CBC Multichoice Limited In Choice

Submitted by Charles Knighton


Of late, I find it impossible to follow any CBC Multichoice television programmes due to the constant interruptions attributed to “technical difficulties” or “cable signal problems”.  Though never acknowledged, the bane of Barbados, the inability to properly maintain the system is probably the culprit. Proper maintenance in Barbados (think Government buildings such as the Garfield Sobers Gymnasium, roads, QEH equipment, the large number of buses and Sanitation Services trucks off road) is chimeric.  I don’t know if this is due to poor technical training or the fact that only about 30% of workers, according to a recent study, have sufficient motivation to properly execute their duties. I do know that all the long talk of Barbados being considered among the ranks of Developed Nations will never come to fruition when basic functions present such a challenge.

In closing I would suggest CBC closely examine the remarkably consistent operation of its Billing Department, which never suffers “technical difficulties”  when demanding payment for its “service”.

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  1. Another thing that ticks me off with Multichoice is when you go to check what programs are playing on a particular channel, the display usually only shows the next program ahead of the one you are watching. So say at 7 o’clock in the evening you sit down and go to check if there is anything worth watching on your favourite channels that night, or you want to check what time a particular program you know is playing that evening might be scheduled to air, you can only find out the scheduled programming within the next hour of the current time and nothing beyond that. What kind of sh1te is that?

  2. @David
    re. why maintain the service

    Two of us living in the house have close ties to Canada, and we like to be able to to watch the Canadian news and current affairs programs from the Toronto CBC station as well as some of the other entertainment offered on the Toronto CBC channel provided by MCTV. When I checked with Direct TV, they said they didn’t carry any Canadian channels. That was the main reason that prompted us to pick MCTV over Direct TV.

  3. Why not access via the Internet?

    Convenience. Just like to plonk down in front of the idiot box with a channel changer and watch without having to wait for video to download and buffer periodically on our 1Mbs link. Maybe now that higher internet speeds are being offered that might change.

    • Isn’t Net3vu engaged in a court fight?

      Question, if LIME id delivering poor ADSL service how can the same infrastructure support this initiative at a quality level.

  4. I suspect that LIME , on applying for the service,is going to advise an upgrade. I was one of those who had a months free trial of their 8 mb ADSL service. I could not detect any noticeable difference from the supposedly 2 mb .

  5. Jeez, I live in the U.S. and thought our services were bad (sometimes fair). Reading the article and comments make me think I better be thankful for small favors. On second thought, screw that, I’m still dissatisfied. I saw some expert on TV recently saying that Korea (yes Korea) built it’s network with fiber optics and is 100 times faster (yes you read that right) than the U.S. Very sad for a country that keeps thinking they are number 1 in all things. Good luck to you all.

  6. as is said so many times / is we culture.!!!!!!1
    to be backward and lame brained.
    why not wuck up instead.

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