It Is Called Politics

Mia Mottley promised in reply to budget to restore pensions to Statutory Board workers

Employees of Statutory Boards are entitled to receive a pension after being employed for ten (10) or more years. However, in accordance with Section 32 A (1) of the Statutory Boards Pensions Act, Cap. 384, persons who were employed with Boards after September 1975 and are entitled to receive a pension shall have that pension reduced by the amount of pension payable by the National Insurance Office when this latter pension becomes due. It should be noted that those persons who were employed with the Boards prior to September 1975 would be entitled to a pension from the Board and the National Insurance Office without any reduction.

Our investigations revealed that the Statutory Boards have not been reducing the pensions of its former employees as required by the Law. This has resulted in these retirees receiving payments to which they are not entitled.

Auditor General’s Report 2011

Statutory Boards because of an oversight – BU suggests negligence -has resulted in several retirees receiving pension monies to which they have not been entitled over many years. One would have thought the error having been discovered should have been corrected forthwith. However the matter has become smothered in politics like most issues in Barbados. With a general election on the horizon the government is likely to not endear itself to pensioners who have had one pension cancelled.

Mia Mottley in her response to the Budget promised  to return the two pensions. Implied in the promise by Motley: should the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) assume the next government the Statutory Boards Pensions Act, Cap. 384 will be amended.

It is interesting we have not had more debate about this issue. In effect the BLP has promised to legitimize the illegal pension payments by Statutory Boards to those employed post-1975.

BU compares the BLP’s position on this matter to when government amended the Judicature Act to clear the way for CJ Marston Gibson’s appointment.

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  1. @Caswell Franklyn | June 30, 2012 at 10:58 PM |
    “Some time ago, he made some unfortunate remarks about Court Marshals and I called him on that inappropriate conduct. He has done the opposite in this and I think that it is only fair to acknowledge that he has done the right thing, even if it is as some believe that he was only currying favour with the civil service.”

    And so be it! A man can make mistakes, errors of judgement and occasionally put his foot in his mouth. Nothing wrong with that as long as he recognizes his mistakes and where appropriate apologize to the offended parties. Now this is the supreme hallmark of a person in tune with his humanity, who is humble and wise.
    Yes the PM is wise to offer support and motivation to the civil service given the recent challenges it has been facing. The Shanique Myrie allegation is a case in point. So too are the fears of possible job losses in the coming months.

    So let us see how much the PM has matured and how magnanimous he has become (in spite of his recent harangue in Parliament. Let him accept that he made a tremendous error when he publicly expressed misguided support and loyalty to an organization and a man whose deliberate actions were intended to defraud thrifty Bajans (albeit it greedy in some cases).
    He needs to return to the same forum in which he made his renowned speech of loyalty equivalent to that made by Mark Antony at the burial of his “friend” Caesar. In so doing he needs to apologize to the people of Barbados for misleading them and giving the policyholders false hope.
    Then and only then can any claim of contrition and not interested in currying favour with a particular group in the face of electoral realities come across as genuine.

  2. The Nation newspaper will find it very hard to defend their obvious bias for the BLP. If anyone had any doubt that the Nation newspaper is part of the BLP campaign , that position is confirmed by today’s Sunday Sun.
    Even CBC after the debate had Lynette Eastmond on to give the BLP perspective. But not the Nation, the Trinidadian owned BLP newspaper: it has unleashed three partisans : Peter Simmons, Ezra Alleyne and Albert Brandford to savage the DLP presentation and praise the opposition while refusing to offer a column to anyone affiliated with the government. This is clearly a policy position. A newspaper does not create the news but it can choose to sway public opinion by using “columnists” to promote one side over the other.This is the Nation’s blatant strategy – Use their columnists to try to sway public opinion.

    The Nation newspaper has clearly taken a side in the politics of this country and Kaymar Jordan, Sanka Price and Vivian Ann Gittens are clearly putting party before country. I would like to see them come this blog and defend this obvious lack of balance.

  3. @NationBLPnewspaper | July 1, 2012 at 10:36 AM |
    “…. I would like to see them come this blog and defend this obvious lack of balance.”

    Just out of sheer fairness and to prevent anyone from accusing you of having the same agenda as the Nation Newspaper why Not extend a similar Invitation to the owner and management of the Advocate Newspaper?

    Fair enough, Sir?

  4. The Advocate has David “Joey” Harper former BLP CEO still writing a column in the Barbados Advocate and I have seen him in that column lambaste the current administration.

    Please tell me which writer in the Nation newspaper in the last 4 years has consistently lambasted or criticised Owen Arthur and the BLP?

    The word from the newspaper’s management is that he is not to be touched- The Nation is part of the BLP campaign with Arthur and Kaymar Jordan collaborating daily. Wake up Barbados.

  5. It cannot be good for our democracy because if the BLP should come back to power, the only media watchdog would be BU AND THE BLOGS because the Nation newspaper and CBC would be firmly under partisan control.
    Knowing the close alliance between the Nation newspaper management and the current opposition leader, there is no way that they will let anything negative about Owen Arthur come to print. That will be good for Arthur but how would Barbados and our children benefit from this sellout?

  6. LOL @ Millertheannunaki

    Bushie leaving you to Caswell boozie!
    It surely a sign of brilliance to, having been caught and bowled for all to see (there is absolutely no relationship between benchmarked comparisons and any interpretation of excellence), be able to argue bravely and at length in ones defence – In the process, invoking such sweet language that even your detractors are tempted to align with your suggestions…
    When I use the adjective “excellent” to describe the way the PM is trying to portray the Civil Service I am merely attempting to encapsulate the intent of his currying favour with a very large voting block that has been increasingly disenchanted and disillusioned with the DLP administration broken promises and treatment.
    LOL …. That REAL sweet….. What ever it means….

    @ ac
    Take it easy old girl, Bushie can handle Islandgal. The right bush bath plus an added concoction will have her on the right path in no time…. You will see the change in her blogging immediately after the event.

    ….talking of which, you seem to have met your own bushman after the AX affair….. LOL. You got Bushie here agreeing with a significant percentage of your postings of late…. How was that bush bath? Bushie noticed that you even had your own blog on “proper loving” around that time…. 🙂
    ..give Bushie’s regards to Mr ac … And tell him that if he needs any more ideas or suggestions he is free to contact BT (again… LOL)

  7. Dont worry NationBLPnewspaper we clearly see the BLP bias in the Nation dont worry they will overplay their hand.
    Day runs until night ketch up.

  8. @Igal

    I prefer for you to sit on the point, it will provide you with some discomfort and then you will start to think clearly. How about that?

  9. I said in an earlier post that if Bajans really knew the extent to which the Nation newspaper management and the BLP leadership were collaborating and planning , they would be astounded .
    I repeat – No columnist at the Nation can touch or lambaste Owen Arthur in the same way that Pat Hoyos, Sanka Price and Albert Brandford have been doing for the last 4 and a half year. That is commandment # 1 at the Nation. Athur is to be treated with kids gloves and not to be shown in a negative light.

    Commandment # 2- Anytime Arthur speaks at a branch meeting, he is to be placed on the most prominent places in the Nation newspaper – Front page, back page or page 3. This will happen on the day following the meeting and there will be follow up stories on the Tuesday and Wednesday.
    It happens every time like clockwork. Check for yourself.

    The policy of using BLP commentators to savage the DLP government and to sway the court of public opinion will continue at the Nation unabated right up to the election and beyond. The trick is in this way, you can appear to give both parties coverage but use your columnists and their commentary to promote your partisan views. That is why Harry Russell, Sanka Price, Ricky Singh, Albert Brandford, Ezra Alleyne, Peter Simmons and obviously Clyde Mascoll will grow wings and fly before you see them write anything negative about the opposition leader.
    Arthur and former BLP Senator and Nation Chairman Sir Fred Gollop have the Nation newspaper right where they want it to be – a sensational rag with high readership acting as the journalistic prostitute of the BLP. – Party interest first, country second – that is the standard at the Nation newspaper. Abosulutely shameful.

  10. @Natioanl

    That is why I say Mr. Stuart needs to get the party’s communication strategy working to respond to the Nation.

  11. David

    I just read a letter on page 10 of today’s Nation by David Comissiong: please check it out. It has in effect destroyed any semblance of credibility that the DLP had left. They promised in their manifesto that they would repeal the legislation that reduced the pensions of public workers. Instead, when they found some people who had slipped through they unceremoniously removed the additional pension. THEY WERE COMMITTED TO RESTORING THE TWO PENSIONS, but as they say, a promise is a comfort for a FOOL, and boy they really made FOOLS of public workers.

  12. @Caswell

    Thanks for bring the letter to the fore. BU’s position has always been the law can be changed! From CJ Gibson to now.


  13. @ Caswell Franklyn | July 2, 2012 at 9:37 AM |


    The Democratic Labour Party is committed to
    caring for all Barbadians in their senior years. A
    new Democratic Labour Party government will:

    Repeal the legislation that discriminates between
    government pensioners retiring before 1975 and
    those after in relation to their government pension
    and NIS pension.

    Another one of the many broken or un-kept pie-in-the -sky promises which the DLP used to fool the simple people of Barbados. No wonder the DLP, in their damascene moment or political epiphany, now pretend to realize the errors of their rash and irresponsible ways and are now, like the Apostle Paul, the strongest proponents of fiscal restraint and living with your means.

    All of a sudden the many giveaways to get votes are unachievable or un-implementable because the fatted calf turned out to be a scrawny old cow.

    Can a political leopard really change its spots?

  14. It seems many here are trying in vain to improve the image of the present government. However it is too late because they won’t get a second chance to change first impressions. One term and one term only! I will have to cover my nose and vote for OSA. This does not mean that he will get a free ride. I will be watching every move they make. SO take note OSA and company, winning the elections won’t let you off the hook, you will be under severe scrutiny.

  15. “SO take note OSA and company, winning the elections won’t let you off the hook, you will be under severe scrutiny”
    Scrutiny from whom and where?

    It will not happen that way because anything that puts Owen Arthur in a negative or questionable light will not make the front of the Nation.
    You can rest assured that if the BLP wins the next election that “severe scrutiny” will obviously not come from the government owned CBC and CERTAINLY not from the Nation newspaper.

    With the only television station and the biggest newspaper in Barbados which coincidentally owns the biggest radio stations under his control, Owen Arthur and the BLP can enjoy the least scrutiny any government has encountered in modern Barbados.
    Except for this blog, the BLP will be left to police itself, good for BLP ministers but a perfect scenario for the politics of Animal Farm to play out. No Scrutiny and politicians will surely have a field day.

  16. @ NationBLPnewspaper | July 2, 2012 at 5:35 PM |
    “You can rest assured that if the BLP wins the next election that “severe scrutiny” will obviously not come from the government owned CBC and CERTAINLY not from the Nation newspaper.”

    Have NO fear of CBC. It will not be owned by the State and politicians would have to expect the same access as they currently have with VOB.
    This is one State owned corporation that would be on the block of privtization (aka divestment) ready to be snapped up by the Trinis.

  17. I beg to differ – I cannot see Owen Arthur being in government and allowing any media house free reign to criticise his party. It simply will not happen .He is not wired that way – ask Tery Ally or Harold Hoyte who became “indentured servants” and “negrocrats”.
    The only way the BLP will think about privatising CBC is if they are assured that certain BLP operatives or supporters would still be involved. The media is different from a bank especially if it is your only tv station. There is a reason why the BLP did not privatise CBC after 14 years in office and they will not do it if given the opportunity to control it. You can rest assured of that.

  18. @ ac
    News coming out the Alexandra Comm Enq (Day 1)…already showing the laws breaking Jeff Broomes..employing 3 teachers and NOT FOLLOWING PROTOCOL…..THIS IS ONLY DAY 1……stay tune for more the ole rum drinking racketeer is exposed for all the TYRANT he was…..
    Can he employ who ever he likes he a mad man ? Who he think he is Moses ? This just goes to show the big nasty cover up in MOE….Stay tuned for more..cuz there is lots more…..

  19. Before the bell rings……I would like to list off all the mishaps and blunders we had up til now under this Admin….starting wid CLICO,AX, Myrie Deoitte de,Eager stupidness, two Pensions monies, and on an on….All these would make you laugh… TWO TERMs..? Man what ya talking about….you need to play catch up…is demotion time once again.

  20. Anyone following the Alexandra CoI? Some interesting testimony today. Looks like the inquiry may not necessarily substantiate the possible rationale for it being instituted if the first witness is a harbinger of things to come. Is there cross examination of witnesses in such commissions?

  21. @onions

    before the bell rings, i would like to mention, the eager four irnornce, the public ridicule of mia, owen cant keep the truth, owen the contributor to clco demise, the pegasus affair, the debt concealer, the gems affair among other things etc etc etc,,,,,,,

  22. ,,,@Gavid

    Are yiou also saying that Public Officers who are now getting one pension should get two and the law should be chnaged to accomodate them?,,,

  23. @ Check-it ( the rue Ax man)
    Yes Breds…Like we can’t find you coming solid unless Alexandra “the Great.”..we thankful though. What do you think about the heat Jeff now faces for hiring whoever he likes and how and when he liked breaching protocol ? Not characteristics of a composed Head now eh ? What about Min. Jones’ opportune comments of ” a leader does not force people to do things ..but through leaderships skills is able to thru cooperation.? “Jeff meet the fire once more.. you were able to divert…here on your doorstep again…..
    Check-it submit an Article nah…lets get it on !

    • @Onions

      We also look forward to your comment that the BSTU’s claim that it did not receive the King Report was challenged because they quoted the report in correspondence to the ministry of education.

  24. Ya know David…
    It going be all kinds of loops and holes such as your pose, that Jeff ‘s sides are going to bring back ..(maybe too successful to) hide the tyrinical umbilical cord of the man that should have been severed every since….ONE THING at a time David….let us deal with this employing of friends first…I did always know Carl Alf the Pad… more to be a comedian….and not an educator. But Jeff had thought otherwise it seems.
    And because all the Heads of Dept saw this as a wrong..the ole wharf dawg got vex and vindictive, and saw everybody as an enemy, who were there to overthrow him….Let the truth come out..!..Let us hear more.!..Stuart boy like ya getting points affa all. Jeff was a madman ..and Check-it and friends better get back in here fast to cover D man backside….lol

  25. Jeff Broomes has been corrupted by the infuence of Power not unusual for leaders who have been given unlimited power by the vote or by appointment . We must be cautious of how much power we give to our leaders because at some time point and time when wrongs are to be righted that Power rules with an iron fist.

  26. @check it out

    I’ll ask the devil’s advocate questions in the early.

    suppose the commission shows that EVERYONE was wrong,botched up or acted inappropriately at some stage? What next?

    Also, I thought the mandate was supposed to deal with “education at large” and suggestions for I’m either mistaken or was misled.

    Also, what “teeth” does the commission really have after all is said, done and reported? Who censures Jeff? the BSTU? the deputy? the board? the CPO? the CEO? The MoE?

    Who deals with the appeals? and resultant grievances?

    just observing that this is $500,000 that will have very little value. BU bloggers held their s own inquiry earlier this year and did a great job imho. Free at that too.

  27. @ ac | July 3, 2012 at 6:23 AM |
    “Jeff Broomes has been corrupted by the influence of Power not unusual for leaders who have been given unlimited power by the vote or by appointment…”

    Very nice, ac! I am proud of you. Didn’t know you had some objectivity in you when it comes to local politics. Very surprised you did not establish a link between Jeff Broomes & OSA (old school, cricket, rum drinking and parish ties) by explaining Jeff’s behaviour as a result of OSA’s corrupting megalomaniac influence. CCC could outshine you here!
    Sorry, but I just had to “prick” you with that jab (LOL!!).

    To be fair, I agree totally with you. We need to guard against this propensity of leaders in these small developing and emerging democracies to let power go quickly to their heads and abuse situations and weak people. They are no more than thugs and bullies and because people are afraid to stand up to them and put them in their human place they behave like evil gods.
    So join us in pressing for the immediate enactment of Integrity in public office and Freedom of Information legislation.

  28. See what i mean……what ever way you turn..the man has allies .. ready to his aid….now is a waste of money as soon as D truth comes out…let the people hear what kinda man he really was…for the $5oo,ooo and let the party score lil points nah…Jeff the master mix …wid teachers he gored.

  29. Give us a thread David…..Check-it , Bushie , ac and friends can’t wait…Alexandra is in the mix once more ..give us a thread to thrash out these issues

  30. @ To the point | July 3, 2012 at 3:57 AM |

    This one is pointed directly at you.
    Can you explain the volte face (absolute turnaround position) the DLP administration has taken in relation to the public workers pensions?
    The DLP promised in its manifesto to remove the discriminating legislation not to enforce with extra vigour. What has given rise to this breach of trust and commitment to our senior citizens? Wasn’t job No. 4 listed as to re-establish integrity and decency in the administration of the public affairs of this country? But then if job nos. 1, 2, & 3 were easily broken why not maintain the flow and break the whole contract established between the DLP and the people?
    If the DLP is so keen to reinforce the laws on the statute books instead of picking on vulnerable people who have their best years through toil, sweat and sacrifice for the development of this country why not put those who have wilfully and viciously killed and now wasting time and taxpayers’ money on death row out of their misery?

    Now, “to the point” if you can reply to this please drop the various add-ons to the miller’s name.
    From now on, just refer to me as “miller the johnny” which will be in keeping with your style and within your intellectual pay grade.

  31. Does it really matter how many inquiries or commisions we have the task at hand is the removable of BROOMES which has proven to be costly and burdensome Broomes has demonstrated that POWER CORRUPTS and ABSLUTE POWER corrupts ABSOLUTELY and a system whose job is to correct and seek resolves becomes paralyzed and inept as we go into election one should think on these things and be leery of those whose insatiable thirst for power cannot be quenched after several sips.

  32. Broomes musse sweating up a storm in his underwears….. although he knows he will be coming out unshaved… but his having to be exposed to all his past covert wickedness must cause some discern……today it will be Gail Atkins CPRO…lets she what she says..about Jeff…How many of us know of Jeff being the father of… let the commission say..

  33. “.. POWER CORRUPTS and ABSLUTE POWER corrupts ABSOLUTELY and a system whose job is to correct and seek resolves becomes paralyzed and inept as we go into election one should think on these things and be leery of those whose insatiable thirst for power cannot be quenched after several sips.”

    You are putting a case for limiting the time a PM or President (Maximum Leader) can remain in office with no option of return after a break.
    The present Administration has the Parliamentary numbers -and with the help of others on the other side- can amend the Constitution to reflect this safeguard to the abuse of power.

    It would make you a very happy person to know that the likes of OSA can never legally return to the corridors of power.
    So let me hear you make a public plea to your man Stuart whom you hold in divine estimation to execute such an electoral coup de grȃce to ensure your party is given 5 more years to carry out the much needed restructuring as you perceive it. Here is a challenge for you, ac!

  34. It is indeed frigtening to think that anyone person can have such limited power through the vote without a statue of limitation hence there is where corruption growsand eventually destry the democracy one strived to achieved ,buyer BEWARE.

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