Having The Right “PEOPLE, PROCESSES, AND TECHNOLOGY” Is Vital To Solving Many National Challenges In Barbados

Submitted by James Bynoe, Senior ICT Consultant
Image Credit - KernanConsulting.com

Image Credit – KernanConsulting

Many challenges we face in Barbados can be addressed by an effective combination of the RIGHT, PEOPLE, PROCESSES AND TECHNOLOGY.

Barbados has developed a superior talent for turning common sense things into white papers and reports which contain little or no meaningful actions, plans, timelines or specifics to the subject at hand from a business “execution” perspective. The recently released Ministry of Tourism White Paper is unfortunately a 260+ page perfect example of this.  While as a white paper it would surely get an “A+” from the halls of academia and highly paid consultants, from a real world business “execution and planning” perspective it would receive at the most a C- in my opinion.

From an ICT perspective there is a global understanding that problems and challenges are solved most effectively by combining the “right” PEOPLE, PROCESSES AND TECHNOLOGY, as such:

  • Step (1) :  You MUST have “the right people” in the “right jobs or roles”
  • Step (2) :  With the right people you can then develop “the right business processes to solve the challenge”
  • Step (3) :  With steps (1) and (2) firmly and completely  in place then “select, utilize and optimize the right cost effective technology to reach the stated goal”

The PEOPLE, PROCESSES AND TECHNOLOGY approach and, methodology has been proven successful by large and small ICT and non-ICT organizations worldwide.  The order of the PEOPLE, PROCESSES AND TECHNOLOGY methodology  also has major significance as whenever these steps are executed “out of sequence” adverse impacts in reaching desired goals and objectives are guaranteed as “time” is often lost which means “money” is lost (time is money).

We simply need to get Step (1) right in Barbados on many major national challenges and objectives.

27 thoughts on “Having The Right “PEOPLE, PROCESSES, AND TECHNOLOGY” Is Vital To Solving Many National Challenges In Barbados

  1. Lemme help you out. The majority of the people that contribute this blog are current or past academics. This is not the type of subject that they will be prepared to explore, but I personally am glad that you raised it. This so because subject exposes the core wrong in propping up the product of an irrelevant educational sytsem. Maxene from the time she was made a minister, has been finding ways to employ graduates who were her students and that basically meant the spending of tax payers dollars (and FX) to promote campaigns that lacked a national agenda. I probably would not be so harsh on “prescriptive” documents, but this policy white paper bullshit deserves as much contempt/scorn as it can attract …

    • @Baffy

      We know that implementing performance appraisal systems in the public service is not happening. We have such in the private sector BUT we still have a long way to go towards institutionalizing meritocracy.

    • @Baf

      How is Maxine able to employ people? According to Caswell Minister’s don’t have the authority to do such in the public service.

  2. They are very good at putting words together that seem at a glance as a statement of intention.
    After that they stall because there isn’t the infrastructure either in place, being developed or even planned.

    Some years back they hired a Barbadian lady with a distinguished international career to turn Barbados into a First World economy by 2025 – Nothing further heard and presumably nothing actionable to date.

    Then a few years back there was a meeting in Grenada where they were discussing Development in Small Island States with an “in depth” look particularly at Ireland and Singapore – No feedback, no tangible plans formulated either – unless it’s a State Secret.

    Always seem to be missing are targets, timelines, progress reports etc. that are needed to bring a project to fruition.

  3. Chances are they are an off shoot of Strategic Interventions Inc., Maxene’s business interest. Maxene does NOT have to find work for her people in the public service she just has to give them “commissions” …

  4. Some a’ wunna pun this site perty slow so le’ me elaborate a little bit. Political Parties make money by promising contracts if given the opportunity to make such decisions. A ‘commission’ is just another term for contract …. a’ight.

  5. Wasn’t there meant to be some quantitative analysis built into the social partnership by now? How can we take this protocol to the next level? How can we get the Public Service to champion meritocracy buy blunting the parasitic politician? What about the Unions?

  6. @david 7:58
    Been trying to figure out too. Searches come up “blank”
    Go figure.

    Unfortunately our current processes (tinged by politics and personality) always ensure that the wrong people are placed in prime positions. To make things worse these wrong persons as well as the average policy maker has zero clue or appreciiation for the role technology can play…particularly in a recession like this. We’re comfortable just riding the small wave rather than attacking the tubes on the big ones.


  7. @Observing

    I unfortunately totally agree.

    To expand a bit on your wave metaphor … ” the small waves are also rapidly disappearing and soon “we will have to ride the big ones to survive” ….

  8. @james
    By that time we’ll have to beg for space on the big ones. The persons with “sense” have already prepared themselves to ride them selfishly and shut out others who were too “narrow minded” to suit up and get ready to surf….like us.

    Bushie put it well on another thread….we should be preparing for what comes after not struggling to fix “what is.”.

    “What is” is already broken, else we wouldn’t have had a recession in the first place.

    We also need some techies in the decision making corridors. Imagine in the 21st century with the information (and interconnectivity) age, internet and social media abound, cloud computing, streamlined devices, breakthroughs in application and security options…yet probably only 5% (maybe) of the people that make critical policy across our government and public sector understand the power, potential, reach, advantages and leverage of technology.

    That’s like telling David step aside and letting my grandfather, great-uncle and recently emigrated niece from Antartica run Barbados Underground for a while.

    Anyways…..keep posting and hoping!!! 🙂


  9. On the subject of techies operating in the corridors of decision making. Bear in mind it is known the several PSs have been blocking the government’s ICT initiative. This is 2012 by the way.

  10. Back to the laziness and laid back attitude. When you create paperwork that is deemed brilliant there must be followup. It all turns into lip service and inactivity in the West Indies> Only talk to make everything look good, it is time people learn that this dereliction of duty will not last forever, nothing does. The paper pushers in Bim are not the only one guilty of this, as long as they collect a monthly salary it will not change.

  11. @David (BU)

    To answer your challenge on championing meritocracy I would wish to offer a tours down memory lane to Caribbean Arithmetic Book 1

    A man can build two blocks in an hour (or in the case where that man is a bajan permanent secretary – a block a day). How many blocks will he build after four hours?

    It is very simple to measure any and all output and even where one will understand that the “raw materials” for a given job do not arrive on time etc, one can easily assign a performance value to a given employee and post using some QC standards, arrive at the basis of this meritocracy equation for government. One which is devoid of the usual suck-bots*eism that abounds across the public service

    • @Piece uh de rock yeah right!!

      Agreed that it is easy to measure any kind of output but is this the issue here? The gatekeepers of the system like it so and we all know why!

  12. I agree with the contributor. We think that education as we have it now will solve our problems; last time I checked is was not doing that. We lack the humble attitude that will lead to openness and the acceptance of ideas from lesser persons. I listened yesterday to Wickham going on about hiring all academia and thought to myself now I see why we are in this mess. We need great ideas where ever they come from and not the myopic stuff we have been getting for some time. The myopic thinking that lead to Kensington Oval renovation based on a false legacy concept because we excluded other thinking and ideas.

    • BU understands the primary consultant for the White Paper was Dr Kerry Hall. Some should remember that she serves on the BTA Board and she is married to DLP St Michael North candidate and QEH Board Chairman Francis Depeiza. Senator Verla Depeiza, the sister of Francis would have spoken glowingly of the White Paper. To further understand the incestuous nature of how things are done in Barbados, here is the pedigree: she is also the daughter of Sir Wesley Hall a former DLP Tourism and Sports Minister in the DLP Sandiford Administration. We shall stop there for the moment. Perhaps Adrian can shed some more light.

  13. Kerry is a PhD in Tourism Development, arguably the best choice as an advice giver, irrespective of her connections, but again, a document such as this will find its way to a shelf and be covered with dust before long. I did not even look at it. Why should I …? Its just another excuse to put l’il tax payer’s money in someone’s pocket, and seeing that it is Kerry, I suppose that is awright then…

  14. It has now been determined that 21 December 2012 will not be the end of the world as we know it, there was a transposition error made in the date. The corrected information is that the date that is earmarked for the ending of the world as we know it is 21 December 2021 …

    (By that time a lotta wunna gun to be in Arizona so why should wunna care … HA HA HA … HA HA HA … Only Kiki, David, Cas and yours truly gun be lef’ …)

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