Miss Galaxy 2011 Show Featuring Transvestites, Crossdressers To Be Staged At The Plantation Garden Theatre

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In March 2010 BU took the position against allowing Movado And Vybz Kartel to participate in a ‘face to face’ with our youth. In fact we went further and told the pair ‘to stay the hell out of Barbados’.  If the realms of the estate are prepared to remain passive while our public morals come under attack; not so BU.

The latest ‘issue’ currently skimming under the radar is the hosting of the Miss Galaxy World 2011, L’as Vegas Show. BU’s best  ‘intel’ suggest that the show will feature the usual transvestites, crossdressers, and God knows what else in the world popularly labelled, alternate lifestyle. The show is being advertised to be hosted at The Plantation Garden Theatre on August 6, 2011.

The question from BU is simple, who approved this show to be held in Barbados?

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  1. Hate to say this…actually don’t hate to say it, I am happy to say it…I am glad they’re coming to Barbados. I have seen such shows abroad and they are usually amazing….if this one is anything near those…well we are in for a treat. Great performances, fabulous costumes and there is nothing vulgar about them. These entertainers are not selling who or what they are…they are putting on a show of shows with fabulous music and superb choreography. One should not have to compare this to Movado or Vybz Carter. One has nothing to do with the other. Morvado & Vybz Cartel are Dancehall singers who have incited hatred with their lyrics…great performers they might be and should be allowed to perform their decent tunes, not the ones that clearly define homophobia or the love of guns and killing. I know nothing about this show in that I have not seen it myself…but if it is anything like the ones I have seen (as I said above) it will be magnificent and I personally will be the first to buy a ticket to see what could be a world class decent act. And guess what…bet it will be full with locals and visitors alike. I remember the great shows put on by our own Bajans years ago at The Globe…not only sold out but far better organized than some of the model/Miss Uni or Miss World of today! Showtime!

    • @Rosemary

      In effect you are saying able bodied men dressed up as women should be accepted as normal because they put on a good show?

  2. It is entertainment David only Entertainment LOLLL Men in costumes David wha wrong wid dat? Crop over just done and dem did doing dixie in dem costumes and yuh ain’t say a ting. Nutting ain’t normal dese days.

  3. Let’s just say that “able bodied” men dressed as women are in fact entertainers. No more, no less. I have seen them perform, and their shows are clean and lacking vulgarity. On the other hand, I have witnessed people jumping in bands at Crop Over, and oh my goodness is all I can say.

  4. I think BARBADOS LABOUR PARTY’s SENATOR SANITA BRADSHAW and Tony Hoyos are involved with this show.

    Anything deprave you will find the Barbados Labour Party members and supporters involved in.

    Sexually confused people and many members of the Barbados Labour Party have a lot in common.

  5. I guess we can argue forever about what really constitutes ‘normal’, but if I had to choose between seeing Vbyz Kartel or the show at the Plantation I know hands down which show I would choose.
    Vbyz Kartel and entertainers of that ilk are homophobic, racio-mysoginists who incite violence and hatred through their lyrics.
    When have we ever seen a transgendered entertainer do any of the above? If anything, they are the ones that should be fearful of being harmed when they come here.
    There have always been transgendered and gay people in our society and the sky has yet to fall, civilization is yet to come crumbling down. When I see all of the ignorance, crime, violence, gangs, gun crimes, robberies, indiscriminate breeding, loose values etc. going on in our society – to me it is mainly heterosexual men and women who are responsible for all of it.

  6. And Carson I know you have already bought your ticket to check out the new bods in town. You would never admit to that but we all know you, you closet moth ball.

  7. David

    I was once an immigration officer and from what I could remember, the persons who attempt to enter the country to perform this show could be denied entry if it is deemed that their counduct would offend public morality. But, our society is in a free fall when it comes to offensive behaviour. Anything goes if it is imported. Barbadians are copiers: we copy everything, good or bad, but usually bad as long as it is from outside. How else could you account for a young woman being featured in today’s Nation wearing only paint to cover her upper body: once before, and not long ago, she would have been arrested.

    We allow everyone from outside to set our standards, because we want to be first world. Our morals have declined with no one place where we can look to for moral guidance. Don’t say the church: they re-interpret their theology, in order to fit into changing times in order to get access to the almighty dollar of their members. If one church leader says that a particular type of behaviour is wrong, the congregation moves to another church that would not find their conduct offensive.

    • Agreed Caswell

      Welcome to the ‘new normal’.

      This is stuff which has been happening for awhile but with runaway moral relativism the recurring excuse proffered that it has been happening through the ages, seem to make it right or not to be questioned.

    • Agreed Caswell

      Welcome to the ‘new normal’.

      This is stuff which has been happening for awhile but with runaway moral relativism the recurring excuse proffered that it has been happening through the ages, seem to make it right or not to be questioned.

  8. ” counduct would offend public morality.”

    RFLMAO?? What offend what!? Like Cammie the buller? Like alla dem married fellas who getting it form behind in BIM?

    Hypocrisy like wuh! You tell them Nia!

    Homophobic and every phobic. Refuse entry when BIM vrying fuh tourists?


  9. These shows have been taking place in 2nd Street Holetown at Raggamuffins for many years now, wunna playing wunna got amnesia nuh.

  10. What exactly is right or wrong with these shows is not my business. Some will find them entertaining and others disgusting it is all about choice. It is like crop over, I don’t get involved because I choose not to but I don’t expect others to feel the same way.

  11. Barbados public morality??? Hahahahahahaha…..! Do these three words belong together? Help me find it, do!

    • Agree that life is about choices, choices for all people to fight for the type of society we ALL want.

  12. I didn’t mean to suggest that just because something has been around forever is reason enough in itself for that thing to continue.
    There are lots of things going on today that have been around for ages, that I would DEFINITELY like to see stamped out with a quickness.
    My point is that people who are against homosexuality or transgender people do so on the grounds that it supposedly will lead to the breakdown of society and corruption of morals etc.
    But it’s been around forever and where is the evidence to show that this is the case? Wouldn’t we have seen it by now?

    • @Nia

      Even if we agree it was around for ever, the nature of the world we live in today, its immediacy, means we have a problem given the new dynamic.

  13. Change is constant and we will embrace what we deem good for us as individuals. We cannot all feel the same about the same things.

  14. Anything else that was not a problem before which has become a problem now David? How about dishonest politicians? Prostitution? Teenage mothers?

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  16. Let’s start with dishonest politicians, since they pose the greatest danger to our livelihood, and let us all pray that the POC Bill makes it out of the Select Committee. Agreed? Leave the transvestites alone for now.

    • @jack spratt


      A few minutes ago David(BU) sent out a note to several people on Facebook to test the interest in that media how we can to hold politicians feet to the fire as Adrian suggested below.

  17. Dear David:

    Do you know that until the late 19th century it was considered indecent for any woman to perform on stage. So all of the Shakepeare’s plays that you were forced to read at school were performed by ALL MALE casts.

    So yes when Romeo longed for his Juliet. He was longing for a male Juliet.

    I gone.

    • Do we still live in Shakespearean times?

      The same argument you used on the other blog to suggest that the bible is lodged in times of old;

      how quickly you have dispensed with said argument?

  18. But Gabby and Madd were cross-dressing for yeaaaaars but not as far back as the Shakespearean era!! How come all of a sudden it corrupting public morals? SMDH

    Just proves that if this were a show about men wearing dresses to provide laughs at the ‘she-she’ it would be accpetable. Are we any better than the politicians we assassinate weekly on this blog for their double-standards? Stupse

  19. I am not a bible toting prude, but most people seem not to understand the sinister intent of these shows. They are designed to make what people call an alternate lifestyle palatable. I don’t care what people do in the privacy of their bedrooms, there ought to be a law against persons attempting to promote their unnatural behaviour, oh but there is: it is called conduct which offends public morality.

    If some of you feel that you want to waste time cursing me for my views: go right ahead, that will not make me believe that such perversion should be allowed in Barbados.

  20. Come on, David. Surely you know that Eric Lewis has been making fun of transvestites for years! Who is Archibull Cox?

  21. I have to laugh when I see Carson Cardigan says BLP is sexually depraved – everyone knew J. Cameron Tudor (B’dos 1st Deputy Prime Ministress) was really CAMILLE not Cameron and what about in the current crop of the Depravity Labour Party when their Hell, uh, Health Minister Donville has a plethora of Porn sites?

    Barbados used to have La Cage Aux Folles with Nick Hudson and who can forget Harry’s Nitery on Bay Street?

    Such true pettiness aside, David, you have to accept gay lifestyle is here and if you are WTO-compliant that is part of the running. By their having such a show does not men every single male Bajan’s anus will get assaulted nor will every lesbian run amok either. Such fears are truly 19th Century Victorian prudery! Grow up…

  22. @ David

    A transvestite is a person, especially a male, who assumes the dress and manner usually associated with the opposite sex.There is the answer to your question.

    You never said the show involved transsexuals!

  23. Is Tony in the cast pf performers? If yes, I guess thats one less nite he’ll spend on the street picking up customers.

  24. @ Nia

    “…My point is that people who are against homosexuality or transgender people do so on the grounds that it supposedly will lead to the breakdown of society and corruption of morals etc.
    But it’s been around forever and where is the evidence to show that this is the case? Wouldn’t we have seen it by now?”

    There’s none so blind as the ‘one’ who refuses to see.

  25. Cross-dressing and such transverse behaviour is a quaint obsession of the English and Barbados is affectionately referred to as “Little England”…perhaps that’s why the gay and jolly crew are heading t/here.

    I say with Cleaver: “If a woman reaches for the ‘stud’ in them that woman would kiss a woman and if man reach for the ‘bitch in them that man would kiss a man”

  26. @David…there are many above who have answered your question to me well…those are the ones I agree with.

    I understand your fears…but that is all they are D. That is all they are. Step out of your fear and you will see just entertainers bringing an art form here that has been already showcased at Raggamuffins, previous to that at Crocks Den. And previous to that at The Globe Cinema where the whole world scrambled to get a seat to see who would be the next “Miss” crowned. Fabulous shows they all were…and still because the “girls” at Ragamuffins take their show all over the world by the way on special invitation by those who have seen them perform. And please, I know what you’re thinking – that those who have invited them have to be also of their “ilk”. And the answer to that is nope. None of these performances ever created the world of Barbados to go into a frenzy of butt-you-know-what.

    As I said…hopefully the show will go on. And David I suggest you get your ticket so that you can for yourself see the amazing performances, the fantastic costuming, the incredible art of make-up, the superb choreography…the lighting…the sound….wait….is it not fact that nearly all of the best of the best in all of these creative arts are carried out by members of the ‘alternative lifestyle’ being bandied about like dirt here? Look around you…who are some of the most creative, talented, intelligent people in Barbados? Remember I said some of the most. And I thank the powers that be that they happen to be the people I admire most graciously.

    Quite frankly the only real & true demoralization of this land that I see happening, year after year, and getting worse by the minute, is the crime (white/blue collared included), the guns, the murders, the drugs – all mostly done and/or brought in by heterosexuals…sad enough! Bless.

  27. David, I support free movement of all persons unless it can be shown that their movement presents a public danger.

    Danger has been cited in this case, but no evidence shown. We have been told that the show promotes “alternate lifestyles”, but we’ve been given no logical reason to believe that these lifestyles are so dangerous as to trump free movement of non-violent adults.

    What is going on, indeed?

  28. Let us then embrace the violence and the crime as the norm also!!

    You demons would embrace Gay parades and shows but would crucify a man smoking or selling weed and say there is no difference…wtf!!
    Then the same pp above want to know how Barbados getting so.

    Someone call it a fear….joke!!
    Why is it that Gays want to be accepted, yet those of us who do not accept their lifestyle are branded as Homophobic?
    The gangster trend is here, what are those ppl against it called?..good citizens?
    In one breath we criticize the US and other countries when the youth is influenced by their culture but have no issues with the Gay culture shoved down our throats daily.
    What a bunch of hypocrite we are!!
    Gay rights, armed robberies, skinny jeans, pants below your asses, lewd behavior, promiscuity etc…..lets embrace all for they are one of the same!!
    …..or just STFU and live!!

  29. i know 2 men cant build de nation of 2 women ,it takes ah man and ah woman to build de nation,trying to tell me that big ppl gine go and sit down to see men in panties and lipstick dancing ,na wonderde boys going astray cause da fathers want to dress like mommy.

  30. @Technician – Are you mad as sh..e? How can you possibly equate “gay rights” with armed robberies etc.? Which part of your convoluted brain did that come from? Talking about lewd behaviour and promiscuity, at a not so long ago Foreday morning jumpup a MAN and a WOMAN were having sexual intercourse on a park bench on Browne’s beach, the woman’s comments to passersby was “the doggie too sweet”.

  31. Sexual “Liberation” is Illuminati Subversion by Henry Makow Ph.D.

    February 19, 2005

    Throughout modern history Illuminati bankers have used “sexual liberation” to subvert society and establish their subtle tyranny. As Masonic revolutionary Guiseppe Mazzini said, “we corrupt in order to rule.”

    The Illuminati bankers need to introduce “world government” to translate their unjust monopoly over credit into total world control.

    They realized that they couldn’t take control until they destroyed the family. This was a central plank of the Communist Manifesto in 1848.

    Every major “revolution” in modern history has increased Illuminati banker control and the sexual revolution is no exception.

    The bankers have encouraged sexual dissipation using their various “progressive” fronts: liberalism, feminism, socialism and communism.

    The great appeal of left wing movements has always been the lure of “free” sex (i.e. free of the restraints of love & marriage.)

    How is free sex subversive?

    A healthy society is concerned with its survival and the propagation of its values. This requires that new generations are born and raised in a healthy manner, i.e. in a nuclear family. In a healthy society, women are honored for nurturing and educating the young, a role for which they are naturally suited.

    Thus, the bankers set out to undermine and disparage women’s role as wives and mothers.

    They extolled “sexual liberation” because promiscuous women are less dedicated to family, and less attractive and suitable as wives and mothers. Furthermore, if sex is freely available, men have much less incentive to marry or be faithful .

    Women were brainwashed to think they were being “exploited” by their family and should seek fulfillment in career instead.

    The bankers used paid subversives like Betty Frieden and Gloria Steinem and the mass media to make it seem that Feminism was a spontaneous occurrence.

    At the same time, they severed sex from marriage and procreation and exalted romance as the main source of fulfillment. Hollywood practically has angels singing hosannas when the stars have sex. It created this bogus religion.


    Sex is a natural function like eating food. If we didn’t have food, we would think about nothing else.

    Because of the gender confusion (caused by Feminism) many people are sex starved and are obsessed with it. As a result, society suffers from arrested development manifested as an obsessive adolescent preoccupation with bodily functions, genitals, pornography and homosexuality.

    If we have plenty, we know that divorced from love, “sex is the biggest nothing in the world.” (Andy Warhol)

    Similarly, romantic love is mostly infatuation based on the expectation of some great advantage (usually sex or security.) I have seen businessmen generate the same kind of heat while making a lucrative deal. But, like AOL-Time Warner, romantic mergers often go sour.

    A marriage based on sexual attraction is like a chair with one leg. True love is based on character, personality and trust, tested over a long period of time.


    The inflated status of fertile young women is another characteristic of our Illuminati-induced dysfunction. These women remind me of poker players recklessly overplaying their hand. They have lost the capacity for love, and sex is a paltry substitute.

    Their dependence on their sex appeal is very risky. The shelf life is short and the competition is fierce. Jaded males look at 1000’s of practically identical naked women on the Net these days without being turned on.

    Increasingly they need drugs to respond and I suspect disgust with women is the unconscious reason. Viagra and Cialis sales are in the billions.

    Does it make sense to use these drugs?

    Socrates said that when he no longer had a sex drive in old age, he was “released from the jaws of a wild beast.” Why would any man take a drug in order to be captive once again?

    Hormones generated by the testes cause the male sex drive which takes control of our minds. How powerful are these hormones?

    Most young men would agree that their sisters are barely tolerable. However, other men’s sisters are an endless source of wonder and fascination.

    What’s the difference? Sex of course.

    Are there harmless drugs that could suppress the production of these mind-altering sex hormones? Perhaps they could be made widely available to young men.

    Then women, deprived of their magical spell, could be seen clearly and men could concentrate on something else. When a man falls in love based with a total human being, he could go off the drug.

    Of course, a better solution is for men and women to marry (or establish a long-term loving relationship) at a much younger age (i.e. 18-20) like they used to.

    People decry marriage because sex declines in importance over time. I thought that was the purpose of marriage.

    Sex belongs to an age-and-stage, i.e. courting and procreation. We weren’t meant to be obsessed with it for our whole lives. There are much more important and interesting things to do.


    Modern women are the victim of a monstrous hoax perpetrated by the Illuminati bankers and their lackeys in media, government and education.

    Women have been defrauded of a secure and essential social role, that of wife and mother. In exchange they have accepted the role of sex objects and worker drones.

    They tart it up with terms like “freedom” and “independence” but many are lonely, bitter and increasingly desperate. They have been cruelly duped by an evil power. Consequently, to varying degrees they have betrayed themselves, their husbands and their children. (I don’t object to women pursuing careers, only putting them before family, if indeed they want one.)

    Sex is used by the Illuminati as a reductio ad absurdum. Everything good in life, all relationships, culture, love, caring, justice, beauty, and intelligence; is flattened by what has become a sick societal obsession.

    The Illuminati use sex to corrupt and debase. The pornography that floods our in-boxes is part of a widespread campaign to degrade us. A morally degraded people are a weak people, and a weak people are easily disinherited.



    A thorough study of this subject can be found in E. Michael Jones’ 650 page book, “Libido Dominandi” Sexual Liberation and Political Control.”

  32. Riverbay

    There are a lot of perverts out there going after your sons. The television is just being used as a means of brain washing to make the gay lifestyle appear acceptable.

  33. @Carson C. Cadogan | August 2, 2011 at 12:02 PM |

    You said:- “I think BARBADOS LABOUR PARTY’s SENATOR SANITA BRADSHAW and Tony Hoyos are involved with this show.

    Anything deprave you will find the Barbados Labour Party members and supporters involved in.

    Sexually confused people and many members of the Barbados Labour Party have a lot in common.”
    So please tell me, CCC< to which political party did CAMMIE TUDOR belong?
    Or maybe your memory is too short! 🙂

  34. A tragic end to the show:

    Contestant in Miss Galaxy World pageant collapses and dies Sun, August 07, 2011 – 1:33 AM
    Tragedy struck the Miss Galaxy World 2011 around 1 o’clock this morning after one of the contestants collapsed and died.
    Dead is Shawn Waterman, also known as Bubbles, who was in his early 20s.
    Waterman died while contestants and patrons were awaiting the results of the show which was held at the Plantation Garden Theatre in Christ Church.
    The show came to an abrupt end. Results were not announced. However, organisers told NATIONNews.com that Waterman was named the winner of the pageant.
    Paramedics and police are on the scene.

  35. Well good riddance. shouldve been contagious to all contestants and those in attendance. Heard teh Plantation had to be cleaned because down there smelt poopy, farty and shity?

  36. Str8 Up | August 8, 2011 at 11:18 AM |
    “Heard teh Plantation had to be cleaned because down there smelt poopy, farty and shity?”

    Better check your pants boy!

  37. I believe someone apart form his family needs to show respect to the young man who died; he was a human being and at 27 one does not expect to shortly die. I however cannot condone his lifestyle; it was most unfortunate.

  38. Tony Hoyos cross dresser did he participate in the show? just curious? As one of the transevestites . A man that is in denial??? Does he every think what this will do to his son when other children tease him for his daddy wears ladies clothes and if there was any doubt of thr rumors being true certainly when he has drag shows transvestite shows with a son this is selfish beyond words . Who could condone this? Think of your child if you were single and in a more liberal place but Barbados is small and your son will suffer for your sins Mr Tony Hoyos shame on you for your sons sake.YOU need GOD TONY HOYOS

  39. Dehood two wrongs don’t make a right and the bible made adam and eve not adam and steve ok and Tony Hoyos wants to apparently come out of the closet he has a son if he wants to do that in a small nation like barbados think of his innocent child when bullying is very real and other children tease taunt him because his dad wears ladies clothes , crossdresses Shame on Santia to what message does she sent to her voters this is unholy/

  40. It’s ok to be liberal like Tony Hoyos is but he also has two children a two year old daughter with a fromer plantation dancer named “Regina” they have a daughter he pays child support on, He has an eleven year old son .Does a responsible parent promote such liberal shows when there are pictures of him surfacing as a cross-dresser? Not in such a narrow minded society such as BIM. If he were a non parent this would be a non issues, He could live in( the Netherlands) where liberalism is accepted , San Francisco, He chose to be a father to a eleven year old son and two year old daughter that he likes to keep a secret because could hurt his current companions and their so called perfect for public appearances persona .Got to keep up the image, The young adolescent male child especially could be subjected to bullying and ridicule because his father promotes such shows. Barbados is conservative still maybe they should not be but they are still .
    When one has children legitimate and illgetimate you have already set a bad example for what not to do . Why would a man with a known reputation as a cross dresser risk such a show? Is he thinking of his children or clearly by doing so???I am liberal so I just think shows like this are ok in certain circumstances and let’s face it there is an epedimic of bullying across the world. He needs to never be involved until his children are much older with such events. He helped bring them in the world after all it takes two to tango.

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