The Business Of The Political Campaign And Its Financing

Submitted by Eli Davis

Peter Wickham recently sacked from the CBC TV8 has been at the forefront of calling for political campaign reform in Barbados

Every so often I get the urge to contribute (?) a comment to this forum that I believe merits attention. This time around it is that of The Business of the Political Campaign and its Financing. It is an issue that is basic in determining the relevance of our electoral process and, as a result of the moneyed interests involved, is the most difficult of topics to have discussed in public.

Few people would know that a study on this topic was commissioned by the OAS back in 2003 and resulted in a report that was published about three years later. My concern with the entire topic has to do with whether or not it is an appropriate topic for consideration in our current political environment that has demonstrated little in the furtherance of the long term viability of our peoples and nation states.

Basically, in my view anyway, a political party is simply an (legal?) entity that seeks to gain administrative control over the funds in the Treasury, and that’s it. How these are spent and on whom form the essence of the business of the party. The business requires that the populace be deceived into supporting the party campaign and once successful, that control over the funds be maintained for as long as possible.

Of course this necessitates that at the very least, the barest minimum be done by the incumbent to demonstrate that the concerns of the civilian population are being looked after. In fact today all that is really required is for there to be a “recognition” of the concerns, without the matching desire to make good on addressing them (through designing and implementing workable solutions). So the issue of how these (legal?) entities are funded will most certainly expose the nuts and bolts of the business of the political campaign.

Recently a popular public personality lost his pick at the CBC without an accompanying explanation. It is believed however that his involvement in a partial expose on the source of campaign financing in Barbados may have been one of the roots causes. If this is in fact the case, it is an action that needs to be highlighted as part of a deeper sinister whole, and an action that should heap shame on the present administration.

  • Now I hope that this is sufficient to clear Peter’s name of all this tripe …

    Please, can we not focus on the issue of Campaign Funding in Barbados? Or if you must, focus on Phillip Goddard, ex-comrade in arms, as a potential spy for the Government of the United States of America.



    Wuh Sarge do you?

    David I also heard that Bizzy was one of the principals behind Barbados Today.

    Gotta check with my source again.


  • Anyone see the Nation Newspaper today and the less count non-sense for Johan Bjerkham?

    Dat boy gine get a lighter sentance than a fella who scale a fence and pick a few limes from a tree. SHAMEFUL.


  • Come on Bike

    Johan Bjerkham ain’ nah friend ah mine, but I find it hard to convict or even drag before the public, a man who has to come terms with the fact that he has caused the lost of life of his own son … shite man that is punishment enough, you don’t think?


  • Do we have an involuntary manslaughter charge in Barbados?


  • @ BAFBFP | September 6, 2011 at 10:03 PM |
    “Please, can we not focus on the issue of Campaign Funding in Barbados?”
    This is one of the parts of the issue that holds my attention. There is no doubt in my mind that somebody wishes to bury the facts related to the strongly suspected large amounts of money given as campaign funds to the DLP.

    When Sinckler says, “We continue to work assiduously without a lot of noise and fanfare to bring a structured solution to this matter,”
    I would better describe that style as “Silence.” it suits their purposes to work that way. They were even more silent as the policy holders’ money was being quietly poured into the coffers of the DLP.

    Truthman Burton | September 6, 2011 at 8:28 PM |
    ” The government has been mouthing the right utterances, but time will tell.”
    “MOUTHING” is right David. I Just watched a performance by Minister of Finance, CHRIS UN-CLEAR on DLP CBC TV, that is worthy of an Oscar plus a star on the Side Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Beverley Hills. I would even go a little further and award UN-CLEAR a wax likeness in the.The Hollywood Wax Museum ….. that performance tonight deserves it all!

    Employing a large variety of facial expressions starting with a FAKE SMILE, used to feign an air of nonchalance regarding the serious matter of CLICO, Unclear, as smooth as BILLIE DEE WILLIAMS, converted his demeanour from FAKE SMILE to numerous other looks that said variously : SCOWL, SMIRK, CUT EYE, SERIOUS-AS-A-JUDGE, ANGRY, POUT MOUT, GIRLISH SIDEGLANCE, INTELLECTUAL BRILLIANCE and STUPIDLY BLANK.

    All of this to convey the impression to DLP CBC TV viewers, that some substantial arrangement is being organised to satisfy the demands of June Fowler and her BIPA colleagues. NOTHING SUBSTANTIAL AT ALL ……. JUST MEANINGLESS MOUTHINGS.

    Mr. Minister, we have grown tired of this “all form and no substance” stuff from you. But we need a forensic audit into all the dealings of CLICO. Specifically, we need to know about what the Judicial Managers described as (1) missing assets worth $350 MILLIONS, (2) the amount of money transferred from CLICO to THE COFFERS OF THE DLP over the years, (3) the authenticity or fakeness of that $10 MILLION BONUS ARRANGEMENT for the “Man at the Hellum”

    We need your assurance that the Policy Holders, the BARP Pensioners and other already suffering taxpayers will not be asked to bear the burdens of incompetence and greed, while the perpetrators, the plunderers relax in luxury.


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