Tracking Legal Matters In The United States: Internet Kill Switch – Chemical Carol Anne Bond Case

It was inevitable that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange would have been defeated in his extradition battle with Sweden. To have embarrassed the United States in the way he did will never be forgiven or forgotten. There is the view, debatable though it is, that his cables served as the catalyst for the unrest currently on the go in the Middle East.

The important role the Internet plays in the lifes of individuals, business’ and governments has become an everyday reality. The intimidation of the Internet was manifested in Egypt when the government sought to muzzle freedom of expression by going ‘dark’. Internet penetration, some would say intrusion, in our daily lifes makes it difficult to imagine a day without Internet connectivity.

It is therefore no surprise to read about information circulating on the World Wide Web that the US government is already pursuing measures to be able to shutdown the Internet as a response if civil unrest were to occur. “Experts say it’s unlikely that what’s happened in Egypt could happen in the United States because the U.S. has numerous Internet providers and ways of connecting to the Internet. Coordinating a simultaneous shutdown would be a massive undertaking.” According to this website a bill was proposed last summer by “the controversial submitted by Sen. Joe Lieberman – S.3480 “Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act of 2010”. If the cybersecurity bill were to be passed it would give wide-ranging power to the President of the USA to shut down parts of the Internet for up to 120 days….

USA occupies the position as a world leader and there is a reasonable expectation that others would follow.

There is another issue which is unravelling in the USA law courts which maybe of interest to the BU family. We will dub it the Chemical Carol Carol Anne Bond Case. Have a listen below, here is the text of the audio.

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  1. A relevant article:

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    Every few months, almost like clockwork, an alarming report comes along purporting to show that the Internet is turning everyone’s brains — particularly the brains of this generation’s children — into mush. It’s apparently that time again.

    A few days ago Pearson, which bills itself as "the world’s leading PreK-20 educational publishing company," sent out a press release touting a new study. Its title was attention-grabbing: "Schools Facing Learning Crisis Spawned by Internet." Its opening line read: "Schools around the nation are facing a learning crisis caused by the Internet…"

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  2. David Carol Ann is a foolish woman who ain’t realize all like now that if ya can’t take a horn then you must put wheels on ya heels.

    The Nation reports that she is still married to her husband.

    What the Nation did not report is that her former husband is no longer married to the idiotic mini-terrosist jail bird.


    And I don’t think that she will find it easy to find microbiology work in the U.S. now what with stealing from her employer, and using her expensive university education to try to kill the outside woman.

    She shouldda stay in Sunday schol long enough to learn that Jesus himself said that divorce is permnitted because of “their hardness of heart” Once her horner man husband was so hard hearted (and had d*ck*d for the friend) that he no longer cared about Carol she should have put the divorce papers in his hand and walked.

    Maybe Barbados will get her back.

    Barbados the place peope come back to when they have no options left, when they are are too old or too broken to be any damn use to us.

  3. @Random Thoughts

    Barbados the place peope come back to when they have no options left, when they are are too old or too broken to be any damn use to us
    You just can’t help yourself can you? The same nonsense you spouted under your old pseudonym you continue to spout under this new one. You can’t address the situation without making snide remarks about some Bajans who return to Barbados after living in other countries.

    Like it or lump it those meaningless pot shots aren’t going to stop anyone, least of all those who are the object of your scorn.

  4. The problem is that USA must provide an emergency plan, because they already should realise that the macroeconomic issues in the states are unsurmountable, ‘unless’ the debt is efficiently and effectively ‘devalued’.

    Ultimately, who suffers? The poor, the middle class will bear the brunt.

    In Barbados one only needs a roof and some food. Hard for some, but still it stops there.

    In the Northern vountries one also needs warmth, which will continue to escalate in cost.

    Hungry, cold and homeless in places like New York?

    And if the disenfranchised move to farm country to become nomadic because of impossible city living, they still face cold, with no buffalo to hunt like the Native Americans could.

    They then become the ‘outcasts’. The larger the number of outcasts become, caused by the macro and microeconomic issues, the larger the danger of riots.

    See the magnitude of the issue?

    It is possible and unfortunately, becoming more likely with every passing day that the resources are misdirected to military uses…which are being spent to ‘safeguard’ oil sources. For example, the tent cities already sprouting up around the southern US.

    Catch 22.

    The real issue is that the complete shift in outlook that is necessary is not being pushed by those who should, due to greed and an unrealistic outlook.

    Best thing we in Barbados can do right now is insulate ourselves as much as possible, economically and in terms of local production.

    All that ridiculous condo building will get us nowhere, agriculture is the ONLY truly “necessary’ industry.

    Think about it.

  5. Hey thoughts Random and usually wrong should not be so cruel to this woman since these are matters of the heart. Mini terrorist jail bird ? Perhaps this anger stems from the sense that if only that man had stayed in Jamaica till he too was old and broken there would be no split you know where. Like it or not we will come home if we want to. The laws of the REPUBLIC OF BARBADOS may preclude such , so our families wisely bought time on January 15th. 2008.

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