0 thoughts on “LIME’s 4G Advertisment Offensive To Women

  1. 4G isn’t possible yet! It’s only a theory….

    It’s only because the phone people were quarelling so bad that the Standards for 4G was lowered…

    Nobody has a real-time acheivement of 4G yet. So people shouldn’t be calling it that. Straight.

  2. What do you think the photographer who took this pic saw?
    Do you think the model was embarrassed when it was taken ( I am assuming a male photographer, If not male, then all female technical production staff).

  3. Lime is only following the example of very poor taste that passes for advertising. It seems as though the persons who come up with local advertising campaigns always have their minds in the gutter. They somehow tend to think that sex is the main way to sell a product. There is an ad for one of these road rescue add- ons for the insurance companies where the lady who is rescued throws herself at the guy who came to her assistance: she sounds very slutty. They are devoid of imagination: someone came up with a polite pig campaign remember?

  4. I’ve seen worst. This doesn’t seem offensive to me. In fact I would think most people wouldn’t notice it, well at least around my age.

  5. I was going to say the same thing, UNTIL, in the same paper I saw the article “The Naked Truth”

    Barbados will continue to get what Barbados “generally” wants.

  6. Barbados already getting “skinout” with LIME’s exorbitant rates so they might as well start showing the effects of their continual rate increases in a smart way – she’s depicting how Bajans getting “skinout” while her smile depicts that of LIME when we pay our bills…

  7. Who is degrading who? Dont you think women should have respect for themselves and stop allowing these advestising agencies as portray them as sex object ?

  8. For once i agree with CASWELL! makes lot of sense! a lot of the time what is being presented to the model by the agency as how the ad is going to portray his or her is not true, Unless she has proper representation when before signing the dotted line most of the time the ad agency hid the details and the model believes what she is being told. until when she /he sees the finish product and is repulsive by then it is out for the public to scrutinize and demoralise them.the young women are what the ad agency targets because SEX always sell.

  9. Women behave yourself..The women in most of the sexual ads are YOUNG ! GULLIBLE and NIEVE. Most of them really does not understand the marketing business and advertising. The ad agencies are the ones to blame they have hidden agenda which they do not exposed to their vulnerable and unsuspecting client. Unfortunately their clientele are young and impressionable women who see the money as quick and easy and a way of getting a foot in the modelling door not realising that most of the time they are being used sexually to make big bucks for a big company whose only interest is to sell their product in a way which would appeal to the public interest as portrayed in the above ad.

  10. @ ac | November 19, 2011 at 6:50 AM |
    “Unfortunately their clientele are young and impressionable women who see the money as quick and easy and a way of getting a foot in the modelling door …………
    not realising that most of the time they are being used sexually to make big bucks …………. ”

    Can a similar analysis bee made to the massage parlours exotic dance halls, and houses of prostitution (brothels) in Barbados?

    Why do you try to portray these women as gullible, stupid, easily influenced? Remember these same women have been educated, “churched” and socialised in a similar environment as their male counterparts. What these actions represent are business decisions and transactions.

    Go and criticize your fellow DLP pimps for selling their integrity and reputation to Leroy!

  11. @Miller

    why do u have to introduce politics into every topic. The blog immediately above yours does not have any political underpinning.

    Lets act like grown ups.

    • Sex has always been used to sell things.

      What is disappointing is that LIME is one of the largest and most prominent companies in Barbados and the Caribbean, it has a corporate responsibility to the communities in which it operates.

      Where we should place the microscope is on the executives at LIME where the final decision rests for delivering the ad to market.

  12. @ uneducated | November 19, 2011 at 8:10 AM |
    It’s not only politics; it’s about hypocrisy!
    Why criticise women for doing what they want to do? No body is putting a gun against their heads. Women are free human beings and have the inalienable right to do what they want to do as long as it is not against the law or violating the rights of others Or is this too hard for you to understand? Prove me wrong that women have the right to do what they want to do? Or do you think they should seek approval from men before proceeding?
    The reference to CLICO (presumably a topic you would like to see buried) was to show up ac’s double standards and hypocritical forked tongue.

    No you act like an educated grown up where the rights of women are concerned!

  13. @Miller

    Women and men have the right to chose, but sometimes we do not see the whole picture and that is why oftentimes we need to step back and evaluate the situation.

    Sometimes one thing is said in negotiation and and if you are not smart to read the dotted lines you can be tricked. Then again, do u exspect an uneducated barbadian like me to understand your logic. I only went to primer school, if you know what that mean, and please dont pick a fight with an uneducated dunce like me.

  14. @ uneducated | November 19, 2011 at 8:39 AM |
    Confession is good for the soul (LOL)! But you are not confessing to your priest. Your God knows what’s really in your heart and “brain”!
    I too went to “prima’ school where “Dan was a man in a van”.
    But I also went to “Seventh Standard’ where one was taught about breach of contract, duress, and invalidity of contracts involving breach of laws of public decency.
    I think David’s thread sums it up neatly. Criticism should be leveled at the highly paid executives at LIME (who stand to benefit the most from the ad). Don’t cast the most blame on the ad agency or the woman! Sounds like “the woman made me do it excuse”!

  15. I would like to pose a question to the executives at LIME and other companies that exploit women and young girls in their advertising. Would you approve those ads if the women or girls involved were your daughters, wives, nieces or mothers.

  16. @ Caswell

    The Executives at Lime must be chortling with glee, the ad did what is was supposed to do i.e. get eyeballs to view and tongues to wag which probably means more sales, more plans to upgrade and the bottom line more money. If it was a stodgy phone we wouldn’t pay it a second glance. Some times Ad agencies s take the easy way out and what is easier that a young nubile female with a strategically placed banner over her primary assets (why do you think bikinis are so popular? We all know what’s under there but we are free to let our imaginations run wild).

    Some of the best ads are those with a bit of comedy e.g. they could have put two kids with the last generation of phones connected with a string ( as in the tots of old) and the new generation of phones showing someone texting or speaking with someone in a far flung country.

    But what do I know I’m not an Ad Executive.

  17. If the topic is about dog poo millerb would interject politics.The truth of the matter is that the ad agency use lies and deception to lure these girls into signing the contractual agreement. Nobody wants to been seen globaly as a slut or a whore but the agencies and companies don,t care about the person involved as long as the finished product paints a picture of what the public can identify with.that being sex

    • Perhaps to understand what the agency is thinking here, it is about exuding energy (using a pretty female) to appeal to a segment who will be attracted to the services which 3/4 G support i.e. streaming video/movies etc, working with social media and the like.

  18. @ ac | November 19, 2011 at 11:17 AM |
    “Nobody wants to been seen globally as a slut or a whore but the agencies and companies don’t care about the person involved as long as the finished product paints a picture of what the public can identify with that being sex”.

    So how do you view Rhianna ? Do you see her as a slut or a whore, too? Is she a vulnerable little Bajan girl who has been deceived and tricked into doing the things she does? Just asking your view on this one or don’t you see the relevance? Be careful! Hypocritical analysis test at work here, you know!

    See no politics, this time! Just thinking a bit outside the political box! No “ad” hominems in reply please! Get the irony of the “ad”?

    PS: When the topic is about dog poo I know you will be around dropping it so I have to come along with the poo scoop and bucket along with the detergent. (Right bow wow!). Like the dogs in the George St. kennel barking dogs seldom bite! Dog bite “advertising hominem” you !

  19. Why criticize LIME? Most of the large corporations have beautiful young ladies marketing their produce on TV and print media. Every year Banks has the Banks Calender Girls and they are ALL semi-nude. There is going to be a Men’s calender out next year, should they be criticism too?

  20. Miller
    We would criticize this young lady but glorify Rihanna for being much more vulgar than her. Isn’t Rihanna the Youth Ambassador, So shouldn’t the youth see her as their mentor? I saw a police officer a few days ago reprimanding a young school girl who had just use the C-word to one of her friends, my first thought was,”but our Youth Ambassador says it’s the norm in Barbados.” I didn’t hear the minister remark on RihaNNA’S COMMENT.

  21. The Scout | November 19, 2011 at 12:38 PM |

    Good point, Scout!
    Just shows the depth of hypocrisy in this place! From gambling to prostitution and homosexuality. A place riddle with child abuse, domestic violence, single parent families and commercialised religion.
    Bajan women should now be waiting with baited breath for this “equal” opportunity to ogle the opposite kind.

  22. Unless we live in a bubble there is no escaping ads like these, if they are not in the Barbados media or Billboards there are bound to be in the magazines or TV shows that we are exposed to everyday. There are many clever ads that don’t use sex to sell phones, cars or appliances but some advertisers take the cheap alternative.

    What about Benneton, has anyone seen their latest ads?


  23. Quoting mackie | November 18, 2011 at 9:25 PM | “What do you think the photographer who took this pic saw?”

    Ya poppit the photographer saw a pair of plain black waist high “bingo bags”

    The picture was photo shopped too. The woman’s face says mid-thirties, and the rest of the body is a much younger person.

  24. Rihanna has very little say so in what she does she has to play by the rules in the industry or else she fails.. I don’t view her as a slut or a whore unfortunately it is the way the business is structured and those who have invested in her needs to see a handy return profit wise . Rhianna is now a Product and she is being handle as such because that is what the public WANTS.

    • Rihanna has very little say so in what she does she has to play by the rules in the industry or else she fails.. I don’t view her as a slut or a whore unfortunately it is the way the business is structured and those who have invested in her needs to see a handy return profit wise . Rhianna is now a Product and she is being handle as such because that is what the public WANTS.

      Beyonce is an artist of similar style, hugely successful and has not ‘skin-out’ like Rihanna has to date.

      In fact a big difference with Beyonce is that her mother has been by her side for most of her career.

      Go figure.

  25. Times changes People attitudes and expectations the marketing industry they are well aware of that and they have to up their game and like i said before they must produce a product which the people demands and one which sells Beyonce in her time was seen as risque and provocative now as she gets older her audience which are people of her age have become a bit more conservative and those are the ones she targets . Rhianna on the other hand has the Younger crowd and that is her target audience and those are the ones who buy her albums.

  26. @ ac | November 19, 2011 at 7:56 PM |
    “Rhianna on the other hand has the Younger crowd and that is her target audience and those are the ones who buy her albums.”

    And who will be buying the 4G phones (iphones and all that)? Men only or young liberated educated women from the land of Lesbos?? Just asking, OK? Don’t impute any political “MAM” motives now, OK?

  27. to set the record straight . I do not endorsed the way she is being exposed to the world. However i empathise with her because it might have been her lifelong dream to become an entertainer but unfortunately along with the fame and fortune she has had to surrender some of her morals . it is like being caught between a rock and a hard place . yes we are all entitled to be critical of her, but the question should be what would we do if we were her.The answer might seem easy from the outside looking in. but being in the inside would be another answer for it is there where the belly of the beast lies, MONEY!

  28. Miller all of the above mentioned in your comment are Limes potential customers and mostly the younger audience. because they are the ones would who use the phone the most. Haven.t you noticed that the ad is appealing to men and youth. Why do you think they choose a younger woman and not a seventy year old man or woman to market their product. Now go find your poo shovel and start digging BOO! luv you!

  29. People do not be fooled. let me explain osmething to you. LIME may have very well upgraded parts of its network with elements of 4G nodes, but let there be no doubt that its a faux 4G. Let me explain further

    In order to go from 2G to 4G requires massive wireless components upgrade, as we say int he industry, srious fork lift upgrades. I doubt very seriously if there was a complete upggrade to 4G.

    The other real issue here is that even if they upgraded the complete network to 4G, again, I doubt this, consumers will never realize this.

    Verizon has deployed 4G across their network. When you go into there stroes or even online you will see that there aare two types of phones, regular handsets and 4G handsets which are expensive. So, until LIME offers 4G handsets you will never realize the benefits of the network.

    Expect to see either an increase in rates and service charges, or LIME dropping the cost of handsets to offload the backlog of older handsets before offering the 4G handsets.

    As a furhter verification of these statements here use your existing phones to go online and see what internet speeds you are getting form your handsets and you will realize its the same old snail speeds.

    Another clue. If you open any base station from any manufacturer, or any handset that are using 4G here is what you will be sure to find regardless of the brand. You will find chipsets and cards with RUNCOM inside. Runcom along with Dr. Hatim Zagloul collectively own all of the patents for the underlying technology in 4G (OFDM & W-OFDM). SOme of the wireless technologies using OFDM aare WiMAX, DVB (Digital video broadcast- in vehicle video similar to what you might see in some taxis in Europe, and the almighty LTE (Long Term Evolution)

    If LIME really wanted to show the market something they should have gone to LTE.





    You can pose your questions to Dr. haatim Zaghloul on his site or at hatim.zaghloul@gmail.com

  30. THe only 4G handset that I saw was the GalaxyII. Blackberry does not have any 4G handsets on the market yet.


    Correction to earlier post- Dr. Hatim Zaghloul.

    • C. Malcolm Grant created a doc.

      Nov. 19, 2011 Letter To Mr. Alex McDonald…
      Dear Mr. Alex McDonald:
      Re: LIME advertisement, with a lady in a yellow dress promoting the launch of your new 4G service.
      I am writing you in your capacity of the Managing Director and Marketing Manager of LIME Barbados.
      I find this advertisement utterly repugnant and blatantly disrespectful to ALL of our women, inclusive of our mothers, daughters, wives, sisters, step-daughters, grand-mothers, aunts, nieces, cousins and our god-mothers.
      This advertisement lucidly shows how far LIME and its management are prepared to go in seeking the almighty dollar. I fail to believe that the specific placement of “4G IS HERE” in this advertisement is merely coincidental.
      I am here by appealing to you in your current capacity with LIME BDS, to immediately withdraw this picture. Your failure to comply with this request by November 27, 2011, will leave me no choice but to actively solicit the support of like minded local, regional and international minds and organizations.
      Thanking you in anticipation of your affirmative and expeditious compliance.
      C. Malcolm GrantFounder of SOHEECC: Members of SOHEE

  31. All jokes aside. LIME should pull this ad and replace it with one that depicts speed.
    F1 car cornering at 4Gs while a message is sucked into the afterburners of an F16 jet.

    Formula 1 cars or fighter jets “pull 4 Gs and more.

  32. This ad was drawn to my attention when a male colleague with a broad smile,held up the newspaper on friday and blurted ” Digicel 4G or Lime 4G? I gine wid the hot leggy lime 4GV”
    I want to know why a muscular, male, with the same pose, wearing a very short tight pants could not have been used to convey the message since the ad is targets young businessmen, who, statistics claim are more technologically inclined to purchase such an upgrade?
    Why is it that women have to used to sell goods when men are just as attractive as women?
    Lime, what message will or can that ad send to young women and young men in our society? Lime, I cry shame on you. For after raped by poor customer service and our hard earned cash monthly you have now sought to prostrate evidence of your continued criminality in the newspaper.

  33. Doesn’t the young lady look happy? A big hulla-ba-lue was made about Dub fete posters for this very same thing!
    Dub fetes have girls dressed like this and alcohol and girls go together. But what does 4g and a woman in a short dress skinning out have in common?
    We should ask the model herself if she knew what the outcome would be of the photo shoot! Just to see if she was taken advantage of.

  34. @ Tai Chung…

    Absolutely correct!

    Bajans aren’t realizing this yet! And a good thing too…I didn’t want to change my phone just yet!

    LTE should’ve been down here a year ago! It’s just that the owners, who want more money, aren’t willing to shell out that kind of cash for upgrading the system. They’re not even rolling out HSDPA properly yet…and this is 3G, NOT 4G technology!


  35. Hspa+ ( what lime offering ) shouldn’t be consider 4g. Only the latest spec of LTE and 802.16m (wimax) are true 4g but they don’t exist yet for commercial operation. as too why they can get away with calling it 4g just think of 802.11n fiasco. we have devices as slow is 150 mbps claiming to be true 802.11n so too can a slower HSPA+ device claim to be 4g compliant.

  36. A movie producer once said that the audience in a cinema are more bloody minded than the producers.In a script,for example, he only intends for the assailant to scare the victim,but many in the audience can be heard shouting “Kill him! kill him!” Its our minds which have taken the knickers of the partially hidden girl in the Lime advert. If she was dressed in a skimpy bikini, showing the very same frontage, we probably would not have given her a third(?) look.

  37. Shouldn’t we be also complaining about the many young men walking about with the crack of their arse at the door like a sow pig on its way to the boarhog, and the many men who increasing are just whipping out and exposing their pipecocks alongside the street and pissing in full view of all passersby, -men women and children.

  38. Unless this young woman in the ad says that she was exploited – we cannot say that she is innocent. Discussion will be based on our personal faith and how we believe our women should be treated and not what actually was in this woman’s contract with LIME.

    Agree, she has the right to choose who she poses for and the cost. Likewise the agent has the right to design his ad as provocative as it cares to. How does the public say to LIME that its ad is indecent and distasteful? By continuing doing business with LIME or using another service?

    We respect women, but do we get the message to LIME that they have disrespected our women and that there is a consequence for their insensitive behaviour?

  39. To david:
    The young people are saying that Lime has not really introduced 4G; what it brought is only 3G. Is that true. This is important for when the entire world had gone digital, Lime still had us paying an arm and a leg for lower version of its phone system. Are they being dastardly again.

  40. But 4G is nothing new to Barbados.Wasn’t this what some women used to give to their men when they threw them out? 4G-Good Gracious God, Go!!!!!

  41. We are all criticising LIME for this ad but yet no-one has commetted on the parade of Banks semi-nude 36 models in the Sun on Sundsy.Well Well Well

  42. @ The Scout | November 28, 2011 at 2:14 PM |
    Scout, you old prude! (LOL!!)
    For geysers our age this should be a collector’s item to help us through the inactive years. Memories don’t leave like people do! If a picture is worth a 1,000 words you could imagine what 36 can bring to the saying: “A thing of beauty, is a joy for ever which can bring a smile across the face of a curmudgeon sitting in a rocking chair. No b(ree)itches here at all! Just pure feminine pulchritude in their spring of life beyond the touch of autumn leaves of the old sharks unless swimming in dosh from lottery winnings or proceeds from nefarious activities or political kickbacks in the good ole days.

  43. I see nothing wrong with the picture, all I’m saying is, we criticize Lime for their ad yet enjoy looking at Banks’

  44. The Scout | November 28, 2011 at 3:56 PM |
    Come on Ole Scout!
    I clearly understand that. Just ribbing you a bit! Given what is happening around us we need a bit of lightheartedness regularly. At least twice a day!
    You sound like a night person only (LOL!!).

    What we are seeing right before our very eyes is the unravelling of the social transformation project started by C. D. O’Neal, Adams, Crawford et al and fast forwarded by the leaders EWB, Tom Adams and to some extent ES & OSA .
    This dismantling of the socio-economic support structures would have serious ramifications for Bim’s proud independence.

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