The Tourism Business, A Labour of Love for Adrian – Part II

Adrian Loveridge - Owner of Peach & Quiet Hotel

Adrian Loveridge – Owner of Peach & Quiet Hotel

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about my introduction and what became almost a addiction to the tourism industry, and in this column I would like to continue with part two. After three years on the road with Globus Gatway, I felt that I had the confidence and knowledge to start my own tour operation. Of course it’s a lot more difficult than it initially sounds. Start small and grow was the plan. Using my savings, I purchased a Ford 12-seater minibus and began by driving and guiding my own long weekend tours to Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels and Brugge based from a small office in Britain’s most easterly inhabited island, called Mersea.

Among our first customers, was my now wife, who later joined the fledgling business and played a vital role in its growth. We soon outgrew the minibus and started chartering other firm’s coaches. We knew there was a market for travellers who wanted a high standard of transport from a convenient departure point, to stay in nice hotels, but at an affordable cost. It went far beyond price though, we wanted to get it right, without compromise.

Our groups stayed in beautiful hotels which included the Inter Continental and Schweitzerhof in Berlin, Admiral Copenhagen, Pultizer Amsterdam, Cayre, de Castiglione and Concorde Lafayette Paris, Royal Windsor, Brussels and Crowne Plaza Hamburg. Hotels that normally would charge room rates far above our meagre budget. But, when contracting accommodation, I soon learnt the first question you asked, was when do you want us? This was the secret.

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For instance, the Inter Continental in Cologne would be full with business people Monday to Thursday nights, but over the weekend, occupancy would plummet to less than 30 per cent. We soon discovered that if the holiday duration was right and the product quality high that many people would take three or four breaks a year. As egotistical as it may sound, we pioneered new standards in the industry at that time.

Ten years after I drove and escorted that first Paris long weekend, we celebrated by inviting as many clients as possible for a special anniversary day on the 26th March 1986. 26 coaches transported over 1,300 people across the English Channel on one of the ferry operator Townsend Thoresen’s newest ships, which was renamed ‘Spirit of Incentive’ for the day, in honour of our company’s business achievement during the previous decade. As far as I am aware, it still remains a record number carried by a ferry at one time for a single travel organisation.

Growth was mostly achieved by word of mouth, our customers became our marketing ambassadors and introduced their friends and family. However, again, we introduced some unique marketing concepts. One of which I am especially proud, was persuading a web offset printer to, for the very first time, produce a 16 page full colour brochure for less than BDS$0.15 cents each.

At that time the largest circulation free newspaper, the Yellow Advertiser, was based in our area, distributing 750,000 copies weekly. It was a rather drab grey publication, so a colourful insert falling out when opened, grabbed attention. It was, when I look back, an enormous financial gamble. A spend of UK36,000 (almost BDS$120,000) in one single shot. We needed a 2 per cent holiday booking response to justify the expense. By the end of the first week, it had already surpassed 5 per cent.

There was no going back, or so it seemed then.

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  1. how wonderful for you. try cutting some cane and living in a shack without a fan.
    please we realize you are a star in your own mind.
    can you go to hell back to whence you came .as barbados is not England.
    and your rich way of life does not allow you to see what barbados is really like from the stand point of a poor person making a under the poverty line income.
    hurray for Adrian he is a self made man and will not shut his annoying trap.
    please give us a pompous English self righteous person.
    enough already….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • Thanks for sharing some of your bio Adrian, it helps others to put your views in perspective as well as to understand your passion for the industry.

  2. Congrats Adrian,
    As they say, when we are all lying in the gutter some of us can see stars.

    A really great example is Ryanair, starting out with one truck hauling between Ireland and England and grew that business with distinction for quite a number of years before surprisingly going into the airline business offering something different and is a great success.

    That’s what I call thinking out of the box – success was less than assured when you looked at the fate of Laker Airways. The blinkered vision of the donkey would have said it was impossible.

  3. Sounds like another Harry has suddenly appeared…Barbadostripadvisor please take a trip to another country. We won’t miss your racist and unintelligent spoutings.

  4. opportunity +hardwork+achievement +sucess. that kind of recipe when combined gives the necessary result for success it doesn’t mean however that all is lost without those ingredients. however it makes it harder for the working poor to achieve the same level of success as told in the article by adrian. .

  5. Thank you for your encouraging comments. Please don’t think we were all born with a silver spoon in our mouths. My father abandonded his three children when I was seven years old and it was left to my working mother to bring us up. My oldest brother WON a scholarship to Brentwood School and went onto University to become a doctor (for forty years). I spent nearly four years in hospital and started working when I was 12 to support myself and family. I have never thought of myself personally as successful, as I learnt very early in life, that it is a collective thing where you need to be with people that think like you and support the objectives.
    Any ‘success’ that we have achieved over our last 25 years on Barbados has been a result on the many people that have supported and worked with us.
    The idea to share my experiences is not to brag, but show that a poor working boy with very limited formal education can achieve something with hard work, passion and a great deal of luck.

    • I am in absolute agreement Adrian, it’s not where you come from, it’s where you are heading. I often encounter amongst Barbadians the thought that what you were at a young age has frozen you into a pattern of thinking and action from where there is no escape and that naturally you are limited forever.

      When I was 16 and some youngsters were 3 years old, the same content and level of conversation I had with their grandfathers and great grandfathers I find them limited to at 60+, as though they are their forebears set in formaldehyde.

      I have told the story here before of the lad from Christ Church who ran away from elementary school at age 12 rather than submit to a flogging from the headmaster.
      He sold slips to people for their rabbits and goats, came to England as a bus conductor on London Transport, went into nursing and has been an accomplished surgeon in Boston USA for decades.

      One step at a time, one goal after another and I am quite sure at 12 or 20 he couldn’t have foretold or hoped for such a level of success.
      I think it was more likely that he started wondering if he could make bus conductor and kept wondering has he went, not just wondering but trying.

  6. My wife told me a friend of hers brought the first hotdog cart to Barbados and within a year there was one on every corner.She told me as soon as a Bajan sees something that looks like it will do well everybody gets into it because it is easier coping an idea than having one of your own.Getting any business up and running is a feat, even more so when you have to stay one step ahead of the copiers nipping at your heals.
    tripadvisor you forgot white .
    Of course no-one on this page knows real poor because you need a computer A LUXURY and free time to send your letters in.Maybe your parents were not well off but I think your doing okay.

  7. What the copiers don’t take into consideration is the population size, when everyone sells the same thing, sooner or later sales will drop. No one ever considers expanding outside the island while thinking outside the box. We can also say the same for the hotel industry, too late they thought about staycations and courting the Caribbean born tourists.

  8. When I first read trip advisors comment I thought it possiby could be (not knowing him) Mr Loveridge.s wife . Now I realize this is one of those negative poor me people that attempt to drag down everyone around them under the guise of wanting betterment for the underprivledged.Sell your computer give the money to someone who needs it Go and say three hail mary,s at the Bussa statue on the roundabout and when the Advocate gets a picture of you praying you can tell them your life story so all of Barbados what a wonderful person you are

  9. Sid Boyce, bear in mind it’s a mentality set in stone with a very narrow mindset, not to mention tunnel vision, passed on from generation to generation. There is a reason the larger countries got rid of that mind numbing 11 plus that some in the Caribbean are clinging to for dear life. It does not give the new generation a fighting chance, it keeps the class system and which school you been too mired in the cesspool of my schoo better than yours. It’s shameful to see at age 60 in bim someone will still as you which school you went to, in typical idiot style.

    • Well Well – I think you’ve got it right and I probably owe and apology to donkeys by suggesting theirs is true tunnel vision.

      Something I didn’t make clear when I say Barbadians, I’m not speaking only of those resident on Bim, they are everywhere. I am often contacted by one guy here in England who thinks that the secondary school he went to was the pinnacle of achievement and that whatever happened in later life did not matter or consequent. He never speaks of himself these days as the Rev. xyz, having gained some fly-by-night religious college qualification and left their church.

      Even here, lawson is typical of the mindset. He assumes Adrian is trying to talk down rather than demonstrating what positive thought and attitudes can attain.

      To expand on what I said earlier, when we are all lying in the gutter, some of us can see stars, others can see no further than their luckless plight.

  10. @ David
    Can it be the function of BU to be a mouthpiece for Loveridge and his ilk – TWO WEEKS IN A ROW? These tails of his life mundane existence are properly located elsewhere. We can think about scores of people in Barbados and the wider Caribbean who are more deserving of personal historiograhies. Why are you elevating trash as a standard for BU readers?

  11. @Pacha

    Yours is a subject view and unkind to boot. Adrian is an advocate for any just cause in the interest of Barbados. An inspirational story can come from anywhere, feel free to submit yours.

  12. @ David
    We are not in the business of being ‘kind’. It is that attitude that encourages people like Loveridge to come to Barbados and use white privilege to advantage themselves. That you are convinced ‘his story’ is inspirational speaks to a slavish mentally. If you would recall when the so-called first installment was posted last week most commentators were critical of Loveridge but once white people are involved black lackeys loose all comceptions of history even as recent as a week ago. If BU is to be serious it has to deal with serious issues not pander to white trash.

  13. “Why are you elevating trash as a standard for BU readers?”

    Pachamama…..NO ONE is FORCING you to read this! You don’t even know the difference between your rear end and a story! SMH You are extremely boorish.

  14. Sid Boyce, unfortunately that is the mindset that exists and continues to be encouraged ad nauseum, you should hear some of the real idiots who think their school is superior to all other schools on the island, that would really freak you out. A lot of the politicians don’t realize that is the reason they are intellectually stunted and can’t think positively enough to consider helping island out of that escalating mess, can’t think past the schools they attended. It’s is a crying shame and one of the reasons Bim is now a laughing stock with other islanders thinking something is wrong there.

  15. @ David

    We have no interest in pandering to the feeling of white people. We consider that black people nowhere can be racist. To us racism has a particular and technical meaning. Black people everywhere lack the power to institute racism anywhere. ONLY WHITE PEOPLE COULD BE RACIST, as defined here, and have been racist. That we buy into this misnomer of reverse racism when those who have benefited from racism and continue to benefit from racism to this day in circumstances where there has never been an attempt to repair 500 years of slavery, colonialism and hegemony, by the very white people who would like to now argue if we tell them about their past behaviour OR THEIR CONTINUING racist behaviour, for this we are now to accept that we are the racist. This is unacceptable.

  16. And to make matters even worse, some of those so called good, better best schools were completely RACIST, blacks could not enter their doors unless they were cleaning the grounds, but these jackasses who attended these schools because of their parent’s and grandparents perseverance as canecutters, maids, etc, now consider their baboon like behavior superior to those who go to the newer secondary schools. IS SOMETHING NOT WRONG HERE??

  17. @ David

    On a practical matter. Why should Loveridge and his clique be lionized why they were the chief beneficiaries of the sugar industry. After years of free labour and goverment grants, that industry is on death’s bed. The same thing has happened in the tourism industry. White people take all the benefits and black working people are left with the debt. These people have presided over an economy that has known nothing but failure for 400 years. And we are to elevante them. The last ‘major’ sector could have been manufacturing but white capital has never had any real interest. As a result there has never been similar state support. David, if BU is to be developmental these are the issues that must concern us. We can’t accept Loveridge as any paragon of virtue. We have elsewhere suggested that he does not have the intellectual muscle to present a vision for the development of Barbados. That you are so recalcitrant in the opposite view suggest that we (including BU) are not making any progress and are merely wasting time here.

  18. Pachamama- If i may, right now white people in Bim ARE ALLOWED to reap all the benefits, this is 2013. People only do and get away with what you ALLOW. Most Black people in Bim do not want to see an end to their own exploitation and for very selfish reasons like not wanting to see each other with wealth or positive progress. We will have to stop blaming whites at some point. We are educated with technology right at our fingertips.

  19. And a I have been saying for a couple weeks now, why should we listen to anyone or anything coming out of Europe?? Who so suddenly have our welfare and those of our children and grandchildren at heart, who suddenly cares so much about what happens to their piggy bank in the Caribbean?????

  20. RE Well Well | January 14, 2013 at 10:59 AM |
    And a I have been saying for a couple weeks now, why should we listen to anyone or anything coming out of Europe??



  21. @ Well Well
    We have been taking notice of your ‘well’ articulated contributions. But David cannot be on the one hand have intelligent people like you, my friend BAF and others. And on the next hand encourage the trivial participation of the likes of Loveridge because he wants to avoid the the race baiters in Barbados. Most of whom are the so-called decent black people whose perpetual fear is losing their positions at the white man’s table. We also have to be guarded against lackeys like Hilary Beckles and Leroy Trotman. These are the people who follow the tradition in Barbados of pretending to care about black issues but as soon as white people give them some crumbs they sell us out. We have called for a treatment not disimilar to France 1780 where the guillotine was flying with a certain regularity.

    • Hi Well Well,
      Never try arguing with fools, they’ll only drag you down to their level.
      Just leave alone and let them think they have won.

      There are many many more fools born every second than are dying, their numbers are escalating so they are the majority everywhere on this planet.

  22. Sid Boyce
    You are so far off the mark it isnt funny I have nothing but respect for any man who works hard whether he achieves success or not. Either you do not understand what I have said or I have not explained it well. Trust me I am not typical of any mindset

  23. I fear there will always be those who cannot let go the chains that bound us for centuries, though they are quite invisible, most people can’t let go because of mental weakness. Some are trying to show the atrocities still exist, but sometimes it is very difficult to express those feelings when you get emotional. We have to now condition the minds of our very young to overcome these weaknesses and be mentally strong to deal with the continued exploitations that our own people refuse to stop enabling.

  24. We can also use our own initiatives to build so many businesses and engage ourselves in the tourism sector in a positive and wholesome way, that given the size of the island, there will be no need for anyone from england to come with their peals of wisdom, there would be no room. How many do you see taking their pearls of wisdom to Trinidad??

  25. Georgie Porgie, I can show you a MILLION NEGATIVE things about the USA, I can also show you a MILLION POSITIVE things about the USA. People tend to only copy the negative, it is all a matter of choice. Our politicians never copy the positive laws and programs that would uplift people in the Caribbean, for some reason they continue to COPY only the antiquated laws and negative attitudes that continue to keep their people in poverty and successfully stunts progress. All the large countries have positives and negatives, IT IS A MATTER OF WHAT YOU PREFER TO CHOOSE.

  26. And to make matters worse, these same politicians KNOW of the positives, their relatives live in these countries, some of them own homes and businesses in these countries, yet they continue to practice keeping the Caribbean in the 16-18th centuries, some of them have children and grandchildren born in these countries. What does that tell us??

  27. Pacha

    You and me is friends … but I gotta tell you this bro, If I were White and found myself in the position of Adrian, with the abilities and drive that he possessed, I would try to do the same damned thing as well, and the only color that I would recognize is that of the notes that was receiving for services rendered so that I would know how much change to make.

    Now again, if I were White and came to Barbados with its history of being excessively accommodating to my kind, even at the expense of the locals, I would make a mental note of it, do the best I could by them (through employment as so on) and take care not to infuriate the powers that be less I be kicked to hell out.

    Business people see opportunities, even if it means exploiting peoples and situations, and the most that you should expect from them is that they be fair and honest in their dealings.

  28. “Business people see opportunities, even if it means exploiting peoples and situations, and the most that you should expect from them is that they be fair and honest in their dealings.”

    BAFFY… right and anyone who think other than that will never be a businessman.

    Those of you who are just downright racist, many of you don’t even own a pot to piss in nor have the capability of managing a dog house. So shut up and listen to Adrian, maybe, just maybe you may learn a thing or two.

  29. IslandGirl, I gotta tell you, there are many, many black business people out there, much better than Adrian, not saying he is not entitled to contribute, but some of us don’t have to listen. Again, a lot of business people have left Bim, because the mindset there is still we don’t know anything or cannot achieve anything unless and until it comes out of the mouth of a white person. I have a very successful business in North America and did not need someone white to tell me how to start or continue it’s success. Maybe there are still people in bim who need is advice. More power to them.

  30. Well Well
    If business men are leaving it must be they are not making money or what they are making is not worth the headache.But like trees in the forest when one is cut down or dies there is always another to fill the void.At home I always marvel at the people who protest on parliament hill saying there is trouble in my country or a disaster and we should send troops or money to help them. I think why are they yelling and protesting here why did they not stay or go back and help their people, but it is easy to be critical from the comfort of home. So I see Mr. Loverage building a business in Barbados and yourself taking your energy and expertice to a new venue and succeededing in a white country The stories sound very similar But who is more committed to the people of Barbados?

  31. Question is Lawson, how committed are the people in Barbados to themselves and each other, or are they still selling each other out to the whites and who so ever will, for a song.

  32. Am sure you have not asked Adrian his allegiance, so don’t be questioning mine. He might simply feel he has to give back in the form of advice since managing to succeed in Barbados without much hindrance. I will probably feel the same way about where I am when I am ready to retire. It’s business lawson, BUSINESS.

  33. I did try business in Bim, only to learn that BLACK PEOPLE ARE THEIR OWN WORST ENEMY. When they stop acting like CRABS, then they are those of us who will be more than willing to return.

  34. Pachamama | January 14, 2013 at 9:33 AM |
    @ David
    Can it be the function of BU to be a mouthpiece for Loveridge and his ilk – TWO WEEKS IN A ROW?
    Some years ago I attended a forum,an association of which I was a member. A certain gentleman turned up to offer his expertise ,and was given short shrift by the Bajans who thought that they knew it all,and had nothing to learn from this “loveridge ilk” man. If only that man was given a hearing that organisation, and its members ,would have sprung forward by leaps and bounds. As it stands it is now catching its royal arse and seen by all as a waste of time.
    That man was featured in yesterdays Sunday Sun, albeit his obituary. May you Rest in Peace., Major- General John Graham

  35. Well Well | January 14, 2013 at 5:19 PM |
    I did try business in Bim, only to learn that BLACK PEOPLE ARE THEIR OWN WORST ENEMY. When they stop acting like CRABS, then they are those of us who will be more than willing to return.
    I like to repeatedly tell the story of two shops located at Eastmond Corner, by the traffic lights at the junction of Bank Hall-Bridge Road-Station Hill . Over the years many many Barbadian took over these shops and in a short while had to give them up due to a lack of support from the community.
    Along came a man from the east, and I am not speaking of St Philip or St John , took over one of the shops , and was forced to erect wrought iron security bars at the doors and windows, as he was making so much money, he became scared of being robbed. No prizes for guessing who made up the bulk of his customers.

  36. well well I dont have to ask his allegiance he is making a go of it there employing people paying taxes etc your not .Black people are like crabs, and selling themselves and each other to whites. Whites are buying black people at a discount is that your arguement .

  37. Well Well | January 14, 2013 at 10:59 AM |
    And a I have been saying for a couple weeks now, why should we listen to anyone or anything coming out of Europe?? …………………………………………………………………………
    This has been done and has gone a step further to the extent that our very own people coming back from the UK especially ,are treated as outcast, and very few people , including the politicians would give them the time of the day. We even refer to them as Returning Nationals,and many years ago when the Defence Force was being set up, and the government of the day, brought back the very experienced ex Brit Army soldiers, they were referred to as Cadavers. Good going, we have succeeded in shooting ourselves in the feet

  38. Lawson, you are totally missing the point. Am doing it somewhere else, if you used your brain you would have figured out that it was not easy for Adrian to do what he did in Barbados in his native England, it was easier for him in Barbados, easier for me where I am. DUUUUUUUH!!!!

  39. Adrian could have easily employed people and paid taxes in England, but did he???? and sure in never entered your mind.

  40. Lawson is totally clueless, I will not let anyone tell me where to set up business or that i should isolate myself to Barbados, as a matter of fact I intend to expand to Europe, so there!!! Who are you to tell me I should live my life as an unhappy person in Barbados?? Why don’t YOU go and set up business there now in the present environment. I am also going to expand my business into Trinidad, only an idiot would suggest Bim as a business investment.

  41. I think I understand it is easier for a white man to suceed with a black govt making the rules than a white govt making the rules but it is easier for a black man to suceed with a white govt making the rules than a black man to suceed with a black govt making the rules

  42. See Lawson, more often than not, we are not readily accepted by our own and it goes both ways, whites find it easier to survive among blacks.

  43. What do you mean by you people??
    Sometimes your own may not except you not for being too smart, not for being too successful not for being too energetic sometimes its just because your a prick

  44. Well Well please take a break you are crowding this blog with your multiple postings. You can’t seem to be able to say anything in a paragraph or two in one post. It is not very easy to read your multiple postings. Please take a break from the computer. Go and have a shower and some supper. Please take a break you are becoming very boring and very annoying.

  45. Well Well | January 14, 2013 at 8:41 AM
    Just make sure you use foreign attorneys and foreign tribunals to burn down that scam in Barbados being pushed by the lawyers and their ilk. Way too many people both local, bajans living abroad and foreign continue to be legally injured by these bunch of hoods.

    Well Well | January 14, 2013 at 5:19 PM
    I did try business in Bim, only to learn that BLACK PEOPLE ARE THEIR OWN WORST ENEMY. When they stop acting like CRABS, then they are those of us who will be more than willing to return.

    I rest my case.

  46. All I can say is lawd help some Barbadians…the ones with the miopic vision…truly!

    Must say I really really love those who downcry any person who comes to this island, works hard and makes a dollar when they up north doing de same ting…ha ha haaaaa!! Someting really wrong with us yes….I guess happiness is….

    Ah well…as per nusual everything gotta turn into some racist hyperbole that doan even mekk sense. Island Girl you got it right girl..mussee someting ’bout we women….we good…we see….and we will receive ’nuff cuffs for saying so.

    Adrian…I said this before and I will say it again…every colour on this earth got a story…every colour on this earth moving from one land to another…some mekk it some don’t…some grow mind-wise, others don’t…dem just stay as stuped as they evah were…so you just continue unbaffled…nothing has changed ’bout hey in the last 50 years and I wonder if it evah will…that is why we losing our visitors (yes we have put ourselves into a position of needing them and needing them bad although you would not believe it), we losing our money too…so much yabber yabber about nutting forgetting the most important part – informing yourself is your greatest power…it is your right and duty…and the only way to do this is to listen… and learn… people from all walks of life, from all colours and creeds have positive things to say that will elevate and keep us all happy….ooops! did I say listen and learn? Why when we can go away to the north, spout crap, or stay here and copy others ’till we saturated, turn ’round an’ spew racism and still feel we is God’s country and that we know it all!! Sad days in paradise.

  47. Can’t we do better than this?. I was a bit embarrassed ,looking at these visitors pick their way through an unkempt area to view an unkempt piece of equipment that is vital to the heritage aspect of Bridgetown. We really do not have a clue. Why don’t we hand the screw dock and the surrounding area to the Defence Force and let them overhaul the area and the screw dock as they have so ably done with the National Armoury at St Anns Fort, which was recently highlighted on the CBC programme, “Our Heritage”

  48. Lawson my boy
    i say what i mean and i mean what i say.
    if you dont like it tough for you.
    white people were slaves long before blacks .
    there fore your case for that is ridiculous.
    i know what i know and apparently you are a ass kisser.
    i am not.
    HERE IS A PERFECT EXAMPLE………..!!!!!!!!!!

  49. barbadostripadvisor | January 15, 2013 at 10:40 PM |
    HERE IS A PERFECT EXAMPLE………..!!!!!!!!!!
    A British colleague and friend once said to me. ” There are some good black people and there are some stinking black people. ” But he did not stop there ,he went on to say that , ” and equally there are some good white people and there are some stinking white people.”

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