Au revoir

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The Caribbean has lost another music Icon.  Jeff Joseph known for his intoxicating  music  cadence-lypso in the local Creole. I remember visiting Martinique and Guadeloupe  many years ago and dancing to the rhythmic beat of Grammacks.  His music will live on forever and condolences to his family. Au revoir Jeff,  Bon Voyage et Beaux Reves.

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  1. This music too sweet. To be in heaven now with the likes of MJ, James Brown, Teddy Pends, Bob and Pavarotti, John Lenin and so many others, wow. Heaven must be a beautiful place indeed …

    But then I think of these questionables like Zoe who have already booked passes and now I am not so sure …

  2. I don’ know David, I see Vic Fernands and Starcom (first time I tuned in in months) pushing a reunion of some entitiy called “Ivory” … Is this one of our own artistes … with a name like ivory? Should I have known this? Wah I don’ in any way feel a connection ..!

  3. “We know of the North American artistes better than our regional artistes.”

    David you are absolutely correct! Jeff and his music kept close to their African roots. I think it is gross ignorance on the part of Radio Stations in the Caribbean not to have introduced this GREAT man to their audience.

    Jeff’s music has been the staple diet of many Franco Caribbean and African countries. If there is one way of integrating all Caribbean people is through its music. It is ridiculous to insist that local stations play only local music and not regional music. We must have a regional approach for further development.

    Inter island Tourism is the key to breaking down barriers and perceptions. How many of you have visited St. Lucia, Martinique, Dominica, Guadeloupe , Marie Galante, Les saints? I am guilty of not revisiting some of them due to the high cost of travel. I plan to change that and make the effort. I do hope we get a ferry service soon to these islands at least to St. Lucia where I can hop onto the ferry service there and go up the islands.

    For those of you who have never heard of this Great man you have missed so much, this is an opportunity to get to know him.

  4. @islandgal

    Heard Admiral boasting about posting info on his fB he possibly got it from BU or on the Empire Strikes Back FB page where it was posted : – )

  5. @ David

    Always amazes me how you could be in all of some many places at the same time …! You don’ wuk nowhere …?

  6. @ islandgal246 | November 24, 2011 at 8:36 AM |
    You should change your moniker to “de island(s)gal”.(LOL!)
    Afro-Franco-Caribbean culture is one of the sweetest joie de vivre.
    Nice food and drinks of a gourmet’s delight, sweet rhythmic music (cadence and zouk), and beautiful people with a sexy accent.
    Jeff Jo, there is a star in the sky awaiting your arrival!
    “Espérons que vous avez bon voyage!”

  7. @ Islandgal246…..Respect due and a big thanks to you.I used to love that song(mi deba) but never knew its name. I had a copy of ou pa bon but had forgotten about it, to the part where the name Grammacks did not ring a bell. Also I did not know of Jeff Joseph. Now you are sending me to Youtube,with the chance to relive my times in the Liberty and the other dance spots.Thanks again.

  8. Thank you MillerA and Hamilton Hill, it is a very tragic situation how Barbados has become isolated in the Caribbean and much of that has been due to our own fault. Our myopic view of the region must change. We have lost our identity while the other islands have developed theirs with their music. I admit that many of these island shared a common cultural threat and language so it was easier for them to bond culturally.

  9. @islandgal

    Actually you should consider that because Barbados is so ‘cosmopolitan’ i.e all and sundry visit/live in Barbados, our children freely access foreign universities etc, a strong tourism product we have become meek to cultural penetration.

  10. David many of these island’s children attend foreign Universities too and have a strong Tourism product as well. Our main market for Tourism is the UK 95% while those island have a larger mix of European Tourist than us (French, German, Swiss, Belgian etc). Our haughtiness has been our stumbling block. Tell me why wasn’t Jeff Joseph ever invited to perform in Barbados? Many unknown and has been artistes have performed here and he who lived 45 minutes away by plane was ignored? To tell the truth we are culturally backward!

    Here is one of his most recent performance with his other band Volt Face. This man sold out Stadiums and was so loved. Do you know that at one time the French islands love the Bajan musicians and couldn’t get enough of them?

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