Glendairy Prison To Go Under The Microscope

national_geographicNational Geographic’s award-winning “Locked Up Abroad” TV series will feature an episode documenting a true-life tale of a tourist (Zara Whittaker) being arrested and imprisoned in Barbados. No info yet on what the specific circumstances are, but it could be interesting. Watch on National Geographic channel at 10pm EDT on Wednesday 22 July.

“Zara Whittaker, from an impoverished family in Southeast London, left behind her months-old baby to go to Barbados and smuggle cocaine back. She never thought anything could go wrong — her partner in crime had done it 12 times before. Once in Barbados, she found out she was pregnant with her second baby, but felt that shed spent too much of the drug dealers money to pull out. Stopped by the police at the airport, Zara was given a five year prison sentence. She gave birth in Barbados, and after three heartbreaking months, had to give the baby up.”

We hope our BU family watches the show and let us share in the discussion about any conclusions drawn. Thanks to all the BU family members who have emailed their interest!

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  1. Anonymous April 3, 2010 at 6:48 AM #

    mary this is sum1 that was reli in prison wiv u n zara not u n ur own writtin fake messages like ur zaras family ur so perfectic any1 that was in there new that u never looked afta zara it was zaras mum that was lookin afta u and yer her mum did look afta her kids while she was there but zara has her kids and is a wonderful mum and her kids are all doin well n want 4 nothing and ive met zaras family and man ur r a total bullshitter


  2. Anonymous April 3, 2010 at 7:36 AM #

    this a real member of zaras family and i have met mary and her baby father and i no none of my family would wrtie that message mary u really need to grow up and get a life i dont no how any of yous can cunt her off with your backgrounds we all look up to her mum for lookin after her kids while she was in there therse not many mothers that wud that she new her kids were well looked after and provided for while she was there and reguaredless to what she has been through with u and your family since she has been home she has done the best for kids and about her bloke being a crack head never that he looks after her and the kids as his own unlike ur nephew but lets not start on that hey


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