Cost Of Money Continued

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moneyIn the following PDC analysis, we continue to focus in a laser-like fashion on this very destructive cost of use of money variable in Barbados. And we will do so by partially looking at some of the political financial relationships between the said cost of use of money variable and the cost to a person’s/entity’s income of acquiring a particular basket of goods or a certain set of services.

As well, we will outline that given the real incomes of the broad masses and middle classes of people are so small/modest, individualistically speaking; that given the fact of the cost of living and the cost of doing business are at this juncture skyrocketing, and that given the values of whatever amounts of commercial properties, assets and resources that they have in Barbados are threatened by the latter circumstances to the point of their reaching very abysmal financial values, how most of the members of these said classes will  therefore be subject to becoming eventually subjugated and degradated by this political money system and those people that run and dominate this particular system and this wider property owning system.

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  1. @PDC

    Many have wondered in a climate ripe with issues you were absent from the political debate during the St. John by election as an example. Was there a problem?

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