A Dozen Facts On Four Seasons Barbados

Professor Avinash D. Persaud, Chairman of Paradise Beach Limited

Extracted from the Facebook page of  Avinash D. Persaud posted on Wednesday, January 25, 2012 at 12:44am (FB time). Persaud is the Executive Chairman Paradise Beach Limited.

  1. It is a 110-key, Four Seasons operated and managed hotel, at Paradise on the west coast, plus Four Seasons-serviced villas and apartments, in all occupying 33 acres.
  2. The project was suspended in February 2009, as a result of the global financial crisis and the attendant collapse of private sector investment. This challenging environment, in which private investors are often looking for extreme, short-term-returns and un-Barbadian exemptions from labor and environmental laws, stymied a handful of previous rescue attempts.
  3. If the project had failed, 300, largely Barbadian trade creditors would have been left with approximately $34m of debts being unpaid.
  4. Seeking to avoid the adverse economic and reputational consequences of default and buying time to find a long-term solution, the Government guaranteed a $120m loan from ANSA Merchant Bank. No Government cash was transferred but until the guarantee is fully released the Government will appoint 4 of the 8 Directors of Paradise Beach Limited.
  5. If the guarantee is called by ANSA McAl, all lands and assets of Paradise Beach Limited will then transfer to the Government. The lands were independently valued recently at $200m.
  6. At the centre of the long-term recapitalization plan, is sufficient funding to complete and open the hotel without depending on the timing of villa sales. This requires a further capital injection of $260m to complete and open the hotel. On December 9th, the Inter-American Development Bank’s private sector arm backed the recapitalization plan and obtained internal credit approval for an IDB-led syndicate of $180m. This is a commercial loan to a private entity, it is not a loan to the Government and is not guaranteed, though because the IDB is owned by Member States, the IDB requires no-objection from the Government.
  7. In obtaining internal credit approval, the IDB credit committee commissioned independent studies on the commercial viability of the hotel and comparison with similar hotels. These studies indicated the hotel was strongly commercially viable in the long-term. The project’s financials were further vetted by PWC, the global accounting firm. The Government and all potential investors have seen sight of these reports.
  8. The IDB-led syndicate will disburse $180m, once the IDB Board has ratified the decision of its credit committee  – expected shortly – and the project has spent $80m of non-IDB loan proceeds. $60m of this $80m will likely come from NIS Barbados. This investment will be purchased in Barbados dollars but will pay out in US dollars providing much needed diversification for the NIS. The remaining $20m is expected from Four Seasons and other investors in current discussions with the Company. Four Seasons has only ever invested once before in its 83 operated hotels at the stage of pre-investment – because they are an operator not an investor with investment funds, investment committees and investment professionals – and is a measure of their confidence in the hotel.
  9. There will be an initial 150 jobs within 4 weeks of disbursement to resume work on infrastructure and villas and this ramps up within 9 months of the disbursement to 1200 local construction jobs for 3 years when the construction of the hotel will commence. The 9 months will provide for the detailed drawings for the redesigned hotel to be completed and contractor appointed after the tendering process required by the IDB and ANSA is completed. There will be $700m of construction spend on the hotel and villas. On opening of the hotel there is expected 875 permanent local jobs and $100m of annual foreign currency receipts.
  10. The presence of Four Seasons will bring to Barbados the marketing and branding power of the world’s number one hotel brand, which will significantly complement the marketing budget of the Barbados Tourism Authority and extend the Barbados brand to new and important markets.
  11. IMF has not frowned upon the Four Seasons investment by the NIS, quite the opposite. The IMF is recommending the NIS diversify its assets more. Everyone would consider placing less than 2.0% of NIS investments in an investment that earns its returns from well-to-do tourists, not local tax-payers, is backed by the IDB – the world’s largest development bank – and Four Seasons –  the number one hotel brand- and vetted by independent experts, as prudent diversification.

44 thoughts on “A Dozen Facts On Four Seasons Barbados

  1. i beg vto differ and it is time we speak the truth. the project was not suspended because of fear of the so-called challenging environment by the investors but by their fear of the unstable investment climate arising out of the role of the BWU in having the chinese labourers who were supposed to work on the project as would have formed part of the agreement in the investment process and the consistent maligning of foreign related investment by supporters of the DLP on the call-in programmes in the run up to the general election sacrificing the project therefore on the altar of political expediency.

    • Why hasn’t Persaud been able to attract local private investors to the project?

      The Barbados market is said to be awash with money at the moment in a low interest rate climate.

  2. NO 11

    How can he say that very misleading and disgenuious on Persaud. The IMF has catergorically stated that it isUNwise for the Government to be digging their hands in the NIS fund and as now it is way over the allocated being allowed.

  3. 12. Persaud has received and continues to receives massive consultancy fees for attempting to revive a failed project, further adding to the unviability of the project.

    13. The private project failed and Government should have stayed away. Even if they had purchased the land and whatever half-finished construction there is in liquidation, and then attempted to restart the project, that might have been something. To keep this whole thing on life-support was the wrong decision.

    14. Persaud wants to use NIS funds because he has failed to find private investment, which is why he was hired. He has failed, but still gets his fees. Once he has snaffled the NIS funds, he will proudly boast on his CV how he personally succeeded in reviving this project, when in fact he was not required at all.

    15. Show us the PwC report if we are to be investors.

    16. Give every Bajan access to the hotel facilities if we are to be investors.

  4. David; I didn’t realise that Mascoll had a copy of the report. Is it available somewhere? Could you or any of the BU family tell us what mascoll had to say about it>

  5. This project can or will be used by the present administration to provide TEMPORARY employment to Barbadians later around ELECTION times hence Govt persistent interest.
    Investors abroad have different views….a return on investment (ROI.)..given the world recession…no tourists projected..poor ROI…no investors.
    Why then must Barbadians’ money from the NIS be used (risked) like a sacrificial ram if professional investors have given up on the project ?

    Answer: Elections

  6. “Give every Bajan access to the hotel facilities if we are to be investors.”

    Hmmmnnnn you mad or what? You think dem want black faces enjoying the same facilities as dem white people? Oh no brudder man dat will never be! Dem want wee money BUT dem doan want tah see wee faces! Wee gine be the silent investors, just how dem want it dem gine get it!

  7. Not in Favour of the investment by NIS. BUT we gotta try something, and Dr. Persaud seems to me to be confident it will turnout alright

  8. This is a bunch of academic hogwash! Really now?

    When we cut through all the bullshit, we see one massive effort to save a private sector project, protect rich investors.

    This is what will be left for the average Barbadian.
    1. More restricted access to the West Coast.
    2. Low-end hotel jobs
    3. Low-end jobs as cooks, gardeners and maids in the villas of the rich.

    Is this the Barbados of the 21st century that this economist is pushing down our throats? Please gimme a breakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!

    I’ll be damn if Bajans sit idly by and allow NIS funds to go into this project. This is unbelievable.

    Tell Avinash and all those hiding behind him that we need a modern state of the art hospital and heath care park that will benefit Barbadians and bring in visitors who are looking for health-care related tourism.

    The Four Seasons Paradise tourism model is dead, dead, dead!
    Look at Westmoreland and the failed Sandy Lane project.

    The rich boys of the 90s dont have the extra cash to play with.

    Change the model Avinash and stop being the WHORE of the rich boys in the City of London!

    You and your kind make me sick to the stomach!

  9. @”The project was suspended in February 2009, as a result of the global financial crisis and the attendant collapse of private sector investment. ”

    hahahaha…really? what about the $200 million that as invested and swandered? where did that go? why don’t u people tell the real truth.

    the thing is – the new owners now seem to be on the up and up, so u believe the NIS funds will go a long way but the real truth needs to come out, then people would understand. tell us where the crook is that took that money and fed investors a ton of of lies

  10. Did Mr Persaud explore other options and was turned down, hence the request for our NIS funds? If he is being paid so handsomely, why does he not work the overseas sources as that would bring in the foreign exchange Barbados needs. Just looking at our NIS funds make him seem lazy. This tells you something. Judging from the enormous cost to construct this project, I cannot see it being profitable for a long time.

    The Barbadians who have money to invest have no confidence in this government. Can you imagine how the Minister of Finance could tell such bold faced lies and dont say a word when he was called out. Mr Gonzalves and Skerritt say they never told Sinckler anything about investing in the Four Seasons’ project. They actually made him look like a damned liar.

    I have noticed that since NIS changed their mind after saying no to the project but also giving up 10 million dollars more than was oringinaly asked for, Phony Marshall has not been on the call in program. VOB also asked Justin Robinson to call the program on Sunday and he was a no show as well as Sinckler’s chief economic adviser. They cannot face the public to answer the concerns of Barbadians.

    This country is in serious trouble with the jokers we have leading it.

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  12. #10. What is the “Barbados Brand” Look MR.Avinash your PR job is solely self interset Barbadians have heard that all before only to see the end results go up in smoke. However mr. Avinash my question to you is what is going to happen to my NIS loan to Four seasons if the project fails> Next time you are on face book answer that concern.

  13. Hi ac

    You could believe this fellow bout Ameragadom. ?

    Look ac …the PM done commit so is useless talking, I have a strong belief that $ 40 million is for elections…they on the door step..Don’t get fooled.

    Dat Indian man just fronting

  14. @oleonion bag !

    He might be frothing but when i lend you my money i expect you to return it wid some interest ,no f …..ing excuses . so before yuh get it i believe yuh ought to say wuh gun happen if yuh can’t pay back. but dat is me. i might have to ask he dat question on he face book page,i already know that they already stole de kitty from de kitty jar.

    dat fellow is the modern day John de Baptist he been warning about Armeagadom here fuh a long time.

  15. @ Prodigal Son | January 25, 2012 at 5:23 PM |
    “This country is in serious trouble with the jokers we have leading it.”

    These are troubling times for Barbados!

    Everything I said about the 4 Seasons project is coming to a boil. The bullshiter has outlived his usefulness and needs to be given his walking papers. He has sucked millions from the pig trough and needs to be taken to market for a final solution.

  16. Goverment and the Private Sector must continue to Invest so as to stimulate the economy and bring the unemployment level down .
    This is not about emotions and Black and White, that is nothing to do with the present. This is about putting people to work, the NIS investment is a sound investment in the project.
    How many people that are talking have paid their Taxes and NIS contributions ???
    How many are talking out of ignorance because of a Computer and Internet connection ????
    Why do some of us comment on things that put us way in over our heads ???
    The biggest prospect out of all of this is putting Bajans to work, that is enought for me and the most important part in todays trouble World.

  17. invest don’t invest. what i find funny is that no one can say that this 4 seasons project will start back at this date and this time. i think if you know you want x million dollars, you should know when the project will start and at what time.

    i think that tell us a lot.

  18. Wow! I have not seen such emotions on any topic on BU since late 2006 when some bloggers were intent on getting rid of all the prodigal sons now licking their chops at a return to favour.

    One thing is clear, those with a political agenda will do anything to ensure the demise of the project less it make the DLP look good. To hell with what is best for Barbados. To hell with the jobs and the injection of foreign exchange which Owen Arthur today lamented has fallen.

    But they have forgotten the less than favorable management terms the NIS agreed to with Hilton International under their watch. Why don’t you give us the details on this Prodigal Son?

    I think we need to ask ourselves one simple question: Would the IDB be willing to lend $180 million dollars to a project that was not viable? C’mon people think about this. And another thing, IDB is a development bank, therefore the project must also meet the criteria of national development.

    Are you wingers and whiners so myopic that you cannot see the benefits to the country? Or have you been so thoroughly fooled by the politicians’ playing on the emotive issue of pension funds that you can no longer think for yourselves? They are playing you for their own ends.

    I found Arthur’s logic this morning quite odd, though not surprising, in that he lauded the economic potential of UWI while castigating the Government’s desire to see the Four Seasons project succeed. Did someone say politics at play?

    One would have thought that the development of these two entities should be converging. That the developers and later Four Seasons as a leading luxury hotel brand should be encouraged to offer internships to our young people from Cave Hill. At the end of the day the “graduates in every household” are going to need somewhere to work. They cannot all be self-employed. What a perfect partnership this could be.

    Of course, there are some who cannot see past the low-end jobs, but if we do not push and promote other possibilities then we will remain right where we are now filling the low end jobs.

    I am quite disappointed at the level of discussion here and nationally on this issue, but then I remembered how many people wanted to keep the old 1966 Hilton Hotel, which had clearly outlived its useful life and the demands of the 21 century travel market.

    It amazes me that Bajans still have to resort to name calling in the absence of hard facts in order to score a point. But then as I said in another post on this topic jealousy and envy are imprinted on our DNA. How many centuries will it take to rid ourselves of the crab-in-a-barrel mentality?

    • @Bajan to d Bone

      I found Arthur’s logic this morning quite odd, though not surprising, in that he lauded the economic potential of UWI while castigating the Government’s desire to see the Four Seasons project succeed. Did someone say politics at play?

      What Arthur said is that there seem to be no clear investment strategy for Four Seasons by the government. Not sure if he is against the project per se.

      Bear in mind Mascoll the chief spokesman fo BLP on economic matters suggested last week that the government should look at supporting Almond given its strategic importance to tourism product.

  19. If the Dems did not get with the BWU and demonised this project from the start for political reasons, who knows if things would have gone better? Remember the dead king and the duke of york lambasting the then government over chinese workers and work permits? But you see the dead king never thought that he would have won the general elections, so it all come back now to bite them. So do not bring your foolishness to me. I was on this blog for a long time too.

    Are you not resorting to name calling just because I have a different point of view?

    The peace of the Lord be with you.

  20. @Prodigal Son.

    You must learn to differentiate between calling your name and name calling.

    I did call your name. I asked you a question about the onerous management terms the NIS agreed to with Hilton International during your watch which you have typically sidestepped.

    And yes I well remember the ‘noise’ about the Chinese workers, but your diversionary tactics will not work with me. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    I don’t give two hoots about politicians and party politics my interest is Barbados. I take my blog moniker very seriously – Bajan to d Bone mate.

  21. @David

    This is what Arthur said this morning on Four Seasons.

    “On the other side of the road, there is the example of a Four Seasons hotel, with no clearly identified source of funding, that is enjoying and engrossing official support and official attention. And which is being promised hundreds of millions of dollars of financing by Government.”

    Not quite the interpretation you gave and perhaps my own conclusion that he is not in favor because of the juxtaposition against the economic potential of Cave Hill on which he spared no detail. An old debating technique to lead the audience to draw the conclusion you want without actually stating a position. Well it worked for me and for the audience this morning.

    Perhaps someone should ask Arthur what his position on Four Seasons would be if he held the purse strings. Would he let it fail and according to Persaud have Government own a $200 million piece of real estate in a buyers market – provided that one could find a buyer that is.

    This is something that few people seem to have considered. The Government is already in for $120 million. If the company can’t source the equity demanded by the IDB and the project goes belly up we will all be losers. Well us taxpayers and the rich and famous who already invested with the original developers that is. But hey we could look on the bright side – we would all own the last large waterfront property on the West Coast and swim in front of the rotting hoarding till our heart’s content. Woo hoo!

    • @Bajan to d Bone

      A better interpretation is that a general lack of information has dogged the Four Season project which has led to an erosion in public confidence.

      The use of NIS funds has been a hot-button issue again because of the lack of transparency in how the matter was handled.

      The fact that the NIS Fund itself has not seen it fit to make ready audited statements has not helped.

      There is the concern as well that the Four seasons project is poorly conceived given the changing global profile of tourism and the pressing need to diversify the local product.

      Of course this matter has been heavily politicized which has not helped the cause.

  22. We continue to “debate” Four seasons with little reference to the European and North American economies.

    Investing in Four seasons is an acceptable risk because of the construction jobs it will create over the next 3 years.

    Hopefully the world economies will be in recovery by then and there will be enough tourists to fill the Hotel and Villas.

    It is a big gamble but Barbados might get lucky.

  23. @ Bajan to bone
    In this present extremely volatile economic investor’s climate, sometimes past cost must be viewed as IRRELEVANT to future decisions.Horngret :Cost Accounting 2002.
    Such to your reflection of the $120 mil already invested..sometimes we must cut losses to avoid throwing good $$ after bad.
    So what… other opportunities will come..besides enjoying nice sea baths un- harassed are not bad as i do have some mornings in the still picturesque ambiance.
    If Govt is not satisfied with my offering…there are risk specialist who pay more attention analytically to helping with such decisions ..and should be involved.What I fear is that the $40mil is already air marked for other things..hmmm

    Aside:See what I told Scout…teachers are true professionals, we must respect them.

  24. @chocolate City Hussle – I am quite sure but I could be wrong but it was US$200 million of the mega rich villa owners that was swandered and do we really believe that government is picking any of the Board members, those members are going to be chosen by the mega rich villa owners themself then government would front them and say we chose them utter folly. The Villa owners must sign a contract giving them the right to rent their villas to TOURIST ONLY for 15 years. Chris Sinckler was not lying, he only spoke out secrets, it is the the dominican and vincentian that lying. To Mr. Persaud, that project failing had nothing to do with the world economic situation at the time but more because of greed by the major investor taking funds from the property owners and buying out the minor investors, plus paying extermely high salaries to the 100 plus ex-patriates employed on the project, paying high bonuses, high rents, renting luxurious vehicles, plus stupid benefits. Some of the so-called contractors on the project were not known by anyone.Mr.Persaud tell the truth you are lying, let Bajans know what is going on now.. I believe it is a good investment but you are holding bck too much information and mking up stories at the same time

  25. If what is said above is true, why then is the government getting involved and using our NIS funds to prop up multi millionaires? Something is not right with this project, we are not being given all the information. My fear is that our NIS funds are being dumped into a black hole.

  26. Yeah Prodical….a whole lot of nonsense goes on for years with the so called tax payers money.They ready to put people in Court too.. when you a small man owe lil taxes. But when they owe you…boy is a different ball game.You ever see a cheque coming out the VAT office “with dispatch” or for that reason otherwise ?
    So much taxes and levies and all sorta dog…If people believe $160 million is all that gine get “dispatch”…think again nuff more going disappear,, remember,this is the last calf before election and the (family) got to get feed first..

    • Can anyone blame the public for not believing in this project?

      With an election looming the government has obviously has high expectation of the project being mobilized in time to create some jobs.

  27. Elections or not, jobs must be created. That is why I think the project is a worthwhile gamble.

    This will a long difficult recovery for Europe and North America and we have to hope that 3 years from now people will be spending on travel.

    If not Four seasons government will have to invest in some kind of capital works program. More roads or even a man made island.

  28. One question for Persaud when is Four Seasons restarting youve given a dozen restart dates in the past three years. As a supporter of the project and of the NIS investment in it give us a firm date and stick to it.

  29. @Hans – how many jobs and what class of jobs do you think Barbadians will get, with the first project the had over 300 foreigners working nuff nuff chinese and english people.Government should be square with us let us know more about what is happening with the NIS, injection since it is our money, we do have an interest in it so we have the right to know

  30. @ Visionary…….touche’>>> the family (DLP) got to be fed first>>>that is real class…. nice election retort.

    @ Hants …..we easily see your political persuasion but boss does it make sense to employ a man for 6-8 weeks just for a vote?Besides not even this administration believe they are going to be there to follow thru with all these promises made(AX) come 2013.

    @ paddle ball
    Persaud —-The time line will probably look like this>>>>>>

    The starting date is not really important ……the money just has to be voted for first and sent to the project >>>>hopefully by then .. elections will be called….Govt changed….like Hard Wood Co.Ltd ….nobody know where the money gone…no files can be found…… sounds familiar ? Food time

  31. old onion bags wrote “we easily see your political persuasion but boss does it make sense to employ a man for 6-8 weeks”

    All the regular BU contributors know I am a DLP supporter.

    They also know that creating jobs is important and building Four seasons will take 2 to3 years not 6 to 8 weeks.

  32. @ Hants
    Yes yes they promised that when it started…….
    so what happened since? Run out of money…am I on the ball so far ?
    Now please Mr.PM…could you inject some more money ….Ok here is $40 million…elections called…your party inevitably loses…..workers with high hopes….Four seasons…..on back burner again….wait what happen to the $40 million?..it disappear like HardWOOD.

    Hants boy read everybody comment especially David’s…..WE SMELL A RAT ..not jobs

  33. As someone who has holidayed in Barbados regularly, starting back in 1979 and as recently as last year, I can tell you that few regulars at Sandy Lane or the few other hotels that approach the standard of Sandy Lane are going to rush to start booking at Four Seasons as visitors tend to be creatures of habit. For example, I have paid a small fortune for my family to stay at Sandy Lane 8 times in a row and wouldn’t consider staying anywhere else in Barbados.

    I know two of the Four Seasons villa buyers, one of whom has told me that he is suing for his money back and that certain others feel the same way.

    Having said that there is little chance I would try Four Seasons, I also don’t intend to return to Barbados until something is done about crime levels. The police perhaps need motivating. Are they paid enough? Are there enough of them? I already know one lady whose husband was shot. I’ve read about lots more…that is when it gets published.

    Tourism is important to the Island and a welcome should start at the airport. British tourists will increasingly stop visiting Barbados if they are made to feel unsafe or unwelcome.

    By all means, attack me and insult me but I’ve personally spent many hundreds of thousands of dollars holidaying on your Island and this has now stopped. I’m not alone. Every time a UK newspaper such as the “Daily Mail” reports on serious attacks against tourists, you lose trade……the PR is a disaster. Be tougher on crime and train the rude staff at the airport.

  34. The Best place to have held yesterday’s festivities should have been @ Four Seasons Batts Rock…..YES…. it would have been the best reminder of ..”We know who we ARE..” by the way where is the dear Professor ?

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