Corruption And Corrupt People Now Rule The BLP

Submitted by Anne Onime


Haniyfa White - Photo Credit: Nation Newspaper

The Barbados Labour Party is becoming a war zone with the ‘gang of five’ now trying desperate measures to destroy “the decent four.”  They cannot get Mia Mottley or William Duguid because they have pedigree so the soft targets in that mix are Rawle Eastman [sic] and Cynthia Forde.  We have already told you that Clyde Mascoll will be the BLP’s candidate in St. Thomas, while Douglas Skeete (George Payne’s cousin) will replace Rawle Eastman [sic] in St. James North., hence a scheme had to be hatched and carefully executed, to discredit Forde and Eastman [sic].

Of the two, Rawle’s illness (serious diabetic) makes him the softer target.  Everyone knows that Rawle Eastman [sic] was seriously ill for a long time and was even given long leave from Parliament, ever since his appearance on the call-in-programme sounding incoherent.  Our reports are that he often has to rely on strangers when he fails to eat properly and on time and that makes him vulnerable to be exploited.  George Payne knows that and enters Haniyfa Reza White, stage right.

Who is paying the legal fees for murder accused Haniyfa Reza White (the woman now stalking Rawle Eastman [sic]) in her counter suit against St. James North M.P., Rawle Eastman? [sic] Is it George Payne?  Is it true that Haniyfa Reza White was one of the persons down to vote in the elections George Payne rigged?   Is this then part of the master plan to discredit Eastman [sic] for pointing out to the country last year that George Payne was engaged in electoral fraud, election rigging, which is corruption and organized crime?  Why would Owen Arthur and George Payne feel they would get away with this when the BLP benefits from taxpayers money, which give the electorate the right to demand accountability and answers?

Owen Arthur’s style is the ‘politics of fear,’ while George Payne’s is ‘the childish politics of spite.’  They both feel that once they take-out Rawle Eastman [sic], no one else would be willing to stand in their way.  George Payne has never been scared to let it be known that his cousin Douglas Skeete will replace Eastman [sic] as the candidate for the BLP in the next general election.  Owen Arthur has also made it clear that Skeete will be the candidate.  Everyone knows that you cannot enter Parliament if you have a criminal record, hence Haniyfa Reza White and her counter suit.

Now you understand why four months after the ‘BLP’s annual conference voting list was rigged’ citizens still cannot hear a single word from Owen Arthur about the corruption that George Payne engaged in.  Frankly, Owen Arthur has turned a blind eye, as any poppet-leader would. But it has given the citizens of this country the proof that they need, that corruption and organize crime now rule at the BLP?  Owen Arthur has never explained to this country why he put $75,000 intended as campaign financing into his personal bank account.

Under its new corrupt leadership, the BLP is preparing for an assault on the Barbados Treasury but it must be stopped.  A group of men, who rigged the BLP’s election to get the result they want, are showing that they have no difficulty taking out Rawle Eastman [sic] or anyone who gets in their way, neither will they think twice about rigging a general election by re-aligning boundaries.  What next?  Will Owen Arthur create a $500 Barbados note and put his name and face on it?  Who will they target next?  The Commissioner of Police?  The Governor of the Central Bank?  Trade Union Leaders and Head of Private Sector Companies, who do not give Owen Arthur and his ‘gang of five’ campaign funds, to put into their personal bank account, again?

Who are the people Owen Arthur and George Payne are taking money from?  Whoever they are, it is clear that they do not want to do business with Prime Minister Stuart of even Mia Mottley.  That is why anyone who messes with Owen Arthur and his ‘gang of five’ are now becoming targets, since their financial backers have to protect their interest.  With the assistance of Haniyfa Reza White, Rawle Eastman [sic] has now found that out the hard way.

  • The name is Eastmond, not Eastman…

    If you can’t even get that basic detail correct, are your readers really expected to take this submission seriously?


  • @Paul

    BU doesn’t edit submissions unless requested, in this case we have inserted a few [sics].

    Thanks for the feedback and like you we are sceptical about this submission.


  • What a stretch. Do you expect people to take you seriously. Its Sunday, go and confess your sins.


  • Dear Anne Onime:

    A few questions:

    What if Andrew Pilgrim is providing legal services to Hanifa pro bono? (free)

    What if Andrew Pilgrim has received no fee, and no instructions from Arthur or Payne?

    What if neither Arthur nor Payne have anything to do with this?

    What if both Hanifa and Rawle are mostly (if not entirely) the authors of their own misfortunes?

    What if Haniyfa Reza White Rawle Eastmond’s sexual partner?

    Did Rawle Eastmond ever beat Hanifa Reza White?

    Did Rawle Eastmond ever beat his wife?

    Has Hanifa been charged with murdering her friend because she believed the friend told Rawle’s wife (or ex-wife) about an affair?

    Is Hanifa’s brother in jail for killing his stepfather?

    Under Barbados’ law is the penalty for two murders not the same as the penalty for one murder?

    Is Rawle Easmond now genuinely afraid of Hanifa?

    Was Rawle Eastmond exploiting Hanifa?

    Was Hanifa an abandoned child of a mentally ill drug adicted mother? and an unknown father?

    Is Hanifa therefore a vulnerable person?

    Was Rawle Eastmond [and others] exploting Hanifa?

    Is it possible that this is NOT an Arthur/Payne conspiricy?

    Is it possible that this is plain and simple a case of a politically and economicaly powerful man exploiting a motherless, fatherless vulnerable angry young woman?

    Does Canada allow refugee claims on the basis of a genuine fear of domestic violence?

    Is it possible that Rawle’s best bet is now to claim refugee status in Canada?

    Is it possible that Rawle is too sick to continue as an MP and should therefore resign?

    What if Douglas Skeete would be a better representive for St. James North?

    What if Rawle is well past his sell by date?

    Why are we Bajans so fond of having half-dead men serving us in Parliament?

    When half-dead men continue in Parliament is it posible that they are serving their own pockets instead of us?

    What if I’ve NEVER had a conversation with Arthur or Payne ?

    Is is possible that Anne Onime is a partisan semi-literate cow?

    Just asking?


  • @ Random Thoughts
    Some really interesting questions.But I thought the reason Hanyifa
    is alleged to have killed her friend is because they were lovers and the friend went out on a date with a male friend .Oh what a sordid state of affairs.Some people will just have to find a way to link Owen to everything.If there was an earthquake in Barbados they would find a way to connect him to it.


  • @ Anne Onime you fa real ? This piece is not even a stretch . It reminds me of that same call you mentioned to the radio station. His incoherence was atributed to hyperglycemia . Yours however might have been borned of another medical condition. If so get yourself some help . Ya need it.


  • The man wiv no name!!

    I’m not too familiar with the detail of Bajan politics, but aren’t the DLP now in power and is it not their responsibility to ensure the dangers of which you warn do not occur? I forecast some time ago that Arthur was only taking a sabbatical and that he’d be back as leader of the BLP again. I’m not certain but it looks as though I was right. We held such high hopes for Thompson cleaning up Bajan politics when he was first elected, but frankly and sadly, it’s difficult to see what he or the DLP have achieved in that regard.


  • Is it possible that Rawle’s best bet is now to claim refugee status in Canada?

    He doesn’t have to enter Canada as a refugee. He can come anytime he wants to. nuff said.

    This is just a case of “fatal attraction” and bad choices.
    Rawle should know that you don’t get involved with women who have nothing to lose.

    He should have looked for a lonely doctor, lawyer or one of the many female bank execs .

    I wish him well.


  • Quoting Hants “He should have looked for a lonely doctor, lawyer or one of the many female bank execs”

    The truth is Rawle is old and ugly and because of long standing diabetes very likely imnpotent.

    There is no female doctor, lawyer, or bank exec so lonely that they would have him.

    Hence Hanifa.

    Perhaps the woman with nothing to lose.


  • On a related note the Nation reported today that the DLP is on a retreat, the news of note is the fact Hartley Henry has been assigned a role in the proceedings. Interesting indeed.


  • “The truth is Rawle is old and ugly and because of long standing diabetes very likely imnpotent.”

    Rawle aint de only one wid Diabetes an ole and ugly in politics. What about Owen? What about Frundel? They are real beauties nuh?


  • @Random thoughts wrote “The truth is Rawle is old and ugly and because of long standing diabetes very likely impotent.There is no female doctor, lawyer, or bank exec so lonely that they would have him.”

    You are wrong.

    It is very lonely at the top except when you are on top.


  • George C. Brathwaite

    I am very reluctant to enter any discourse on this matter. However, I do believe that when the time comes, and Rawle chooses to remove himself from the politics of the day, it may be preferable that the BLP brings some vision that extends beyond the shortest of a 5 year term. In that case, I cannot see any wisdom in pushing for any nomination on the behalf of Douglas Skeete, a man already into his sixties (60s). From what I know of that constituency and its constituents combined with the individual most likely to assist them in a genuine way and the one best meshing with their needs is Edmund Hinkson. To me that choice would also gel with any vision that goes beyond 5 years and/or 1 term.
    At this stage, everything is premature and I refuse to cast judgement on Rawle or on any matters that are within the precincts of the court. What I can and will say, that the events appear most unfortunate and ill-timed. Rawle Eastmond is my friend and shall remain my friend. Like me, I do not think he is perfect; I know he is a genuine man with a kind heart and has worked tremendously hard on the behalf of his constituents. Barbados needs more of that type politician and I hope the electorate all across barbados would demand people who genuinely want to serve as opposed to self-serving pariahs.


  • Quoting George C. Brathwaite ” I cannot see any wisdom in pushing for any nomination on the behalf of Douglas Skeete, a man already into his sixties (60s).”

    Douglas Skeete is 57. Will be 58 later this year.

    If you don’t know the man’s age why are you on here saying he is in his 60’s?

    You want people to think that he is 69 and old and broken?


  • George C. Brathwaite

    @random thoughts
    58 in 2011, 59 in 2012 … the point is made and i am sure that you understand the substantive argument advanced.


  • Enters Cleopatra and tells Charmaine to go find Anthony and if she finds him dancing, tell him that she(Ceopatra) is ill.If she finds him sad, tell him that she is up and about dancing and having the time of her life!In short Cleopatra was fucking with Anthony’s head.Such happens in a world ruled by ‘fronts’.
    It is very unfortunate that once more scandal has raised its ugly head and Rawle Eastman is at the center.This is what happens when we think flesh.I will not rejoice over his predicament what I will say is that he should be thinking outside of the box not while inside the box.Many mistakes are made this way.
    Whether Rawle is a bad diabetic or not , he has paid a very high price for his self respect.Many of his associates raised the red flag a long time ago where was he on Mars? Oh Jah!
    I would do like the prodical son and return home and spend some time with Ms.Palmers!
    Politicans and people in high profiles must be careful with whom they get involved.Hanifa has a brutally split personality and whether she had a troubled past or not,her type of behaviours are un-acceptable.Oh well such is the tangle web we weave when we set out to deceive.Hanifa belongs in Segregation!


  • George C. Brathwaite

    BU Readers

    I made an error with Mr. Skeete’s age. Actually he is 58 at the moment, but by the time that elections are constitutionally due in Barbado, Mr. Skeete would have passed the age of 60 (although he looks reasonably good for his age). I am not for once saying that he may not have the gusto to work for his constituents albeit traversing the winding hills in the Whim or the rugged terrains above Carlton. What i do know is that any political party in 2011 that seeks to run a candidate in a general election for the first time and that individual is at the point of 60 years old, tells me that the party is approaching that election with either a narrow perspective of the needs of the constituents, or with an assurance that may baffle others as to the peculiar skills that individual has on offer.
    I refuse to suggest guess what I think the electorate ought to do in those circumstances. I will reiterate my earlier position that Edmund Hinkson is ten (10) long years Skeete’s junior and by mere dint of physical capacity seems a better mid to long-term investment. In addition, while they both have levels of academic and professional qualifications that would endorse their profiles, in practice the community work and presence of Hinkson in St. James North has been commendable (especially during times of unavailability regarding the current candidate).
    Some may say that I have a vested interest. The answer is plainly yes I do. I have campaigned alongside Rawle Eastmond in the constituency, got to see close and upfront those constituents, and I have heard them express their needs. Hinkson is the potential candidate that is most likely able to improve on the the foundational work achieved over the last almost 2o years by Rawle Eastmond. Hinkson has at least 10 years, God willing, to give of his best to people who deserve the best.


  • Poor Anne, this article is full of so much hate and bitterness. Be kind and try not to spue so much evil at other persons.

    Remember to feed your mind and thoughts on whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report and if there be any virtue, if there be any praise DWELL ON THESE THINGS, not on spite and hate.


  • @Raymond

    The transition from nice young fella to powerful adult has obviously not gone well for Rawle.

    He was a nice quiet fella as a youngster. I feel sorry for him.
    There are others who take similar risks and escape unscathed.


  • It is entirely possible that the Rawle Eastmond affair (no pun intended) is a simple matter of him, a woman, court proceedings, and now a counter suit, all of which have found its way to be reported in the Press, and has incidentally served to embarass him. It is not unreasonable however to suspect that this ongoing saga is being fueled and managed by persons unknown with the specific intent of embarassing and discrediting Mr. Eastman, and perhaps weaken him by the stress making his diabetes go out of control.


  • It is the popular thing to dump on Eastmond now that the “$hit has hit the fan” but I empathise with his family and hope that they keep their dignity intact with all the gossip and innuendo swirling around.

    One of my friends who worked with many senior members of the BLP when it formed the Gov’t told me that Eastmond was the one for whom he had the most respect, he was collegial, always willing to listen to advice from senior members of the Civil Service and was not prone to rush headlong like a bull in a China shop to promote Party policy or philosophy.

    Many men (and women) are slaves to the blood that flows to their nether regions, careers have been lost and relationships destroyed all because we are unable to control our most primal instincts.

    This incident has put the capper on whatever career he had left so he will serve out his term and fade off into the sunset.


  • I read this article carefully & I smell a rat.
    I read this article very carefully & it has Mia written all over it.
    If I am wrong, let me know.

    Just 2 days ago I made a comment that the political battle was cooling down & the Owen & Mia show was about to make it’s curtain call.
    I said the word “Quiet” out loud & this is a No No.
    I somehow knew that the powers that maybe were having the same thoughts & were pondering their next move & carefully plotting their next attack.
    Barbadians no longer have their heads buried in the sand, they are no longer asleep on the job.
    When will it end?
    Will it end when outsiders seize the opportunity to move in & take over this country, while all political parties are busy fighting among & against each other?
    Will it end in political blood shed?
    I wait with baited breath.


  • @Dawn

    You are probably using Chrome or some new version browser, if you want to avoid moderation download FireFox.

    On your last comment the equation is simple, if Mia is to comeback it has to appear Owen and the gang of 5 failed.

    If the gang of 5 is to appear solid going into the next general election Mia must go because to have her on the sideline as she is now will not add value to the BLP campaign, in fact the public will be upset by it.


  • I don’t care much for politicians. Despite innate intelligence, above average abilities and sometimes capacity for hard work, I consider them to be a group of generally selfish opportunistic people that cares very little for the people that they claim to serve. But Rawle Eastmond was somewhat different as a politician. He seemed to be genuinely caring and loyal and I can endorse most of what Sargeant stated above that a friend of his said about Rawle.

    But Rawle was always rumoured to be susceptible to the typical sexual frailties of a powerful politician with access to females who were willing to act out the not unaccustomed powerful man – beautiful woman with little to lose scenario. So I am not surprised at the innuendos of this Hanifa White affair.

    I wish Rawle well in the future and hope that he will be able to rise above it.

    But, someone above mentioned Mia in the discussion in a way that I couldn’t understand. Rawle, from the media reports on the Gang of Five affair, was one of Mia’s staunchest supporters, perhaps second only to Cynthia Forde. This situation therefore cannot be good for the Mia faction. Rawle’s battles and the revelations therefrom can only make him a liability for them and the whole BLP and arguably convert the seat from a fairly safe one to one which the DLP might win fairly easily. None of the BLP factions should expect ultimate gains from trying to expoit Rawle’s apparent misfortunes. I therefore think that the Eastmond affair is a serious man-woman situation but one that is essentially non-political .

    I think that for whatever reasons, the usual culprits are spinning it for their own political advantage.


  • Quoting Sargeat “Eastmond was the one for whom he had the most respect, he was collegial, always willing to listen to advice from senior members of the Civil Service”

    I believe you that Mr. Eastmond is al that you have said.

    Still it is possible for a person to be respectful and collegial with senior civil servants and at the same time to treat others who they regard as their inferiors badly.

    Sadly we all know that double standard kind of behaviour is very, very common.


  • “l….Rawle should know that your don’t get involved with women who have nothing to loose”.
    Haunts, if there is one thing I have learnt on this blog is your statement above; it is soooo true. Unfortunately for me, I’ve come to learn it 2 decades of marriage too late: DON’T EVER GET INVOLVED WITH WOMEN WHO HAVE NOTHING TO LOOSE – FOR THEY HAVE NOTHING TO LOOSE – BUT YOU DO!

    By the way Haunts, do you have any more gems of knowledge you can share? It might help a blogger.


  • Anyone who says that Ralwe Eastmond is an ugly chap is suffering from severe optical illusions. The man is fairly handsome; in addition, he has lost weight over the years which has given him a tighter looking physique (perhaps due to diabetes and exercising).

    Don’t disparage the man; tell the truth. And I do not support him.


  • @GB,
    Your over-zealous support of Edmund Hinckson is suspect and tainted with possible political reward. Why Hinckson, when there is an army of young , qualified, BLP intellectuals in line for this opportunity?
    Your opinion, is your opinion (for which you are entitled to); but as far as I am concerned (my opinion), Edmund is not political material. He might be able to function effectively behind the scenes, but he is not outgoing, and extremely reserved. He will be a sure looser for Eastmond’s seat.


  • checkit-out you remember George Payne threaten Roy Morris and he family in a letter he write on a Governmant ministry letterhead.
    Who that help when Owen fire he and dem two stop speaking

    until they plot last year to ambush Mia?

    I asking cause George Pain the short midget in the hat is’nt no sweetbread he capable of anything you see Barrack recently in whiteface.


  • This is indeed a sorry mess for Rawle being played out so publicly. But what does this have to do with George Payne and Owen Arthur. My goodness, blame them when they are wrong but this is wholely of Rawle’s doing.

    This should be a lesson for all married men. You have no control over an outside woman when she feels she is scorned. What is the saying, hell have no fury like a woman scorned. I once worked with a married man who began dating a beautiful single girl, no one could understand why he would take the chance seeing we believed that he had a good marriage. His thing was that he was playing it safe, the outside woman understood that she was never to call his house, well that worked for a while until the girl broke the rule. Then the inevitable happened and he lost house, wife and children. It never fails!

    Why is it that there is no outrage when things happen to DLP MPs but there seems to be a higher standard expected of BLP MPs. We heard of affairs of the late PM, no outrage, he was painted as a saint, we heard of John Boyce, we heard of Chris Sinckler, no outrage, we heard of Kenny Best’s boozing, no outrage, we heard of strange dealings of Michael Lashley, no outrage…………..


  • @Hants
    I couldn’t agree with you more.There is still a good man somewhere inside but time will take care of everything as it has in Rawle’s prior adjustments in life.Some people get away with murder(Oh shit!) not intended but get away lightly.Others not so because there are not of the ilk which makes a true criminal.Here’s to him and anothe hurdle to overcome- which he will.


  • Quoting Prodical Son “You have no control over an outside woman ”

    True, true.

    I can never understand it when people who cannot or will not control their own self incorrectly believe that they can control others.

    The mark of a true adult is that we understand we can control only ourselves.

    Several leaders in North Africa are learning this lesson right now.

    We can bully others but only for a time.

    This is true whether we are a “president for life” with a big army at our disposal or an own-way husband (or wife).


  • They are only 4 sports: bullfighting, mountaineering, motor racing and politics. All the rest are games.


  • @ Hants & Ryymond

    And just because some people get away with murder…does that mean you will too?

    Everybody has a price to pay…it’s much better to do good than do evil, because of the results. Bad things might still happen, but it’s much easier in the long run to do good…less trouble follows you that way! And stay away from people that might mean bad mind!


  • @ David.
    We are down to 1 laptop now in the home. We are also awaiting the engineer to come & sort out the many technical problems we are experiencing.
    Thank you for the advice. We will try to get it sorted as soon as possible. We are using chrome & it is malfunctioning.



  • @Watchful
    Seems to me you have an axe to grind but let me tell you something-all we like sheep have gone astray -the bible says so!There is also a song thaty says ‘He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother’.Learn to pick your fights and be ready and watchful and don’t be caught napping!@Uh huh!


  • @Dawn Rollins
    You my dear lady should stand corrected!One of the worst things one can ever do, is to jump to a conclusion that isn’t there!Mia Mottley has a side to her that many have been privy to see and that is a genuine care for a person’s welfare.She needs not toot her own horn because she knows the laws of compassion. One on the things which she also knows is that her time will come to speak!

    In case you seem to think Cynthia Forde is a whimp think again! She has a level of allegience and dedication which is second to none.Take some time out and listen to Etana ‘I am not afraid’. Learn something! Forever Nyahbingi!


  • It Warming up, the Bees aint know their ass from their elbow.

    Deighton Griffith Secondary Media Lock-out: Shocking Nomination Procedure – BLP’s Ch. Ch. West Central Nomination in shambles while united DEM’s strategise for next elections
    While the BLP made Wasps look polite, for once it was the DEM’s who were busy as the proverbial Beehive – they requested all members of the Party to a special retreat to ensure all machinery for next Elections are in place. Ah, to have been a bee on the wall at Queen’s College – how the DEM’s must be cackling!

    {FILE IMAGE} Deighton Griffith Secondary under more Diplomatic Terms, but then Guests were present right? How often do Candidacy Nomination processes become Closed Door procedures at the last minute? Why wasn’t prior Notice given in the Dead Tree media mentions of the event? Wouldn’t that prevent any further alienation of the BLP with itself and the Press who it needs as an ally now to show it’s healing?
    ShareTwo events occurred in Barbados on Sunday, which have some related significance. One of the daily Dead Tree media reported how the ruling DLP gathered all members of all levels to hold a Retreat at Queen’s College in St James, perhaps to plan strategy for the up-coming General Election. It would not have escaped their notice how the BLP seems to portray an image as a “male chauvinist party.”

    While the BLP made Wasps look polite, for once it was the DEM’s who were busy as the proverbial Beehive – they requested all members of the Party to a special retreat to ensure all machinery for next Elections are in place. Ah, to have been a bee on the wall at Queen’s College – how the DEM’s must be cackling!
    Then over at Deighton Griffith School, the BLP Christ Church West Central Branch was meeting to select a candidate. However, the outcome of the nomination process was barred from both this Web Magazine and the Nation Publishing (there was no CBC, Advocate, Barbados Today nor VOB, perhaps if they learned of the development they may not have bothered to show up) – there was a claim that notices were sent to media houses, the Nation photographer was openly disgusted and expressed a desire to return to Agrofest while I spoke to Owen Arthur’s Personal Assistant, Ms Pat Parris.

    I wanted to know what happened to my business card I left with her at the West Wing of Parliament when Arthur Holder and Liz Thompson were replaced? She claims it was misplaced and so I handed her another in the presence of Fmr. Sen. and ex-Consul General to Canada, Glyne Murray.

    We were told that Media would be allowed from after 6:00 pm only – thing is, I wasn’t really surprised especially since the persons now ruling the BLP are the very ones who ousted Mia Mottley as Leader of the Opposition on October 18th 2011.

    That nomination came a month after the St John By-election where many who understand local politics, all conclude that the female vote seems to have sent a strong signal to the BLP that they are totally fed-up and disapprove of how Mia Mottley was treated.

    {FILE IMAGE} Deighton Griffith Secondary under more Diplomatic Terms, but then Guests were present right? How often do Candidacy Nomination processes become Closed Door procedures at the last minute? Why wasn’t prior Notice given in the Dead Tree media mentions of the event? Wouldn’t that prevent any further alienation of the BLP with itself and the Press who it needs as an ally now to show it’s healing?
    Despite being from the Christ Church East constituency, Mrs. Margo Durant-Callender was easily brushed aside then by Attorney-at-law Wilfred Abrahams, who eventually became the candidate for Christ Church East. Some may therefore find it rather surprising that having been badly beaten in Christ Church East, where she lives and would have had a lot of time to prepare – she could now win the Christ Church West Central nomination, against Joseph “Joe” Edghill (a household word) and a man who represented that constituency on two previous occasions.

    It would also be interesting to know how many delegates were eligible to vote at the BLP’s Annual Conference held in November last year, especially given reports that the cut off time for potential candidates to join people into the party – before nomination day, is said to be six weeks.

    This means that it is unlikely that between November 2010 and January 2011, the voting strength of the Christ Church West Central Branch, should have increased by much. I was told that 495 persons were eligible to vote at this nomination, but many BLP supporters felt there were not that many present for such a vote to be cast – granted they nor I took any official count. As Mia Mottley did in the race for Chairman of the BLP last November, Joseph Edghill also withdrew from the nomination process. Why?

    Since 18th October 2011 when Mia Mottley was replaced as Leader of the Opposition, the BLP was being referred to as “a male chauvinist party.” It also appears from what we could hear outside that Joe Edghill arrived without a seconder for his Nomination – one dissatisfied stalwart hinted that that’s a strong hint of legal advice may be sought for the proper timeframe to campaign for the candidacy of a given riding.

    But, that women would hereafter win all the remaining BLP nominations would not be surprising either, as it would merely refresh the memories of the Barbados electorate (especially women) the apparently effortless ease at which “the Gang of 5” (Toppin arrived as I was leaving Dighton Griffith) now ruling the BLP, who also savagely removed Mia Mottley as Leader of the Opposition on 18th October 2011 and remain determined to implement their agenda, supposedly hell-bent on removing all obstacles by whatever methods are deemed expedient.


  • ytf she aint in jail or ytf her case aint come up yet, eastmond is a nasty ass f@#ker and hope he gets everthing thats coming his way


  • If the person who posted the blog (two above ” it warming up”) feels so strongly against the BLP why did he/she bother to show up. Leave the Bees alone, you have one vote, the people of Barbados will decide the fate of the BLP.

    You are now claiming that the oh so well organised DLP was at Queen’s College making plans for elections. They come out now and change the story, so who is telling the truth?? But there again, you dont ever mention the word TRUTH and DLP, they dont go together. Let the DLP plan for elections, they may get a big surprise. Remember David Thompson is dead. Bajans aint too happy with the DLP, more so that they lied to the people that they could fix the cost of living and now the minister Haynesley Benn now insulting Bajans every time he gets a chance. So let the Dems try their luck.

    But wait, was Fruendel Stuart at this retreat? Or was it a secret that got blown? Hence the change in the purpose of the retreat.

    Anyway, there are reports that this DLP government has asked the Personnel department to conduct an audit of the civil servants with a view to cutting staff. If they are forced to cut public servants after all the talk about not cutting public servants, they MUST call the election before they are forced to do this.

    Also this DLP government is on a mission to change ID CARDS and word out of the Electoral Office is that this DLP government has placed an order with a local company for over FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND NEW CARDS and it boggles the mind why in a country with a population of only TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTY THOUSAND would a government want so many cards. Stretching my imagination, are they going to allow the DLP branch in New York or in Britain to vote. Why was the purpose of Fruendel’s recent visit?

    Democracy is under threat and we have people like the aforementioned blogger talking foolishness about the BLP. Why would this person want to be part of an internal election? Did the Dems allow you into the nomination of Mara Thompson? I did not hear you complaining when the media was shut out. But it was alright for the Dems but you want to be up in the BLP business to write garbage.

    Wheel and come again!


  • Random Thoughts

    There are so many semi-literate unreasonable people in both parties it makes me wonder if the tax money given for education was instead used for other purposes.


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