Allen Chastenet Continues To Build A Track Record Of Success While His Critics Throw Barbs Including BU Commenter Andrew Nehaul

Allen Castnanet is no role model for the ultimate Caribbean Tourism Minister. He is simply a clown and has always been such. Visiting the hotels after the storm makes great publicity especially for a non elected Minister seeking election. Allen’s father is cut from another cloth. He is the mover and shaker in St. Lucia and is a man of action who seeks no publicity like his son.

Adrian Loveridge has been the person behind the blatant negativity about the Barbados Tourism product in general and Minister Lynch in particular. But tell me, which island (Barbados or St. Lucia) is more developed and vibrant? The Barbados Tourism Authority might not please everyone, but they are working in markets that are extremely competitive and as such have been relatively successful. The level of success could be debatable and I am not here to speak for Lynch but as one involved in Caribbean tourism for over 30 ears, I can see through the PR releases and the bull feathers.

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Andrew Nehaul

On August 21, 2007 in response to a BU article, Allen Chastenet A Shining Example For The “Others” Andrew Nehaul who is a Tourist Operator and Consultant operating out of Europe posted a comment which caused many readers to BU to sit-up and take note. It prompted the question why would a Tourist Operator operating in Europe whose goal is to move tourists out of Europe to the Caribbean would refer to St. Lucia Minister Of Tourism, Allen Chastenet as a clown. Despite the attempts by some commenters to explain the Nehaul’s comments, BU remained perturb that a key tourism player who serves the Barbados and Caribbean market would call another key player in the market, Allen Chastenet, a clown. Mr. Nehaul deserves to be given the chance to explain his comment. He did took a swipe at Adrian Loveridge; Adrian can defend himself so…

Some may question why should BU pursue this matter. There is no mystery here. The tourism product is the life blood of the economies of the English speaking islands, and the time to get serious in its management is critical now more than before, if we are to reposition the product in a fiercely competitive global market. It is regrettable that Mr. Nehaul who at this critical time in our juncture should be working positively alongside the Caribbean markets which he serves, including Chastenet’s St. Lucia market, would elect to take such a combative position.

This is what Nehaul had to say when asked by BU to clarify the clown comment:

It is not my intention to get into a slugging match with anyone. I am only expressing an opinion as I know Mr. Chastanet well. Perhaps the word “clown” might be harsh but I stand by it. Yes, I own a tour operator which specialises on selling the Caribbean from Scandinavia. As such, I am aware of what goes on in the 17 islands that we sell today. I like others have followed this blog and although I do not contribute, I note that your site like others fill a void needy of news and such. My hope however is that there can be a more positive tourism input as Barbados is one of the tourism leaders in the Caribbean, despite the sometimes strange decisions made by those in authority.

The evidence continue to support the position by hotel owner Adrian Loveridge, and other hotel owners that Allen Chastenet is an example which others in decision making in the Caribbean tourism sector should emulate. His most recent achievement has seen one of the Chastenet Hotel, Coco Palm achieving a world rating (thanks to the BU Source).’s exclusive Insiders’ Select list has positioned St Lucia’s Coco Palm as one of the best hotels in the world. The four-star Coco Resorts property was positioned at 38th in the world and 4th in the Caribbean, among the online travel company’s top hotels and resorts worldwide. Coco Kreole, its three-star sister property, ranked 314th worldwide and 28th in the Caribbean. In St Lucia, Coco Palm ranked number one and Coco Kreole ranked number two respectively.



Mr. Nehaul have tried to be fair here to give you the opportunity to clarify or retract your position. As you know, the tourist product in the Caribbean needs all hands on deck, including you!

9 thoughts on “Allen Chastenet Continues To Build A Track Record Of Success While His Critics Throw Barbs Including BU Commenter Andrew Nehaul

  1. David…
    I totally agree.
    My point is Allen Chastanet HAS built a successful business. He presumably initially entered non-elective politics to use his skills for the greater good of his country and its tourism industry.

    I think also because he is private sector driven that the decisions he helps formulate make more economic sense.

    For instance, the latest example is ordering an BDS$8 million Air Traffic Control Simulator and having it sit there not being used.
    It is perhaps because our Minister of Tourism and International Transport has an extremely limited commercial background that he does not feel responsible for the best use of taxpayers monies.

    In the commercial world of reality you would have to justify these sorts of expenditure.

    The initial four airport buses and trolleys are other examples.

  2. Allen Chastanet is a beacon for Caribbean Tourism. He is one who is exceedingly knowledgeable about the torism industry and we are already feeling the results. Just look at the progressive state of St. Lucia right now – Le paradis, Landings, etc. St. Lucia is the envy of the Caribbean right now – it is the the next Caribbean “it”..We Barbadians better start to put things in place, to remain on top.

  3. Who-in-their-right-mind-will- invest-in-us-now? Thieves and criminals?
    Trust me that they are many more like the one Danos and Hobson lurking around waiting to cash in on corrupt ones like Owing and Nicholls.

  4. Now that’s no way to think. Every Caribbean Island is now palgued with escalating crime – US VI, BVI, St. Lucia, Jamaica, TandT, etc. Lets stop being so negative and let us stast being proud Bajans again. By the way my sympathy goes out to the people of St. Lucia on the loss of their PM.

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