14 thoughts on “Rational Approach To Diet, Exercise And Health

  1. Easy [ girlie ] exercises such as swimming
    cycling walking running skipping yoga
    are the best way to start a new healthy happy regime.
    Don’t over do it
    Just do it

  2. Good paper. Who asked why can’t government policy follow what is the best for people? My answer, corruption and inefficient bureaucracy.

    On that note, I am planning to release a report after two meetings with the QEH under the chairmanship of Rev. Guy Hewitt. I must say, this one is a revolution. The QEH Board has promised to meet with stakeholders every 3 months.

    At the meeting we got an appreciation of the task ahead and got into some critical aspects of health including prevention. If this QEH realises its objectives, it could very well set the standard for administration and delivery of effective social and medical services in Barbados.

    • The BU household is not an authority on this matter but the thesis makes for interesting and should we say provocative reading?
      We wonder how a people stuck in a lifestyle of fast food, SUV’s and the like can change gears in a way to positively impact the high healthcare cost absorbed by CNCDs.
      We have to, we have to try, the wealth of our country depends on it.

  3. I looking for a ‘Personal Trainer’. One to teach me some new tricks. But is it possible to teach a ol’ dog new tricks?
    I real flexible too, like a rubber-band.

    Bimbro. Get up n’ P.

  4. We need to start in the schools. We need to have adult education classes. We need to use the various radio stations. We need to create a crop-over like situation around the issue of healthy living.

    We can make it a theme in Crop Over and have calypsonians write songs on the subject. The theme for the year 2010 could be Healthy Living : Healthy Eating and everything could be centred around the theme. This approach could be used to help downplay the wukking -up thing that has dominated Crop Over.

    It could give new focus to Crop Over. The theme woud change from year to year. The theme for 2011 could be Bonny Peppa and the Blogs for example (just kidding)- but you get the drift

  5. Bonny Peppa and the Blogs

    Interesting idea KISSMYA, some thing to work with. I like it KISS

    Bonny Peppa and the Blogs !
    sounds like a musical group
    WELL !

  6. KissMya
    You too like ta tease me but all is well. Today is Sundee, so I behavin maself.

    Condolences to the family, relatives,friends of Mr.Richard Cox. He seemed so cool n pleasant. My sorta guy.

    • In the same way women are encouraged to get an annual pap smear to the point it has become routine so too men should be encouraged to have prostrate checks. An earlier commenter referred to how this affliction is wrecking havoc among our men folk.

      On another note is should alarm Barbadians we have a healthcare system which has ONE Urologist (Dr. Jerry Emtage) as far as we know practising. If we are wrong we will quickly offer an apology.

  7. David,
    But some women are just as scared/embarrassed to have papsmears or mammograms done too, so many don’t go to be tested. I am also guilty. My last papsmear was in 1987. No lie. But I went earlier this year and had both done and all is well. But David, I don’t feel comfortable droppin n spreadin man. I feel funny. But the Cancer Society did a good job to allay all my fears n embarrasment. Don’t think I will go next year though.
    I had de nurse ‘cracking-up’ after too. Ya know how I cud be at times? Nawty.

  8. And the receptionist at Cancer Society real sweet n pleasant. She unlean like me too but swoiteeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  9. David wrote “fast food, SUV’s and the like can change gears”

    This is to funny. People can change gears by NOT changing gears. They need to got out of the SUV’s man!!!

    Bonny Peppa 22 years without a pap smear? That is beyond naughty. Before you left the Cancer Society you should have made next year’s appointment and asked them to give you a reminder call a few days before your appointment day. It only takse a few minutes to get a smear done. And it only take s few minutes to get a prostate (NOT prostrate, prostrate means to lay down, PROSTATE is the male organ) exam done.

    If we could get all Bajan men over 40 to get a prostate exam done every year there would be more that enough work for several urologists and our Bajan men would be healthier and happier because they would be enjoying more and better sex.

    We Bajans need to treat ourselves better. Much better.

    J went to the dentist on Saturday and has already made an appointment for 6 months down the road. 2 cleanings per year only cost $260 BDS less that I spend in cell phone credit in any given year. Also mammograms, pap smears and prostate tests all cost less that every Bajan seems to spend on cell phon credit (and I am not even talking about the bling $1,000 cell phones that so many people seem to have)

    And yet we don’t have enough work for 2 urologists to make a decent living?

    Is it that we are afraid to look out for our own GOOD health?

    And if so why is this?

  10. J
    Mawnin, yeah 22yrs widout one and all’s well dat ends well.
    My problem is dat i doan like going to doctors. Mind you, I in luv wid my doc and he know it too but i still doan like goin. Just me, I guess.
    I like I sorry now dat i din study to be a urologist. Can’t believe I miss out pun touchin all a ‘dem’. I blue vex now.

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