CARIBBEAN STOCK REPORT 18 April to 22 April 2011

Compiled by the Department of Management Studies, UWI Cave Hill - Click image to read in PDF

The decision by the Department of Management Studies of the University of the West Indies to compile the Caribbean Stock Report is to be commended. Regrettably the report has not generated a national conversation which begs the question, why. Perhaps there is a  lack of ‘financial intelligence’ within the Barbados population.

BU believes local media has an important developmental role to educate the public it serves. It is not too late for local media to collaborate with the Department of Management Studies at UWI, Cave Hill by using the Caribbean Stock Report as a jump-off point to achieve such an objective. In fact it fits well with the strategy of Starcom to roll-out a Caribbean radio station.

It is ironic the ‘noise’ which is created about freedom of movement as a key driver for regional integration. However there is a comparative silence  about the other drivers, e.g. building frameworks for regional trade and a financial market.

Go figure!

4 thoughts on “CARIBBEAN STOCK REPORT 18 April to 22 April 2011

  1. maybe its a good thing that everyone is losing jobs they hate, dropping out of a stressful rat race and being less materialistic by changing their values and taking control of their lives to be happier doing what they enjoy.

    Qui autem falli decipi -Let HIM who would be deceived be DECEIVED.
    Your MIND is like a parachute, it has to be OPEN to work.

    He who Controls the PAST controls the PRESENT, he who Controls the present Controls the FUTURE. (George: Orwell)

    My people shall perish for lack of knowledge. (Bible)

    Knowledge is enabling, Enabling of knowledge is POWER. (David: Hall)

    PROVE all things and HOLD FAST to that which is TRUTHFUL (Bible)

    As a MAN thinketh so it HE. (Bible)

    You CANNOT Resolve a problem from the SAME VIEWPOINT or MINDSET that it was Created. (Herbert: Einstein)

    Yet in understanding TRUTH we must not believe in a thing said merely because it is said, nor TRADITIONS because they have been handed down from some haphazard ASSUMPTIONS we may have made, nor because of what seems an analogical NECESSITY, nor on the MERE AUTHORITY of others.
    But TRANSCEND your belief to KNOWING, when it is corroborated by your own reasoning and consciousness …PROVE all things and HOLD FAST to that which resonates with your inner COGNITION. ( By the wise, emphasis added)

    In a time of UNIVERSAL DECEIT telling the TRUTH becomes a REVOLUTIONARY act (George: Orwell)

    When STUPIDITY is considered PATRIOTISM it is UNSAFE to be INTELLIGENT (Isaac: Asimov)

    These words are some of the laid bricks of humility and courage on the path of WISDOM and TRUTH. Step firmly ahead (David: Hall)

    The Three stages of TRUTH: First it is RIDICULED. Second, it is VIOLENTLY OPPOSED. Third, it is accepted as being SELF-EVIDENT (Arthur: Schopenhauer)

    All you so call intellectuals out there. Darkness can never overshadow a speck of LIGHT. Yet you would pluck the eyes of the living soul that would gaze towards it -who dears to challenge a broken system -who dears to invoke a new paradigm of thinking perspective, for stepping outside the herd of darkness. well let light prevail (David: Hall)

    When I was a boy in Bimshire I observed the ethical principles in practice of the men and women of that time. They were hard working and never reached beyond their means. They were good investors in the land and acquired their homes, 2by3 by 2by3, brick by brick, galvanize by galvanize, lock stock and barrel. It was theirs and they economic status was sound. I was too little to understand the value then, but the gracious thing is that you cannot unsee what you have seen or unhear what you have heard.

    But what have we got today? a generation of immediate gratification seekers. Social dependants. I cannot afford it but I still must have it. Let me put it on plastic or get a loan.
    So what corrupt influences drew us away from the wisdom of our parental ancestor? well here there are: Governmental system, Capitalism; Banking system, Media system, Un-educational system, religious (non spiritual) system and Legal (not to be confused with Lawful) system .
    Now I do not know if you can stomach what I am duty bound to present on these blogs. But what ever mankind must undertake freemen must duly share -from my heart to yours.

    My heart resonates with the name of this website “Bajan Underground” to mean addressing that which is not being addressed above ground in the mainstream media -I hope I am right

    So allow me your further indulgience if I may.

    Let us evaluate the government system of spending. But first, how many of you have had a friend who came and borrow money from you and some how you never got it back?
    Well they were not able to acquire the money independently without coming to you in the first place, so what makes you think they will adopted mechanisms to repay you in the future. The moment that money leaves your hand there is every likely-hood that you’re not seeing that money again.
    The simple truths in actions that we take, are always neglected to pride and ignorance. That is, denying calling a spade when it is exactly that a SPADE (David: Hall)

    Government do the irresponsible acts of borrowing money that they may never be able to pay back, to provide services we often may never see or reap the benefit of as individuals.
    The problem is not just the borrowing alone but the usury interest of an infinitesimal-ism of never being able to pay it back. And this practice is corrupt, irresponsible and illogical.

    For all of you who always say we need government to provide services then I have a few questions.
    1. what are these services you speak of?
    2. why is there a need to borrow money to provide them?
    3. If you go to the shop/supermarket/restaurant do you get a receipt itemising what you paid for?
    4. where can I get an itemised bill for these services that the government spent the money on?
    5. do you see these as fair questions?
    I think that if we were to get a true itemise receipt then we would be in horror. Misappropriation of funds is what first comes to mind. The second is wastage.
    6. Why don’t you ask for one and see?
    The point is, as I have said continually on these blogs. no matter how you spin it, the SYSTEM is BROKEN and full of CORRUPTION and DECEIT! And sadly, the acceptance of knowing, it is was never meant to serve any of us, is vehemently fought by many misguided souls.

    But let me explain how the services should be paid for.
    If you prescribe to a society (which I don’t, and if you do, please tell me by what name is that society? Because all societies must have a name) which requires TAXES to provide services, then by all means you should pay your taxes. But DIRECT TAXATION is wrong and a violation of Lawful and human rights. Your labour is an equal exchange. It is not income.
    However, a reasonable levy on some commodities is more than enough to provide for the alleged services. Trust me when I say that a lot of your “taxed dollars” are syphoned away in offshore accounts and back-room deals. And no country is spared from this boys club defrauding of its people. just ask each of your governmental officials/politicians to produced all of their bank and savings accounts under sworn affidavit and perjury. see who comes forward. Just to mention, we had local council officials in Kent UK being caught recently having millions in an offshore account, in the Iceland meltdown. So yes they do blatantly rob us.
    I am not against governments, just the kind we have currently. De Novo -start anew. If we start afresh and create a government that truly Lawfully represented the people then all of this dis-service would be at an end. Mark my words, that ripple has begun. It is time to be free Wo/Men or continue being a slave. I digress.

    In response to the issue on taxing an imported car (re: A matter of National Security Blog May 28th 2010) by Customs & Excise (or the equivalent) this is typical of the greed and injustice of an individuals private property by a non represented democracy.
    see why I hold this view by my comments on types of governments in the blog posting link below.

    Now notwithstanding the character of the AG doing his job and the allege possible abuse of positions of individuals who don’t apply the rules they create to themselves as to the general public. I must present what is clearly overlooked by those who feels their is justification to this levy. My view is that it is not justified.

    Let me explain.

    a) an individual bought a car
    b) paid to have it put on a boat to be shipped to destination aka Barbados.
    c) pays to get it off the ship onto land -Customs & Excise
    d) pays to have it road taxed -company 1
    e) pays to have it insured -company 2
    f) pays to put fuel in it -company 3
    g) pays to put oil in it -company4
    h) pays to service it -company 5
    i) pays to replace worn out components -company 6
    j) pays to replace tyres -company 7
    k) pays to park it -company 8
    l) pays to have it wash/perhaps -Junior

    Now if that individual did not pay off the ship onto land tax/duty fees, can we honestly say that they were “taking advantage of the system” or “committing fraud” or “abusing the system”. Of coarse not. that individual in point of fact contributed to the system; a global economy. First overseas and then the local economy via several companies. Even little Junior made a little pocket money. Lol. What’s more, these payments are made throughout the year continually. until the car is scraped and then another economy is created. The second hand economy of salvaged parts.
    In this whole process the government had most likely gained revenue via the VAT, as well as DIRECT TAXATION from the companies involved. And should therefore waive the insidious levy for an individual actions that places better strength to the economy in this way. Now I do not think that Customs & Excise taxation are the same as VAT but to an individual it might as well be one of the same.
    Although a taxation such a VAT, can have a fair and capable role. I feel logically the levy in this type of case is not, for the reason laid out above.

    The other point I am raising is although I do not like the term Valued Added Tax (because there is no added value to an apple just because you tell me that I got to pay extra above the retail price) it is a better measured tax because you can visibly see what it is attached to.
    On the other hand with DIRECT TAXATION it comes out of your laboured possession and off it goes into the ether, with no real tangible attached benefit.
    The reason VAT is never seem to be enough to pay for services is because governments are the worst example of good sound money management. But we are quickly learning that this is not accidental.

    Capitalism and Banks:
    Capitalism has a valued purpose in an economy. the problem is the rules are never kept to. Capitalism means the strongest survives based upon the demands and will of the market. Much a profit is gained by many in this way. However, with great international collusion by governments and banks we are seeing a constant trend of the capitalisation of PROFIT but socialisation of LOSS. This has shown the Animal Farm Principle “All animals are equal but some are more equal than others” ; All banks are equal but some are more equal than others; some banks and capitalist institutions are too big to fail and so on. What corrupt nonsense. This is an affront to true capitalism.
    They have left us discussing taxation on how to pick up the tab for their risk taking, laughing at us all the way to the bank (did you get the pun? How about the joke -its on us).

    But even when the question of what was risked, is put to banks, if you were to get a truly and honest reply, the answer would be nothing. In today’s collusion with governments, banks risk nothing and gain everything. The good video “Money as debt” states it in sober clarity. Why do they get away with it? First because of our ignorance and second because the services that you think you should pay your government to provide, sadly, the protection of your inalienable rights and protection from blatant fraud is not on the list.

    In your quest for immediate gratification you sit in front of a charlatan who knows that until you provide your signatures (twice I believe -do your research -you’ll see) there will be no money in existence -nada, zilch . In point of fact banks have no money to lend you. You are the money. And if you are the money, then why do you need banks? Ask your government.

    Now I could never place all the evidence before you via this blog. The evidence is overwhelmingly right in front of you in plain sight and all over the web. why I am repeatedly presenting my analysis to these blogs is because I am constantly seeing comments to the WHAT but little focus on the WHO and WHY.

    In all these blogs I have witnessed so far, there is a common theme resonated and it is this “Hey man we’re getting screwed left right and centre”. It is time to face up to WHY it is happening and WHO is doing it. I digress.

    So you rush out to get that credit card or loan or mortgage from these charlatans not knowing that your government has allow these charlatans to commit fraud on you. No matter how you spin it, that’s right, fraud it is. If you did it, you would be in Glendairy in no time. So why not the banking charlatans? ask your government.
    This is what happens when you sign up to a rule by the people system instead of a rule by the law. That might be too high a climb of understanding for you my dear reader -I hope not because the line is drawn. Be free or be a slave.

    Tell me, when is a right a RIGHT and a wrong a WRONG? Answer: when it either edifies or violates the Law. The problem is most of us do not know what is Law. Please understand when I tell you that a Law is unchangeable. That is not to say they can not be broken in a human sense (with consequences) but such Law will always still stand. Another thing is that Law is not ambiguous either. There is no complication of remedy for wrong doing. Harm or Fraud or both must have been committed or no Law has been breached. Now tell me, how is that complicated? So it is either law or it isn’t. Don’t believe me?
    The Law of gravity
    The Law of magnetism
    The Law of electricity
    The Law of the galaxy
    The Law of science
    The Law of creation
    The Law of sea
    The Law of Land
    So do you accept the above as Laws and do you understand the principles that binds/bounds those Laws. what if I stated that in the understanding of those Laws, there resides your freedom or enslavement. By the way, Statutum affirmativum non derogat communi legi -An affirmative stature does not take from the common Law. I digress.

    The mainstream media was hijacked a long time ago. They got too corporate and sadly they cannot serve two masters; the general public and the sponsor advertising. There is no surprise. I am little amused when I hear or read naive comments that the mainstream media should be bringing the truth to the public. Who dear to bite the hand that feeds them. The media is bought lock stock and barrel so get over it. That system is also corrupt and broken. The media system is constantly propagating immediate self gratification. The psychology of media manipulation is well documented in “The Century Of Self” videos

    The Un-educational system:
    That is not playing with words. You are not educated in schools you are indoctrinated in to a system of non critical thinking. Don’t ask why, just repeat after me, do not question authority. Nowadays I encourage every child ask Quo warranto -by what authority? You must understand that this is a good thing. On questioning authority you either make that authority supreme or expose it as a fraud. “Freedom lives within the healthy practice of questioning authority” (David: Hall)

    They do not teach your children about FREEDOM and SOVEREIGNTY. or do they teach about the difference about legal and lawful. Nor do they teach about COMMON LAW and lawful responsibility. Noway. Nor do they teach you that banking is fraud.
    Nor do they teach that governments cannot create laws but are bound by them. that would expose it for the fraud that it is. In truth education begins when school ends.

    The religious system.
    The very practice of USURY should be repugnant by the church. The bible clearly forbids it. Yet it is not discourage in the teachings in the pulpit. why do you think that churches are EXEMPT from taxation? Because if they were to truly awake the masses to the true reality around them such benefits would certainly be taken away.

    They are all part of the great deception to get you to contract just a little further into slavery. Have you ever notice that when you’re baptised into the church, you are given a certificate with your name in BLOCK CAPITALS of what looks like your name and a serial number -why is that? Look up Capitis dominutio maxima for your answer. Nor would the church dear teach you the Four Laws Of Creation.

    The Legal system:
    A world of language created know as legalese, for the society know as the law society, yet Law is far removed from what they practice. Those of that society know as attorneys/Barristers would argue that you and I are not intelligent to understand such a language. But tell me this, in an equal and just world how can you be bound by a language you’re deemed not to be able to comprehend? ask your government.
    The legal system burdens us with victimless rules, sees us as children and imbeciles to be dealt with mercilessly. You see true Law requires Corpus deleti -a body upon which a crime has been committed; a victim dead or alive. But they rules (not Law) allows for deception and corruption, and the changing of those rules when politically expedient to do so. The legal system carries with it the force of law (but point of fact is not Law) By mutual consent of a society of the governed. In other words when consent is given. now this is not me saying this, it is in their documents. So tell me how many of you reading this is part of the law society -not many I shall say. So why are you allowing yourselves to be enslaved by the great deception? See Black’s law dictionary 3rh ed onwards.
    Therefore these systems do they part to keep us distracted and ignorant of this truth. And have done a great evil to humanity. They are all Proditors -Traitors to your freedom. So never mind with all the fancy institutions and acronyms and debated troubles. These are the WHO and the WHY . Fix these and the world will be A PARADISE, pro facti.

    Take care of yourselves and each other!

  3. We would like to thank BU for continuing to carry the report. We have been pleasantly surprised by the level of interest in the region. Currently the Gleaner (Jam ), Guardian (T&T), SearchLight (SVG), Nassau Guardian (Bahamas), Stabroek (Guyana), Observer (St. Kitts and Antigua) and Barbados Today carry the report weekly.

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