National Youth Sailing Program Launch

This announcement is interesting because of a debate we had on a previous submission about government forgiving taxes owed by the Barbados Cruising Club

This is a reminder of the hosting of the press conference on the 7 November 2011 Monday to have the formal launch of the National Youth  Sailing Program at the Barbados Cruising Club at 3.00 pm our Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture will be doing this press conference.

The Rt Hon Errol Barrow would be very pleased to see the Club he founded being used for a press conference to mark the start up of a National Youth Sailing Program.

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  1. Organisations looking to open sailing to all of B’dos


    A new drive to bring sailing back to the communities in Barbados is currently in the pilot stages in the form of a Youth Sailing Programme. The programme, which was officially launched yesterday at the Barbados Cruising Club, was chaired by Minister of Family, Culture, Sports and Youth, Stephen Lashley, as well as Lieutenant-Colonel Vere Owen Springer of the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and Mark St. Hill of the Kids At Sea Charity.

    During his address, Minister Lashely stated that the main focus of the initiative was to reintroduce the sport of sailing to young persons across the island and from all backgrounds. “This programme will offer a number of young people in Barbados the opportunity to experience the world of sailing. As you know sailing is an Olympic sport and therefore we are very excited to have persons embarking on such a programme designed to rekindle in Barbados that excitement and passion for sailing among young people,” he stated.

    Noting that founding member of the Cruising Club, the late Prime Minister Errol Walton Barrow was a man of the people and had a tremendous interest in ensuring that sailing became a sport that all Barbadians were familiar with, Minister Lashley went on to say that his ministry jumped at the opportunity to support an initiative which would not only teach youngsters critical seafaring skills, but also valuable life lessons and values.

    “The programme is also designed to build a number of very important attributes and characteristics among our young people. We at the ministry have always been involved in programmes which are designed to teach our young people a number of things in terms of leadership and other skills. So once this programme was brought to the attention of the ministry it really did not take us long to embrace it,” he

    The programme which is already four weeks in, consists of three modules which are designed to take the students from basic skills, such as knot-tying and water safety to full operation of a vessel. The pilot has started with 15 boys and girls from Combermere School, Harrison College, Queen’s College and Lodge and is running for eight weeks, ten week and ten weeks to be aligned with the school terms. With the initiative focused at not only providing seafaring skills but also to increase concentration academically, students aged 13 to 14 and up have been targeted to take part in the one-day-a-week curriculum which is expected to move up to two in the very near future. As the programme expands to accept more students, the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme will be allowing for less-fortunate students to be admitted free of charge through the charitable donations and support initiated by the Prince Edward’s Royalist Regatta, which was held here earlier this year and the Ministry of Sports.

    Representative of the Kids At Sea Charity St. Hill stated that the programme was another step in bringing sailing to everyone on the island and that it transcended just being a hobby or past-time as there existed some real opportunities to reap a career from it. “We had initiated some programmes where we were providing St. Gabriel’s Sea Scout troupe with some sailing and that was extended to the Bridgetown district. But we thought we needed to do more so we formed the Barbados Youth Sailing Trust. We are extremely pleased because this is just the start and we want to extend this programme to schools and communities because it goes beyond the sport of sailing as we see many more benefits attached to this in terms of opportunities for youngsters to get involved in businesses and in doing jobs that are related to sailing,” St. Hill added. (MP)

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