Corey’s God!

Submitted by Charles Knighton

Corey Worrell

Evidently, Mr. Corey Worrell’s God chooses favorites – So ungrateful November 22nd Nation newspaper. His God has provided him Kenneth Cole and Puma footwear while Ugandan children remain shoeless. His God made certain Mr. Worrell received an education and school meals while Haitian children remain bereft of both. And we all remember how Mr. Worrell’s God spared his favored Barbados the wrath of hurricane Ivan while evidently looking the other way as Grenada was devastated.

To me, the continuing adoration for such a capriciously fickle deity is utterly astounding.

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  1. Hi Charles,
    It reminds me of a recent conversation I had with one lady who says she knows there is a god as he has helped her through many problems, upon which I asked her “So it’s people like you who keep him so busy solving your little problems that he has no time to solve big issues such as mass murder in Darfur and so many other places on earth?” – Nil response to that.
    I asked others what god they would be praising if the slavers were Arab as in parts of Nigeria.

    I was under 5 years old when I asked what seemed a reasonable question- “Granny, you know god made us, who made god?”. I was taken aback by the answer that such questions were sinful. After a pause I asked why questions like that were sinful only to be told they were sinful.
    I was puzzled as to why I should have a brain and not use it.
    I started then to watch and listen to the discourse amongst people and came to the conclusion that it was all hand me down kibosh.
    In 2002 at a cousin’s funeral I showed another relative the exact spot where in 1947 after we were marched into church and after being let out I swore never to have anything to do with religion.
    At a young age the rituals we performed, at elementary school – “Some people have appetite and no food, others have food and no appetite but thank the lord we have both” then some kids were off to return after lunch which was air pie or at most a drink of weak sweet water.

    When I’m asked to participate in “grace” I tell them that I don’t mind admitting I don’t feel guilty of “pigging out” but I think I would be adding insult to injury by implying that starving people are less deserving and we have been singled out for special favours for which we have to give special thanks that we are not the unworthy starving.

    Some of us have brains to think independently, many have brains that can only regurgitate what is fed in.

  2. @Knight
    I have never read Worrell’s articles.The nation newspaper should discontinue that column for sure.
    While your contribution is reasonable,I have come to accept that there are so many things which humans do not comprehend and have no answer for but can only admire,that one can conclude that there is indeed a great architect of the universe.Human suffering is a human failing brought about by greed and self interest but it is an element of humanity however you look at it.I cannot understand how the hebrews can determine they are the chosen ones and that they must have another’s property.My self interest informs me that my family is the chosen one so if that gives rise to an anti semitic view or feeling and a man says that’s against THE LAW,that same man would imprison and starve me and my family for as long as we live.Similarly,it would give rise to the anti european feeling exhibited by mugabe and the anc cabal.After all,the english landed at the ‘hole’in buhbaydus,found the island inhabited by native indians,but proceeded to drive a stake in the soil,put a flag on it and declare’Dis is wewun’ from now on.And so their story was repeated throughout the world and they brought their nasty theiving,conniving habits,their diseases,their greed and who cannot agree they lived happily ever after.Ask jordan the millionaire.Power came out the muzzle of a gun for sure,now its drones.

  3. Dear Sid: Give Corey a break. And your grandmother was ignorant, so give her a break too.

    The correct answer is that God was not made, if he was made then he would not be God. He would just be another made being like you and me and Corey.

  4. “The correct answer is that God was not made, if he was made then he would not be God. He would just be another made being like you and me and Corey.” ??????

    That would never satisfy a child much less an adult! In other words God dropped outta de sky Nuh? Like Mary and her invisible lover?

  5. @ Islandgal
    Now we start this morning good enough…..don’t let we end the evening bad…..!!
    Can’t you figure out that the great missing link (as Mr Tackle so well puts it) is our limited ability to comprehend the complexity of the realities with which we are surrounded?

    To use one of Chris Halsall’s warped explanations….
    If Bushie says that 1+1=10, 3+1=10 and 7+1=10, there are some who would dismiss the bushman as a mathematically idiot and move on with their comfortable lives where 9+1=10.

    It is not such person’s fault that they are unfamiliar with number systems other than at base 10, BUT AT THE SAME TIME, their ignorance does not in ANY WAY remove the reality that in certain circumstances, 3+1=10.

    In normal people’s words (sorry CH 🙂 ) just because you don’t UNDERSTAND a concept does NOT negate that concept. What you may wish to do is conduct some research and life-long study so as to become knowledgable……or, of course, you can simply ask the Bushman 🙂

    The fact is that Simple Simon is RIGHT in the answer given, and your lack of satisfaction is really quite a minor issue (one with which Bushie would be happy to deal….)


  6. Bushie many have made a man named Jesus a God and many will kill rather than believe differently. You believe what you want to and I will continue to believe in the here and now and not in an invisible man in the sky.

  7. Cory should pay heed to a story coming out of an Anglican church . Just before the start of a funeral service, while the corpse was lying in state at end of the church, a woman kept walking around the coffin,as if she was searching for something. After the priest enquired what was it she was looking for , she replied, ” the land and other property that he used to brag and fight about, I thought that he was taking it with him.”
    And I ‘ve heard many a Caribbean person remarked that one of the things that they cannot stand us Bajans for, is how we like to brag too much about what we have.

  8. a figment of one’s imagination be it tangible or intangible when fed would deveop and manifest itself as real as what one wants it to be ,if one look at a stone and believes it is a serpent using the concept of faith and belief over a prolonged period of time that which seems to be a stone would become a reality to the mind of the individual as a serpent. the driving force behind this concept is belief and what church;s teaches as theory and unseen “FAITH” and it works” remember a glass half filled can be seen as a glass fill if one belive it to be so,which brings me to the thinking that god is a figment of one’s imagination rooted in faith and captured in the minds eye with a strong desire and a willgness to believe

  9. 1 Corinthians 1:18
    For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of GOD.

    1 Corinthians 1:27
    But GOD hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and GOD hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty

  10. so my imagination of god “not being male or female “is simply GOOD ! nothing more or nothing else does not need FAITH or a strong desire on my part to envision real or unreal! seen or unseen! but just a willingness or a strong desire to do that which is right and proper to do. very simple even at times very hard.

  11. @ ac
    …..stick to dealing with politics and Miller

    @ bk
    “But GOD hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise;….”
    Stop telling out Bushie’s secrets… 🙁

    @ Islandgal
    You KNOW full well that you are being simplistic too… is your rebellious nature (can’t stand the thought of a male in charge 🙂 )
    …but common sense tells you that the beautiful, complex, delicate, interconnected, harmonious, enduring things all around you – which you came along and found, HAD TO BE CONCEIVED by some kind of INTELLIGENCE that is far superior to anything that mankind has been able to produce (LOL, not even Bushie in that category 🙂 )

    …the TRUTH is, it takes MORE faith to dismiss such evidence than it does to accept that some kind of BIG BOSS ENGINEERS exists, who were not made as we were, and who would have engineered the whole concept call life on earth.

  12. bushie are you saying that when the bible states that GOD is “GOOD” that it is wrong in theory something that i have agreed to by way of living except that people would like to put a face on “GOD” when the bible also clearly states ‘ NO graven image should be attached to GOD. neither male or female. animal or human. so infact if one should do so it would be insulting and inferior to the laws of GOD even if it was attached to heaven or earth aren’t you being a hypocrite in trying to define god as a person or thing

  13. Dear Sid:

    Your grandmother was wrong. Questioning the existence of God is NOT a sin. There are a lot of things that our grandmothers did not know because of the oppressive circumstances in which they lived. Those oppressive circumstances had nothing to do with God, they had to do with the human greed and wickedness, and human willingness to oppress and exploit others. The same in Haiti today. I never asked my grandmother but I am sure that my grandmother did not know either how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. And in my family we still do not concern ourselves with such theological trifles. But my grandmother knew to love and lift up her children and her children’s children. She knew to love her neighbours and to work co-operatively with them that even while she worked in an oppressive system she struggled to find better opportunities for her children and her childrens’s children.

    Your grandmother like mine probably finished her formal schooling at age 10, and like my grandmother had no access to libraries, radio, television, magazines etc. So there are a lot of things that our grandmothers did not know. However please understand that this does not mean that they were stupid. My grandmother was one of the most intelligent people whom I have met. With a class 3 education she joined with her sister to buy a piece of land in the 1930’s, and during that hard time the sisters ensured that each of their children learned a trade. However my grandmother did not know how to use a telephone, a sewing machine,drive a car, use a computer and she certainly would not know what to do with a smart phone; but she knew that she had to educate her 3 children, and she found skilled tradespeople in nearby villages to teach each of her children a trade. Her children in turn used their increased earnings to ensure that they educated their children who in turn educated her grandchildren. So now the woman who died not knowing how to use a telephone has 3 great grandchildren who are professional engineers and some others making their names locally, regionally, and internationally. And my grandmother’s labour (she worked as a field labourer at Mangrove plantation for more than 60 years) contributed hugely to the earning of foreign exchange and the building of Barbados.

    The fact that children are shoeless in Haiti or elsewhere has nothing to do with God, but a whole lot to do with human greed, human wickedness and human oppression. My grandmother never had shoes either, except for one pair she wore to church some Sundays if she was not too tired form her week’s work. I never had any shoes either until I was 9 years old and had to go to school out of the village. But our shoe “deprived” state had NOTHING to do with God.

    I’d just say one thing to young Corey. If you do not yet have your own property, cut back of the shoes, the car etc. (it is ok to catch the bus for a few years to catch ya hand) and buy a piece of the rock. If my granny could do it in the 1930’s with only a class 2 education you can do it today.

  14. I am not sure if any of the many Gods or which God is responsible for anything specific that still primitive human minds conjure up or conspire to do.

    It’s quite entertaining sometimes to hearing the statements, e.g I remember a world title fight between Lennox Lewis and an American who was sure that his God would be instrumental in his winning the fight.

    When Lennox Lewis won I could only conclude that Lennox Lewis’ God kicked his God’s ass.

    Today we are constructing and programming robots with Artificial Intelligence to carry out certain tasks and make discoveries.
    Going back in history, we produced and programmed humans and that’s still an ongoing process as part of education and life in general so no rational basis underpins anything and when I’m asked how I think we got here my answer is I don’t know and I don’t care.
    I declare not only my grandmother’s ignorance, I also declare mine but many will tell me they have discovered it all, presumably due to their higher intellect – or is that sheep like acceptance of what they are fed?

    What would they say if they were fed a wholly different set of factitious ideas?

  15. @ ac
    What is you problem with commas, full stops and new paragraphs? It takes long for a simpleton like Bushie to punctuate you 🙂

    When the bible says that ‘God is good’, it is really saying that “Good is God”.
    In other words, “good” is what GOD determines it to be.

    Remember Bushie’s analogy of Lowdown’s farm? What is ‘good’ on his farm is not what the goats think, or like, or would prefer, but what HE as farmer, owner, originator and supervisor DETERMINES.

    Nor is it that “Lowgown is good!”
    GOOD… is what Lowdown determines based on his strategic plan for his farm.

    ….same with BBE
    ….not that Bushie expects you to follow…. 🙂

  16. “I declare not only my grandmother’s ignorance, I also declare mine”
    …an appropriate summation if ever there was one.!

  17. bushie suffice it to say that you do not have an answer as to who “GOD” is but would prefer to indulge in hypocrisy even though the the bible that you religiously refer to has unequivocally stated that GOD is ” GOOD.

  18. ac
    Do you know what an adjective is?
    Good DESCRIBES a characteristic. It does NOT. Say WHO God is.

    Stupseeee! Bushie going and do something useful…

  19. the bible definition does not include a description . Just a definition now all you need to do is to understand the meaning of good and also if one dissect the word GOOD! there is an obvious connection since only one letter separate both words.

  20. putting a face on god is in the way we treat using the teachings of jesus in the most humane of ways by doing unto others as we would like done unto us.

  21. silk go scratch yuh balls!

    Excuse me god! but why does this demon have to bother me. SILK is reall the FACE of EVIL. silk now yuh understand the difference between GOOD and EVIL with you being the latter.

  22. isgal and to think all i said was ‘GOD IS GOOD” and the dummie say i talk nonsense. WELL i would expect that from bushie who can’t understand reasonably that some things are selfexplanatory and does not need a FACE to describe it. GOODNESS Is the the FINAL description of GOD

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