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Adrian Loveridge – Hotel Owner

From the 7th September until 14th November, American Airlines will lower their mileage requirement to allow return travel from any point they serve in the Continental United States, Canada or Mexico to Barbados for just 25,000 miles. So whether you live in the north east corridor, mid west or pacific coast area, the miles required are the same irrespective of distance travelled. Geographically it opens up access to Barbados to millions of potential visitors that might normally find the normal published fare, financially inhibitive.

Take Seattle, Washington State, as an example. The lowest bookable fare online is US$832.40, but still only 25,000 miles through AAdvantage, plus a nominal US$56.50 in taxes and add-ons.

But some may say, you have to spend at least US$25,000 to obtain the minimum miles required. Not so, as many credit card issuers are giving very generous incentives for switching to their product.

Citibank is currently offering their Platinum Select AAdvantage Visa Signature credit card where you receive a bonus of 30,000 miles if you spend just US$1,000 in the first three months of membership. It doesn’t end there. You also get priority boarding, 25 per cent discount on certain in-flight purchases, a US$100 flight discount once a year, Double miles on eligible AA purchases, 10 per cent of your redeemed miles back and the annual fee waived for the first year.

Of course, certain conditions apply and unless the monthly balance is settled on time, in full, like any other similar card, interest will be payable.

So to summarise, just by selectively using this card to pay any one of number of bills totalling $1,000 or more, you have already created the means to reach Barbados and return home for $56.50.

With over 69 million members, AAdvantage can offer substantially more, in fact, than the entire adult population of the United Kingdom, which is still our largest single market.

How do we reach this potential?

The simplest way would be to smart partner with Citibank and the airline and use their current methods of communicating with clientele. As an attention getter, a number of accommodation prizes would spark interest and help drive destination choice. The national marketing agency could also pre-purchase miles and lower the minimum requirement, making it even more attractive for travellers.

Even at consumer rates, 5,000 miles can be bought for around US$100. Corporate bulk quantities can be negotiated at substantially discounted rates. What a programme like this does at a stroke, is immediately take away, what many pundits argue, that because Barbados is further away, its more expensive to reach. And if a promotional campaign like this is rolled out in time, monitoring of its success or failure could easily be policed by incorporating a code like the unique flight booking record locator and the name of the final accommodation choice.

While the concerted regional battle goes on to address the injustices of the dreaded APD (Advanced Passenger Duty), whatever may be finally agreed, it is not going to make a meaningful difference to visitor arrival numbers for the remainder of this summer.

So why don’t we concentrate on something that could drive additional business, or at least give it a try.

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  2. David, its a good question. The airline would look at it from a revenue control point of view. We as a destination have lost so much airlift out of the US. Philadelphia, Atlanta and shortly Dallas. It is (in my opinion) mind boggling that we cannot sustain one B737/A319 out of any one of these three cities at least once a week and I think its time to look at this market in a different way. In this particular case I think the key to help make it work is purchasing miles to even further lower the requirement.

  3. i believe a lot of you missing the whole picture.
    air miles or not .compared to other more beautiful places with less beggars and beach bums are available on the same air miles.
    word get around ,the ambiance and culture of barbados ,the dirty garbage on the streets.the loud and vulgar people..while i have respect for Mr Loveridge.
    trying to help.as a Canadian and rich i dough you really understand the underbelly of barbados.as you don’t have to what we call scrunt and slave just to get by day to day because of the corrupt government of this island
    i talk to tourist and one asked me just yesterday why is the place so filthy?
    and they would not be back.
    barbados has turned into a grab a granny place.lol
    and tourist on the cheep.
    taking zr can not afford a rental car.
    when these things change may be barbados will not have that bad reputation as
    a place for old ugly women to go for fun with the boys.
    certainly not families with children.especially female young daughters.
    you catching the drift?
    and the truth is ,it can not change because it is what it is.unchangeable .
    only change will be worst.
    go down low and do the limbo..
    that is the lowdown on DAT.

  4. @ harry | July 31, 2012 at 5:19 PM |

    Harry, despite my seeing you as a racist moron I must confess that you do have a valid point in your caustic criticisms of the current state of tourism and facilities in Barbados.
    The streets, gutters and beaches are littered with rubbish and grit and marl from the poorly loaded lorries. The smelly beggars and unkempt hustlers who harass the visitors, especially the white women, is a major turn off. Those ZR conductors with B/O bottled at Mount Stinkeroo along with the black fumes from the vehicles are enough to cause visitors to pass out from holding their breath or send them into instant shock or asthmatic attack.
    Is this what the country is getting as a return from investing millions of tax dollars into educating these vile coarse people who can’t even display basic courtesy and civility to visitors to the country without the need to grovel or be subservient with racial chips on their shoulders?
    Oistins Bay Garden is slowing becoming a rundown affair with too many Chinese made trinkets on display at a haven for the pimp prowlers looking to sell drugs and sex.
    Unless we maintain the facilities especially the one set of public toilets serving hundreds of people and stop the vagrants from making the place their sleeping quarters and toilet we would soon see it becoming a “no-go” place for both visitors and decent locals alike.

  5. @Harry,

    While I agree that the place is not kept clean as it once was, and much more can be done to facilities including beach facilities, the thing is that tourists are ‘relatively’ safe in Barbados.

    Beggars are drug dealers are a pain in the xxx, but if there is no market for the drugs, the sales die too, no?

    People do not understand that harrassment i.e. being in someone’s face, is legally assault (you do not have to hit a person, threats are enough) and can be charged as such, but it takes the Police to take responsibility to do so and the Magistrates to treat this seriously.

    All countries are now unsafe in the wrong places and times, Barbados is actually very safe compared to most tourist destinations, except all inclusive and we have those too.

    The issue is one of product, what do we offer aside from sun, sea, sand and relaxation?

    We need casinos, international class club nightlife, not ‘cross the floor in tight pants’ type clubs nor drink and get drunk and foolish clubs.

    We need a couple more high quality floor shows like Plantation with different themses, casinos at hotels rated five star only and a couple quality jazz,, dancing and dinner clubs.

    Our product is not where it needs to be. Maybe those take capital, but the dancing, dinner and jazz for example, can be with the casinos, which will surely fund these.

    If we dont have a product to sell, but want people to buy, are we not also beggars?

    • Given the squeeze on tourism should we not see a full press by all and sundry to safeguard the product?

      What ever happened to those two-legged bikes which were donated to the police?

      Are we serious?

  6. @ Crusoe | July 31, 2012 at 6:53 PM |
    “We need a couple more high quality floor shows like Plantation with different themses, casinos at hotels rated five star only and a couple quality jazz,, dancing and dinner clubs.”

    Barbados’ tourism product is in need of a serious overhaul and revamping.
    We do not have the wherewithal to push real eco-tourism like say Dominica, Jamaica or Cuba.
    It therefore behooves the local tourism gurus to go down the route you have suggested above. The BHTA with the backing of the BTA ought to force the government’s hands regarding its backward and hypocritical policies regarding casino operations and sophisticated escort services.
    If we are going to attract up-market visitors then the ancillary services required to satisfy the desires of this type of visitor must be on offer. Why are we always comparing our tourism with other Caribbean destinations including the Bahamas but want to stick to a stupid position on casino gambling? If the authorities want to keep out locals let them join as members and pay by credit cards issued against a foreign currency bank account as a way of getting some of the illegal offshore holdings repatriated.
    Any investor in existing or future tourism hotel or restaurant projects should require that the government grant them a license to operate a casino or gaming room. This is a big oversight by the investors who just recently bought over the Almond resort. A private nudist (sorry, naturist) beach also should be considered.

  7. O wad some Pow’r the giftie gie us
    to see oursels as others see us

    From the poem “To a Louse” by Robert Burns.

    Barbados: Don’t Bother, Frankly
    Rubia Tinctorum | Saturday, March 24th, 2012

    Something disturbing is happening on Barbados – the Caribbean experience is being drowned in a tsunami of greed and gravel. With tax dodgers, celebrities, footballers and bloated businessmen all flocking to the island prices have soared. Even my rich friend Lady Carol Parsons complains.

    Once I used to think to myself “oh just relax and put it on the plastic, after all you are on holiday”. I do mean literally once. That occasion was when a meal for 5 at the Lonestar came to £650 and I was paying. After that I was more careful. If someone said that Villa Rosa or Chin Chin were the latest places to eat, I would be sure to avoid them.

    The turning point came about 10 years ago when property started to boom, and especially on the West Coast around Holetown, originally developed by the likes of the Guinness and Cunard families. This was The Place To Be. Now it is jam packed with mansions from end to end. The latest is One Sandy Lane, a sort of beachside British Museum opposite the famous Sandy Lane golf course and Barbados’s answer to One Hyde Park, that Qatari monstrosity near Harrods in London.

    According to local estate agent Kieran Kelly, One Sandy Lane is the sort of place where you can walk in and flick straight to CNN on the huge wall mounted TV screens in every room. Come again? I thought that the idea of a Caribbean holiday was to relax on a beach, soak up some of the colourful local atmosphere, dine in a shack, listen to Bob Marley, get legless on rum punch. Not watch the stock market and news from Afghanistan. One Sandy Lane, like the other mansions that now stretch from one end of the West Coast to the other, has blocked the last tantalising views of the turquoise waters fringed by palms that made this place so enticing. Access to the beaches, which are theoretically all public, is getting more difficult by the month as new buildings fill the gaps. At least the government blocked plans by the Holetown fire service to sell its beachfront plot, or so it’s reported, but for how long? Many of these new buildings are empty, either because they belong to fat rich bastards or because they were run up in the boom and remain largely unsold. It was out of one such unfinished development that a serial rapist operated for over a year before he was finally caught. He had assaulted and abused many women but the whole affair was hushed up to protect tourism.

    Continued at:

  8. Competition is a wonderful think. New CHASE Sapphire Preferred Card.
    40,000 bonus miles when you spent US$3,000 within first three months. No card fee for first year and DOUBLE miles on travel and dining spending.

  9. millertheanunnaki thanks for the complement as it is you blacks that fuck up the place since you all get independence..not so?????????????
    but yet you agree with what i saying.but i am a moron.it is me that brought out the real truth so i an a genius not a moron.and that is not a bajan word by the way./

  10. @ harry | August 2, 2012 at 9:57 PM |
    “but yet you agree with what i saying.but i am a moron.it is me that brought out the real truth so i an a genius not a moron.and that is not a bajan word by the way.”

    Racists are by definition morons since the size of a racist brain is in direct proportion to his intellectual capacity. And racists are known to have the minutest of brains; similar to a micropenis just there to frustrate.
    But Truth is blind enough to let its light shine even in the darkest of places and densest of brains. You, “harry”, just happen to be in the way of the blinding light of Truth to reflect what is happening on the ground with the tourism business in Barbados.
    Even if you were described using the “C” word so frequently employed in the local dictionary you would still be a racist. A genius could sometimes be a pussy cat but a racist would always be a bloody cu**t.

  11. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Negroid
    tell me of any nation run by blacks that is not corrupt????????
    there are airplanes invented by white men that go fly out of barbados ya know.
    go back and live in house made of cow shit and straw.
    make shore you settle in a desert where there is no food or water and then ask the white man to come and help you.
    millertheanunnaki what kind of name is that?some sort of African shit name.
    i know when you go abroad you are very different to here .cause the red necks and hells angles would kill your ass .so go funk ya self.you racist ass.
    it is my privilege to like what i like and not fall into that African wuck up shite..
    the lord is watching.hope you all have good weather for your heathen displays
    coming up soon.

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    Judge it!
    Sep 1, 2011

    What is the problem with Barbados these days? There have been so many murders recently it seems as though there is one every day. The level of violence is crazy and what is the government doing about it? I really don’t feel save.
    been there

    London, Canada

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    Judge it!
    Dec 4, 2011



    Crime is the past time of the Caribbean, sadly it is not just the beautiful Barbados , Jamaica, Aruba, Antiqua, and all others, the last rape and attack on a 62 year old woman was a dastardly act, one of which was preceded only a few days ealier of another Brit,the police have known of these attacks and rapes ,which have been going on for years , the last attack and photo on the 62 year old ,will be Barbados flag ,as the Greens for Tobago, I have been informned travel has dropped on both places , planes are no longer full,the tourist will be heard by staying away,bring this animal to quick justice, it may help, but not until you show suppoert for those who supply dollars to your Island tourism being one, beware this is not over,

  13. “Citibank is currently offering their Platinum Select AAdvantage Visa Signature credit card”
    I have been advised on enquiring that Platinum select AAdvantage visa card is not available to all and sundry and the balance on account should be hefty. Then again it is ‘select’

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