Election Paraphernalia in the Post-General Election Period

Submitted by Flag Watcher (formerly Check-That-Out)
Attorney General's Constituency Office in St. Philip South

Attorney General’s Constituency Office in St. Philip South

Not being a Bajan I am not familiar with laws governing the removal of or election posters and other paraphernalia after the big event; but from what I have read they must be removed when it is over.

In a drive through St. Philip South on March 7, I came across a sign at a Constituency Branch Office the Attorney General. I am sure signs identifying constituency offices are quite legitimate; but expect the “Dems Now – Dems Again” flags/banners would be considered election material.

While a specialist in corporate and international law, it seems Chief Law Officer of the Executive Council may not be familiar with Barbados election laws, or may not have visited his Constituency Office since February 21.

I think that now dat Dems in again, someone shud tell he (in the words of Ronald Reagan) tek dat flag down.

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  1. There are posters in all the constituencies from both sides. I find it quite annoying as I regard them as litter now that the election is over. According to the rules, all of this material should have been removed by midnight on the night before the elections. Every single candidate has ignored this rule and like with so many other things, there are no consequences.

    This behavior is annoying but not surprising. They go to any length to get the vote but feel no remorse about ignoring their responsibilities thereafter. Where are the supporters who put up these posters that now litter the country? Can’t the candidates see the posters everywhere? Don’t they know that it is their responsibility to clean up after themselves?

  2. It is about adhering to the law by individuals who are to be responsible for creating law. All this does is expose the hypocrisy and pantomime that has been foisted on an undeserving public by two unregistered groups of people with NO legal status …!

  3. How come we can find not one from among the many microphone and tape recording jockeys we have bout hey to stick the Mike in the face of some minister or the opposition leader,and put them on the spot?Then again during the election coverage Michelle Arthur while making reference to the DLP was heard to say We.We voted for our masters.We accept whatever they give us.We like it so.

  4. If our members of parliament do not see anything wrong with the lack of discipline which weather beaten election material all over the island portray what can one say?

    If we can’t do the little things well…

  5. “If we can’t do the little things well…”

    “We” … what we? Dah ain got nutting to do wid “we”. David you mean “wunna” cause fah me all I got to do is get behind a wukkin’ up fluffy and my little t’ing will do swell … (wait Miller like he rubbing off on me wid all dese puns … HA HA HA)

  6. This seems to be much ado about nothing really…except perhaps littering. I understand that it is an offence not to remove the posters before midnight on Election Day -s.13 of the Election Offences and Controversies Act refers. However, I doubt that this is a continuing offence given the mischief at which it is aimed. The law refers only to “on polling day”.

    • @Jeff

      Isn’t your comment trapped by your training? There is the legal prescription but what about the indiscipline it portrays? Would the message (optics) not be positive if teams from both sides were seen about Barbados doing the clean up?

  7. My point precisely, David. I agree with you. It is a littering problem comparable to expired dance posters, only more prominent because of the individual faces.

    • Noted Jeff and as a society we tend to give more prominence to the weight of whether something is legally right rather than the value of whether it is right or wrong from a value prospective. May the Lord help us to see the light.

  8. When land becomes overgrown with bush and/or a plot becomes the dumping ground for garbage, the Ministry of Health by law can request that the owner clear the spot or clean it and, in extreme cases, can have the land sold to recoup its expenses.

    Again, if we had men with balls in these agencies, and, (so not to appear as a male chauvinist like Baffy), women with pudendas, persons at the Boundaries and Electoral Commission could, (if they canvassed for and secured this power), send similar notices pertaining to these “political eyesores, items of garbage and weather beaten posters to the politician depicted on the poster.

    The notice could state “I, Phillip Serrao (or he dimwit replacement), do hereby give notice that thine picture doth hang in an obscene, and lewd, manner on BL&P pole number xxxxx. Thou hast 30 days from receipt of this notice to remove such. Failure to do so will result in thine being beaten senselessly with the roll of similar violations that our agency hath collected variously from (list followeth). (Please note that section 4 of the New Boundaries & Commission law passed by parliament at the same time as the Integrity Act, alloweth for the Commissioner to place a 2×4 within the posters, with two rusty nails, and to soak your posters in cow itch)

    You might well ask why I am using old english in this notice to which i would respond that the laws that pertain to this agency have not changed since Barbados was colonized in 16 littlebit.

    Maybe, jes maybe, did would cause Owen Seethru and Fumble to remove them lying pictures/posters dat does cause my gran’ daughter to ask me who fete dat is, causing he got he pictures all ovah de place.

    I call dem lies causing Owen was never so smooth-skinned, not a blemish pun he poxy skin, even pun a good day.

  9. On page 3A of the today’s Sun Sun newspaper, I see a large picture of the loosers team preparing for the estimates debate.

    As hard as I tried i still could not see Owen”seetrhu”Arthur in attenance at that meeting!

    So much for “they are no problems in the blp”.

  10. @ David
    Apart from the election rule that requires no posters etc within the white lines around voting stations on Election Day, what law requires that posters be taken down?
    What is to stop Lynchie from sneaking and putting up some Freundy posters late at night after the elections? (Barney wud do um yuh…! 🙂 )

  11. I AGREE with those who say that Barbados is in decline
    The Government is to blame for this SITUATION with the election: vote buying and the breaking of the Laws re posters.
    In 2008, they broke the laws re Billboards so the DLP is really morally corrupt and they are corrupting the country.

    No wonder Crime has increased under the DLP


    While DLP parliamentarians will eventually go home with their hefty packages after two terms in Office.pensions etc, the country will have to grapple with the consequences of this despicable act perpretrated by the DEMOCRATIC LABOUR PARTY.


    But the DLP dont care ; They will do anything to win an election. It is their selfish nature. The reference to the fatted calf for example , is one of selfishness, and self centred ness–

    And people voting for the DLP because Errol Barrow gave us Free Education ?

    Is that a reason in 2013 to be voting for a CORRUPT DLP

    ST. JOHN PEOPLE are the BIGGEST IDIOTS in Barbados. They need to be told that what they are doing is nonsense. The BLP should get into St. John now and work on a programne to convert ST. JOHN people from their stupid ways. This is an idea that should engage the attention of Mia Mottley and the BLP. Have a missionary style campaign starting now to destabilize the DLP in ST. JOHN. The BLP must change the mindset of ST. JOHN people. Do it now that they have the weakest candidate (representative) in its history. ST. JOHN people need to be liberated.
    An offensive entitled LIBERATE ST. JOHN. must start now , eventually St. John people will change but it takes work. This should be a challenge that the BLP must take on with full vigour and force. Mercenary type campaign personnel need to be deployed now in ST.JOHN. If it takes 10 years for the conversion of ST.JOHN people from their wicked and stupid ways, it would be well worth it.



    THEY CORRUPTED THE MORALS OF THE YOUNG PEOPLE BY BUYING VOTES IN THE WAY THAT THEY DID ; THE DLP set the trend. Any Vote buying on the BLP side was a response to the nastiness by the DLP
    But all politiicans should show some moral fortitude and kick against wrong dont matter the cost. Only one person can win a seat. We should not be doing anything to win seat.
    But the Government is an irresponsible Government that does not impress me
    Those who make up the Government does only talk but they have failed to demonstrate good morals and principles.

    WHY did the last box in Adriel Brathwaite took so long to come in.
    Answer: That was the vote buying Box and because they waited long to give the people the money for the votes, they voted late.

    JESUS CHRIST GAVE HIS LIFE FOR MANKIND–the ultimate sacrifice.
    They say they believe in GOD
    They had the NEW churches praying from all DIMENSIONS for a NEW COVENANT for the DLP and its RESTORATIONS OF MINISTRIES.

    now do the right thing

  12. Just Asking,

    Judging from your last post , the dose of epsom salts you took this morning really gave your guts and ar$e a work out .

  13. JUST ASKING | March 17, 2013 at 12:37 PM

    That 2013 election defeat really hurt your belly.

    I cant understand why you BLP jokers are so depressed. I told you repeatedly that you will spend another five years on the opposition benches. I told you that the people of Barbados will not return to their vomit. I told you that Seethru will get his hat trick of defeats.

    But no, you would not listen to me, you allowed the other BLP jokers to mislead you. The blind leading the blind. Starting with the Blog owner, Peter Wickham, Miller(well at least he won his seat, I dont know how come)Old Onion bags, etc., etc.

    I am going to have to put you all on Suicide watch!!!

  14. During the election campaign, thompson on top of the platforms cussing everybody from the DLP. She is a real common breed dog.

    This morning I saw an old BLP lesbian and I all I said to her,”wait you still wearing your BLP red shirt”, the woman cuss me stink. I am try to figure the link between the BLP, Lesbians and cussing everybody stink.

  15. @ Arrson

    Boi you are one sick dick………Eureaka …look it up….Ear-Hole. You thinking or not?……I was just passin and had to fire this punch…LOL…
    In case you din thinking…what you going tell the Civil Servants you all promise they jobs…when they getting send home?….”We changed our minds”….As I said before.. An Elections WIN, one could afford to miss….chew d cud on that boss…

  16. Expected responses from Carson
    and company –DLP GOONS !
    The DLP are criminals encouraging Crime
    A gunman shot two Cruise Ship passengers
    What effect will this have

    THE DEMOCRATIC LABOUR PARTY is responsible for that
    DLP to blame
    DLP to blame

  17. In my constituency in the run to elections all the money which was spent was BLP money. Many people asked the question where the BLP as an opposition party got so much money from.

    The BLP spent money in that constituency like it was going out of style.

  18. onions

    “An Elections WIN, one could afford to miss….”


    and wunna so deeply depressed?

    The only BLP person elated by the defeat is Mia Mottley, she has finally rid herself of Seethru.

    Or has she?

    time will tell anyway!

  19. At the St. Marys Church BLP meeting as reported in the Nation newspaper, there is a photo of Mia and her former boss and his face looks like sour milk.

  20. @ Just Asking

    “Have a missionary style campaign starting now to destabilize the DLP in ST. JOHN”.

    Words are generally sewn together for a purpose.

    You simply cannot say “missionary” a word which is associated with religion and evangelism in the same sentence as “destabilize” (to upset the stability of a SMOOTH running policy)

    In and of itself, “destabilize” speaks to a negative construct.

    I expect that in a few seconds someone will jump on this blog and accuse me of being a cyberspace Adjudicator or something like that but when you see these constructs, particularly when you are submitting an article in support of the BLP, decrying the DLP, well the results are generally that a few of us who read the blog come to the conclusion that the BLP has (another) nincompoop and cretin chanting Seethru’s policies.

    In fact, given this submission of what seems to be an intellectual lisp, I feel that you are Comrade Seethru himself!!

    David of BU I think that the time has come, much like Vivianne’s paper has in the week’s past memorable quotations, the time has come for BU to create a “cyber corner” where not only “superlative cretinous quotations” will be recorded for posterity, but an award of the “House of BUBI” (pronounced ‘boo-bie” colloquialism for foolish person) will be ascribed to the writer, the Golden Globe of BU.

    “Barbados Underground: Banned Indefinitely” BAFFY speak out!!

  21. @Just

    I sentenced you to two years of suffering, after that I shall review your progress in your rehabilitation efforts to reach the level of fith grader in your thinking. I shall have u undergo a test to determine if u r regularly under the influence of an intoxicating substance as your rantings seem to indicate that your brain cells have been severely damaoged over the last two years, but since the recent elections, this damage seems to have intensified and hence the need for regular brain examination.

  22. Strange how the Po-Lice can just upan solve a thing like tourists getting shot ,so quick.
    I hear the man called “Zues” is a well know dangerous man and a known guntootin registered criminal Paroe.
    Sounds like a “ready made to fit suit” just waiting to “Fitted” on a body.
    Now, not wishing to sound Cynical or Sarcastic,but I ask? Are our Po-Lice KNOWN to be adept in the “Sluething business ” rather to me they better at “Tailoring”
    You know “Fitting ready made suits” on bodies the Po-Lice are sure will fit cos they previously have the bodies vital statistics.
    Then we are all “safe” cos the Po-Lice have “solved” (so quickly) a violent crime against tourists.
    Now I am sure that the Two British white women , will agree,that the Detection and ARREST of the “CRIMINAL” by Po-Lice in Barbados, makes everyone feel “SURE” the Police are on top of the job!!
    Yes.I am sure thats what they think??Dont you?
    Meanwhile,back in Bridgetown ,JUST MAYBE, there is another brother,
    S niggering in he’s crack pac.
    Feel safe tourists, feel safe,you KNOW in Barbados ,we got real law and order.
    Supported and Encouraged by an Bat Boss the incompetant and his sidekick “Robbin” Leacock, DPP at the READY to secure a “lawful” prosecution of the transgressors of Barbados law. Regardless.
    Just so long as he can make the suit fit.(if not he will do a few quick adjustments to the measurements).(its called THE LAW of supply and demand)
    MAYBE just maybe , someone,
    should ask the tourists to Swear this man definately IS the man who shot them.
    Cos I fed up with seeing Bim portrayed as a “Joke” .

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