Cove Bay St Lucy, The Master Piece

Submitted by Charles S. Cadogan

I am very PROUD of all Barbadians who are standing up against the development of  Cove Bay, St. Lucy.  We have sold  too much of Barbados already. I cannot see how man can improve on what GOD has already made a MASTER PIECE.  Please do not allow this story about jobs and money cause you to loose more of Barbados.

If anymore of the beauty of Barbados is taken away it will no longer be the Barbados which we have grown up to love.  If Barbadians agree to move forward with the Cove Bay development we would be making a very big mistake. There comes a time when money is not the most important thing to consider in making a decision.  If Barbadians continue to focus only on money, we will be sacrificing a natural Barbados to be replaced by cosmetic beauty. Please* do not give away anymore of what we have been blessed,  defend the cause of Cove Bay like you have never defended anything else in the past.

This foreign invasion has to stop somewhere. Do not be fooled by what’s being offered. Go out in numbers and protest against the development of  Cove Bay. Let the developers and town planner know you can fool some of the people, some of the time, but you aren’t going to fool all of the people all of the time.

Most tourist travel to get a break from the monotony of home. They do not want to see malls and flyovers they are able to see in their neck of the wood! People are looking for a little natural beauty. Flying  into Barbados is truly a sight to behold.  If you continue to give up the coastal lands this means you will have to move the locals to the center of the island. If you continue to move into the center of the island, you aren’t going to have much land for agriculture. You will have to continue spending money to import things you once grew.

I remember as a boy growing up in Barbados nearly everyone had something growing in the backyard, you could eat from the tree, there was even stuff  for medicinal purposes. I remember being able to eat hog plums, chilly plums, star apples, fatporks, cashews, golden apples, akees, grapes that grew on the coastal areas, soursops, I can go on and on. When the improvements started to cater to the tourist and almighty dollar, we sacrificed many things Barbados had to offer to Barbadians and replaced them by imports and fast food restaurants.

Barbados has sold enough to others who honestly do not have Barbadians interest at heart. The time has come to say enough is enough we are going to keep what little we have left of Barbados’ natural beauty and to preserve it so that future generations can see where we grew up and enjoyed to the fullest;   Coming to you from Wilmington, USA.

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  1. I agree somewhat with this assessment,growing up Bajan today is a somewhat different affair.Is selling out to the highest bidder now considered “modern” ?

    Also,if there is no more coast to go to,where do the tourists or locals go if say they don’t have lodgings at a coastal place to own ?

    • Did the DLP government on the campaign trail not promised Bajans no more development on that side of the island?

  2. David

    Thompson made a speech subsequent to his election and said that the Gov’t will not allow any development from Pico Teneriffe in the North to somewhere in St. Philip (can’t remember the exact location).

    Cove Bay is to the North of Pico Teneriffe

  3. These Fields and Hill, are now our very own. But what are we doing with them. Like Hackleton Cliff,and Archers Bay, all we see are marine dumping grounds and dog lynching. We as a people have a dismal record on how we treat the environment that we claim as our birth rights. if we want to stop the forners from owning these places, we must come up with viable alternative on preserving them for ourselves.

  4. David

    I did a search on the Internet and couldn’t reproduce the article but I think it was May 5th 2008 and the area stretched from Skeetes Bay to Pico Teneriffe

  5. Development at Cove Bay is wrong. That kind of natural environment should be left untouched by man.

    Let us hope there are enough Bajans who will pressure the Government to stop any development at Cove Bay.

    Bajans need green spaces for traditional recreation like outings.

  6. CSC and Hants,

    How do you reconcile your “untouched by man” recommendations to Barbadians at home, with your decision to leave our shores (at a time when they were even more beautiful than they are today) for the greener pastures of Wilmington and Toronto?

    All of Barbados was once a big green space. Some of that green space gave way to the 250,000+ people who now live on the island. How do we determine how much and which green spaces to preserve, so that we don’t lose valuable resources like yourselves to the greener spaces of North American cities?

  7. Its time Barbadians protest. I am convinced the 30 politicians lack a long term vision for Barbados. It pains me but the actions or inactions of these 30 jokers are moving citizens closer to detonation. Yes bajans are docile but we can only take some much!

    • It is good the government has embarked on an aggressive plan to build houses. The former government had an aggressive plan to use the land but to attract foreign direct investment. There is an obvious gap in the two policies. The government needs to articulate its position. Say what you want about Arthur’s plan it was a plan. How will the government bridge the shortfall in foreign revenue?

      The other point is what is the overall policy in Barbados regarding land use? Are we intending to replicate Wottons and Kingslands all over Barbados? To what end? MME perhaps it is the current policy which will obviously conflict with the ‘natural beauty’ Charles alluded to we have to address. BTW good to see you around.

  8. That area of coastal land from Archer’s Bay to East Point ( Ragged Point) was designated a coastal heritage area where construction of large project will be prohibited. This government was critical of the BLP for selling out to foreign enterprises, I’m not sure that they said they would not do the same. The difference is Arthur never stated areas where such construction must not take plaxe, he said the land is privately owned and he can’t tell the owners who to sell to within the law. David Thompson made a declaration of the reserved area, which I commend him for, yet that declaration seems to be ready to be breeched. Bajans have to wake up and demonstrate, agitate and fight for our own survival and that of our offspring.

  9. This too Dejavuish for me.
    I mean how many times must we go over this.
    When the Six Men’s Marina get stop I gine come back tuh dis. Rite now, I tired.
    One question though, how did “we” manage to stop the water park project?

  10. It’s not a question of DEVELOPMENT, it’s a question of which politician’s pocket is getting greased.

  11. @Micro Mock Engineer,
    It is not going to affect me personally if they concretize more of Barbados.
    Chances are that I will not live in Barbados again.It is in my personal interest to become a snowbird.

    It is up to wunna who livin dey to decide whether Cove Bay is worth preserving.

    Lawson was planning this development since the 70s. I am surprised he took so long to get to this stage.

    @David wrote, “Are we intending to replicate Wottons and Kingslands all over Barbados?”

    On a small densely populated island, housing the population is always going to be difficult.

    What do you suggest?

  12. We should be more concerned about agriculture—our ability to grow food— since 98 per cent of everything we eat and drink is imported.Again,we must stop building small match-box type houses on very valuable agricultural land.We MUST BUILD UP AND NOT OUT.”Owning a piece of de rock”does not necessarily have to mean a “piece of land”per se.Certainly an apartment ultimately rests upon “a piece of de rock” even if it is 10,15,20 floors up in the air.We must stop the rampant sale of land for
    “development”–matchbox housing.Concentrate on growing food thereby reducing food prices and freeing up a greater amount of income for other more worthwhile items or development projects e.g.hospitals,schools,improved police , fire department and recreational facilities,But again, this requires leadership which will not tolerate corruption but will consider the nation’s interests ,and not the interests of “developers”,to be of paramount importance.Unfortunately,none of the present members of parliament,mostly lawyers and men, seem capable.What a pity!God help our children and grandchildren!

  13. Pieter Pieper wrote”We MUST BUILD UP AND NOT OUT.”

    You should have told that to the developers of Sandy Lane Estate and Royal Westmoreland.

    Imagine the view from a 10,000 sq.ft penthouse on a 15 storey luxury condo.

  14. @ Micro Mock Engineer;
    I left Barbados over 46 years ago, and came back and built a home for my mother and did what I had to do for the family that was left behind in Barbados. Jobs in Barbados at the time were limited, and the pay wasn’t worth the job. This is the part that really gets to me. You are interested in what I did, or why I left Barbados. But I am not the issue. Many of us who left Barbados have done so because of the overall job situation, and try to do something more for our families; And many do support Barbados by sending money back to their families; But you have the right to ask me anything you care to, as you also have the right to stand up and be counted as one of the Bajans who decided to do something more than **TALK**;You are living in Barbados not me. But I still have a daughter and grand children in Barbados who I would Love to see what we enjoyed as young people growing up when we went to what was called **OUTINGS** I have children here who want to see Barbados. I have two in England, but only one saw Barbados…. I am not going to debate with you on what choices you make in life; I hope that you accomplish all that your heart desires;

  15. @ Pieter Pieper:
    What you said is exactly what I have been say for quite sometime now. I had an article in The Barbados Today date 20/12/10 about the same things that you mentioned; I’m glad that at least I am not the only one who has these feelings in regards to what’s going on in Barbados;

  16. The existence of the projects at Country Park Towers, Coverley, Carrington Village, Lancaster, Forde’s Road, Eckstein Village, Haggatt Hall and more prior to January 15, 2008 is also a matter of record.

  17. @ Charles S. Cadogan Sr.

    Pardon my ignorance but exactly what development is being planned at Cove Bay.

    Can you provide details or where can I find details?


  18. Charles C.C:
    To my knowledge the Cove Bay developement plan has been OK for some time. The names of those responsible are known to some. “C’dians”
    David & Nostradamus:
    I believe the MP for the area has given it his ‘tacit’ approval; he can answer all your questions; “will bring new wealth to the area”.

    This topic was ‘Aired’ on a call-in programme some time ago .
    That person saw the development plans on a website and enquired how true was it!
    Bajans are too polite to ask questions and our MP’s are aware of this and rerely divulge information readily. So people are mostly kept in the dark until projects are well on the way; perhaps appoved, then to inform at the last moment; to say,”Ah, we informed you!
    Charles C.C:
    If this project was new, the response would be the same from those living near. Let me state this clearly,Often they are the last to be told, so given little time to prepare.
    Yes, Pico Tenerife is south of Cove Bay, was pointed out by the previous PM as being a NO! NO! for developement on to St Philip.
    I was lead to believe that permission has been granted for a hotel to be built on the East Coast which will blend into the landscape, since that anouncement for no building on the East Coast.

    • @Hants

      To your earlier question, it seems the DLP came to office with a mandate, noble though it is, to deliver houses and they have looked around, picked a few areas to build houses and started to bulldoze and dig foundations. The utilization of land resources is serious business and a higher level of planning is required.

  19. “Jobs in Barbados at the time were limited, and the pay wasn’t worth the job. This is the part that really gets to me. You are interested in what I did, or why I left Barbados. But I am not the issue.”

    CSC & Hants,

    I dropped in to check on my ‘end-time’ friends but then I saw your posts and figured it would be more fun to rattle your cages instead. 🙂


    You completely misunderstood me if you think I was interested in why you left. The point I was trying to get across is that opposing development proposals without first finding out exactly what is proposed is counterproductive and could lead to missed economic opportunities for a nation and its people. Jobs in Barbados are not as limited now as they were in the times you speak of… ask yourself why, and whether any green spaces were developed in the process. I am not saying we should indiscriminately ‘concretize’ the island, but by the same token we shouldn’t oppose for opposing sake. It is natural to want your daughter and grandchildren in Barbados to see what you enjoyed in your youth. I want them to also have the local job opportunities that come with development, so that they don’t have to leave “to do something more for their families”.

    I enjoy your contributions and I think your heart is in the right place, but why not give the developers the opportunity to share the details of their proposal before you shoot it down?

  20. … you said “I cannot see how man can improve on what GOD has already made a MASTER PIECE”

    Should we stop building roads, hospitals, schools etc. too?

    Tell me CSC… do you eat food that is cooked or as God made it?

  21. @David, “The utilization of land resources is serious business and a higher level of planning is required.”

    David 3 or 4 acres of lawn and gardens for one mansion is not good utilization of (scarce) land resources. Drive through Sandy Lane estates.

    Barbados needs “Trump towers” to minimize the building footprint of luxury properties in Barbados.

    COW could build one next to Apes Hill golf course and sell the condos for 10 or 20 million each.

    Poor people should not live in high rise apartments unless there is no alternative.

  22. Hants
    With an unstable, cavey substructure that is the body of barbados, will constructing highrise buildings be wise?

  23. According to retired physics professor Albert Bartlett, formerly of the University of Colorado, “The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function.”

    As I see it, Barbados is now bumping up on the limits to growth as described by Professor Bartlett in his lecture on population growth and the exponential function.

    To very briefly summarize the substance of Bartlett’s lecture:

    Whether the subject under consideration be demand for housing, demand for energy, number of motorcars on the road, amount of garbage produced, the following holds true, any number growing at say, for example, 3% per year probably won’t seem very significant, but in 23 years the growing quantity would have doubled. Growing at 5% per year it would double in 14 years, and at a 10% per year increase, doubling time would be down to 7 years.

    Here’s an easy way to figure out the doubling time for any quantity growing at a fixed percentage: take the percent rate of increase per year and divide it into the number 70. E.g. 5% per year growth rate, 70/5 = 14 year doubling time.

    Depending on what exactly it is you are dealing with, it might only take one or two doubling times for the numbers to start getting very big and very difficult to deal with as far as finding space and resources to deal with whatever it is you are trying to get a handle on (e.g. the number of cars trying to get into Bridgetown on a weekday morning).

    Bear in mind that at the first doubling time the new quantity is twice the original amount; at the 2nd doubling time it is 4 times the original amount; at the 3rd doubling time it 16 times the original amount and so on. Depicted on graph paper this would produce one of those curves that starts of down in the bottom, left corner of the page gradually increasing in height above the horizontal ‘x’ axis as the line moves to the right and then by the time it gets to the right hand side of the page it is shooting upwards in an almost vertical line.

    Now here is another conundrum, the problems created by excessive growth do not become really apparent until it is almost too late to do something about it. Bartlett gives and example along these lines to illustrate:

    Consider some bacteria growing in a test tube at 10% per day. Doubling time is 7 days (70/10 = 7). At what point will the test tube be half full? 7 days before it is completely full. We know that because we know the bacteria doubles every 7 days. So depending on the initial quantity of bacteria in the test tube, it might have taken many weeks or months to get to the half full mark, during which to the bacteria (assuming they were capable of conscious thought) it would seem like there was lots of room for continuous growth, all of a sudden they wake up one day and say, “Good Lord, we are at the half full mark and since we have been doubling in quantity every 7 days, in only 7 more days there will be no more room left for growth. Quick, let us launch a search for more test tubes.” They send some bacteria out on an expedition and these brave explorers come back and excitedly report, “Hooray, we found three more completely empty test tubes. We now have 3 times our original amount of space that we can allocate for future growth.”

    Seems like a significant find, three brand new, empty test tubes and three times the amount of their original space to fill up. Remember it might have taken them months to fill the original test tube. However in 7 days after filling the original test tube, the first of these newly discovered test tubes will also be full (as the bacteria are doubling every 7 days), so now there are two test tubes full and two test tubes remaining empty. Then, in 7 more days the remaining 2 empty test tubes of the newly discovered test tubes are full as well, and that great discovery of 3 brand new, empty test tubes turns out to be insignificant compared to what they really needed to allow the accustomed growth to continue over any significant length of time.

  24. Correction re. my post above on Bartlett and the exponential function.:
    I wrote, “at the 3rd doubling time it 16 times the original amount and so on”. That was incorrect. Actually at the third doubling the quantity becomes 8 times the original amount. At the 4th doubling it is 16 times the original amount.

  25. @The Scout,

    Architects,Engineers and Geologists can tell you if constructing highrise buildings in Barbados is wise.

    cow or jerkham probably have the resources to build safe High rise luxury buildings.

  26. David why don’t the owners of Cove Bay sell it to the Government of Barbados on condition that it becomes public park.

    That would be a truly wonderful act of love for Barbados.

    I remember when Maycocks and Cove Bay were being considered as ideal sites for a Club Med.

  27. David why don’t the owners of Cove Bay sell it to the Government of Barbados on condition that it becomes public park.
    Sure they would if the Gov can comeup with the moolah.

  28. Looks to me as if cove bay is already a done deal there is a fair amount of bushing being there already and markers all around the place.

  29. @ David
    David why don’t the owners of Cove Bay sell it to the Government of Barbados on condition that it becomes public park.
    Sure they would if the Gov can comeup with the moolah

    What moolah what??!! that is SOoooo simple minded.

    What the government of Barbados needs is some balls… much more so than moolah.

    How can a government that has the power and even the RESPONSIBILITY to conceptualize and administer a physical development plan for a country – have their hands tied in an issue like this?
    They don’t even need to own the damn place – just have some creative developmental land policies and tax penalties /incentives in place.

    After the South and west coast disasters that we have built ourselves into, you would think that even a Bajan would take a different stand on the north and east coasts…. but alas.. Bajans will be Bajans – especially when guided by the ru4reals of this world…

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