Twas the Night Before…

Submitted by HAMILTON HILL
CLICO Policyholders suing, finally!   Photo credit: Nation

CLICO Policyholders suing, finally!
Photo credit: Nation

There seems to be some direct correlation between snow fall and slumber. As I sat last night at the old desktop intent on taking in the happenings in my Barbados via the world wide web, mother nature delivered her calling card in the form of powder white, and equally light snow. For me light snow makes for heavy eye lids so quite soon I was fast asleep…and now I understand why they say peaceful sleep.

I am reading BU where it has been reported that PM Stuart has shared with us a secret that has been kept better than the code to the vault of the US treasury. I am preparing to cuss Prodigal Son for his claim that my PM didn’t even know what “de damn date was till de inner circle tell he. “I just had to get the jump on AC, CCC and ! for surely my three compadres would not permit Prodigal to get away with such disrespect for a man, my man who has just created major history in Barbados. Just as my finger is about to press the submit button so as to upstage AC and them, David writes that PM Stuart…my man of the century has just announced that a major player in the CLICO master con would be arrested and his assets frozen, all this to take place on or before nomination day.

Immediately someone writing under the moniker of Leroy writes “None of you people has no nollege about who I am. There is many more over night millionaires about here than me “. Onions and Miller are now in the do, telling the BU family that the handing over of these beautiful homes to poor people is by design an election gimmick. What madness are these two telling us? This is government for the people…Government buy the people, and the people luv the government, for all of these things are nothing new.

As I grapple with the thought of cussing out Miller and Onions for poo pooing my party’s housing solutions, I am listening to Brasstacks and cussing my man Dennis J, cause Rawle relentlessly pun Mitt Mascoll’s case and DJ keeps interrupting and then refuse to let me help David Ellis  as he choked on his own saliva while trying to answer the simple question of what happened to Kaymar?

The shrill of the alarm clock gives me that wake up jolt at three am on a snowy Saturday morning, an off day nonetheless, so now I am mad as hell. I shall now spend the rest of the day trying to divvy up my anger between the fact that through the fault of none other than myself I am wide awake at three in the morning, and the fact that the jolt brought me back to reality where some Bajans wait for their pay for work already done, while all wait for a date already known,since last year. All that’s left for me to say is that peaceful slumber breeds wishful thinking.


  • One thing about Leroy Parris, he had the kind of talent that ALL CEO’s should possess … he knew how to attract money to himself and by extension the company. To my mind Vic Fernands is still number one in that department though … and the funny thing is that it does not take any great amount of formal education …! Call the man green verbs or whatever. What ever it is that he has, the BTA, NCF, BIDC and Invest Barbados could use a dose of it.


  • Parris arrested and assets frozen? If that happens, I expect to see all the thieving lawyers and corrupt ministers imprisoned also, then i know a change will come.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ BAFBFP | January 28, 2013 at 3:11 AM |

    If there is any truth in what you say it should be viewed through the cloudy prism of the dirty game of business financing. When your analysis in distilled through that ‘blackened’ filter one must totally agree that Leroy ‘Greenverbs’ Parris is one of the smartest (if not the smartest) men ever born or lived in Barbados.

    Up to this day it still boggles the mind and befuddles the intellect how can a man with so little academic achievement or professional training from a simple cart road village in rural Barbados could have enticed so many so-called big brain Bajans into becoming suckers in one of the largest Ponzi schemes. A scheme masterminded and executed by two of the greatest con men the Caribbean ever produced to put even Madoff and Stanford to shame since both oft hem are serving life in prison and relieved of all their worldly ill-gotten gains. Not so with our two financial Jesse James and Al Capone all in one.
    Even the Carlo Ponzi himself- the Italian born godfather of the financial pyramid- must be rolling in his grave watching at how he had been outfoxed at his own game by a tricky Trinidadian and his smart ass Barbadian side kick.

    From “brilliant” lawyers, accountants and bankers to “experienced” business advisors and gurus to economists long in the tooth and sporty doctors have all been tricked into being the boardroom handmaidens of the financial devil and rubber stamping all the nasty work to insulate the masterminds from the arm of the law and to be well protected by the political party shield paid for by the same dirty money laundered from the scheme.



  • It only goes to show that all the degrees in the world does not make you crafty, cunning or greedy and wealthy.


  • Miller

    I need you to think carefully on the business model that represents banking the world over where peoples deposits are loan out to other people and the depositors are given the impression that their monies are still available in the case they have need of it; where the books would reflect that the money is still sitting in the bank and at the same time loan out to others; the fractional reserve shite that the Central Banks around the world encourage. If you have a beef with Mr Ponzi and Madoff you should have a beef with every retail banker and investment banker in the world as well


  • Well Well | January 28, 2013 at 9:27 AM |
    It only goes to show that all the degrees in the world does not make you crafty, cunning or greedy and wealthy.



  • GP

    You is a Bajan and a Doctor to boot … that qualifies you in at least three of the categories … choose any three … HA HA HA


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ BAFBFP | January 28, 2013 at 10:38 AM

    There is no difference between Western-style capitalist banking and Ponzi scheming. Except that bankers when they steal the naïve depositors’ money for personal enrichment and big living tend to getaway with it once they were used to financially back the “right” political party.
    Whereas Ponzi schemers tend to end up in jail to appease the masses for electoral purposes; unless, of course, you are dealing with those in the Caribbean where they are really treated like respected City bankers.


  • @miller
    “Up to this day it still boggles the mind and befuddles the intellect how can a man with so little academic achievement or professional training from a simple cart road village in rural Barbados could have enticed so many so-called big brain Bajans into becoming suckers in one of the largest Ponzi schemes”…………

    Judging from what Caswell said earlier that in his estimation, the man did not have the intellect to run a snow cone cart, you and I can safely assume who was the real mastermind behind this ponzi scheme and both of them got very wealthy.

    If LP was making $80,000 monthly, can you imagine how much the brains was making? No wonder he never practiced at his profession!


  • CLICO is a symptom of the age in which we live. The 7 directors who walked away with tidy sums of money are now being called to account… What is sad is that for individuals who are coming to do business in Barbados and have to be accosted with this sort of behaviour from captains of industry, lawyers (who are a law unto themselves) and dodgy politicians who allow these practices to be perpetrated in broad daylight – tarnishes the business landscape and leaves us all apprehensive about those who we are suppose to trust.


  • @Prodigal Son | January 27, 2013 at 9:10 PM |
    “As was his usual style, he was very sarcastic to Mia telling her he aint like her who was born with a gold spoon in her month in Sandy Lane., telling her he grew up poor in somewhere in St James. Even Richard Sealy had to correct DT and told him that Mia grew up with him in Strathclyde!”

    if u are speaking about the late DT, then that was just politics talking, both Mia and David attended the very same private primary school and were friends from then, so he was probably just speaking to please the crowd.


  • @ Miller..
    You have resorted to one of your favourite pastimes, cursing the Prime Minister, your superior in every conceivable way. We shall see how robust your stamina really is because, you know what, you are going to have to curse him FOR FIVE LONG YEARS. Good luck to you.


  • @Just Wondering

    Now that you have gotten that belly searcher out of the way, let us begin the journey of healing which is absolutely necessary after a bruising campaign. In fact it is necessary for a few more reasons.


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