Is Hooliganism On The Rise Among Our Youth?

On an earlier blog mention was made of a video of school children making the rounds where they are beating the hell out of each other. Again we repeat, a picture is worth a thousand words. BU concedes the video above probably does not represent the behaviour most of our youth would engage in but it probably is indicative of a worrying trend.

We are not psychologists in the BU household but the behaviour shows a lack of social and emotional immaturity. To those who will respond to the video that like bullying there has always been this behaviour, we say continue to keep your heads in the sand! In our day someone would have step forward to ‘part’ the fight, who will risk it today?

24 thoughts on “Is Hooliganism On The Rise Among Our Youth?

  1. From what i could understand the girl told the stupid boy about his mother and he obviously started the fight and the rest of those idiots helped jump lie if that was my daughter and she had marked their faces each one of them,i would have given them a hammer lash..IN THEIR MOUTHS..AND THEN TELL THEM LET ME SEE HOW BAD YOU IS..YOU WANT TO GO FOR YOUR GUN..LOL..I FROM THE OLD SCHOOL.

  2. Just as I thought. kiki is a schoolchild, using school computers to play on YouTube all day and post on blogs. Now you see what some children are doing all day instead of learning. No wonder there is hooliganism.

  3. this crap has been going on for as many years as i can remember as far back and maybe before in thesixties.what has taken bajans so long to say anthing.i say before and i say it again this is generational bred and fed in the home.

  4. freewillly
    Gawblimma, I wid you mate. One lashhh in a boy krotch. Act first, think later.

    You assume dat KIki is a school child. Has it occurred to you that Kiki could be a teacher too? Teachers go to school too.
    Is aaighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhtttttttttt.

  5. At the risk of receiving lashes, I have to say the comments on this video are worrying and void of condemnation of the behaviour of the school children. They are just as worrying as the behaviour of the school children in the video.

    I have to ask if we are happy with children coming out of school behaving like this; at the expense of people in this country who pay taxes. May I be allowed to agree with Herbert Spencer’s survival of the fittest? May those who have the will and desire to succeed do so.

  6. Why
    We don’t share lashes on BU, we share ‘licks’. Not the same thing honey.(teeheeeeeeeeeeeee)

    Sorry, but sometimes ya gotta ‘fight fiah wid fiah’.

    They’re lacking discipline in the home man. That’s the root of the trouble.

  7. Ok, Miss Peppa, let’s just change three words and see if the meaning is not the same.
    Just as I thought. kiki is a schoolteacher, using school computers to play on YouTube all day and post on blogs. Now you see what some people are doing all day instead of teaching. No wonder there is hooliganism.

  8. Anonymous
    Hooliganism starts in the home not on the playground.

    If Kiki is indeed a teacher, she too is entitled to a coffee break. I get one evry once in a while. You too?
    Then let’s drink to dat. I’m having coffee, what’s your take? Peppermint?

  9. Miss Peppa, have it your way but I highly doubt that kiki is a teacher. If she is, I would have to pull my children from that school.

  10. Ummm, wow…

    These kids absolutely have NO concept of respect or honour…

    And you wonder WHY the white folk CONTINUE to laugh at us? Are we not smart enough? Has “free” education done this to us?

    Really, now! We should stop being crabs in a barrel & do what the OTHER ethnic classes do…stand together!

  11. Children did sharing licks long befo’ I did born. Wha I ain’ accustom tah is this intergender thing. Dah girk t’row some real licks in dah boy chile and he woulda hol’ some mo’ good ones had he friends not jump in an’ save he neck. She did flinging wid class wid all dem boys aroun’. She could hol’she own in a one to one or even a one ta two but wha’ get me is that de boys ain’ had na compunction. Dey kick she, even in de face and dat is somet’ing dat boys in my day would never ever do… Dat is where de difference is. I know bout men beating women in bridgetown wid tire irons but I neva eva hear ’bout nah boy beating a girl an’ kickin’ she too..not in my school days! Den again dere was Parkinson School….

  12. Welcome to post-independence co-education, been this way for a while now. Socializing girls and boys together, same time, same place, is and will always be a recipe for disaster. How many successful civilizations have blurred gender roles and survived for much longer….. these boys have no respect for the girl, she has none for them, neither of them respect their own selves..

    IMHO They should never kick her in the face, restrain her if anything…even if she was
    pelting bare blows.

    The gender issue here is another sign of the malaise and degeneracy of our society.

  13. What we have is a total break down of morals in our society. The value of someones life has been downgraded. Some of these children, including those who have stood and watched and cheered, are tomorrows vagrants. Nothing will change, unless all parties involved and responsible come together and fight back. All parents, teachers, business leaders, politicians, police and judges need to come together, enough is enough.

  14. BAFBFP:
    “I know bout men beating women in bridgetown wid tire irons…”

    I pray that this is an exaggeration to elicit mirth. This not me ‘playing I ent know’ but could men really be so callous?

  15. Outside of those who work in the school environment and their families who hear the stories on a daily basis Barbadians don’t have a clue about what is happening in our schools.
    Most of our school children are indiscipline, rude and obnoxious.
    They are the products of parents who cannot correct them because the parents are into all sorts of immoral living which the children remind them of on a regular basis.
    There are some smart children in the schools and their parents spend extra dollars for lessons so that they can be at the top of the pecking order.

  16. everyone watching the video and commenting, but has BU shown this video to authorities? This is the sort of bullying and fighting that cost that young boy from Princess Margaret to lose his life. Here in the US such videos are used in the court of law and recently many teenagers have been tried as adults for such actions. Where are our morals when we video such activities and then post them on the internet.

  17. Makaveli
    I can’t agree with your argument at all. We as human beings, civilized hopefully, have to learn to get along with each other. Be it school, church, university or the work force. We have to learn to respect each other and live together. It has nothing to do with same-sex schools or all-sex schools. There should be no segregation.

    Fair Play
    Well said. Couldn’t have said it any better.
    Discipline starts in the home. Not on the playground.
    My boys went to school and both were Headboy in succession. They had a strong well disciplined background. They knew from the get go long before they entered the world of school, that certain behaviours just wasn’t acceptable by me. They also learnt that you suffer the consequences of your behaviour.
    I never tolerated nonsense from them nor did I make excuses for their behaviour.
    I would ‘rip’ de skin off their body man.
    I accept zero tolerance when it comes to this sort of behaviour.

  18. @ac , You are quite right, that this crap been going on since the ’60’s but most of the time it was nipped in the bud by parents or teachers. We attempted it once.I was indirectly involved in a gun case at school in ’59 /’60. Being a prefect I was admonished for knowing my classmate had a pistol ,and did not report it. The headmaster called the boys parents and he was dealt with. The old rusty pistol was destroyed .No police involved, and that guy grew up to be a respectable citizen.
    Today ask any kid who he wants to be like,and he/she would mention a pop star,a sportsperson, even a notorious criminal, or some other, but very few will tell you I want to be like my dad or mum.WHY?

  19. @bradley
    WHY? The kids are not taught in some of the homes the importance of self respect.Most of them are only taught the importance of moneyand parents forget to tell them that alack of self respect does a person no good regardless of how much money they have. Now that’s the difference between yesteryear parenting and todays parenting.Having a good parent is all achild needs to be a somebodyI know it is not easy but some parents don’t give a da…..m. looking at the video can only leave a negative impression of the homes in which these kids are being raised .

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