The Truth And Nothing But The Truth, So Help Me God!

Attack on John Knox according to Barbados Free Press (BFP) and Keltruth blog ascribed to defendants in the KINGSLAND ESTATES LIMITED issue. Knox family accuse BARBADOS, Owen  Arthur, David Simmons, Peter Simmons and 60 other BAJANS of instigation and complicity.

As BU readers will recall, “bloggers” un-named were paid US$650 per week to propagandise the issue before the Canadian courts in favour of its true plaintiffs, Marjorie Knox and Peter Allard, in the Nelson Barbados Group Ltd v Barbados and others action.

Physical threats were asserted against the defendants, which included the late David Thompson, Owen Arthur, the Country of Barbados, David and Peter Simmons and over 60 other defendants sued by Knox and Allard. After hearing expert witnesses, including one from the FBI, Justice Bryan Shaughnessy of the Ontario court concluded that there were no credible threats.

The main witness for Knox and Allard was Knox’s son, John Knox who, in fear for his life, allegedly, had to travel from Barbados to Miami to “create” his affidavits and from Barbados to Toronto to be cross-examined on those Miami-created affidavits.

Most recently, Knox has once again been in the news as a result of being the first appeal heard by the CCJ sitting in Barbados, having been appellant in the last civil appeal from Barbados heard by the Privy Council – CCJ Video 1,2.

On 19 April 2012, John Knox was the victim of an aggravated assault at the home of his sister and her husband, Kent and Jane Goddard, Old Hanson House. Mr Knox may have been seriously injured and we are sure that all readers will wish to express their dismay and their hopes for his speedy recovery.

Keltruth blog, which has not posted any blogs since December 29, 2011, being its laudatory comments on Peter Allard, a retired lawyer, being appointed a QC by the Province of British Columbia, posted a blog on April 25, 2012, which escaped most, because of its long silence on any issues at all.

Keltruth (Kathleen Davis, Knox’s daughter resident in Miami) says:

“In the past simply reporting on the Kingsland litigation drove some criminals to make violent threats against my family.”

And again it asks for further information from the general public on threats made against the Knox family, saying:

“If you have any information on this violent intimidation, we would be most grateful if you would let us know. You may comment anonymously or send us an email. Let’s get this perpetrator. Next time he may be watching you as you turn the key to your own front door!

Some questions haunt me. Why was this attacker so cool? How come he was able to confidently and cooly control his hostages? Why was he wearing army boots?”

The implication being that this perpetrator was wearing army boots, because he was a member of the Defence Force acting under executive orders to attack the Knox family.

Then BFP enters the fray (for US$650 a week, we ask?) on 30 April 2012 with the headline, “Court witness held at gunpoint, tied up, beaten at home. Serious head injuries.” BFP then goes on to more directly accuse the defendants in the Nelson Barbados Group Ltd case of being behind the attack on John Knox.

BU is able to report that the alleged perpetrator (who, it is reported, left many fingerprints at the scene of the attack on John Knox) has been apprehended by Police after having been wanted by Police since January this year in connection with a series of robberies and aggravated assaults. It is reported to BU that the alleged perpetrator, aged 29, has already spent 10 years in jail for similar offences. It is alleged that he is from St Joseph. Among his many recent alleged victims are a Mrs Challenor (an elderly lady unconnected in any way with the Kingsland issue) who was beaten up by him. Another victim of this alleged perpetrator was Mr Martin Bynoe (also unconnected with the Kingsland issue).

Old Hanson House is an isolated property with no near neighbours. It seems incredible to us that if, as they asserted before the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, Knox and her family had been credibly physically threatened as witnesses in a judicial process, that they would not have taken steps to install a security system. It is also incredible that the dogs were locked in an outside pen, in what is an isolated location with no near neighbours with the nearest major road some distance away, while the homeowners were away from home. In ANY country or society, it seems like an open invitation.

We are happy to present the true facts of the case for the edification of Keltruth Blog and BFP and (without much expectation at all) express the hope that they will now report these facts, instead of trying to blame this isolated incident on one or all of 60 defendants that include David Thompson, Owen Arthur, the Country of Barbados, David and Peter Simmons. That, in case they do not know, is defamation. It requires an apology and a retraction. Let us see if they are responsible enough to issue one.

8 thoughts on “The Truth And Nothing But The Truth, So Help Me God!

  1. I certainly join BU in expressing my hopes for John Knox’s speedy recovery. This is a most distressing incident.

    I followed the Nelson Barbados case with great interest, simply because I could not believe it. The aftermath was even more incredible. Evidence of the Knox side picking up shredded rubbish in Barbados to reconstitute it in Canada, staking out Barbados’ overseas missions, paying a lawyer nearly $1 million to write blogs etc. All that, quite apart from the legal aspects of the case.

    But most incredible of all was Knox accusing all and sundry of threatening and perpetuating violence in order to keep John Knox quiet on the witness stand or to prevent him from getting there in the first place.

    Now this. So John Knox was in the wrong place at the wrong time. It happens. And there is no conspiracy. BUT maybe there is karma.

  2. @ David

    I don’t have any comment to make save the absurdity of BU talking about the laws of defamation to a rival. But I’m beginning to think you’d better get another speech writer.

  3. @robert

    You need to deal with the issue at hand. In fact if you listened to the news this morning and or scan the court pages you would have heard of the report about the man on remand for the Hanson crime and others. Deal with it!

    The other point for to is that the BU household is comprised of a few people which will reflect focus and training given our backgrounds, it explains why first person plural is used by BU in discussion. All of the admin work is done using ‘David’ ok?

    You are obviously new to BU?

  4. @ David

    As I said, I don’t need to “deal with it’. Frankly – since you are pressing me to comment – I find the narrative rather confused and I’m not otherwise familiar with it all. My ‘newness’ to BU has nothing to do with it. Mind – it hasn’t laken me long to catch on. But – seriously – don’t you see the humour of BU wittering about defamation to BFP of all people…..though, as I now realise, in your own way you’re a fundamentalist like Zoe….well at least one of you is?

  5. @robert

    If you want to deal with the substantive matter not a problem. Reference to newness had to do with the undercurrent of history which involves the Kingsland and Nelson matters between the two blogs. If you are not inclined to bridge this gap its entirely your call but it explains why you have to resort to generalizations.

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