A Call To UNITY!

Submitted by M1766

Call to Unity Workers Union

The Best Employers of Employers initiative is a good way for companies to see how they match up to other companies in their categories of operation & in general. It requires employees of participating companies to respond honestly and anonymously to a set of questions on a questionnaire.

A.S Brydens has decided to participate in the Best Employers in Barbados initiative which is being administered by Caribbean Catalyst. We as staff, while trying to manage the work formerly done by work units that were adequately sized are now faced with having to sit down like children, under a Trinidadian manager in the room overseeing them, as we fill out the questionnaires some of us initially refused to.

These questions have to do with the workers’ perception of the level of human-ness exhibited by the company & the extent to which they wish to remain employed by the company. AS Brydens, under Mc Al has been bullying staff, threatening staff & taking away rights that we had got through Union bargaining over the last few years.

In all this, the Union has had nothing to say or do to stop the assault. The workers here at Brydens do not ever get visited by their Union reps, like other workplaces. The management knows that the staff is scared enough to accept whatever nasty terms & conditions are now imposed on us. This new type of Trini slavery is some form of imperialism all over again.

In fact, even the Union now, get taken over by Trini’s. I muster up the courage to call & ask for help this week, but in shock, I hung up when they transferred me to a Trini female.

Can’t someone like Caswell & his UWU come and help us PLEASE!!?

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  1. I would be happy to assist you. Please give me a call at 256 4706 so that we can arrange a meeting to discuss the way forward.

  2. @M1766,

    Just be a good Bajan and grin and bear it. Hold on to your job until the economy improves and you can find another job or start your own business.

    Most Trinidadians have always considered Bajans to be small islanders while their capitalist vultures and predators are now feeding on” The Best of Barbados.”

    PHD can’t sell milk in Trinidad, Bajans can’t fish near Trinidad but there is no boycott of Trinidadian products.
    The “catch 22” is a boycott would also hurt Bajans who work for Trinidadian companies.

    On a related subject. Oil.

    “Oil in New York tumbled below $80 a barrel and Brent crude under $90 as economic reports increased concern that demand will slow amid rising supplies.”

  3. Hold. M1766
    A strong leader soon will put an end to these adversaries…Under the DEMS all things like Lime Ax, and what ever else gine happen..

  4. This is the thing. People talk about workers and complain etc, but a culture of a workplace is guided by good management.

    Anytime there is management/ worker animosity it is POOR management and greed that is the cause.

    Doubt me? I can imagine all the naysayers now.

    Yes, there are always a few rotten eggs, but generally workers are very willing to do good work and enjoy and take pride in good work.

    Sour faces and bad attitudes result from bad management methods, driving people rather than guiding them etc.

    How do I know? I deal with people and I have worked internationally. Barbadian employees arte no different to others, dont listen to crap about Barbadian workers not interested or whatever.

    Unfortunately, one thing that Barbadian workers do not have is the huge selection of choice of jobs.

    Overseas, you can get another job in another company ‘fairly’ easily, depending on job skills, then walk in and quit the old one.

    Here, there is not so much opporunity for that, so Barbadian workers are more or less between a rock and a hard place sometimes.

    Barbados workers are just as good, just as willing as any other nationality.

    As for companies, sadly many directors and managers forget a few important things:

    – you can catch more things with sweet than sour

    – life is a mirror, what you send out, will come back

    – cheapness and greed is shortsighted, a bit of generosity and understanding goes a long way, in return

    – workers are people

    I am always reserved about ‘surveys’ etc. Always there is a motive. Is the driver of this one good? Dunno, on the face of it yes.

    But one thing I have learnt, is that in such surveys, be honest (as always), dont sugar coat things. One should ‘hope’ that such individual opinions are confidential.

  5. By the way, I see that the writer notes that the ‘Little Big Man’ is nowhere to be seen.

    Surprise surprise. Where is the publicity?

  6. – life is a mirror, what you send out, will come back
    – cheapness and greed is shortsighted, a bit of generosity and understanding goes a long way, in return
    YOU BET….it will come back to haunt ……..take care it is not by big rocks, sabotage, no patronage, boycott….and piss on your grave stories….

    • @Just Asking

      What is the problem?

      Do you define a trade union in Barbados as the BWU or NUPW?

      Some similarity you must admit to how we define political party.

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