Moody's Rating Agency Holds Barbados Credit Rating

Good news?

Moody’s rating agency has just released that they are keeping the credit rating for Barbados unchanged, at least one of the agencies is keeping the investment grade rating at least for now.  The government will hold its breath that S&P follows suit.

Read the rating rationale extract from Moody’s Report.

0 thoughts on “Moody's Rating Agency Holds Barbados Credit Rating

  1. You see that Scrupie ain foolish, only on 17th July at10.10 p.m on this blog i commented about Mr David Ellis way of handling Mr Taitt from the Consumer Association. Note that yesterday on VOB Brasstacks , he Mr Ellis gone for Mr Taitt’s neck again.
    What is and why Mr Ellis ? As the leading journalist in Barbados do you have more serious matters that should be aired , seems kind a cantankerous going down that line all the time.
    Well since you setting Taitt’s agenda you need to do some financial reporting on the “Implication of reporting agencies like Moody and Standard & Poors on the Barbados Economy – The most recent reviews.
    Your response would be appreciated on this or on air.

  2. They do read this blog, cause a topic very similar to what Scrupie requested was aired on Brasstacks today.

  3. @Crusoe
    Dont ever expect the unadultered TRUTH from Rating Agencies.

    Your comments are far MORE accurate!!!!

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