REDjet Seeing RED!

REDjet forced to send home eight employees

The point is that the Government has been fully behind the establishment and operation of the REDjet airline, it has given REDjet the necessary certification … and it is incumbent therefore on this Government to add its voice to the call by REDjet for more prompt treatment in the region than it is getting  – Opposition Spokesman Ronald Toppin


REDjet actually got some kind of approval to fly the T&T and Jamaica routes, all that is required to complete the process is something Chairman of REDjet Ian Burns refers to as political and economic approval.  In a nutshell the approval just received from Jamaica and Trinidad confirms that the airline satisfies the safety requirements of both countries but …

It has been obvious to BU for sometime the big two i.e. Jamaica and Trinidad have been stonewalling the Barbados registered airline approval application process. The two countries recently mustered the political and economic will to seal the Air Jamaica and Caribbean Airlines (CAL) merger deal. Perhaps if it required such a long time to seal a deal in their interest, why the hell can’t REDjet wait?

Most surprising has been the feeble defense emanating from the Barbados government and other stakeholders about the position REDjet finds itself. It cannot be said that the local and regional publics have not been made aware of the bureaucratic pummelling Redjet has had to absorb. Both Bizzy Williams, a local investor in the airline and Chairman Burns have been refreshingly vocal on the blatant mamaguying being demonstrated by Trinidad and Jamaica.

REDjet has reported that since its entry to the Barbados/Guyana route, it has seen a 35% increase in traffic. Further, LIAT and CAL have been offering the most attractive fares on the route. There is nothing like competition heh? It is obvious both airlines, which have monopolized regional air routes for 40 years – have been using the marketing approach of charging what the market can bear to mask incompetent management practices through the years or the current price war is an attempt to pressure REDjet financially.  The disingenuous behaviour of CAL especially is exposed when one considers the fare slashing in recent times has been on the routes REDjet has signalled an interest to fly.

Last week BU listened to a contributor to a local talk show making the most asinine statement on the view whether REDjet should be given approval to fly by T&T. His position , T&T has had to subsidize BWIA for years so why should another airline be allowed to enter the market and cherry pick business. No wonder the rest of the Caribbean has been kicking Barbados in the rear-end of late. The spineless reaction by government and other players in the Barbados market has shown that we no longer occupy a position of respect in the region. Correction, St. Kitts Prime Minister Denzil Douglas did speak out in defence of Prime Minister Stuart. What a ting!

Time will tell if REDjet overcomes the roadblocks being built in its path by T&T and Jamaica. What has been obvious so far is that REDjet has exposed the hypocrisy in the region regarding the call by regionalists for affordable air travel in the region to facilitate movement of people. The SILENCE of Caricom leaders has been deafening. The longer it takes for REDjet to implement its business model the more it will leak financially leading to the shedding of staff and worst case scenario, closure of the airline. No doubt Trinidad and Jamaica would not lose any sleep over such an outcome.

Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart has missed out on a ‘Bin Laden’ moment to rally Barbadians and the region to support REDjet and at the same time boost his political stock.

40 thoughts on “REDjet Seeing RED!

  1. It is indeed a shameful situation. I have signed a petition that is going around on Facebook, not because I do not like Caribbean Airlines or LIAT but because we as consumers should have a right to a choice. Because RedJet is in the air does not mean I would fly with them. In fact when RedJet first appeared I worked out that if I took all the top amenities RedJet offered – first choice of seating, the largest suitcase, the difference in the cost of the flight would have been about $50/60 dollars. Not an amount that would force me to get on an airline that has no track record but this difference could be important to many, and this difference would not make or break another airline. So I ma not getting it.

    It does not take a rocket scientist to know that if the big boys at the top did not have such huge salaries for doing not much at both these airlines, that alone would help in making them more viable economically and able to offer better rates for travel. Or is it that on top of this ridiculous excess, both these airlines are trying to make up for years of worst excesses and losses. When I visit Europe and see that I can fly from Berlin to Copenhagen for 48 euro, or from any other city to another within the EU for approximately the same, and these (this) airline seem to be doing just fine – no excesses, no frills – I wonder why it is that we cannot seem to make one large and one small airline make money. To me someting wrong!

    But what is really wrong is that it seems that the only strong Caricom member is Trinidad. Are they the bullies now that all islands must cow down to? How dare they stop another airline from flying the skies and keeping this obnoxious monopoly going. As far as I am concerned, LIAT has no real say in the matter – dem just hanging on to Trinidad’s skirts or pantaloons. Happy to be able to too! RedJet is a Barbadian airline, with Barbadian investment…so yes there’s an Irishman involved too but who cares, we got all kinds of people from all over the world involved in investments within the Caricom area. Trinidad has not even had the decency to tell us, the Caricom people, why they are not allowing RedJet and I find that to an affront…we all purchase/invest in their cmpanies be it food, insurance etc. We all keep them going. So why can we the people not be given just a small choice of travel. Wish McCal or Neal & Massy would get involved in RedJet (that’s if they are not already involved in CAL) and you will see how fast those rules against the airlines would come flying down! The whole situation smells and the smell ent a nice one! Shame on Caricom. Shame for not standing up for its people – we vote you all in and you spit in our faces like this? Not fair!

  2. the red jet issue has become a hot political topic and again the government silence is at the forefront. If .The support by this government for Red jet is lacklustre. Seems to be no talk or action given except that the government gave flight permission to red jet jet. Is that all the government has to do afterall when the people are expecting more!. Half ass support if you asked me. Is this a case of self interest only? Where does the TRUE support lies for Red jet? or is it a case of hypocrisy?doing one thing when in reality wishing for another?

  3. Is this a case of sour grapes by jamaica and trinidad?
    It wasn’t so long ago that jamaica could barely keep its airline going, so its obvious what hidden hand is behind – first the meeting for tourism, the myrie case(that sounds exactly like the straus khan case), the false reporting about drugs coming directly into barbados and now this. We are not impressed!
    All of a sudden jamaica wants to fly to africa, the mind boggles. The world is in ciaos anyway so i for one am not surprised. Jamaica has been vying for one or more of these caribbean countries to join them in this madness. Don’t worry their not fooling anyone.

  4. It seems the Dons get more immediate attention from the government of Jamaica:

    WikiLeaks: PNP paid dons not to protest

    2011-06-07 18:06:46 | (7 Comments)

    There are claims this afternoon that just over five years ago the People’s National Party (PNP) paid area leaders not to participate in a national demonstration.
    The Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) which was in opposition at the time had called the island wide demonstration to protest against a wave of price hikes.

    But according to a confidential US Embassy cable, the PNP which was in Government at the time wanted was doing all it could to avoid the economic fallout that could come with a national protest.

    The diplomatic cable from the US Embassy reported that an executive member of the PNP explained that the party paid area leaders not to participate in the September 6, 2005 demonstration called by the then Opposition JLP.

    According to the cable the PNP executive said the party made that decision because it wanted to avoid a repeat of the widespread damage during the violent gas riot of 1999.

  5. @David

    The PNP had the “Dons” on the Gov’t payroll and the JLP protected Dudus, what the difference between these two Parties?

  6. @David. I thought Redjet was register and incorporated in ST. Lucia as Airone. Another thing is that Redjet is not majority owned by Bajans. Barbados Investors have only 10% shares in the airline.So technicaly speaking it is a European owned airlines.That is why I can’t understand why some of us are all angry and getting upset over an entity that we don’t even have a major stake in but rather provide a few jobs here and there.

    I am happy that they are be given clearance to fly because a more longer delay would have potentially crippled their operations.

  7. @Sargeant

    To add to your comment if what is alleged it true in the Wikileak how does it impact Jamaica policymaking as it affects Barbados and Caricom. The Redjet approval may will be a case in point.

  8. @40 acres

    Airone maybe the parent but Redjet is incorporated in Barbados. We can discussed the mix of local investors bottomline it is a Barbados based airline which should benefit from reciprocal treatment in the same we give to CAL and Air Jamaica.

  9. Absolutely most positively disappointed in Freundel’s lack of leadership!!
    Absolutely disgusting!! And quite honestly bordering on “treason”!!
    Not defending the interest of Barbados and does not deserve any future vote whatsoever no matter how bad the opposition is

  10. This is a view from the North that may give some perspective on the REDJet debate. Is RedJet going to perpetuate Ja’s lopsided relationship with Caricom. Should the GOJ going to continue to spinelssly allow relatively free access to our country and markets in the face of non tariff barriers and the harassment of our citizens?

    I think that the Jamaican press is doing a good job exposing issues as observed from the numerous links to articles published in the Jamaican newspapers. We are critical of ourselves so we can also look at others.

    If Jamaica is such a liability to Bdos why go through all this trouble over air links? RED Jet should be more than profitable as a domestc carrier or Eastern Caribbean airline

  11. Our P.M Stuart is going to address the Nation tonight at 8.00P.M, I expect to hear from him, on the REDjet matter, the rising cost of living, the reduction of him cabinet, among other things. One thing that will disappoint me is if he does not name Min David Estwick as his Deputy P.M

  12. hope PM stuart gives an update on the Myrie story. So far all we have is speculation. He ought to do so for the integrity of Barbados P eople are sick and tired of all the secercy coming from this government.

  13. I guess some of you will continue to be sick and tired of the Government, while some of us are satisfied. Yo cannot please everyone, so please your constituents in the broader sense of the word, LOL.

  14. OK, it’s official… our highest Government officials have no testicular fortitude. Instead of coming out publicly about major issues, they prefer to deal in sound bites and evasive ststements. PM Stuart was a limp noodle last night, and didn’t really speak to anything at all, especially about tourism and the REDJet issue as it relates to the treatment by our regional ‘friends’

    Very disappointing

  15. @BGI

    There is a Minister of International Transport who will deal with the issue of RedJet. What the hell you think Ministers are paid to do. The PM will speak on issues when he thinks he should, it might not be in my tome or your time, but his time.

    Do you know what is going on behind the scenes to deal with issues of that nature, Go find something to write about. If he dont speak wunnah complain, if he speaks on what he considers important wunnah complain that he aint talk wunnah language,

    What wunnah want, the drunkard back in power or my girl mia?>

  16. Reading other periodicals concerning Red jet they were a lot of RED FLAGS which should of been concern to Barbados before giving Red Jet approval and in the process raising high hopes for the flying public on low air fares! i am truly dsapointed in the way this issue was handle.

  17. just only asking
    Sure, the P.M would speak no in my time, or your time ,but in HIS time ; so will the voters

  18. Latest is that REDjet should get a response from Jamaica next week. The last hurdle is whether REDject is a majority owned company.Anyone want to take a stab at whether the application will be approved or not?

  19. well if the last hurdle is satisfactory and all of the other multilateral rules which have been set out by Caricom and have been aboded by Redjet. They should be no Problem.. I am truly amazed that when people with money break rules and fly under the radar to get what they wish ONLY when the PUBLIC sees something of benefit to them it is alright. But then again they are times When the public would call for the Head of the same rich to be severed when the public perceives the “rich”as being able to buy their way.

  20. @Scout

    you got that right. have you read the article By Professor Henry Fraser? dont be shame go and read it and come back to me.

  21. @Just asking

    Don’t get all bent out of shape because the public is “just asking” afterall a government should be for the people. If one can’t askof their government then who should they ask? “Just asking” being cynical is not the answer. The public was given a false pereception on Redjet in that the public believe that the airline was ready to fly only to realise that certain aviation procedure and guidlines were not completed by Redjet to satisfied other Caricom countries. These kind of facts should have been brought to the attention of the flying public. Instead what we had was finger pointing which was unnecessary . Facts matters!

  22. Why does Bruce Golding want a face-off with Barbados? It is reported in the Gleaner that REDjet can fly to Jamaica once CAL gets a piece of the cake, and he is willing to face-off with Barbados.

  23. Why is the bajan publuc being kept in the dark on issues involving Jamaica? The P.M make his grand national address and no mention about the Myrie case, now we are hearing about an issue with an Air Jamaica flight into Barbados and the Jamaican P.M saying he wants to meet with P.M Stuart to resolve some matters. It is either the media in Barbados not doing their work or there is a big cover up of matters that has the potential of muddying the waters between Barbados and Jamaica. Given that we are caribbean neighbours and many barbadians both living and being educated in Jamaica, it would appear our P.M is too weak to handle his Jamaican counterpart and as such Barbadian are all being placed alongside the P.M Time we bajans hear what’s going on. This REDjet issue now forms part of the problem. WAKE UP MR P.M Stuart

  24. this government has so resigned itself to the fact that everything is going to work out alright but in the meantime whosoever will is having a field day kicking Barbados in the as…s. I give up!

  25. In just nine months ,we now been relegated to being a Toothless Bull dog. Not only are we being kicked up the jacksie, but they are doing it after kicking us to the ground. If the Captain of the ship is afraid of his own crew, he must be petrified of pirates about to board his ship.
    Roll on 2013. He will need all the tea in China to remain at the helm,or even on the ship.

  26. Where is our Min of Foreign Affairs? is she going to allow the Jamaica government paint Barbados BLACK, while she and the P.M keep their mouths shut? Do you not realise you are hurting the entire country?

  27. @AC

    it seems tha redjet started to advertise before all the administrative requirements were satistied. Thus it should not have advertised the routes until it had approval.

    I want it come so that i can fly about the region cheaply, People must understand there are established procedures to be followed and the govt can only or should only intervene if the requirements are satisfied and delaying tactics are being used. Foreign Affairs matters are not discussed in the public.

  28. When RedJet is finally allowed to fly to Jamaica, the first thing that we should secure from the Jamaicans, and brink back on the return flight for our leaders and politicians is a consignment of BALLS.

  29. Well JA PMhad no problem speaking his mind about the Redjet affairs and other issues that affect his country publicly!So you mean to say that we PM don’t have a mouth too! or what happen his made of rubber that recoils every time he opens it up to speak.

    • The problem is we have allowed every argument to be decided by purely political considerations.

      When Barbados shouted back at Jamaica over the Myrie case many stated we should have dealt with it behind close doors.

      Here it is Golding is shouting at Barbados over some delay of a CA plain and not a word from those same people.

      Listened to David Commisong throwing lashes in the Barbados government over its management of regional politics vis a vis Caricom/CSME last week.

      Where are going?


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  31. Since the bajan government seems to lack “BALLS” as suggested earlier maybe it is up to ordinary bajans to fight the issue!

    Maybe us bajans need to boycott all things Trinidadian and Jamaican……except that Trinidad seems to own quite a chunk of Barbados!!!!

    Well, maybe after Stuart returns from China there won’t be enough of Barbados left for the Trinis to own…..

    This China trip scares me, the Chinese are know for taking and not giving much in return and I have no confidence in Stuart given what I have seen of his style to date ……

  32. @Alien | June 14, 2011 at 8:02 PM |

    Alien ……. Will you please go back to the planet you came from? I am sorry that Red Jet does not fly to your planet.

  33. The closed mouth policy by this government is the problem .when there is no clarity and decisiveness on issues that matters .the end result is doubt and confusion in the minds of people. There is absolutely no need for the shouting and name calling across the water if our government was more truthful with thepeople. ,

  34. @David

    There isnt every thing you have to speak about in public, Golding was concerned about some CA plan, dont you think that could have been a strategy to get movement on Redjet, nadwasnt there a meeting with the relevant ministers dealing with aviation?

    You can deal with issues in suttle ways and get results, to save face, rinaida and jamaica talk about safety metters that was a way out for them. Dont you think that we have to adhere to the same standards as them that govern the aviation industry.

    Yes it has taken longer than we had expected, but i know work was going on behind the scenes to have it resolved, and i had said in an earlier blog, this is a matter for fx and not the pm, unless he had considered that it was drawn out. Threre are machanisms within caricom to deal with issues of this nature. That is what hutson is paid for, it he could not get it resolved them the Pm would and could have been invited to intervene.

  35. I’ve read in Today’s Nation newspaper where the directors of REDjet are putting things in place to move their hub to Jamaica if this government fails to honour their agreement. This would mean the lost of about 100 jobs, some of these persons gave up other jobs to join this airline because of what was offered the Company. This also means that if REDjet moves to Jamaica, it will start travelling to these same countries that Barbados is blocking now, hence the only ones who stands to lose are the Barbadian employees. How much stupid can this become.? We lost LIAT some years ago, now we’re about to lose REDjet. Remember LIAT was doing relatively good when based in Barbados, now all we are doing is pumping money into a bad investment, while others benefit.

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