For Blacks The Job Is Far From Over, Don’t You Dare Give Up The Fight!

The Beauty of a Black Woman

Last week a psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa from the London School of Economics was highlighted in   Psychology Today where he concludedthat African American women were “objectively” less attractive than European American, Asian American, and Native American women’. After some probing it was revealed Kanazawa stretched the boundary of academic license by using the results of a study which listed thousands of variables contained in multiple datasets. To satisfy his conclusion Kanazawa was found to be professionally dishonest when the data was reviewed by Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman.

As you would expect Kanazawa met a hailstorm of criticism from Blacks, especially women. Why is it the Black race seems to be the biggest target for every pseudo-intellectual in town to prove some hypothesis?  Whatever self doubt we may have as a Black race stories (PowerPoint Presentation) like that of  Hamilton Naki – a labourer who became a self-taught surgeon at the height of Apartheid in South Africa – should inspire us to ‘don’t give up the fight’.

42 thoughts on “For Blacks The Job Is Far From Over, Don’t You Dare Give Up The Fight!

  1. This Japanese guy is obviously demented since “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Also what possible purpose could such a study serve? The mere fact that he would spend time and money analysing this data says more about his intellectual defict and the lack of professional guidance at LSE than anything else.

  2. But lets not just write him off. There are thousands,millions out there who would gladly jump on his band wagon. Just like the millions who followed Adolph Hitler into believing that Jews, Blacks and the Romani people , plus others, are inferior and should be exterminated and.or used as slave labour. Many today are still of that belief.

  3. Everyone knows a black women is the sweetest ting out there, but black women have to understand their beauty and stop wearing mock this and mock that trying to look European and Asian, else these criticisms will continue.

    It is obvious that if I’m a European, and another race is trying its best to look like me (bleaching skin, destroying the protein structure of its hair, etc) then without any study I could easily say this race is unattractive. Because that race believes it is unattractive.

  4. Smooth choklit
    I agree wid you. Let’s move on smartly.

    Dis article is nutton less, nutton mo, dhan dog puppp.


  5. I will say one thing in this Japanese’s defence, it maybe very HARD for him to MEASURE UP to the task of satisfying and reaching a glorious CLIMATIC POINT when conducting PENETRATIVE analysis on the subjects of his negative conclusion. If wunna gets ma drift!

  6. Comme d’habitude, Umar Johnson speaks ‘truth’ and power to reality. Very deep and insightful!

  7. Thank you DAVID* for posting my BRUV* Doc Umar….

    Understanding the PALEO-sociology behind issues of SUPERIORITY* amongst ethnicities harp back to a time in the not so distant past when genderization, ETHNOCOLORIZATION* and the subservient marginalization of our foreparents became a damnable heresy visited, verminated and vandalized upon the spiritual psyche of a people helpless to do anything about it…

    We will be DAMNED* in HELL*** if we allow bogus diagnosticians in the form of learned academics to be allowed to get away with subjectively opinionated, biasly skewed, effluent BOVINE CRAP – allowing it to seep into the crystal clear waters of pure logic and reason!!!

    When TRUTH* & FREEDOM*** are outlawed – only OUTLAWS* will be free!!!

    The DEVIL* is a LIAR!!!!

  8. Why would Black people need validation from other races?
    That said, do you not agree that the Ms. Universe and similar shows are useless.
    Until Blacks stop subscribing to other ethnic groups views on beauty, there will always be a target for such crap.

  9. Eduardo Bonilla-Silva and Tyrone Forman wrote a wonderful article* examining the discursive strategies white college students use to distance themselves from racism, while still blaming people of color for their own disadvantage or being, straightforwardly, racist.

    Among other strategies, they noted that these students would often preface their comments with the phrase –

    “I am not a racist but…”


  10. In an article by the GUARDIAN NEWSPAPER titled – “It’s time to be proud of our black beauty” – by Elizabeth Pears, she argues that: “LSE evolutionary psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa’s blog asking “why black women are the least attractive of all the races” was not just racism, but racism of the worst kind because he tried to back it up with a bar chart and call it science…”

    My argument to Ms. Pears et al is that: Our goodly LSE academic is not really entirely to blame given that these so-called institutions of learning are out of touch with the realities of daily life… Science (for 100’s of years) have been trying to prove that people of color are in many ways children of a lesser of God*… The Bell Curve was controversial science that said that we had a lower IQ than other ethnic groups; the so-called empirical measures of BEAUTY* relegates Black women to the side lines – yet Nefertiti, SOLOMON’s Queen of Sheba still rule the pages of ancient history… Yet TODAY* we can be proud of Dorothy Dandridge, (1st LADY) Michelle OBAMA, Pam Grier, Sade, Iman, Halle Berry, Diana Ross, Beyonce, Lauren Hill, Rihanna, Lena Horne….need I go on…. The list is endless and that is only our well known public figures – what about those who have never graced the limelight?


    “Sorry Terence I have to disagree with you. These institutions are not out of touch with the world and they are very much in touch with the governments. Like I said, history is written by the victors and they often use the educational institutions to push their agenda. That is why Christians were able to be comfortable with slavery as they were taught blacks were 3/5 human. During apartheid SA they were taught that blacks were less than whites and blacks were offered a bantu education. Same happens in Israel today where much less money is spent on Arab education, Arab kids have to learn about the Holocaust and all references to the Nakba are removed. This year they even went so far as to criminalise commemorating it. Bell Curve was no accident. It was just another form of oppression. As is this recent study.

    People including myself have made jokes about white women and black men. But the fact is that white men have been fascinated with black women for far longer. During slavery white men were raping black women but they were also having long term relationships with them. All of those mixed race kids running around plantations weren’t being given birth to by white women that’s for sure! The sexual objectification of black women goes back YEARS. Let’s not forget Saartjie Baartman.”

    Clearly this ISSUE* has raised eyebrows and for those who live in predominately BLACK* societies – do not make this an NON-ISSUE* because the merchant-CLASS* is still holding you over a barrel and they decide if you will EAT OR DRINK and at what PRICE!!!!

  12. its probably the same of logic and mindset that stolen white babies are worth more than stolen black ones on the sex slave syndicates market

  13. As the international community puts its focus on the royal wedding between Britain’s Prince William and Catherine Middleton, the question arises of whether there exists black royalty today other than Disney’s Princess Tiana.

    Well, the following women prove that the concept transcends cartoon fantasy and has expanded beyond the shores of Africa. highlights regal women of color — princesses, socialites, philanthropists and businesswomen — who show the beauty of diversity in love, marriage and monarchy. – Janell Hazelwood


  14. * we can be proud of Dorothy Dandridge, (1st LADY) Michelle OBAMA, Pam Grier, Sade, Iman, Halle Berry, Diana Ross, Beyonce, Lauren Hill, Rihanna, Lena Horne
    Interesting list.

    A blindfolded man using his fingers to determine the features in an attempt to guess race, should be forgiven if he got it wrong.

  15. Why in 2011 we have to be petitioning the USA to pardom Marcus Garvey?

    In Barbados former Black Panther Leader dies after being wrongly convicted and not a murmur in the local media.

    LOS ANGELES — Elmer “Geronimo” Pratt, a former Black Panther Party leader who spent 27 years in prison on a murder conviction that was later overturned, has died. He was 63.

  16. DAVID@BU
    “Why in 2011 we have to be petitioning the USA to pardon Marcus Garvey? In Barbados former Black Panther Leader dies after being wrongly convicted and not a murmur in the local media…”

    If USAG Holder & Prez.Barry O* are in anyway students of “inconspicuous” BLACK HISTORY* (no play on words intended) then this situation should be a foregone conclusion…

    David, BLACK issues are no longer relevant as is said – “you always wanted a Black man in charge – now you have one…” So the diktat has been issued – “it is expedient that [1] man should be sacrificed for an entire nation…” So from here on in – all Black whining, whinging and moaning MUST* cease because it has proven that “all men are created ‘EQUAL’ and endowed with inalienable rights – the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…

    So let’s see what happens POST-NOV2012 – I believe an interesting scenario awaits us…

    Let’s hope SARAH (“can’t string 6-words together”) PALIN won’t be the “dark” horse in this apocalyptic saga…

  17. This is not about black women per se this is about black people and how others (albeit with a somewhat limited viewpoint) see us. If he wrote this about black women what is he saying about black men? Do you think he would write that we are handsome compared to other races?

    This is just another of the myriad attacks that we are subjected to from those who think they are superior, usually it is along the lines that our intelligence don’t match up to others but this one has a new slant.

    The Editors of Psychology Today provided him with a forum outside his limited circle to circulate his “research” and although they later backed off in the face of criticism it means that someone thought it was worth publishing.

    Personally I think it would have been better to leave the article as is because I prefer to know what one thinks of me upfront instead of hiding behind a mask of pretence.

  18. @David

    Why would you expect the local Press to have any information on the death of Pratt when their main sources of information is AP; CNN; BBC; Reuters etc.

    Also Pratt didn’t have a high profile like other Blank Panther activists e.g. Elridge Cleaver, Huey Newton, Bobby Seale or Angela Davis.

    I heard of Cleaver’s and Newton’s deaths through the mainstream media and I haven’t heard anything of Seale and Davis for years

  19. @Sargeant

    Point taken, regarding the local media and its reporting of event this is a classic case its source is firmly anchored in the traditional channels.

  20. why is it that people ALWAYS carry out studies and come to the conclusion that the black race is ALWAYS on the losing end? i get the impression that they do it, not because they believe that but because they would like the black race to believe that. i find the black women to be of exceptional beauty. yes some might not be as attractive as others. they also display far more confidence in themselves than the white woman who often times have to have a man as her leader or she is lost. i find this especially so in barbados where some white women are beaten just as bad or worst than the black but they won’t leave the man. no they must show the world they are loved and they marriages are solid etc, etc. my sis told me of an incident she witnessed between a white couple. the husband was literally cursing the wife very quietly, he was telling herto take her f..k..g hands off him etc and how he would beat her when they leave. (she was holding on to his elbow) my gosh, pathetic. They were in a toy store. A black women would not even touch him. i am mixed but feel honoured to be black. these kind of sentiments in no way make me feel less than a woman. i love being black. i love to see the various styles the black woman put on her hair etc. i wonder why people come to the conclusion that they are trying to be white? some might be but not all. what about the other women of other races who do the same? they dye their hair, wear wigs, tan their skins, get facelits, increase their behinds, increase their breasts, etc. yet heaven forbid a black woman to do other things. she does not have to get a facelit at all, she does not get her breast or behind increase…hers is natural. She has been designed in such a way that she can wear wigs, or straighten her hair etc and still look exotic.

    I think that these kinds of reports are made when some people have bad experiences with the black race and the only thing they can do to make them feel defeated, is to write some kind of hogwash. take a look again at the beauty of the black woman… i would reiterate, i am mixed and love my beauty but my black ancestry has accentuated my beauty. all the reports in the world can make me look less than any other human but they will never change the way i perceive myself. the world may look at me and try to make me believe they see worthless junk but when I look in the mirror i see a natural queen. So let the reports come, let them say what they may, I am one black woman that does not give a damn. I love the life I live.

  21. @SARGE
    “If he wrote this about black women what is he saying about black men? Do you think he would write that we are handsome compared to other races?”

    Actually, if you carefully studied his research finding you would discover a bit of a contradiction…

    Barry Kaufman in analyzing the data suggest “for the men in the sample and the same wave and found that the race group differences for the males was just significant (Pearson’s Chi-Square=21.2, DF=12, p = .048), with black males showing a slightly higher overall attractiveness rating than the other ethnicities…”

  22. It’s different type of racism today. Blacks have assimilated for 5 minutes now — It is not overt. It is more covert.
    eg. Tea Party doesn’t say it is racist – it just is

  23. @TB

    No doubt you have observed that the West Indies cricket team will not get to play at Lords and the Oval coming tour. For sure one game is scheduled at Cardiff. Based on what we are reading it is the first time this would have happened. All kinds of conclusions can be drawn you think?

    Don’t Black people still live in England?

  24. DAVID@BU

    My beloved brother – (LOL) there are laws tabled against “INCITEMENT TO HATRED” – hate speech which “GOOD” Christians would do well to avoid!!!

    To answer your rather provocative question – “YES” there are “BLACKS” in Britain… To quote Taju Tijani -“We have a smattering of millionaires in music and sport. In sport, Lennox Lewis (boxing) leads with a combine fortune of £100million. Shade Adu (music) made the list with £30million fortune. In football, there is Sol Campbell (£33million), Rio Ferdinand (£30million), Ashley Cole (£13million), Nicolas Anelka (£11million) and Michael Essien (£11million)…”

    And the “LIST” goes on….This does not take into account the couple dozen of other BLACK BRITS in other areas of entertainment, commerce, law & science as well as other footballers not mentioned who earn over a MILLION* £££ a year…

    “One of the biggest disadvantages of the rag-to-riches story of most our footballers is the negative impact their wealth is having on the impressionistic minds of our children….”

    “Intellectual and business routes to fame and fortune are no longer popular among Black kids. They all want to be footballers and live an outlandishly, illiterate lifestyle of Ferraris, white girls, mansions, champagne, drugs – all mortal destroyers of the Black man’s wealth in the West. The question is where do our footballers invest their fortunes? Where is their signature in banking, IT, manufacturing, insurance, retailing, fashion and mobile phone technology?”

    These are some of the questions DAVID* which many of us refuse to deal with, far less even entertain… We are too busy watching RIHANNA* gyrate with spasmodic New Age shenanigans… We are more concern about buying the next Apple Iphone 5 and the latest Samsung smart TV than about “TRUE” empowerment and emancipation from mental & “SPIRITUAL” slavery…

    Sadly, my dear bro. Black FOLKS* have lost their traditional sense of consciousness due to the mesmerizing effect of postmodern HYPER_REALITY and the dystopia of secular culture… Dumbed down in an effort to make us compliant… Brainwashed so that it will be easy to carry out the subterfuge of “EUGENICS” and subtle extermination of present and future generations…

    You would be DAMNED* (as an INDIVIDUAL*) – if GOD* would dare raise up a modern-day MOSES* to lead these 1.8 billion Black folks out of “SPIRITUAL” Egypt after 1000’s of years psychic incarceration… Folks are just “PEACHY” where they are – so leave them and let the slaughtering angels take ’em out… You can’t save anyone who doesn’t want to be saved – PERIOD!!!

    So BRUV* – I am sorry to say it but I do not hold out any “HOPE” whatsoever for our people – for we have become sheeple being lead to the slaughter which our eyes wide shut – merry as we go on our way!!!

    Sorry but you asked!!!

  25. @David

    Lords and the Oval are reserved for first class cricket are they not? I didn’t know the WI fielded a first class cricket team :-).


    I thought that Lennox Lewis lived in Canada, if he has managed to keep all that money he has done better than most pugilists and can live anywhere.

    I don’t understand your point about black sports and entertainment figures making their mark in other fields of business. Perhaps they are good at what they do and don’t wish to invest their money in areas that they have little knowledge of.

    Success in one field does not mean that one can parlay that success in another

  26. @SARGE

    What we are talking about is INVESTMENTS* that benefit the “COLLECTIVE”…the community where disenfranchisement is still RIFE* and where our young people are toothless and visionless because those who have made it choose to barricade themselves between bodyguards, 12ft fences & tinted-windowed Range Rovers…

    When we talk about the ISSUE* of BLACKNESS today – I am weary of those people who want to play a tuba in a 4 x 6 room…

  27. @ DAVID

    The West Indies once ruled the CRICKET* world and it is S.A.D* (Seasonal Affective Disorder) to see how the mighty have fallen…

    A lesson I believe for all those wallow in the illusion of GREATNESS*…

  28. TMB; I notice you avoid in your list all of our black billionaire brothers operating and investing outside of your self imposed box.
    These people are the true entrepreneurs, wealth creators extraordinaire, bucking the system and giving the market what it demands.
    Not your narrow minded crumbling conservative failed capitalist alternative,
    If it’s tolerated then it is legitimate to the money men who run your country.
    So hats off to the boundary pushers, the yardies and whoever else exposes the system for what it is – a whirling roundabout of funny money,
    Let’s get real here.

  29. “African people have a range of physical variation and don’t need any inspiration or mixes from cold-climate/light skinned Europeans or Asiatics to explain why. Features like narrow noses, thin lips, height etc are all indigenous to Africa. Africa has both the highest phenotypic diversity and the highest genetic diversity in the world and don’t need cold-climate/light skin inspiration for that established fact. All cold-climate/light skinned Europeans and Asiatics are SUBSETS of original African diversity.”
    (Keita 2004; Tishkoff 2002, Ely et al, 2006, Stevanovitch 2004).

    ” In sub-Saharan Africa, many anthropological characters show a wide range of population means or frequencies. In some of them, the whole world range is covered in the sub-continent. Here live the shortest and the tallest human populations, the one with the highest and the one with the lowest nose, the one with the thickest and the one with the thinnest lips in the world. In this area, the range of the average nose widths covers 92 per cent of the world range ” – Jean Hiernaux ,The People of Africa.

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