A Time For Change To Transparency In The Political Arena

Submitted by Hamilton Hill

This past June we saw where BLP candidate Indar Weir submitted a video montage to this site, and given the variance of comment shook to the core the social conscience of a nation. At first look I thought that these were images left in the wake of tropical storm Tomas. Then I opted to raise the volume and quickly came to the realization that this was not done by the hands of Mother Nature, but through blatant political neglect, fed and fostered by the passage of Father Time.

Quite unlike a few who contribute here this episode for me was personal rather than partisan, for I know poverty. Like my shadow it has been an accompaniment for all of the fifty three years granted me so far. This montage represented a stinging indictment against every GQ looking, Essence Imaged trend setting soul that climbs the steps to our Parliament, seemingly oblivious to circumstances that in some instances are reminiscent of places like Somalia.

It is for this reason that Barbadians must insist that Integrity Legislation is no longer a promise, but a commitment. In a country where journalistic integrity has been seriously compromised, where the lone television station represents and has always represented the complexion of the party in power, where Her Majesty’s opposition seems hell bent on foisting on us some of the same sorry souls recently tried and convicted (also in the court of public opinion) exactly what is a people to do? Take to the streets as was done in protestation of an eight percent cut.

Somewhere, somehow the message has got to be sent. These times are too hard to sit back and let those in whom we repose our trust, take for granted the docile nature associated with Barbadians. Fellow Barbadians I urge you to put partisan politics aside for the good of the land that has  for the most part, been good to most of us. The B that matters most must be BARBADOS, then D will be deliverance of legislation that gives us the much needed protection of the public
purse, for corruption on either side of the fence does damage to the poor folk.

Again I urge ……..fellow Bajans do not give up,do not back down. THOSE WHO BEAR THE CROSS,SHALL WEAR THE CROWN. As a concept Integrity Legislation’s time has come. Lets fight for it.

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  1. Neither side of the House is realy interested in integrity legislation or we would not be calling for it in the year of Our Lord 2011. I am no soothsayer, but I will predict that if MP’s are required to declare their asset you would see a mass exodus from Parliament. My only caution would be don’t stand in the doorway: you would be trampled in the stampede to get out.

  2. Caswell Franklyn wrote “if MP’s are required to declare their asset you would see a mass exodus from Parliament.”

    What evidence do you have to support that statement?
    You can add it under the BU FOI and Integrity blog.

  3. As I said in an earlier post, change can only only come from within. Get involved in party politics whatever party it is. Good governance starts with respectable candidates. Who chooses candidates?

  4. David wrote “Barbadians will get the governance they deserve.’

    Barbadians deserve good governance from the privileged professionals elected by the people of Barbados.

  5. @Enuff

    Your comment is most profound, and if I may add, very correct. Too often people stay on the sidelines and criticise but do little if anything else to help shape directions in the the way they would want.
    Get involved always remembering that there is usually more than one way of approaching any problem, and solutions are often multiple. Political parties in Barbados do need the shake up from time to time; they also need individuals to come forward and be a part of the process for advancing the nation.

    • @Enuff and George

      You are correct one of the ways to promote change is from within – though Mascoll did not subscribe to such an approach – you should not succumb to simplistic reasoning by underestimating party culture honed over many years which often times subsumes the individual.

      You are correct though, an option is to get involved.

  6. CF wrote’If MP’S are required to declare their assets you would see a mass exodus from Parliament”
    maybe they shouldn”t be there in the first place. If it is that easy to get rid of them i am all for it.

  7. Isn’t it ironic that the public MUST sign a form declaring the source of funds when depositing large sums of cash, yet PO-LIE-TICIANS are not compelled to declare their assets nor say how they accumulated them.

  8. I’m glad that bloggers are taking the same view I had for a while now, we are the managers of the M P’s, we can hire and fire, therefore we need to let them know exactly what we want or get out. Sometime drastic steps have to be taken to get the required results, sometimes things will have to get worse before they get better, sometime we have to deny ourselves certain wants to satisfy our needs, sometimes we have to with-hold our services so that in the future we can offer them in a better manner, sometimes we have to strike and hold this country to ransom so that the politicians will realise we are serious. NO PAIN NO GAIN.

  9. @David

    May I remind you that August has 31 days. You should also note that the announcement didn’t state the year could be 2011,2012,2013…. 🙂

    • @Hantsa

      You are wicked, notice Mia was only able to attract Cynthia from among the sitting members on her side!

      This quote seems appropriate wen discussing transparency legislation in Barbados:

      Being elected to Congress is regarded as being sent on a looting raid for one’s friends. — George F. Will, Newsweek

    • Would anyone like to comment on the recent statements coming from MP Dale Marshall and businessman Geoffry Cave relative to banks and businesses overseas lacking confidence to do business with this DLP government?

      Found it more than coincidental that both would issue statements which send the same message.

  10. Up until the recent legislation brought by the DLP, the BLP had the upper hand in making the argument that they are the ones who wanted Integrity legislation and DLP did not. In what I will deem a calculated approach, not intended, to make good on a campaign promise – hung around their collective necks like a South African apartheid necklace – the DLP probably thinks that they have now even the argument to a stalemate from which they cannot suffer; it is now easy for them to mute the argument;
    What is now clear, is that both parties do not want what the people insist on. The people must now demonstrate that they will hold them to account -at election time- as a condition for “individuals “to become their elected representative in the next parliament due to be reconstituted in 2013.
    If Barbadians are serious that Integrity legislation is very important to them, then they need to sidestep the party structure and take the request/demand directly to each person vying to be the people’s representative in the people’s parliament.

    1: Create a pledge document requiring a signature from every candidate
    2: Publish the signed document on the blogs, face-book etc
    3: Publicize the position of every candidate to all Barbadians

    Again if a majority of Barbadians are for Integrity legislation and the politicians base on the information depicting candidates for it –signed- and those who are not –not signed- it should be very easy for the will of the majority voters to be in parliament. Right now there is no individual parliamentarian commitment to back up the will of a party Leader such as we were led to believe was the case with Thompson. Were I in Barbados I would walk with my Video Camera, politely inform prospective candidates all that I intend to video tape my asking them to sign the document, and then proceed to do so. Think about this folks if people are made aware of their individual candidates intent and choose to ignore those who don’t sign and elect them to parliament anyways, it would be fair to say that the people elected the government they want and deserves.

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