Not One RED Cent To REDjet Says Noel Lynch

Submitted by Adrian Loveridge

Former Minister of Tourism, Noel 'Barney' Lynch

According to former Minister of Tourism, Noel Lynch and as reported in the Nation and repeated on Down to Brass Tacks. The same person, when in office, who first denied all knowledge of a loan to borrow US$15 million to charter Carnival Destiny for CWC2007, and who still after 5 years has not answered the question what commission and arrangement fees, and to who, were paid to shipping agent Landy and Kling Inc. and others?

The same Minister who chartered Air India and presided for several years over the Hotels and Resorts Ltd (GEMS) scandal.

The same Minister that repeated time after time, absolutely ludicrous anticipated arrival numbers for CWC2007, when in fact, the first four months of that year showing an increase of just 44 long stay visitors.

Mr. Lynch stated on Brass Tacks that LIAT (1974) Ltd had not received ANY Government support for six years. Prove it, former Minister, or is this just another puff of unsubstantiated hot air.

Tourism is our business and we should start to treat it that way and have informed, knowledgeable and truthful people steering it in the right direction.

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  2. What about the Atomic weapons that Israel have in their possession which were developed and perfected by the French?

    Anyone checking on those?

  3. So Barney Rubble is a big stinking LIAR going by theis post. LOLLL Let us hope he doesn’t get any or the same position in the next government.

  4. Zoe and Carson
    This article is not about any nuclear threat this is about the exposure of a hypocrite.
    I cannot understand why persons would want to so conveniently forget some of the things that happened just eight years ago but would want to just let these persons walk back into parliament without accounting for some of the things they did that lack transparency.
    Mr. Lynch stop all the long talk and answer the questions.

    • When politicians huff and puff it is important to seek out information, ask questions. A question to Barney Lynch: Is Dr. Jean Holder your mentor? To what extent has his views shading yours? To those who don’t know Holder is the long time Chairman of LIAT.

  5. If there is a case, and yes there seems to be, then of course he must answer…..but to whom and in what forum? Or is this just more pre-election cackling to be treated with contempt?

  6. so let me get this right : we should disagree with not giving Redjet any money because of Noel Lynch ? come on Adrian, i expected better. This is the kind of fluff that BFP and Bajan reporter trots out from time to time.. the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Where is the substance ?

  7. Mr. Lynch has unnecessarily set himself up for these licks. He should follow the maxim: Silence is golden. To come out swinging wild about RedJet has served no purpose. It has only exposed him to ridicule. This is time for him to refresh himself and make a fresh start, but we seem to be getting more of the same.Unfortunately he is running the risk of doing some damage to his party which is now on the upswing. What inspires him? what is he trying to do?

    • How will Bizzy ‘deep pockets Williams react?

      There is campaign financing considerations to consider.

      Regrettably it is how the game is played in Barbados until we look at serious reform.

  8. runner,

    I think maybe you have missed my point.
    I don’t know whether or not taxpayers monies should be put into REDjet, because I do not have the facts to be able to judge. But I do know that Mr. Lynch is not qualified to be able to make that decision either, based on his track record and his economies with the truth.

  9. I am so glad it is Adrian Loveridge posting these comments because he has a lot of credibility in the tourism circles and is known to be an independent thinker.

    I notice that when david ellis speaks with liar-ed noel lynch he throws soft ball questions at him and allow him to spout all these BLP talking point and lies without pointing out to him the facts as Adrian loveridge just did.

    These are undisputed facts that are in the public domain yet the BLP sympathetic Nation newspaper and VOB current moderators (ie Hoyos and ellis) never seen to want to ask any of these probing questions to the past BLP administration.

    We will never get anywhere if we don’t operate with fairness as we seek to hold politicians accountable.


    Thank you!

    • The next general election will be interesting if for no other reason we will be able to revisit some of these issues. We know the traditional media will sidestep or have to be poked.

      @mash up

      Is that you? Good to see you about.

  10. I could see whay Barney Rubble don’t want to be in the same room as Adrian….LMAO……He is afraid that the truth will lock him up!

  11. @Adrian or anyone
    Who would you say is best poised to determine or communicate? Finance? Tourism? Commerce? International Business and Transport?

    RedJet is an “interesting” case for the way they came in, kept noise and then fizzled. Even the PM said he didn’t expect them to fold “so soon.” Added to that is the spectre of potential “back door” agreements and the volatility of the regional relationship regarding it.

    Like you, I’d have to see the economic/financial benefit to Barbados fo injecting taxpayers money. I was going to say benefit to CSME but that seems to be an “on pause” ideal. IT would be nice too if we could get some real figures as to its economic impact for the few months it was up and running.

    Best wishes to you and yours by the way. Sorry to hear about the closure. Fare thee well.

    P.S. Noel Lynch has to comment on something regularly. He knows he has to remain relevant and in the public eye given the battle he’ll be fighting when the bell tolls. Take everything he says in that context.

    • Noel Lynch does not like the blogs because it is said the comments about his role in CWC among other issues is the reason he did not procure that job in PR.

      Agree with Adrian that he has no credibility in these matters.

      LIAT was a failure under his watch, CWC was a failure, carving up Barbados in condominiums the jury is out.

  12. Why was all the talk to the Diaspora only airings..? You tell me before we jump at each other’s throats…Will help be coming ?Or just another impress show ? Barrack, CLICO,AX ?Before the blow for blow at this ‘illusioned nipple’…..each should reconsider….

    • Here is a reminder from our friend Pat Hoyos offer at the BSJ:

      Was this really our finest hour?
      Patrick Hoyos Published May 7, 2007

      “Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties, and so bear ourselves that if the British Empire and its Commonwealth last for a thousand years, men will still say, ‘This was their Finest Hour.’”
      —British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, speaking in the House of Commons, 18 June 1940, following the collapse of France, when many thought Britain would follow.

      For Britain, it was the withstanding of the fury and might of Hitler’s war machine that became known, as Churchill tagged it, as the country’s finest hour. For Barbados, at least in the mind of Tourism Minister Noel Lynch, it was hosting part of Cricket World Cup 2007.

      Last Saturday, Mr. Lynch said more than once that hosting some of the CWC games was Barbados’ “finest hour” and the effort had been a “huge organisational triumph.”

      Beware, the hyperbole is on the loose, and no famous phrases or sayings are safe.

  13. …. and just imagine the BLP present him to us as our future parliamentary representative after democratically electing him in the constituency.

    The party sees absolutely nothing wrong with this.

    I say shame.

    Shame on him, shame on the BLP.

  14. ahter bashing mr lynch for his alleged sins of omission amd commission, the question still remains whether it is prudent to put scarce tax dollars to prop up a private enterprise of which we know very little about and which clearly demonstated a lack of business acumen in trying to run an airline by speculative farepricing.

  15. What does this say about POLITICS AND POLITICIANS? ALL OF THEM ARE LIARS AND HAVE SMALL MEMORIES! DO NOT under any circumstances BELIEVE a POLITICIAN DLP AND BLP just figure out whose lies are less dangerous and vote for them.

  16. I have said before and say again.Redjet is very good for the economy of Barbados.Since the 70’s,Barbados has benefitted from the many Trinidadians who come here particularly during the summer and enjoy our tourist plant holidaying at Super Mare,Silver Beach,The Royal,Caribbee,Ocean View,Indramer,Blue Waters,Accra,Sunhaven,Sandy Beach,Benson Beach,Leeton-on-Sea, Rydal Waters among others, including private homes.In those days seat availability was not a problem as most US, Canadian and UK carriers overnighted at Piarco Airport and Barbados was the first stop on their return journey.BWIA operated wide bodied aircraft at that time.We are now at the mercy of CAL and they fly small Dash 8 aircraft,so that Redjet’s entry into the market can make a huge difference to our economy.All things being equal and due diligence being observed,forget Lynch’s self serving meddling and let Redjet fly.

  17. Unfortunatlely the person delivering the message has no credibailty and his silence would have been more appreciated political opportunism most likey would caused him to be beheaded

    • @enuff

      What is your point? Aren’t the statutory boards in the main comprised of political cronies? The fact that Adrian was fired maybe a credit to him.

  18. @ enuff

    but one can not help to see the political dimension of it all from which Noel is trying to reap political benefits! after all who is he to crticise his record as Min. of tourisim leaves much to be desired!

  19. The Same Former Minister once again nominated to contest the constituency of St.Michael South for the Barbados Labour Party.Chances are he will win the seat.Nothing has changed,and nothing will.Till we as a people get off our ass and send a clear message to the politicians this crap shall always obtain.This man’s nomination is an insult to any right thinking barbadian.Prodigal Son and the regular cast that post here may beg to differ,but need to be reminded that the actions of the participants of the CLICO master con do not in any way absolve Noel Lynch of the fall out that resulted from his pernicious reign in the ministry of tourism.Anyone that has the slightest doubt can check with the folk at the Barbados Advocate.

    • Gline Clarke’s rants are totally out of context. It is hard to imaging he is flying a kite so close to a general election.

  20. @ HH
    “Prodigal Son and the regular cast that post here may beg to differ,but need to be reminded that the actions of the participants of the CLICO master con do not in any way absolve Noel Lynch of the fall out that resulted from his pernicious reign in the ministry of tourism.Anyone that has the slightest doubt can check with the folk at the Barbados Advocate”…………………………………


    Good evening to you. I seem to recall that Noel Lynch presided over a good time for tourism during his tenure as minister. You all are so quick to buy AL’s rhetoric but I would take it with a pinch of salt, AL has a beef with Noel Lynch.

    Nevertheless, I did not agree that NL should stir up things right now, wait and see what the PM comes up with, then he should have spoken.

    HH, dont go there about low morale, morale in every government department is at an all time low especially in the BTA.

  21. @David,
    Agree 100%
    In most cases you look better being kicked out rather than staying in. My interpretation is that you weren’t towing the political line.

    Like GEMS, if I was a Director I would walk with my head down in shame.

  22. @ Prodigal
    I notice all D pampalams bound in hay just so to chop up Barney..Hamilton rise up like he had yeast. But them ain’t sayin nuttin….ac eat humble pie cuz what I go say here none of you barn birds CANNOT DISPUTE….all you try……Under Barney Barbados in 2006-2008 saw its best intake from the tourism industry …so hold these licks……HHill you cuz hush… wha you saying ? Barney may have been a bit adventurous …World Cup…but we all were taking on the unknown with best intentions….so if we saw only an increase of 47 long staying least it was an increase. The important thing we came out break even and with The now world class “Mecca”…another Capital Asset to add to the long list…a legacy this DLP will find hard to match come elections……wanna just like Ronnie…like nuff Jonesing.

  23. Page 3 of BarbadosToday. Owen Arthur is quoted as saying “Our land is God’s gift to our people”.

    wunna can go read the rest.

  24. @ Hants

    I read that and LOL almost die laughing. Now i must quote !…….The BLP would only fool those who want to be fooled!

    @ onions

    How much moneyt did BTA under Noel Lynch as minister of tourisim spent on the carnival Destiny which left the BTA with a defecit

  25. Nuff Booty…….ah mean nuff $$$…..wait ac you still able to split it on the pole…or you too old fa dat ? Nice video O…..I like the 3rd one @ the end that is D bomb..

  26. @ ole onions nuff like 14 million nuff and now noel got nuff say so about telling the govt what to spend on red jet. when he blew 14 million for a three week joy ride that went bust.

  27. @hamilton
    ( Are you willing to wager on those chances of NL winning??)

    Good one hammie la it’s unthinkable for a voter of sound mind to want to put a low life like Lynch back in the House. The man is proven liar.

    The Bees gine pay for underestimating Stuart.

    The BLP yardfowls like onion bags and prodigal will disagree but I dont see any BLP victory on the horizon. It will be a hard fought election but arent they all?

    Owen Arthur spoke a whole lotta tripe at a secretarial conference today.

  28. @Adrian Loveridge – jus because Barney made a couple of mistakes you are of the conclusion that he has not learnt anything from his experiences. I beg to differ, it IS because of those very errors he IS qualified to see a pink elephant a mile off, my advice would be to listen him. Redjet is a privately owned airline let the billionaires do their own funding and we all know the have the capacity to do this. They never wanted government involved in the first place now that they are in “trouble” they are looking for a bailout, let them use their money for this.

  29. @passing thru
    You said the Bees will pay for underestimating Stuart . I wonder who Sturat willl pay for undersetimating the electorate? Stuart ‘s behaviour and lack of good political savvy will be his own undoing and no Dem can undo what Stuart has so effectively done in the eyes and minds of the people . Is this to Barney;s benefit? The people in the South are saying no to Fumble.

    So far in this thread the question is should we say no to REDjet and the answer has been a perasonal attack on Lynch, the most successful Minister of Toorism there has been in Barbados. You dont change fhat by attawcking the person. Should we subsidise Redjet. Answer the question. I dont have all the answers but I think there should be point and counter point…Some peole seem to thionk that invective is the way to argue , . Well I dont know who that influences ecept the dull and the ignorant ,But i exxpect logic, figures and a cogent response to the information. For the record in the CWC the failure of Barbados was not about misplaced or misled priorities but simply because India dn Pakistan teams were knocked out early in the World Cup and the people from the Asian continent did not bother to come . Check the faces . Thionk on these things.

    • @true to form

      The significant investment in cricket for a small country was misplaced and lacked vision. Cricket is not a sport that will spur economic activity which is sustainable. Here is another example of going with the flow.

  30. @ ac
    The chance of plenty Indians coming to see India in the World Cup final was far, far greater than Brazilians coming to Barbados to kite surf, surf or tan. How much has the BTA spent so far on GOL?

  31. @enuff

    What is it about developing the Brazil market(one of the emerging markets) both for the tourists and trade possibility it offers compared with a one off CWC initiative you don’t understand?

  32. I shall say it again. The change of use of agriculture land to other uses is nothing new and is expected given the small land space known as Barbados, the need to maintain our standard of living and the quest for everyone to ‘own piece of the rock’.
    I find it comical that supporters of the DLP are finding fault with OSA’s statement when the biggest and most publicised sod turning event by the late PM was at a whole PLANTATION. What about Foul Bay?

  33. @ David
    India’s growth rate leading up to the World Cup averaged 9% and is now the 5th highest in the word at 10.4%, Brazil is ranked 27th with 7.5%. Need I mention the IPL? By the way the Brazilians going straight to Miami and New York!!

    • @enuff

      Indians are not known to be good tourist, they travel mainly to domestic and other Asian destinations.

  34. @ David
    They do for cricket though and at the time of the World Cup had money to spend, and that’s the point.

    • @enuff

      Understand your point but you seem not to be reciprocating. The Brazil market is developmental and we can agree or disagree with the decision whereas India was a CWC consideration only.

    • @oh really

      The comment was made in the context of them traveling to the Caribbean on a consistent basis. You should note that the point was made they travel domestic and Asian destinations.

  35. @true to form
    [Lynch, the most successful Minister of Toorism]

    You killing me ttf with your fruedian slip, Lynch was successful at Too-much shit. The man arrogant and corrupt. Ask George Payne who he turn into a cartoon when he announce he came to take the Pain out of tourism. He insult the country by refusing to sit in same room as respected citizen and hotelier Loveridge. His list of infelicities is endless. Tourism held its own in spite of Lynch not because of.

    @enuff- Brazil is a BRIC country one of the richest and fastest growing economies 4 hours from Barbados with 200 million people rapidly improving their standard of living? You must be on ecstacy to compare India with Brazil as a tourist market for BARBADOS.

  36. .@ blogger
    You need to speak to the facts when I said that Lynch was the best Tourism Minister ever I was speaking only to the facts Incidentally I do not know why you bring in a lot of crap about Lynch to prove nothing. Your personal views on Lynch have nothing to do with the facts. I remain unimppressed by the Ad hominem comments as they do not advance the argument. When you use invective to reduce a person . You are reducing yourself. Let us get to the facts Under the tenure of Lynch , there was a greater and more build of of hotel properties than under any Minister of Tourism, there were more ancillary services added , there were more hotels room built and more people travelled and the record is there . Brand name hotels were here and though I cant remember all the names I am sure Blogger you would know. Barbados’ boom and the talk of the years of plenty had a lot to do with the work of Noel Lynch. The reserves were the best but that fact you would not want to deny. You would want to praise a non performer like Stuart and not give Lynch his chops I wonder why ? Think on these things

    • @true to form

      It seems you are the running from the facts. How did Lynch diversify the tourism product? For his tenure our dependence never changed from UK, US and Canada. What about Heritage? We never attracted brand names to our market and this was in the good times. Let us debate the issues indeed.

  37. True to form,

    Just remind us which brand names he brought to Barbados. Hilton and Fairmont were here before him and Marriott was added after he left office.
    34 hotels lost over the last 20 years’ but more rooms added!
    You really have to explain that to us.

  38. @Blogger
    Context brother context. My reference to the Indians was solely about the World Cup not as long term tourists; and the fact that the I in BRIC stands for India means that they had money to spend.
    An improving standard of living and close proximity are not enough!! Again I ask what would make the well-off Brazilian visit Barbados instead of New York or Miami?
    What are the passenger loads on Gol nearly two years after the inaugural flight and how much has it cost the BTA, which is borrowing money to meet operating expenses?

  39. David,

    Heritage tourism was pushed for one. Investors then were going to luxury condos. Brand name hotels are difficult to attract in Barbados. The cost of doing business is a big deterrent and you all know that too.

    • @Prodigal Son

      You are therefore acknowledging the point that KPIs used to measure the sector cannot be done based on number of arrivals. Recent commentary clearly confirms that many of our hotels are over leverage, labouring with fatigue plant and cost of delivering is high…this did not happen overnight. We have to be dispassionate about the issues and left the political BS aside.

  40. @ David
    “President of the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Authority (BHTA), Colin Jordan, said he wasn’t at all surprised by the bookings. He said while it might be economical for large families, the BHTA had noticed the shift from luxury hotels to the more high-end villa segment of the market. We are not sure what it means as yet, but we have been seeing the shift . . . . We don’t know if it has to do with more privacy or more personalized services, where the staff at the villa are (their) staff, but the bookings do not surprise me at all,” he said.”

    Is the expansion of the villa sector deemed diversification?

    • @enuff

      The villa sector is diversification but you still must contextualize it.What is the mix we want to guarantee forex/employment levels etc.

    • @islandgal

      We need to hear what form government support will take. It is possible government may waive airport fees etc and support will not be cash.

  41. I understand that an announcement is to be made soon on investing in Redjet. (Should have been today, dont know if the man with the sore nipples is back yet). But should not government come to us and tell us where this money is coming from?

    Justin Robinson, are you going to sit there on the NIS board just to be called chairman and allow this inept government to raid our NIS funds? I know your navel sting aint bury ’bout here but have pity on us whose are. Have some balls and stand up to this government. Enough is enough.

  42. The money will come from us the tax payers another mini budget taxing our right to breathe. Stupse Why can’t Guyana, St. Kitts, and St. Lucia with those other islands welcoming Red Jet to become share holders. The PM really believes that he has an endless supply of cash to go promising everyone and anything financial help. I want help too but I am not prepared to suck pon no body bubbies.

  43. @islandgirl911: “The money will come from us the tax payers another mini budget taxing our right to breathe.

    Do you happen to know which expense line item(s) in the Barbados budget covers the costs associated with owning and underwriting LIAT?

  44. @ David

    “Recent commentary clearly confirms that many of our hotels are over leverage, labouring with fatigue plant and cost of delivering is high…this did not happen overnight.”

    I am borrowing your argument:The costs are high because we have higher taxes to support social programmes that the other islands don’t have.

  45. @Adrian
    I need to be informed about the brand name hotels which were canvassed and which we were told would come to Barbados after 2007 are they no longer interested? I heard names like Beachland, Four Seasons Marriotts and the others which I cannot recall now but I am sure Adrian you can tell us all about the names and why the present government could not get these same hotels to Bim.

    There were some things done differently, Gems was introduced to give impetus to the South Coast. The South Coast was a poor cousin to the West Coast and the money and the new plants built out in the South were supposed to give both and impetus and freshness as well as serve to cause owners to diversify retool and look for more things to attract tourists. The government is to provide the enabling environment for the private sector to make changes. There was talk of providing a funland at Greame Hall . You must tell me of the work of Lynch in the villa market and in the condo market. I do not have all the facts and I woould like to be enlifghteded on these areas. but I know he dd some outsanding work in these areas I repeat that tourism activity was most bouyant when Lynch was the Tourism Minister and no measly mouth attempt will take a way from the facts. Like it or lump it he was the best. Think on these things

  46. @ Observing …All I said was chances are.God knows I hope not.The point I sought to make had little to do with his performance as minister,but was intended to highlight the blatant abuse of the office.This man used the people’s funds to effectively stifle the part of the media that chose not to play ball with the Arthur government.Aided and abetted by the Arthur cronies at The Barbados Nation,Noel Lynch was able to choose the time and place to erect the soap-box from where he time and again would spout unchallenged drivel,that we were told to take as fact.The finished product known as cricket world cup proved to be a monumental embarrassment not only to him but to quite a few of the so called journalists in Barbados,who have recently discovered the art of checking facts with a fine tooth comb.He needs to take his money and go.

  47. I absolutely hate this son of a bitch, Arrogant pompous crook who think bajans forget his reign of black supremacy. Imagine if Barbados really use to provide justice for one and all where this cloak and dagger would be today. This is one man who will not get my vote in million years….

  48. True to Form

    The Barbados Labour Party took over a government and an economy from the Democratic Labour Party back in the day that was considered to be in crisis. Their fourteen years of reign took Barbados through the best and probably the worst of times. Owen Arthur and his ministers did yeoman service to their country men and their country. Yet for all their greatness it did not take away from the fact that many hold this “outstanding” party to be responsible for the biggest controversies and corruption scandals to hit this island in many a millenia. What sense it is that Noel Lynch was an outstanding tourism minister yet to be branded as a highly controversial figure with hint of boaster to his name.

    The BLP had the biggest opportuunity to show Barbados and the world what makes them such a robust and intellecutally indept party when the late Prime Minister asked Owen and his group: let us put our heads together in a show of solidarity to assist Barbados in their darkest economic hour. But what did Owen do, put his biases and personal agenda first before his loyalty to the people. Owen said you are the government you fix it. What if Owen had assisted; what you think would have happened. He Owen would have been immortalised and his Barbados Labour Party would have regain so much of their lost honour amidst the negative branding that is associated with this party. Such a show would have augured well for the BLP in any election since history would have been made.

    You chide Adrian Loveridge for speaking the facts concerning a minister who speaks with fork tongue. Go into his constituency and ask the many how this minister use to handle and speak to them. Ask them how regular he made himself available to hear their needs. It seems that they came over to him as a bother. He has also been described by many as: not the nicest or most humane person when it comes to the colour of his own kind.

  49. @
    I think some people like you believe that you must come with innuendo and piffal to attack someone personally without looking at the facts. Truth is not always popular but truth is always right. I dont know of any wrong doing which the former Minister has done . I think we have a Police Force which will investigate wrong doing. If you know and you are so sure you should give the information to the Police. That is not to say that wrong does not go undeteced. The DLP was supposed to lock up every one. Not a case. No information?. I think this is trying the patience and intelligence of Bajans . If you besmirch a person willy nilly dont tell me that we must believe your crap . If you have proof bring it. Embarrass the the lying , cheating and stealing politicians? This lame strategy will not work. I say look in the glass and you will see a reflection you do not like. Get thee behind me .

    I did not chide Adrian because of the facts he brought. I asked for enlightment in a number of areas with which he would be more familiar and the original point was should we put money in REDjet? The persons have not answered that .Some believe that attacking Lynch would answer the question I say we are more inteligent that that .
    I think you should give your self some home work. Go into the constituency and tell me what they are saying about Lynch and Stuart. The last I have heard is that Stuart works in the Constituerncy and no one sees him. He does not come around I doubt it.,but people say so.. You said Lynch is a boaster. Does he have something to boast about?. Lynch was the fastest Bajan in the 100 metres before Oba and you know these athletes! I dont doubt it It is sometihng call personality.It does not make him bad . He is full of selfconfidence and a desire to do well . Dont take away his right to feel important . Give your self a chance to shine. Think on these things

  50. @true to form
    Lynch was the fastest Bajan in the 100 metres before Oba and you know these athletes!

    Speaking of which the piece of shit Barney Lynch publicly cursed Olympic bronze medalist Oba not once but twice on the second occasion he brought Oba’s father to tears. True to form you are daft to come with rubbish and red herrings to defend Barney Lynch.

  51. True to Form

    Innuendo is an effective tool to use in the context of carefully concealed corruption. How the heck would you know about any wrong doing when you think your boy or maybe you are him has not done a single thing wrong. You are so darn typical in your loyalist ideals that your slip is showing. You want proof, lets get a lie detector test for you and the one you are defending. Other than that none of those whom you seek to defend are not that stupid to make an open show of their instant millionaire status.

  52. @Sunny
    I know you know that there is an Act concerning the proceeds of crime and every deposit above $10,000 must be accompaned by a form showing how you have come by your proceeds. If you have the fact I say lead the Police to them. It is not sufficient to repeat innuendo if you think so. You must know so. Put up or shut up. You cannot impugn a person character because you would like ssmething to be true. And to say that I only believe so because I am a loyalist is to suggest pomething about you. You think that crap would suffice. you would not want any one to smudge your repution but you think it is okay to do so to others . I dismisss you as an insipid,jealous o and crude person because you think that you can behave crudely under the guise of annynonity . Get thee behind me Think on these things

  53. True to Form

    Not sure of the jealousy you do speak. And the act concerning the proceeds of crime does not apply to high profile figures under our two sided justice system. My reputation can only get tarnish if I misrepresent myself in rogue behaviour. Talk all you like, if the one you seek to defend is the epitomy of integrity and uprightness then let him come foward and take a lie detector test. Other then that no proof can be brought to bare against those in public service who benefit from the public purse through a careful coordination of back handed deals. Why is the one that you seek to coninously defend so attacked by many in this country? I hide behind anonymity for fear of the evil that men do. Why do you hide?

  54. @
    I have never sought to defend any one I have said you cannot impugn a person’s character because you want something to be so . I say then and i say now bring the facts ,give the Police the facts. You offer a lame excuse that the Proceeds of Crime Act does not apply to everyone . How could this be true ? Then you move from there to back handed deals . I have no doubt that this is true. Recent evidence and dis closures would suggesat this and yet you have made no mention of this in this present and real climate. Talk of what you know and what has been revealed publicly. You want to tanish a person because it was and is fashionable to do so. Resist the very appearance of evil Think on these things

  55. @ Sunshine Sunny… The minute that True To Form took the route about we have a police force so let them investigate,you should have pulled the plug on the dialogue.That was the sign of a person beating a hasty retreat through a back alley in an attempt to avoid the facts.Noel Lynch is one of the most obnoxious persons in Barbados.His dealings with persons under him made a choirboy out of O’brien Trotman.Juxtaposed with the acquisition of his personal treasure trove at a speed that neither he nor Oba ever came close to during their athletic exploits,this man is just not fit to hold office and his party should be ashamed to put him back there.If the police force of which True To Form speaks had any teeth this would be of no bother to us today,for in prison even Mary Magdalene becomes Bubba’s Bitch.

  56. I rest my case. No facts no implication of wrong doing just an attempt to sully. If HH had anything he would have mentioned it in support of your claim . He goes to the personal invective. This is not fact this as a lame attempt and you know that will not get you any chops. I will not contest about who worked under Lynch except to ask you did you work under him?
    HH does not trust the forces. Let the people decide Go the the Bayland and spout your drivel. Think on these things

  57. “Like GEMS, if I was a Director I would walk with my head down in shame.”
    like clico, if i were a dlp supporter i would walk with my head down in shame at mr thompson’s alleged involvement in the clico scandal especially after exposing to all and sundry mr arthur’s purported impropriety in receivingcampaign funds from clico in the form of a $75000 cheque which he allegedly pocketed for his own use.

  58. @ balance
    if anybody that should be holding there head down in shame it should be OSA however he has made it crystal clear that his intentions and aspirations are of greater importance that whatever people say or think about that 75g . he is a shameless wart!

  59. “Prove it, former Minister, or is this just another puff of unsubstantiated hot air.”
    “but one can not help to see the political dimension of it all from which Noel is trying to reap political benefits! after all who is he to crticise his record as Min. of tourisim leaves much to be desired!”
    i must concede that former ministers do indulge in disengenuos and comical banter when they no longer hold office seemingly oblivious to theirown sins of commission when they are in office.Am i to understand that they should not thereafter comment on matters relating to previous responsibilities because of perceived incompetencies in their performances? then if that were the case, the dlp would not have been able to comment on any thing since losing the elections in 1971 for like Gems for example there were many laudable projects initiated by the dlp between 1961 and 1971 some of which like SEAFOODS LTD, CARICARGO, COAST GUARD STATION AT ENTERPRISE BEACH, CREMATORIUM AT WARRENS, CARSICOTT to name a few all came to naught at great expense to the taxpayer but the lack of success of which never prevented the dlp from offering critical comment on similar postions when in the way,if mr lynch owns a plantation or whatever that is , he would not be the first minister to do so. mr dacosta edwards former minister of health in the barrow administration was purported to own norwards plantation in stjames. mr vic johnson, former minister of comunications and works in the adams administration was credited with owning one in st lucyand mr morgan lived at one in st john. i went there with mr barrow.. so mr lynch owing a plantation is nothing new. by the way, the emasculation of agriculture commenced with the cutting up of the ruby and sandford estates in st philip under the barrow administration between 1961 and 1971 which is now populated by 99.9 % of DLP supporters of all persuasions mostly high negrocrats, and to a lesser extent middle and lower class.

  60. True to from

    You are evasive as you are and more than likely either the Lynch or a benefactor. Proof Proof Proof is your huff and buff only because you know what prevails in this country. A manipulation of justice. Since the one you defend is so innocent why then do you evade the question of the lie detector test. He is innocent so he should not have anyting to worry about,

  61. Sunny
    He who affirms must prove. I have never worked for or worked near Mr Lynch. I do not know where he lives or care. I care about you and your inability to prove anything and yet you would want people to believe your crap. You are vain. Talk of lie detector test!. Take it you should be able to say how you got your information. . You do not have the facts so you will go to the inane the stupidity and swiping.. Not a word od peoof form tanyone just slime from you. Get thee behind me / People like you wouldl say anything I have to think it is besause you are a lackey. Think on these things.

  62. true to form,
    Do not try to debate Dems, you cannot reason with them they have only one swan song, the Bees are thieves but they turn a blind eye to their dead king’s rape and plunder of CLICO with arch Dem Leroy Parris, Michael Lashley’s rape and plunder of the taxpayers of this country with NHC contracts. They are like a stuck record with this cheque written to Owen Arthur but have refused to tell Barbadians how much the dead king pocketed and put into FAMILIES FIRST account. No wonder the GANG of 11 is up in arms with Freundel as he is not about to beg for money to run any campaign. Mara better fess up and help the Dems!

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