Vote Buying on the Rise in Barbados

Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart said he witnessed it.

Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart said he witnessed it.

The electoral system is one which Barbadians have been proud of until recent general elections.  The cries have been getting louder and louder from the public that votes have been bought on election day. Yes we have had political candidates in the past wooing the public with “corn beef and biscuits” at the village shop but that is where it ended. How big is the problem of vote buying in Barbados?

We have a situation in Barbados where both political parties appear to be guilty of the practice of throwing cash and items around to garner support. Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart could hardly post general election to inform the public he witnessed vote buying on election day. His revelation was followed by a similar statement from an equally indignant Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite after his swearing in session at Government House.  Today in the news general secretary of the Democratic Labour Party George Pilgrim stated he had advised members of the public who witnessed vote buying on election day to call the police. One wonders if the Prime Minister called the police when he saw what he saw.

Members of the BU family who were around in 2008 may recall similar concerns raised about vote buying. BU actually posted a blog – Activities In The Farm On Election Day. What is unfathomable is that with all the cash, iPods,watches, herb that was reported to have been distributed on election day, there was only ONE arrest made by the police.

For some reason an alarm was been triggered when we listened to Prime Minister Stuart who spoke so fiercely on this matter on election night (early morning). At this point we will attribute the feeling to gut and keep it under wraps for the moment. What we know, and former BLP candidate for St. Michael North West confirmed it on the afternoon talk show, vote buying is being practiced by BOTH sides. BU wonders what Dame Billie Miller, who has been part of Observer Groups to monitor elections all over the world, must be thinking given the state of affairs which has arisen in Barbados.

The most disturbing aspect of vote buying brings two issues together. Those being bought represent the block (ZR, Minibus) element who come from the most depressed segment of our society and are prone to criminality given their socialization. This group which needs to have certain negative behaviours unfrozen are now being encouraged to do wrong by surrogates who they know represent the political hierarchy of Barbados. The second issue is that the large sums of money being ‘gifted’ must be coming from deep in the coffers of corporate Barbados or even worse, from ill-gotten gains. Ordinary Barbadians are aware of the close relationship which Bounty has to some of our politicos. We will not state any more on this for the moment.  All the indications are exposed to show that Barbados is well on its way to follow the path of a few of our neighbouring islands.

The question for some of us is what can we do to stem the drift. On the weekend a UWI, Cave Hill political scientist, Tennyson Joseph emphatically stated that there is practically little the government can do to stop the practice of vote buying. That was all we needed to hear. To quote Prime Minister Stuart, if we can’t solve these problems after exposing our people to tertiary education, why bother?

Good luck with building a society (please protect us from Pacha, Bush Tea and Baffy).

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  1. I find the Prime Minister’s vehement condemnation of vote buying laughable because his operatives arrived at my doorstep, encouraging me to get my $300 on election morning at his constituency office. No Freundel! You have no moral authority to speak on this issue.

  2. Somehow I believe Damani. He sounds like a keen, honest young fellow, not yet caught up in the wiles of old politicos.

  3. Damani are you Noel Muscle Mary Lynch if so the PM dealt with you proper word is the severity of Fruendel’s verbal and ballot beatdown make you scamper from politics for good. Your name is officially mud around the world. You shouldve learnt by now dont mess with Freuendel.

  4. “If its just a matter of putting money in your pockets, you could as well turn to the drug pushers and criminals” (or words to that effect)
    Have we seen a turn of the table, where the same DP & C’s are paying people to support certain candidates,who they feel will be sympathetic to their cause/trade?

  5. I tried to sell my vote, but I wanted $400,000 for it. Enough to settle a few bills.

    Both parties laughed at me.

    So I had to give the thing away for free.

  6. Wow watching, I don’t mean to offend you but you strike me as a DLP yardfowl. I can assure you that I am not Noel Lynch and I find that insinuation to be a fairly desperate move (even though it is hilarious).However, I know what happened in Brittons Hill from PERSONAL experience and nothing you say or do can win back the respect I once had for Freundel Stuart. The content of your post shows a type of tribalism that really should have no place in Barbadian politics but alas! That will never be because I know i’m being very idealistic and naive.

  7. That said, if there has been vote selling, it is because there has been vote buying.

    And I believe that the vote buying came first. I don’t want to hear a thing from ANY politician about the loose morals of the boys and girls on the block.

    In whose interest is it to buy a vote? Yes a boy who wants to get elected, and get access to that fat $17,000 a month salary, access to power, access to get in on lucrative contracts, etc. etc.

    Any REASONABLE person can see that the politicians started the vote buying thing first, and then they start to act all self righteous and morally superior, when we know that the politicians are the whores, and the vote sellers are simply the Johns

  8. “when we know that the politicians are the whores, and the vote sellers are simply the Johns.”
    Great analogy Simple Simon….love it !

  9. Saying that nothing can be done about vote buying is like aiding and abetting corruption. Pass legislation, have observers, do something! Because the sacred right to vote must remain sacred. It should not be treated as a commodity to buy and sell. But what brave government will be willing to do that?

  10. Damani …you know I liking you nuff. You are speaking with a level head. Doan mind some of these political pimps we have here pon BU. Dem jest waiting fuh dem whores to get back wid de money.

  11. Stupseeeee

    Why try to stop vote buying?
    All we need to do is two things.

    1 – ENSURE THAT VOTING IS CONFIDENTIAL and that no camera equipment is taken to the polling booth…which is already the case.

    2 – Stop the foolishness of writing an identifying mark on the actual ballot ( Which Bushie is pleased to note has been ended in 2013)

    If stupid dimwit politicians still want to distribute money and gifts to people in the belief that they will feel morally bound to vote for them, then that is their foolish business…..and that of which every bribing businessman provided the cash.

    Bajans would take from Bs, Ds, Ns and Independent and then vote however they see fit, ….or spoil the damn ballot in protest.

    The only problem with this practice is that it makes us all look like a$$es, incapable of operating at a mature level with debates, logic, and strategies.

  12. Isn’t it precisely because as a society we always ignored or laughed about the well-known corned beef & biscuit scenario for so long that we now are in this situation? That’s what happens when you have dysfunction and a breakdown of law and order in society, it always starts with the small things that are allowed to remain unchecked. Back in 2008 even I knew people who were offered $100 to vote. So now that it has been upped to house, land, drugs, more money, etc. should we really be surprised?
    This is what happens when you have a society that refuses to set boundaries about what is and is not acceptable, and to ensure that laws are actually enforced. It’s not just with the vote-buying either, you see it happening in so many other aspects of Barbados.
    And still many of us are walking around with this silly, false sense of pride that we are not like some other “islands” and countries because we had no political violence. Well, those other islands and countries didn’t find themselves like that overnight; obviously things would have started on a lesser level for them too, including the vote-buying like it did once for us.

    Some solutions would be first of all to actually have political parties that have ZERO tolerance for corruption or dysfunction, and we know that is not presently the case. Then to actually enforce the law, make sure that arrests are made, names of the offenders are made public, the parties and politicians whose votes were bought should also be made public. Then of course certain social and economic issues have to be addressed, which is far more complex.

  13. Damani; On second thought, are you sure that you were offered $300 for your vote to be COLLECTED at Freundal Stuart’s constituency office? Yuh certain you got it right?

    Collecting the money from FS’ constituency office seems exponentially more asinine for FS than OSA cashing a cheque for $75,000 dollars on an election morning 10 years ago. I wonder if his constituency office is where the PM was so righteously outraged when the operations of the buyers and sellers were pointed out to him, apparently totally in the open, with no attempt to hide the transactions?

    It gets curiouser and curiouser.

  14. Bushtea; Your prescription sounds OK on the surface. But times would appear to have changed.

    The Drug Dons can actually now ensure that they can deliver a number of solid votes by whatever means. It is no longer “eat yuh out, drink yuh out, and vote yuh out”. Nowadays, If yuh take the chance of not voting how you promised the Don you would, the consequences could be quite dire.

  15. The continuance of a first past the post system with all of its failings, the continuance of a Party dominated Upper Chamber and the waste of money and time that it represents, the continuance of a West Minister styled God Save the Queen allegiance and the elitism that it embraces, and the deception that is required to keep it all going is the essence of the moral bankruptcy that the no-voters are most concerned with. Buying and selling of votes is merely a new tip of a very large iceberg …!

  16. Yes I am sure checkit-out and I was most shocked! I couldn’t believe what I was told, that “money sharing down at the office, go and get lil bit on election morning and remember it when yuh go to the polls”

    Then I inquired as to how much this money was and exactly what office the young man in the ” dems now dems again shirt” was speaking about (just to clarify that he meant the PM’s constituency office) and I was given directions to the office and told that the amount was $300.

    I cannot speak from first-hand knowledge about this example I am about to give but I was told by a friend of mine that in certain parts of the constituency, a boy in a yellow shirt was riding his bicycle through the community, yelling “money down at de office, get it quick” I thought that was political suicide on Mr Stuart’s part but apparently not.

  17. A number of these politicians were involved in buying votes that is if i believe the PM, and I do. The question is what did he do when he witnessed this crime. Benefit from it or report the matter to the police? Freundel started out his premiership with a lot of creditability in my eyes and it started to diminish with every public intervention. It is now completely gone.

    His party broke as many of the election rules as it could with impunity. All regulatory and law enforcement agencies just turned a blind eye. But I find it completely reprehensible when these lawmakers enlisted mostly young men in their criminal conduct.

    I am willing to bet that their election returns, in relation to spending, will be works of fiction. Will the Electoral and Boundaries Commission investigate or just publish the returns.

  18. With all this technology in our hands why hasn’t there been a video of all of this vote buying? Wunna got cell phones and Blackberries and ent tek nutting?

  19. As Caswell said, it is a really sad day when politicians could encourage young men to engage in deviance. And then would turn around and criticize the other deviant practises of the youth. I pity those young men because if any arrests are to be made, they are the ones who would be thrown into Dodds, not the politicians who recruited them.

    • I hope you all realise that this matter is bigger than vote buying. Have you ever considered where the money came from? It was the proceeds of bribes. The donors will be the recipients of the big contracts as compensation. I hope you all understand that our little island is a cesspit of corruption. In the last session, we even had lawyers being given large contracts so that they can make enough money to refund what they had stolen from their clients” account.

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  21. Caswell I agree with you 100%! We are allowing corruption to firmly root itself in the moral fibre of our society. That is very worrisome to me because will the Barbados I know be recognisable if this corruption continues to be facilitated the way that it is now?

    balance, no need for the all caps, it makes it difficult to read your submission. I can agree with you that Mr Lynch is extremely pompous. However, none of his operatives approached me with offers to buy my vote. I cannot say whether it did or did not occur but I was never personally approached.

    I was personally approached by the PM’s operatives and it would be very difficult for me to believe Mr Stuart was totally oblivious to the goings-on inside his own offie. There is no way Mr Stuart was not aware that money was being distributed at his constituency office and unless he was never once there since he called the elections, he knew or at the very least strongly suspected. What kind or representative cannot be found at his constituency office at any time during an election campaign?

    And who would be providing this money if not him? I would sincerely hope that he was totally innocent and had nothing to do with this vote buying but all of the evidence points in the opposite direction unfortunately. I am speaking from personal experience here and I am not trying to smear Mr Stuart’s character in the least.

  22. Damani
    Since you were approached personally, why don’t you swear an affidavit at a JP, go to the Police or the Press with your accusations, since you know the “operatives”’ who approached you. There gotta be a law against this kind of inducement; after all it is illegal to sell alcoholic beverages during Elections so they must be a law against buying or selling votes.

    In other words “Put up or shut up”.

  23. I never said I knew the operative, only that he gave me directions to the office and wore a “dems now dems again” shirt You perhaps should re-read what I typed.

    I would not hesitate to report the young man to the police and If ever I find out his name or any fact about him that would help with his identification. I can’t very well tell the police that a man of about my age, height and build wearing a ” dems now dems again” shirt appoached me in an attempt to but my vote.

    You must think i’m not serious with these allegations but I really do not intend to be all talk and no action. If the opportunity presents itself I will expose this corruption.

  24. @Sargeant | February 26, 2013 at 12:29 AM |
    This damani is a fraud and seeing island gal hug he up you know sometthing is fishy. Im not buying whatever crap damani is selling.

  25. Dear Watching,

    I actually challenge you to ask residents of Britton’s Hill if money was indeed being shared out at the PM’s constituency office But whether or not you believe me, it doesn’t reverse what occured.

    The truth needs no defense!

  26. With sadness I must now concede that Barbados is the Hypocrisy and Duplicity capital of the Caribbean. On another thread and in another post I was proud that the PEOPLE spoke. The questions I’m fighting with over the last 96 hours is which people and why?
    What does it mean for the future?
    How deep into the quagmire have we allowed ourselves to descend?
    If this was God’s will what lesson is he waiting to teach us?

    Again, I await the PM and AG’s further words and actions along with the new cabinet before commenting much more.

    Whoever won the elections, would have won it by buying it, albeit via different methods. My great gran used to say that “God don’t like ugly and good always wins out.”. What happens when neither side is good and both are ugly?

    My recurring question therefore returns, “will the real leaders please stand up?”

    I’m curious as to TTP, ac, !, fractured or Carson’s response to your experience. Watching and balance speak out of ignorance and blinded loyalty.

    Imagine…if only ONE DLP seat was. “bought”, then the landscape of the entire election, which would have been 15-15 was grossly manipulated. A worrying thought heading into more challenging times.

    Just Observing

  27. @Observing ”If this was God’s will what lesson is he waiting to teach us?”

    No new lesson, an age old one.

    When one sows seeds in bitter soil, the harvest will also be bitter.

    Buyer beware.

  28. Allegedly this is just a repeat of the prior election. Hundreds of dollars a person happened then also.

    But as I said, pity the fool who thinks he can play with the winds of the world.

    He will be blown away.

  29. Now see why the BLP lost the election in the same manner they tried to cast aspersions on the DLP with false documents. Here again we have the BLP yardflows without evedience trying to point the finger of vote buying on the DLP .Pray tell me if Damani had or was approached why did he not call the police. Talk is cheap evidence is profound.

  30. The biggest mistake the BLP made was to underestimated PM STUART and still continue one would think that by now the BLP yardflows would have learnt their lessons. I can assure you if Stuart says something he has proof or evedience to back it up FOOLS!

  31. Damani another clown like liz whatever her name being used by the BLP . Boy campaiging has already started. DAmani bring the evidence. some pictures or names would be helpful. BTW don’t panic false accusation can land you in jail..

  32. Prime Minister Stuart said he witnessed it. Steve Blackett intimated he had never seen an election like it. Dale Marshall said it. Cynthia Forde acknowledged it.

    The question then must be: what role should the Electoral Office and other regulatory agencies play in addressing concerns raised of vote buying. Should it be addressed or ignored.

  33. I don’t think the onus is on Damani to report vote buying, I think the onus is on PM Stuart and AG Brathwaite to report the matter to the police and call names. Stuart claimed he has seen personally the vote buying, the police will listen to him and the AG, the same police will only laugh at damani.

  34. The vote buying by both parties is not a fairy tale and cannot now be undone. It already happened and if something is not done will continue to happen indefinitely going forward. Let’s see if this party has any honesty left and with the help of the other party, actually do something and put an end to it.. In my opinion, Stuart witnessed, according to him, the murder of the countries integrity, now let’s see if he names the guilty parties or seriously bring forth INTEGRITY legislation to end the practice..

    • There is a reason why BU has been asking the DLP supporters to be gracious in victory. It isn’t that we don’t appreciate that one should feel like celebrating when the side you support wins. Some members of the BU household have been around for a while and we have not seen this level of political tribalism ever in Barbados till now. We are traveling a dangerous path to nowhere and we need to find a way to pull it back. This call will likely not resonate with ardent political supporters but they should really try to understand what is happening here.

    • @ac

      The reality is that the PM who you have a lot of respect for has admitted he witnessed vote buying with his own eyes. We will wait to see the outcome of his investigations. What should concern ALL Barbadians is that it is happening and increasing all the time.

  35. what is happening here is the need for the BLP to point this abhorrent behavior on the DLP and something must be said. There would always be war in politics but at the end of the day TRUTH must prevailed. it is apparent that since the PM and other members of the DLP came out and said they saw this illegal activity taking place the BEES on this blog have been on the defensive as if the BLP was the guilty party being accused of vote buying and has therefore launched and attack issuing comments accusing the the DLP of illegal activity on voting DAY. THIS IS WRONG and would not be tolerated.

  36. BAF, has it ever occurred to you that some if not most of these scholarship and exhibition winners will return to contribute. Given that a lot have tried over the years and were soundly mistreated, we also have to take into consideration that there are not enough jobs and positions available for scholars to contribute anything in Bim i personally know of lawyers and doctors now in Barbados who cannot find jobs and have to emigrate anyway. My point continues to be, Trinidad sends 40% of their brightest minds out to study, Trinidad now owns Barbados, around the world, India, China, Japan, USA, Germany, Canada etc, etc, sends their brightest minds around the world to study cause they know that some if not most will contribute even if they do not return, in some for or another t the country of birth. Most people in Bim don’t understand that a countries population is their only true resource, trying to academically imprison scholars on an island that has very little resources, will see that island remaining in the 18th century mode, with politicians continuing their small island corruption indefinitely. How many scholars do you see wanting to enter the nasty swamp of politics in Bim. The last scholar who had anything to do with politicians in Bim was more than happy to die in his sleep and he had just turned 40.

  37. That should read,the larger countries are aware that in some form or another even if their scholars live in another country, they will be able to contribute to their country of birth.

  38. It is a serious matter when rabid party faithfuls refuse to understand that vote buying was the order of the day for both parties for election 2013, when people pretend to be so blind that they cannot see, then they will accept any form of corruption and turn a blind eye, just because of party affiliation.

  39. If the BEES want to carry on a discussion on need for reform or legislation or tighter police presence around the voting area on this subject i am all for sensible discussion on this issue, but to turn it into a political game of one man upmanship, showboating or to embarrased the party they opposed i for one would come out both guns blazing and match them toe toe. ,

  40. Call for new Elections , The PM is Fraud man over all other Fraud men , Again the proof from the lips of the crooks that will not call the police on other crooks lawyers ,
    Owen now to run away from MIA , so now all eyes will be on her alone as he now step down or got kick down. The Over drinker and one of the Masters of the Super Massive Fraud did not make it back , But the the PM now in place as the new gate keeper , But We have the Keys ,,,,Wake up People We will get them all for the World to see , The Church to the govt House ,,, Massive Fraud ,,, the one two punch to the People Minds ,,


  41. @ac

    It is always better to take the high road. Others should not chart that path for you. Barbados has reached a delicate point in our history and irrelevant and puerile discourse will only make matters worst.

  42. BAF – I seriously hope that you are not one of those Bajans, it would break my heart, who would prefer to see our young bright minds of scholars working in swan street or broad street for the likes of the abeds, s y adams, cave shepherd, colombian emeralds, diamond international and all the others who only look after their own on the backs of bajans, while sending their own children to outside universities, and their children never come back to contribute diddly to Barbados You have to admit Bajan scholars have very little to gain and everything to lose by being stuck in Bim. The country actually ends up being the biggest loser, since the scholar still has the brightest mind and will emigrate eventually, there are countries out there that are more than willing to grab a bajan scholar, some would grab all.

  43. David on another blog i did speak out about it i never insinuate one party or another .However to my chagrin !, I see that the BEES have turned it into a political football. I shall not be FOOLED!

  44. It is essential that each and every voter take the high road as of now regarding the political landscape in Bim, everything is now at a tipping point. Massive changes are ahead, unless the corrupt players from both parties are the ones truly running the show in Bim and are untouchable. Time will tell us all, and very shortly.

  45. @ac

    Forget the Bees! Whether we want to admit it we are ALL bajans and desire the best for our country. We can learn from other countries close by what political tribalism can do. Let us work together to support the government and in this case the PM has said he will thoroughly investigate this matter. BU has it recorded in FACT CHECK!

  46. Whether or not you believe me is not my concern. What I am concerned about is the practise of vote-buying. It occurs on both political sides of the fence. But because I highlighted what I personally experienced from one particular side, I must somehow be a liar according to some politically biased bloggers here. Would you say the same things if I had told you operatives of Noel Lynch approached me?

    I brought this issue to the attention of the bloggers because as I stated before, and as was stated by others, vote-buying is not the only problem. It shows that the morals of this society have decayed and this will soon be evidenced in other areas.

    We need to hold politicians accountable and insist on strict laws when it comes to voter fraud. Laws that would not only punish the footsoldiers but the politician himself/herself.The message should be sent that noone is above the law and the right to vote is too sacred a right to tarnish.

    Rather than trying to find reasons not to believe me, focus on the fact that vote-buying was more blatant in this election. Lobby politicians from both sides to pass legislation to help stamp-out this issue. I have a feeling that no politician will want to tackle this, so if necessary, something radical must be done if ordinary Barbadians like myself want to protect our fragile democracy.

  47. @talkshop
    Rotflmao. Best one for the morning

    BOTH parties engaged in the practice. Including the seats where candidate of high integrity were running. No one is saying bees only or dees only. Will you require Freundel, Mia, and Adriel to bring proof too or do you take their word at face value? Enjoy the victory but recognise the implications of what we experienced and witnessed as a COUNTRY.

    @check it out
    Had a look at the scl link. Much food for thought. Would explain why we had a one man tear down platform from one side. It worked.
    what does that mean about the future of mass manipulation in any and every endeavour of life? Where do we draw the line? Is choice really just an illusion? Are we becoming plugged into a matrix constructed by the wealthy and powerful? Lots to think about!

    Your integrity is intact. Your truth needs no defense. There are others who are aware of what you experienced.

    Bitter crops indeed. Is this what was meant by a “bitter” tomorrow?”

    Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither would Barbados burn in one election. But it’s clear the burning has started.

    Just Observing

  48. well look at that Damani is coming clean. another slap on the back you migh cough up all . but be careful ,i won’t want to see you have to defend yuhself in court of law because of pressure.

  49. Damani,

    Your peurile attempt to sully the name of PM Stuart is another clear example of how the BLP lies often lead them to not gain the confidence of most Barbadians for any sustained length of time.

    Now here it is you first brooched this subject on BU with your posting below:

    Damani on February 25, 2013 at 10:41 PM

    Saying that nothing can be done about vote buying is like aiding and abetting corruption. Pass legislation, have observers, do something! Because the sacred right to vote must remain sacred. It should not be treated as a commodity to buy and sell. But what brave government will be willing to do that?
    Then another posting later you come with this hogwash story that somebody approach you and told you go to the PM constituency office.

    So here is how you proved yourself to be a FRAUD :

    1. You knew what the alleged voter buyer was telling you was illegai – yet you did not alert the police .
    2. You knew where the PM constituency was situated – yet you did not alert the police of what reports you were told.
    3. You were able to clearly identify the alleged voter buyer – dress, mode of transport and sum of money offered – yet you did not alert the police.

    So clearly you were the one AIDING and ABETTING corruption…….and why should we be surprised……….you came to BU to peddle your fraudulent intentions.

  50. watching | February 26, 2013 at 1:16 AM |

    @Sargeant | February 26, 2013 at 12:29 AM |
    This damani is a fraud and seeing island gal hug he up you know sometthing is fishy. Im not buying whatever crap damani is selling.

    Watching …….you jealous or what? Come lemme hug yuh nuh? Doan let Bushie know doah! LOLLL

  51. AC; I see you called for a discussion on ways the evident vote buying could be combatted. I think I provided a template in another post and not a man (except Observing obliquely) pick he teet. The Damiani and “Bayland” posts taken together, suggests strongly that something was going on in the PM’s constituency also, if one reads between the lines, the PMs statement about seeing it with his own eyes and CS evident discomfiture behind him in that TV clip was also suggestive. Closing your partisan eyes is not going to help the situation. Admitting that there is a problem and helping to work out how to solve it will help. Start a post suggesting how we the people can wrestle this gargantuan beast that can gobble up Barbados’ future and seriously affect you and me and all of us can be wrestled to the ground. Remove the opaque scales from your eyes.

    BTW, anyone heard yet if the cabinet or any new members of it has yet been officially announced. Time is ticking and the PM seems to be engaging in his old modus operandi so far. Can Barbados survive that?

  52. @fractured
    So should we subpoena the Prime Minister and Attorney General who personally witnessed the act and neither reported it to the police, took photos, nor pointed them the right way?

    You crucify Damani for having the courage to speak the TRUTH in the open. A trait many of us long for. Yet you give our leaders a free pass?

    Seems like fractured thinking to me.

    Again I wait for the PM and the AG’s next words and actions and the new cabinet. There are many witnesses who are keeping quiet because
    A) everyone did it
    B) they benefitted from election work
    C) they’re glad the DLP got in, even if by “strange” means
    D) the BLP has been doing it for ages and deserve their own medicine and
    E) we’ve accepted this and other behaviour as a society.

    All of the above are sad indictments on where we are in terms of national maturity. We seem to be regressing with the aid of a greedy political class on both sides.

    Just Observing

  53. Fractured; Are you really for real? How many of us would go to the police with a story like that? On the distaff side, How many of us would expect a PM, replete in the robes of integrity, to have been telling us, not that he saw evidence of vote buying, but that he informed the police and other relevant authorities about it. The answer to both questions is not many thinking bajans.

    You are holding Damani to one level of conduct and the PM to another. Wheel and come again.

    Shame on you!!!

  54. At the end of the day, the seats that will be occupied by both DLP and BLP politicians were bought by taxpayers money. Every move made by either party should be monitored, they bought the seats now let them sit in those seats and do the people’s work, minus the corruption. There is a saying, you get what you pay for, the taxpayers now have to make sure that nothing is made easy for any of the politicians and they have to work increasingly hard to continue to sit in the seats that they BOUGHT.

  55. It is unfair and unreasonable to call someone a liar because you want to gloat and boast that your party won, even if they very clearly bought the elections. A bought election is not a win for the people. At some point in time you and yours will also be affected by these blatant forms of corruption. Just ask Jamaica.

  56. There are more than enoughlaws on the books to combat vote selling and buying but theyare ignored by the people who are in place to police them. The problem is tht all of them owe their appointments to the saame politicians that they are suppose to regulate, and if necessary punish.

  57. @Observing
    You crucify Damani for having the courage to speak the TRUTH in the open. A trait many of us long for. Yet you give our leaders a free pass
    What open? The individual made an anonymous accusation over a blog and you chose to believe him, just shows that you are as gullible as anyone else. There were many “dirty tricks’ during the last campaign both highbrow and lowbrow the issue here is that the BLP lost and they are trying to justify their loss by making all kinds of accusations and innuendo ( am yet to hear that old Bajan standby “Obeah”) Here is an example of lowbrow; my sainted mother told me that they tore down the DLP’s candidate posters in her riding (to no avail) as he won comfortably and she has a lot of credibility in my books (don’t depend on the Gov’t for nothing not even pension). How about highbrow? The despicable actions of the Nation (darkening the PM’s photo to make him look sinister a la Time magazine’s portrait of OJ Simpson), perhaps someone should focus on that.

    As I write there is another Economic tsunami on the horizon good old Italy and the “Dolce vita” but Bajans still into navel gazing, Lord I weep for that island.

  58. It seemed as if every DLP poster was torn down throughout Barbados it was as if it was deliberate planned operation ordered and paid for. Very few if any BLP posters were torn down it was if that inaction was also ordered. We report you decide which side had the moral courage to resist blatant wrong doing. Yet still the DLP won.

  59. In all of the games played by both parties, absolutely no one wants to admit that both parties DLP and BLP, in their arrogance, were both expecting landslide victories due to vote buying. Instead the electorate handedly made sure the landslides fell on both parties, now everyone is scrambling because everything about the vote buying will be revealed, there is no stopping it now. The beauty of it is, that neither party got the landslide they bought.

  60. Caswell, from what you are saying this just means that we can sit back and watch the vote buying/selling indefinitely cause no one will want to rock their economic boat, especially the police. It also exposes the fact that Damani and any other voter would have been wasting their time and risking discrimination and their jobs trying to expose vote buying/selling to the police were absolutely right not to approach the authorities. It still places the onus on Prime Minister F. Stuart and attorney general A. Brathwaite who by what they said are fully aware of the vote buying/selling. As everyone should know, the attorney general is fully responsible for the police force, he will have to let us know who the vote buyers in his party are, as well as the ones in the BLP, this also go for the Prime Minister, whether he is fainting every five minutes or not. being both lawyers, the PM and AG knows the laws better than anyone else. It is time to be merciless with this lot, they know exactly what they are doing.

  61. @Sargeant

    Please address the point which is the PM and AG have both publicly confirmed there was vote buying of an unprecedented scale in the 2013 General Election.

  62. @ observing ……………..How you know it is the TRUTH of which Damani is speaking concering the vote buying of which he said took place with him. Were you there?. You see the problem with you BEES you thrive in ASSUMPTIION! PERCEPTION! And SPECULATION! and when all else fails get deceptive. Now this should be problem where all voices should be concerned not one side hogging the spotlight to score political pot shots

  63. @Damani,
    If I put on a yellow shirt does that “make me a D?” If I put on a red shirt does that make me a B”? Did you know definitely, that the person in a Yellow shirt was a D? Can’t persons who are B impersonate people who are D’s and vice versa?. I know the P.M. and I know he would not get involved in this type of behaviour. the same thing can’t be said of many yardfowls on either side. I fear for the young people…Did you read the comment of the young man who felt that “the government should build houses and give them free, taking back the costs in taxes/” If they ar e

  64. If the Prime Minister and attorney general had not opened their mouths and actually admitted first hand knowledge of the vote buying/selling, I am wondering if this would not end up being one of many open secrets in Barbados.

  65. @Sargeant
    deal with David’s question (the AG and PM). Now answer mine re speaking out…how many people have come out and said on this blog that they saw votes being sold or were witnesses to votes being sold even though it was widespread?

    “How you know it is the TRUTH of which Damani is speaking concerning the vote buying of which he said took place with him. Were you there?”

    My answer to those questions will come soon enough and I sincerely hope you can deal with the answers and other associated ones when they come. I continue to wait on the AG, the PM and the new cabinet. You may continue to bray in the wind and keep guessing as to my allegiances.

    ” I fear for the young people…”
    In between your robust rebuttal this is the most important aspect of the whole scenario.

    we said nothing when the ZR’s crept onto probyn street.
    We said nothing when the “Sizzla culture” crept in.
    We said nothing when marijuana smoking became the norm.
    We said nothing when the backyard dubs became the fetes of choice.
    We said nothing when our primary school children cried out.
    We said nothing when uncertified school leavers fell thru the cracks.
    We said nothing when our jails became overcrowded with fathers.
    We said nothing when a government “included” all others.
    We said nothing when that government did as it liked.
    We said nothing when presented with lies and deceit from politicians.
    We said nothing when an election went without a debate on issues.
    We said nothing when unsavoury elements took over communities.
    We said nothing about SMNW in 2008.

    Some of us seem prepared to say and do nothing about now.

    Just Observing

  66. David, you are so “bias”, it’s rediculous. If you want to be a Journalist you should try to be more “A Political”.

  67. In Barbados, it clearly states that there are witnesses to both parties DLP/BLP buying votes, this cannot be covered up. From looking at the photos of some candidates, one can clearly see the guilt. Again, this cannot be covered up, explained away nor blamed away. The culprits have to face the music. You get what you pay for, both parties are guilty, there are witnesses, even the PM claims he is a witness..

  68. @observing ………………I would be waiting for the evidence of which you are going to get friom Damania. YOur credibility is at stake on this one buddy . You claim to have evidence to support Damani but rather come here on BU like a cockroach looking for food. instead of turning it over to the police. You need to stop being a footstool for the BLP

  69. For those who question the credibility of BU commentary on the matter of vote buying a read of Barbados Today’s editorial which confirms that its personnel witnessed suspicious activity. Whether they called the police is another matter.

  70. @ac
    You are behaving like a real acc.

    Did I say I am depending on evidence from Damani? Credibility what…I have more credibility AND integrity than at least 6 members of Parliament and I KNOW IT.

    You have tried and convicted all manner of people on BU for the past 16 months without presenting a shred of evidence. You have ridiculed persons in positions and sentenced them without a jury or trial. You have lambasted OSA and others for their eternal wrongdoings and criminal activity without a case. In spite of all this no one, B or D has filed anything with police despite public displays of evidence pointing to wrong doing yet you condemn us here on BU. And we wonder why.

    You stand there wrapped in your sanctimonious cloth of indignation crying pious shame on those who dare to speak of and worry about what they saw, while at the same time elsewhere pledging to canonball the character of the new leader of your opposition for her “lifestyle” which you have no evidence of.

    You may be to naieve to see it but you are the epitome of the middle level of society whose passivity, ignorance and partisan blindness allows the top level to completely control the bottom level….and yes, they love and will continue doing it.

    Take your cranium out of the dark place it seems comfortable residing in and instead of pompasetting on things you know not of, join others and advance the cause of national good and development. Barbados and generations to come desperately need us to.

    Just Observing


    Yesterday my daughter again asked why I didn’t do something useful
    with my time. Talking about my “doing something useful” seemed to be
    her favorite topic of conversation. She was “only thinking of me” and
    suggested I go down to the senior center and hang out with the girls.
    I did this and when I got home last night I decided to teach her a
    lesson about staying out of my business. I told her that I had joined
    a parachute club.
    She said, “Are you nuts? You ‘re almost 75 years old and you’re going
    to start jumping out of airplanes?” I proudly showed her that I even
    got a membership card.
    She said to me, “Good grief, where are your glasses! This is a
    membership to a Prostitute Club, not a Parachute Club.”
    “I’m in trouble again, and I don’t know what to do… I signed up for
    five jumps a week.” I told her. She fainted.
    Life as a senior citizen is not getting any easier but sometimes it can be fun.

  72. @observing now you on the defensive Good! that is where i will leave YOU………………………………………………………..Sincerly ac.

  73. Hi Georgie Porgie,
    I thought my seniors club was advanced in thinking of activities to do, but now I know they are just lambs.

  74. @ Georgie Porgie | February 26, 2013 at 2:59 PM |
    Very amusing indeed!
    That’s a bit of much needed comic relief.

    I plan to take my friend Old Onions to “Rehab” on Fontabelle.
    We all (including ac) need some form of emission, Onanistic or otherwise, to get rid of the political build up over the last 2 years.

    Maybe the old lady Rachel Pringle of the local Fleet Street might experience a revival of the motto: “For the cause that lacks assistance, Gainst the wrongs that need resistance, For the future in the distance, And the good I can do”.

    Maybe David of BU ought to take this motto on since it is only on BU that such a spirit of intellectual defiance can be found today.

    • @Miller

      Would never have guessed you frequented such places. Next time we can take turns with the $2 dollar bills.

  75. Buying votes is miniscule compared to bribes accepted by Ministers. Therefore, the PM should look into the former Ministries such as Housing, Tourism, Finance and others in his party FIRST (charity begins at home) thereafter investigate the previous administration and see where bribes were accepted.

    I humbly suggest that, bribes within the ministries mentioned should first be investigated for the period 2008 – 2013 under the watchful eye and sound leadership of DPM/PM Stuart.

    Then let us talk about sale of votes.

  76. one of my concerns about the vote buying discussion is hat it seems to be part of a BLP denial. The worst thing for the BLP would be to put their election loss down to vote buying. from what i am reading and hearing there seemed to be a lot of it on both sides. The BLP shoild take a hard look at why it lost and not go into denial. The DLp did that after 1994 and 1999.

  77. Fractured BLP, your name says it all for me. You are letting your political bias cloud your vision. My above statement was referring to the legislators in this country. Can I invite election observers or pass legislation?

    I did what I could do. I have brought this issue to the attention of this blog (and it is being dismissed as ironic), I have written a letter to the editor of the nation newspaaper and I have spoken to a lawyer as well to find out how I could proceed. I spoke to him today in fact and I was advised that nothing could be done if I was unable to identify or help locate the “vote-buyer”. I was told the only evidence I have is my word and hearsay is inadmiscible in the court of law.

    The lawyer confirmed that it would not make sense to go to the police and report that a young man of my height, build who is apporximately my age approached and offered me money while wearing a “dems now dems again shirt” and expect a serious investigation to be conducted. I cannot give them his name or even his nickname, where he lives and he had no scars or tattoos that I could see. Tell me what police wouldn’t laugh in my face? Or worse yet, curse me for wasting their time. I was told unless I find out more about this young man or can produce tangible evidence, it is a lost cause.

    That is the dangerous thing with vote-buying, it is done in such a way that it can be hard to trace.

    I hope that my letter is published in the nation so that all of these skeptics and yardfowls can see that I was indeed serious when I said that I will do something. The next thing I intend to do is approach Mr Stuart first and then Ms Mottley. Both parties need to know that Barbadians are displeased with the way this election went down.

  78. Just for the record, I am not saying that vote-buying did not occur on the BLP side because I am sure it did. I am saying that nobody from the BLP approached ME! Jeez! I was called a liar, Noel Lynch and a fraud in less that 24 hours. Lol!!

    What annoys me is that those who claim that they want reform like AC, vehemently deny the truth of my story. It matters not if you support Mr Stuart and the DLP. What matters is that vote buying occurred! Since many of you seem to be close to politicians, I urge you to go to them and ask them to do something about the issue and stop trying to attack me because you do not want to believe that this could occur in the PM’s constituency.

  79. Damani,

    Shame on you. You mean to tell us the only lawyer you could have consulted was George Payne ?

    The advice you claimed you got….could have only come from George Payne……given what he did in St. James North ….to get rid of Rawle Eastmond during the branch elections there a few months back.

    Get loss with your nonsense !

  80. Do you mean “get LOST” ?

    Funny though, you criticize me for consulting a lawyer and you criticized me for highlighting the issue.

    Do you claim to want legislation against vote-buying to be passed too? Because it seems to me that if you could, you would attempt to bully into silence anyone who brings evidence that makes the DLP look bad.

    Shame on you!

  81. The reason why I gave an account of my personal experience was to show that vote-buying occurs at the highest level of political parties. Not once did I Say that BLP was innocent. I actually hope that Mr Stuart was totally oblivious to the vote-buying in his constituency.

    All I wanted was to encourage others to speak out about the issue and I hoped that some would be encouraged to lobby the politicians they are close to.

  82. Damani,

    You and other BLPites wasting wunnah time. Bajans watched how the BEEs quartered their very own with rigged branch and conference elections COMMONLY referred to as ‘ VOTER PADDING’. Rawle Eastmond pleaded till his lungs hurt for the BLP to clean up their act…….yet no change !

    Mia Mottley called for a change in the way BLP selected their party officials……..and Owen Arthur as Leader and George Payne as party Chairman then…………CHANGED NOTHING !!

    So who the BEEs think they are FOOLING !

    The BEEs are past masters of TIEFING elections……..just take another look at George Payne and Dale Marshall faces on page 4 of the Nation newspaper of 26 February, 2013…….and realised that both SCAMPS……wondering how Barbadians ain’t fall for their bribery and tricks on 21 February, 2013 .

    Tek DAT !

  83. The Barbados Labour Party and their WHITE and INDIAN backers started this vote buying thing.

    It is all their fault.

  84. Damani,

    Do not be discouraged by the Fractured Brain Less Pimp, he is a typical DLP yardfowl. Everything is bad when it comes to the BLP but his party are all archangels!

    His party has corrupted our electoral process by buying an election and they are ashamed and want to shut down any discussion on the rampant vote buying that propelled his party to power. Not only did they buy votes, they had millions more than the BLP, they brought in members from their overseas bases, they transferred people out of St John to borderline seats in St Michael.

    In other words, they have polluted our electoral system and dont want the world to know. Hence, the Brain Less Pimp’s attacks on you. Talk on my brother!

  85. Oh dear! Now i’m a bee? Never once have I stated my political affiliation and it would probably shock you Fractured! Lol

    All I did was give an account of a personal experience. I don’t know what happened with George Payne. If he was indeed involved in voter fraud, he should be put in an overcrowded cell at Dodds! I feel the same way about any politician who tried to but votes and the same way about those who sold their votes. Those people deserved to be punished!

  86. Carson why the caps on white and indians? Why even mention them at all? Do you think that only black people should be involved in the political process? Are you trying to imply that whites and indians are more corrupt than blacks?

    Please clarify or I may have to rant about a pet peeve of mine -racism.

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