Anthony Carter and James Husbands: Recognizing OUR Outstanding Citizens

Submitted by Mahogany Coconut Think Tank/Watchdog Group

Dr. Anthony ‘Gabby’ Carter

We salute and congratulate Mr. Anthony Carter, The Mighty Gabby and Mr. James Husbands, solar energy pioneer, on receiving the honorary doctorates from the University of the West Indies. Embodied in these two outstanding citizens, are all the characteristics necessary for the true development of the Caribbean Nation and its peoples.

From its inception, almost five years ago, the Mahogany Coconut Group made it clear that we will not hesitate in promoting excellent Caribbean talent and we will not hesitate in exposing, the fraudulent promotion of cosmetic images of our culture and corporate environment. We also made a conscious decision to share our views with organs /blogs such as Barbados Underground (BU) and its many followers, because we recognize the contribution BU is making in encouraging public discussion.

The Mighty Gabby, over the years has brought some of the most enlightened art to our Caribbean people. More than any other artist, he exposed the stupidity of the late Prime Minister Tom Adams’ military adventurism, in the classic Boots and reminded all Bajans that the beaches belong to us all when he brilliantly exposed the legal McGuffey Jack Dear, in his famous Jack. He has tackled pornography in our schools ; illegal dog fighting(gambling) and the light hearted Needles and Pins gave us a peep into: men ,their wives, mistresses and the ups and downs of such activities. Well done, Mr. Carter.

Dr. James Husbands

Long before our visionless politicians saw the need for radically reducing our energy bill, Mr. James Husbands along, with other visionaries such as Rev. Andrew Hatch, were trying to educate us about the importance of using solar energy. Mr. Husbands blazed the trail with his well known establishment, Solar Dynamics. He has provided millions of dollars in savings to those consumers throughout the Caribbean, who invested in his products. He has also contributed to keeping many workers employed and is easily one of our most progressive Caribbean business persons. Well done Mr. Husbands.

Progressive Caribbean people will look at these two outstanding citizens and hope that the University of the West Indies will seek to produce graduates of their calibre. Those who make outstanding contributions to uplift our people rather than sell their intellectual souls to political parties and corporations. On this occasion, the Mahogany Coconut Group, can only say that the university has gotten it right by elevating these two distinguished Caribbean citizens. Well done UWI.

0 thoughts on “Anthony Carter and James Husbands: Recognizing OUR Outstanding Citizens

  1. What the hell is an honorary doctorate anyway other than for a failing institution to promote itself by aligning with established personalities with a measurable track record. I see no honor here. A PhD is granted when one has demonstrated mastery of a subject and has added to the pool with new knowledge. Has Gabby not done this without the help of the University? Has he not done more in promoting the image and culture of Barbados than ALL of the PhD’s on campus combined? So why the f#ck is this Doctorate an honorary one? If it were me I would tell them to shove it so far up their collective asses that their faces would swell to make room.

  2. Yah know other than for teaching, the class reserved for the title PhD has done little for the sustained development of Barbados. Any pride of place that is attached to it is obviously manufactured from within. To be accepted into a fold as an honorary member, a fold that is yet to prove itself as a worthwhile contributor to the Barbadian community in any other area than through instruction, is an exhibition of unfounded buffoonery and should be rejected as such. I see nothing to toast to here …. sorry .

  3. @BAFBFP

    Please clarify: are you saying that Gabby and Husbands by their achievements have done nothing to earn recognition from Cave Hill? Think the awardees by suppressing your view of PhDs if you can.

  4. No of course not. I think the award of honorary from a community of blowhards is a misfit. These two men are true to life PhD’s and should be treated as such.

  5. @ BAFBFP | October 23, 2012 at 8:26 AM |

    And that is how I first read you.
    Reading between the lines of innuendo and irony sometimes can be a bit of a challenge; sometimes.

    Just name one PhD from that UWI that has made any significant non-academic contribution to the region except probably the Mighty Chalkdust.

  6. Miller

    Chaulkdust is a wonderful example of a man committed to a cause and thoroughly deserving of the title PhD. Unfortunately Slinger Francisco was saddled with the honorary version, again an insult.

    Hey, I have the greatest respect for the likes of Prof Headley (alternative energy), Niak (plasma physics) and people of that elk that have contributed in measurable terms to real development

  7. @BABFP

    Don’t back away. If the two gentlemen are as focused and principled as we all agree what an opportunity to screw politeness to hammer the point.

  8. Well then David they, as brilliant in their disciplines as they have proven themselves to be, are still pretty ignorant on a couple things …!

  9. why are we so backward thinking,these two men has done well in the community in business and culture.It is fitting for Cavehill to recognized it because of the discipline they offer in their programmed at the university
    .So there is nothing sinister about the university conferring Honorary Doctorates on these men.

  10. @ BAFBFP | October 23, 2012 at 2:22 PM |

    You see what I told you, BAF?
    Bajans are simplistic interpreters of language. Innuendo, euphemism, irony, etc mean nothing to these simplistic morons (pardon the redundancy). That is why they are so infatuated with the Bible; a book written in the most esoteric of language but naively taken at face value and superficial interpretation, for example the Adam & Eve story, by the likes of “charles alleyne”. And they call themselves “educated”!

  11. BAFBFP is entitled to his opnion, we live in a democracy. This blog, however, is not about him.
    It is about two sons of the soil, who have been honoured for all the work they have done in their respective fields. Congratulations to both Dr Carter and Dr Husbands. Well done, gentlemen, you are deserving of the recognition.

  12. @ Independent | October 23, 2012 at 4:48 PM |

    Another silly idiot jumping on the simplistic bandwagon!

    Why can’t you simplistic idiots see that BAFBFP is lauding these great achievers much more so than the jackasses like yourself.

    What BAF is demanding is that the other so-called PhD bookworms do like these practitioners or “doers” and make similar contributions to genuinely earn their ‘paper’ designation.

  13. @ millerwhatever
    You are a loudmouthed bully! Who are you to say what people should think, have your opinion and let others have theirs!
    Or do you think that we should live in a world according to you? ha, ha, ha.
    Listen loud mouth, read my lips: you have absolutely NO control over what anybody thinks. Certainly not over what I think, nobody does
    Once again, this blog is not about you or me or BAF; can’t take it that it’s not about you? Give it a rest.
    The gentlemen who this is about, are appreciative: AND THAT IS ALLL THAT MATTERS.

  14. @ Independent | October 23, 2012 at 5:23 PM |

    Aren’t you doing the same thing to BAF?

    But what can we expect from a moron?

    BAF never tried to deny these well accomplished entrepreneurs their moment in the Sun. Go read what BAF wrote and pick sense from it, if you can!

  15. Miller

    Good luck wid these Jack Asses … HA HA HA. Boy I envy your patience … HA HA HA … Mek mah shame sometimes . .. if the ramifications of such simplicity were not destined to be as severe as I fear .. oh my God I would be having a good laugh …. Good luck to you friend …!

  16. @ Miller
    You know, before you start ranting and raving you should READ. I told you this before. Where did I attack BAF?
    I said that he is entitled to his opinion. What part of that statement is it that you don’t understand? Did I attck him? Not at all. Did I call him names or even say that I disagreed or agreed? No, I did not.
    However, is this blog (or rather thread) about BAF or about Dr Carter and Dr Husbands?
    I did not want to get in a discussion about his opinion, I wanted to say congratulations to the gentlemen as I thought is what this blog was really about. At some other time I might welcome a discussion about the
    value of honorary degrees in general.
    BTW, the graduation address that Dr Husbands delivered was excellent.

  17. @ Independent | October 23, 2012 at 5:49 PM |
    “At some other time I might welcome a discussion about the value of honorary degrees in general.”

    This seems to be ideal forum to discuss such a topic. It’s related to the thread. So what’s your view on the award of these degrees? Do you think people should be estimably recognised by their works and deeds or by their copied words bound in a manuscript or, using modern technology, a word-processed document printed or electronically submitted?

    BTW, the accolades awarded to these two outstanding sons of the soil should havebeen done many years ago. But it’s never too late to recognize genius.

    From what I can gather from your intellectual persona you would even be prepared to recommend knighthoods for the goodly gentlemen. Many lesser social parasites of much lesser natural abilities have been the recipients of such colonial recognition despite your “Independent” moniker.

    I will not object if you think such offer of appeasement would mitigate any rebellious reaction from a person who is brave enough to pen such outstanding pieces as “West Indian Politician” and “Culture”. (LOL!!).

  18. @Miller
    As I said: NOT having that discusson now, regardless of whether you think this is the ideal thread to have the discussion or not.
    Simply wanted to congratulate the gentlemen and have spend too much time on this back and forth already.
    And why do you care what a MORON thinks anyhow? This is a rethorical question, no need to answer.

    • Have to agree with Independent. What we have here is our highest educational body recognizing the contribution of two sons of the soil. They both graciously accepted the recognition which was exemplified by Gabby leading a youthful choir at the ceremony and an emotional delivery from Husbands. As onlookers we should join with them in sharing in the euphoria of the moment.

  19. I need for people to see through this glamorizing of a mediocre institution and by extension, the awards that accompany it as a result of its Principal seeing a strategic advantage by associating itself with these two men. Had theses two men been the product of the institution in the first place, well then, I would have nothing to say. Because they were gracious in their acceptance of this award, what ever it is suppose to mean, says nothing to me that is complimenting of them … so I will not comment. Sorry no cheers from me …!

  20. @ David | October 23, 2012 at 6:37 PM |

    We too (BAF will accede to his inclusion) are in total agreement with this worthwhile recognition and accolade bestowed on these two estimable gentlemen.

    But let’s go further and ask the Principal of the Cave Hill Campus if he is prepared to lobby for scholarships to be established in the names of these two great achievers in the area of Cultural Studies & Performance and Renewable Energy mainly in the advancement of solar technologies. This plea is made in light of the Campus’ well designed and appointed centre for creative imagination rightly dedicated to the memory of EWB. The memory of Dr. Headley and contribution to solar technology can also be perpetuated by the award of scholarships in the name of this outstanding son of the soil.

    Congratulations are indeed well in order. But let us show our real appreciation by practical recognition of these great contributors to our cultural and scientific development.

    • @Miller

      Agree the Hill can go further by creating two scholarships as a symbol of excellence in the Arts and Alternative Energy research. It is a start let us give it a chance. Many on this blog owe the UWI something for its contribution to our personal development.

  21. Yep David, but wuh. I am not one to hold on to an old school tie as if it were sacred. Most of us are UWI grads but some of us believe that the money that is earmarked for tertiary aspirants is better spent on directing these lambs towards studies in a product oriented environment … like creative writing, alternate energy, material science, animation, 3D prototyping, aquaculture, food processing and so on and so on … or am I alone in this …?

  22. @ David BU:

    Do you know what’s the latest with the UWI funding issue? Where is the MoF and the PM on their promise to resolve this matter?

    If that institution can continue to function without the receipt of arrears can one conclude that these arrears can be forgotten and written off?

  23. Congrats to both men but…I would like to see Gabby return to the days of fearlessly attacking the political parties on issues at hand and stop politically prostituting himself.

  24. @Miller

    Why do you feel BU is privy to sensitive information especially by a government which does not have any inclination to communicate to the public, especially a blog? BU cannot be swayed by the lure of advertising dollars like the Nation, Advocate or Barbados Today maybe that explains it.

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