taxpayers by his corrupt actions.

    Dottin was a creature of Mottley and as such acted much as Mottley made him act he joined her to carry out immoral and dishonest act and trust me the state will pay more damages to others like Bertie Hinds, Leonard Broomes, Bowen all because we allowed an incompetent dishonest idiot to remain as head of the RBPF, a very sad statement indeed.

    Dottin needs to go or to be sent like 5years ago he is bad for public security he is bad for public image he is bad for public moral and he is bad for Barbados’s confidence in the office of Commissioner of Police.

  8. @ Miller
    What would have inspired the PM and AG to stand up in public and make such idiotic pronouncements UNLESS they fully intended to prosecute someone or take some other DRASTIC action is way beyond logical comprehension.
    ….If a losing candidate had done it, one could excuse it on grounds of emotion of the moment, but how the hell does the two most senior law makers in the land go on public TV, ADMIT to witnessing a crime, and do NOTHING about it…..?

    …what is John Doe supposed to do when he sees someone breaking into someone else’s house? …or snatching some old lady’s chain?
    ….no wonder we are being told that law abiding citizens need to make sure that we do not tempt the criminals with our gold.

    …it gets worse and worse….

    Be that as it may….

    @ David
    Don’t mind atheist Miller hear?
    What Bushie would Really like to hear from you David, is
    1. …..how the hell you can remain optimistic in a world like this…. Where Barbados REALLY is one of the better run countries……
    2. …when are you going to realize that all of this is just vanity and vexation to the soul? IT IS MEANT TO BE LIKE THIS!
    The REAL value of living in this world is only ENHANCED by this nonsense….if anything.
    What we NEED to do is to come to understand the TRUE meaning and purpose of the experience of living on this earth in the 21st century…..

  9. @ Look into the. Mirror Franklyn | March 24, 2013 at 11:28 AM |
    “Dottin needs to go or to be sent like 5years ago he is bad for public security he is bad for public image he is bad for public moral and he is bad for Barbados’s confidence in the office of Commissioner of Police.”

    Now on whom does that reflect? The BLP which has been out of office since January 2008?
    From your submission it seems as if the BLP is still running the government from the Opposition benches.
    As Stanton Gittens would have said: You blasted ass, Next!

  10. The PM and AG miscalculated in their grand announcements after elections, they thought it would all fade away in their excitement of return to power; it must be pounded into their extremely hard heads that the world has become significantly smaller because of the power of technology, these lapses in judgment and slick side shows to fool the public will no longer work. Their bluff was called and we clearly learned that neither PM nor AG can deliver, they themselves seem to be mired in filth. For many years we heard that Mottley, when AG was responsible for COP being appointed, as a political appointee his hands, and it is now clear that his mouth as well, continues to be tied when it comes to being fair and balanced while doing his job. lets pray they all fade away soon and someone with real cojones and not political agendas can be fair and balanced.

  11. @Bush Tea

    It goes back to the long running debate which you have been at the vanguard on BU. How do we see ourselves and roles on Mother earth.

    If David and other members of the BU household believe that as human beings we and others continue to demonstrate an understanding about what is required to coexist in the temporal space we call earth then it must be possible to see the same. It there is incumbent on some of us who appear to be in the minority to lead based on what we know is possible. It is why some who are dismissed as idiots, hacks etc serve a purpose, they give others the opportunity to push the debate to where it is necessary.

  12. Surprised that Dottin is still Commissioner

    Barbados is in deep shit
    None of the leaders are doing a good Job –None
    The only body I respect is the Auditor General !
    Is there anyone else worthy of their pay


    CASH FOR VOTES -under the DLP
    CRIME -HIGHER – under the DLP
    HOW THE HISBISCUS PATCH DEM win a Government though ?


  14. I always remember with a laugh the british security expert who came to help with the crime problem years ago and was robbed by some guy wielding a cutlass on his terrace in worthing

    • We should also add to the discussion the inability of the government to effectively implement the Police Complaints Authority. Yet the AG states categorically that we have no problems in the police force. Can we discuss honestly what our problems are? Does he and citizens alike know that maintaining law and order is at the heart of maintaining a stable Barbados?

  15. Adriel Braithwaite was asked about the British government’s warning to its citizens travelling to Barbados, his response was “I have no comment to make on it”.

    Yet the PM and the AG were openly commenting on vote buying and pot smoking they had seen and yet no action has been taken. SMH … It seems we have a bunch of IDIOTS governing this country.

  16. @ islandgal246 | March 24, 2013 at 6:25 PM |
    “It seems we have a bunch of IDIOTS governing this country.”

    The miller spotted that long time.
    They might be idiots in managing the country but damned sophisticated crooks in buying elections. Leroy Greenverbs deserves every commendation as a tutor in Advanced Fraud Theory & Practice with special emphasis on the art of stealing elections through vote buying in naive and trusting Bim.

    The DLP can now patent the craft and market it in the intellectual property market under the product line: How to win an election without rigging it- Success through the art of vote buying:

    The miller keeps telling the BU slow learners like “Just Asking” that Leroy Parris is the smartest Bajan ever lived. When will the PM recognize that and do the honours by giving the man a much deserved knighthood of St. John & George Street.

  17. @Island gal
    I hereby ask you to marry me and keep me in the way I become accustom.
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  18. Dearest Dr Love….you have to get in line behind a fella call Bushie. LOLL I may ask yuh to jump de line when Bushie get muh vex, infact you cud jump in front of he today.

  19. What can be expected from an administration of which two of its Constitutionally established upholders and enforcers of the laws of the land can openly admit to the witnessing of blatant votes selling and buying but refuse to publicly commit to reporting the matter to the Police for further investigation leading to the apprehending and prosecution of the perpetrators of fraud and electoral illegalities.
    Hi Miller,
    Why are you in such a haste to get arrested for the dastardly act of vote – buying you carried out on 21st February 2013 ?

    You stop there and sweat some more while your “specialised prison cell” is prepared for you …….complete with a personal jailer from BUL-GARIA to assist with your rearguard needs !

  20. @Hamilton Hill | March 24, 2013 at 9:11 AM |
    Can someone please ask Mark Williams to give it a rest?Day after day this man on the radio with the same tripe.
    Wait Mark Williams still around? Have not set my eyes on the short me crutch imbecile in years. He is on radio which radio? Dont tell me GOB allow a nitwwit like Mark back on to CBC premises. I remember he use to do a puerile looking back show at CBC which he use to push his political ambitions and lambaste the DLP.

    The last time I saw con man Mark Smart was when he and Al Tricks brought in American soul singers. Mark still owes me and hundreds of others monies he never refund when artistes he advertise either never appear or claim Mark Smart didnt pay them.

    How a dumbo like Mark Williams walk up the stairs of HOA will stump historians for years to come.

    No lie I have never heard anyone say anything good about Mark Smart. He is like Leroy Greeenverbs the difference is they say say Greenverbs is a rich man. Mark Smart last I read by his own admission owe $44,000 in rent.

  21. Dr Love
    Effin you know wha good fuh you, ….you would find a nex nedda line…
    This Islandgal line may lead to your being caught on YouTube at the wrong end of a 2X4 plank hear…?
    …a word to the wise is usually sufficient.

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  23. Good move Doc.
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  25. There is no doubt that Dottin is an egotistical fool who has done more damage to the RBPF internally and externally than could be undone in the next 50 years. It is so obvious, in fact, that it continues to be reinforced by his own actions, public comments and poor results. What is amazing is that no-one is doing anything about it. Why has the Police Service Commission’s recommendation for his replacement not been taken? What does Dottin have on his superiors that preserves his position? Why is Brathwaite hiding under his desk while Justice and Law & Order in this country evaporates?

  26. @ Fractured BLP | March 24, 2013 at 9:17 PM |

    Ms Fractured, why do you want the miller to be in jail with you? Since you have been “outed” by Caswell it seems you are trying to establish a ‘love-hate’ blogging and viral buggery relationship with the miller.
    The miller is too virginally old for that sort of rear guard activity. Try it with BAF or Lemuel. The miller, piece of the rock, Alvin and Onions have long passed our “bull- by-date”.

    To get real serious, though why don’t you advise the idiots running the Bajan show called government that they have to take immediate action to stem the damage that is taking place in our major tourism source market? Reports both in the British media and on the Diaspora ground don’t sound at all pleasant to the ears and are doing irreparable harm to the image of the country.

    Do you realise that for the first time in history our foreign reserves have fallen dramatically in the first quarter of the year so far?

    Do you appreciate the gravamen of such? What are you going to sell to show a misleading position as you did in the previous quarter? Sell the airport to a Nigerian or the port to the Chinese?

  27. Kudos to the Police for quick arrest of the cowards who shot the British couple. MAM got it right when she call the attack “economic terrroism”. Crime against tourists is a bipartisan issue to be confronted swiftly with firm determination.

    Brickbats to Barbados cricket team Worrell must be turning in his grave. This is the poor rakiest team ever. Joel Garner ought to resign having overseen Barbados plummet to the bottom. Garner’s only interest seems to be in himself he is desperate to replace Hunte at WICB

  28. Spaceman accuse intelligent agent of rear guard activation … This not nice thing Spaceman, not nice thing to say atol atol …Spaceman must apologize, say nice thing before intelligent agent be recall to Embassy … Rear guard activation not welcome in China …

  29. @ BAFBFP | March 25, 2013 at 9:49

    BAF, the miller would like a favour done, please BAF.
    He would like one last wish fulfilled before he leaves this tiny orb to take on his spaceman journey back to the other near dual star system called Sirius.

    I never had a real, real Chinese woman.
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    The miller would guarantee you a place in heaven next to Bushie’s BBE for the arranging that last death wish.

    I am serious BAF, just like Dennis J when you are “chin-wagging” on the radio.

    BTW, BAF, your “Communist” people ain’t got any shame to treat over 300,000 foreign maids working in HK with such lumpenproletariat disdain?
    What has become of that socialist slogan of working class idealism of “All of We are One”?

  30. Spaceman China no different to Bajan place… China now run by fat cat academic with NO socialist gene … no caring, only greedy greedy PhD economist and accountant and Mao not please atol atol …!

    For nice Cantonese woman all spaceman do is write on paper and give female :-


  31. Miller:
    Why would you want to put Fractured BLP behind my back. I just reading and enjoying the conversation but you had to include me in this thing. Fractured like “cracking” backing as they say in Guyana. Please I trying to be poor peaceful and polite.

  32. Just read that the fire may have been caused by copper thieves.

    What is going on in Barbados. Police need to step up their game.

  33. My layman’s opinion is that this fire could cause chemicals to leech into the ground water.
    Hope they control it soon.

  34. Not to mention poison the atmosphere for months to come, resulting in respritory illnesses that can last for decades.

  35. “What is going on in Barbados. Police need to step up their game.”

    Hants what shoite are you talking? We ent go nuh real police force…we got people forcing dem to do their jobs.

  36. The other day in the newspaper, a judge chastised a man for violence on another, reportedly saying due to the nature of the attack, it could easily have been a more serious charge (I would think she must have meant manslaughter or murder).

    She then proceeded to give him a SUSPENDED sentence of 12 months???


    This society has become complacent to violence, in schools, on the street, and now…appraently lenient in the Courts.

    And y’all complain about the Commish?

  37. The force has what, 800 ossifers. Take out half for duty shift i.e. who are able to be present at any one time.

    That is four hundred. Take out 30 sick. That is 370.

    Take out 70 for duty at stations and ports etc etc.

    That is 300.

    How do you expect 300 ossifers to be everywhere?

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