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  1. David, As you probably now realize, this video will not play, as the screen says, ‘This video is private’ can you with your expertise on the things, help to remedy this problem?

  2. Thanks David. This is serious judgment on America, precisely identified by Rabbi/Pastor Cahn, to the very Biblical day of recent Harbingers, for the USA.

    The same principle applies to ALL Nations, though America is specifically identified by God as the Nation He rose up and blessed like NO other nation in history, BUT, whenever a Nation, TURNS it back on God, as America has been defiantly doing, God sends WARNINGS, and the USA has certainly received hers, beginning with 9/11, the crash of the Stock Market, etc, and she STILL remains defiant with Obama leading the charge of STUBBORN defiance.

    Barbados, as a Nation ALSO needs to REPENT, otherwise we will also feel Almighty God’s awesome Hand of JUDGMENT!

  3. Notice his key remark: without REPENTANCE, there is NO revival!

    Repentance MUST always preceed REVIVAL, restoration and blessings from God. There is simply is NO other way!

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