TeleBarbados Upgrades Broadband Solution

telebarbadosThe BU family has posted several complaints in recent days to indicate that there has been a drop in broadband service  being delivered by Cable & Wireless aka LIME, and that it has left a sour taste in their mouths. Many Barbadians seem clueless as to what their options are in the circumstances. BU family member Chris Halsall has been like a stuck record in his repeat that Barbadians who are dissatisfied with LIME’s service need to check out the competition. It seems however that one BU family member has achieved some level of success.

Early in the New Year BU proposes to instigate a Boycott LIME Day. At that time we will encourage LIME subscribers in Barbados to protest to LIME in a tangible way i.e. non-payment of bills for one month, transfer  of service where practicable to the competition, send emails and telephone calls to Customer Care/Contact Centres, write to the Public Counsel/Fair Trading Department etc.

In light of the above it was with interest we read a Press Release issued by TeleBarbados today:

…today announced that TeleBarbados, a dominant communication services provider on the island, has deployed the ARRIS WiDOX 700 MHz broadband access solution at multiple locations to deliver high-speed data service to its customers throughout the island


TeleBarbados Deploys ARRIS 700 MHz Wireless Access Solution

Last update: 10:30 a.m. EST Dec. 9, 2008

SUWANEE, Ga., Dec 09, 2008 /PRNewswire-FirstCall via COMTEX/ — ARRIS (ARRS: 7.32, +0.41, +5.9%) , today announced that TeleBarbados, a dominant  communication services provider on the island, has deployed the ARRIS WiDOX 700 MHz broadband access solution at multiple locations to deliver high-speed data service to its customers throughout the island.

“We are very excited to be deploying a high quality, reliable and secure high-speed internet experience for our residential customers,” said TeleBarbados CEO Brian Harvey. “Using this 700 MHz solution from ARRIS allows us to differentiate ourselves from the incumbent provider and uniquely positions TeleBarbados to easily expand our service offerings in the future.”

ARRIS WiDOX technology employs DOCSIS protocols in a wireless environment to deliver high quality data experience to customers in rural environments. The ARRIS WiDOX solution provides fixed wireless solutions from a single tower to cover large geographic areas, thus eliminating the need for high infrastructure costs in rural environments. ARRIS has successfully deployed this technology in regions around the world since 2004, with several operators supporting as many as 20,000 subscribers per installation. The topography of Barbados lends itself well to this technology by virtue of its terrain and population density.


ARRIS is a global communications technology company specializing in the design, engineering and supply of technology supporting triple- and quad-play broadband services for residential and business customers around the world. The company supplies broadband operators with the tools and platforms they need to deliver, reliable telephony, demand driven video, next-generation advertising and high-speed data services. ARRIS products expand and help grow network capacity with access and outside plant construction equipment, reliably deliver voice, video and data services and assure optimal service delivery for end customers. Headquartered in Suwanee, Georgia, USA, ARRIS has R&D centers in Atlanta, Chicago, Beaverton OR, Wallingford CT, State College PA, Cork, Ireland and Shenzhen, China, and operates support and sales offices throughout the world. Information about ARRIS products and services can be found at .
About TeleBarbados, Inc.

Launched in June 2006, TeleBarbados has carved out a leading share of the local telecommunications market. As part of an ongoing multi-million US dollar investment in Barbados, a dedicated 940 kilometer, 20 Gigabit sub-sea fibre optic cable network from the US to Barbados was created, with branches in St. Croix and St. Lucia. TeleBarbados provides a full range of top-quality telecommunications solutions to a local customer base that comprises nearly all of the leading corporate companies, as well as Government departments and statutory corporations that require robust, reliable telecommunications services.


  • Lime could now kiss my a**.


  • Beautiful… That is progress we need in this country.

    Now the next thing TeleBarbados and FreeMotion needs to make is now ‘Advertising’.

    Spell it out now so that the Public can see for themselves. That is where the entire Public can get their moneys put into proper use.

    Can anyone (a Freemotion User) post the speedtests results once these new units have been deployed to the residential market. I need to see what are the current speeds for this alternative services.


  • Well now, for the first time in months, this morning that online indicator is not flashing madly, but steady with a few flashes in between. Wonder if that is the LIMEr’s response.

    C&W has made a blunder by calling itself LIME and I can’t see how Donald Austin could not see that and advise his superiors that without a sharp turnaround in customer service and the acquisition of cutting edge technology, this name spells doom for the company.


  • It would seem that what we have been observing in Barbados is so in many of our Caribbean islands.

    I am talking about our passive and submissive; men/women without spine.

    This behaviour has been observed in St. Lucia, St Vincent, Jamaica, Guyana, Trinidad, and Tobago.

    When last has there been protest march or gathering of the public anywhere in the Caribbean? Just like us, they protest in silence and “bitch” as we say.

    Now I point to the protests by WINFA and CPDC in St. Lucia, St. Vincent and Barbados, as well as the one in St. Lucia led by CAFRA St. Lucia during the EPAs and say that these do not represent mass protest but a gathering of the few bold souls who themselves are battle weary

    With the amount of complaints on this BU blog, I am surprised that a picket has not started in front of C&W.

    I am willing to make BANGO resources available and even provide the leadership but we need to find people who are willing to stand up. You see this anonymity that we are getting along with in the blogs, it is surely an indicator of the existence of a spineless people; we fear ourselves.

    I challenge all of you BU family, to put up your real names as of now. It is only then that any one of you anonymous bloggers can challenge what I am saying. Stand up and be counted!


  • C&W has made a blunder by calling itself LIME and I can’t see how Donald Austin could not see that and advise his superiors that without a sharp turnaround in customer service and the acquisition of cutting edge technology, this name spells doom for the company.
    @ ROK….
    You of all people should know that Donald Austin is just a fall guy/pawn in this scheme.
    These decisions are made far from him without any interest in how we (the Caribbean) feels.
    All the poor lapdog can do is to wait for his crumbs to fall from the ‘table’, walk around with his chest in the air, talk shite and count down the days, while preparing his nest egg.


  • Man Technician, you think it was necessary to say that? I thought that I implied that in the paragraph.


  • @ROK

    Agree with you and it is the reason which gave birth to BU. There is a fear which is endemic and which is being manipulated by the power. We long for the day when prominent people and companies can be challenged in a climate of civic mindedness.

    This fear continues to tar our Democracy.


  • Krzysztof Skubiszewski


    Excellent idea to withhold payment. That’ll bring C & W to their senses.

    But continue paying for the landline “service” so they can’t cut us off for non-payment.

    Withhold only the Internet connection charge and send C & W an email to their “help” address stating exactly why you’re doing it.

    And keep at it until we get what we’re paying for.


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  • David,

    We have to do better than long for the day. We have to make the day. I have been encouraging everybody I know to vist BU. Even giving the the web address. I see it as a start to get people better utilising their computers which in many cases are proverbially encased in cobweb.


  • Thanks ROK for your support and all the other BU family members who are doing the same.

    All those BU family members who have emails which they can email to us to build our mailing list we would appreciate it.

    Although we expect our economic situation to become challenging in the coming months a vigilant consumer eye will help to ease the burden.


  • ROTFL…

    I have to give credit to LIME… They have mastered the use of language…

    LIME (within the context of a business account): “We can get a technician out to you within 24 *working* hours.

    Me: “So that means you can have someone on site by tomorrow?

    LIME: “Ah… no… That’s 24 working hours… Maybe Monday…

    Sigh… At least their new on-hold music is something I can dance to…


  • @All.. I believe strongly in standing behind what you say. And saying what you have to say loudly…

    Please forgive me as I quote a very recent exchange on a local e-mail list on the issue of IP and “Net Neutrality”:

    Halsall: “I know of *no* Caribbean country which even mentions “IP” (as in, “Internet Protocol”) in their Acts. And based on the “session limits” which prevent effective BitTorrent use on the ILECs’ networks, Net Neutrality is *not* in place here.

    Another: “Ok there has been a general lack in using the term IP… ( if I am not mistaken.)…what do you think is the reason for this omission?

    Halsall: “Short answer: Money. Hundreds of millions of dollars per year, in fact…

    Longer answer: IP leads to what is known as Next Generation Networks (NGNs).

    While the Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) AKA the Public Switched Telephone Service (PSTN) dealt with a single 64 kb/s dedicated circuit (which always takes a single route) between two users to provide two-way, real-time audio (read: voice) service, the Internet deals with datagrams between multiple users using the best route available at that particular instance.

    The fundamental issue is that the traditional telephony providers are used to charging a *great deal* of money for providing these dedicated circuits. This is where the *money* is…

    Along comes the Internet, which views voice as just another “data service”, along with video, the web, data exchange (read: BitTorrent), and real-time “presence”.

    In the “Developed” world, the Providers have had to face the competition of the Internet head on. This is why long-distance (read: International) rates there are something like USD $0.04 a minute or less.

    Here in the Caribbean, the Providers have somehow (and I’ll be careful here to not tell you exactly how) convinced “Those in Power” that Consumers should not be able to use the technology available to their own advantage. “It could affect Tax Revenue!” (Read: The Providers are making stupid money, and the Governments (and others…) are taking a (*very*) small cut of this.)

    At the end of the day, our region is being prevented from having affordable access to telecommunications services for the benefit of a very few — most of whom are not actually within the Caribbean. We are being prevented from being able to compete on a level playing field, for the simple reason that we can’t communicate as we should and must be able to.

    We, as a People, are being hindered in our progress for the benefit of those “away”.

    Kindest regards to all.


  • I am switching to Tele, and waiting for an alternative to BWA– I arrived home tonight to find that I have no water due to pump maintenance!!!


  • My water was cut today I believe for a $60 unpaid bill.

    The PM arrived for a negotiation meeting between the Union and the telecom company wearing a LIME COLOURED TEE SHIRT for shits sake…! I guess you know whose side he’s on.


  • Its wasn’t a tee shirt, but it was lime in colour


  • Good idea to put some “consumer power” in front of some of the poor service providers, though some of us have been doing this for a while without coordination (including the restaurants). But give a little more guidance. Breach of contract has penalties, and if people are not prepared to fight in court then they should be warned. Being delinquent on debt (eg not paying due bills for a certain time) can hurt personal credit ratings, so again people should be beware.

    Trying to change providers is a little hard in reality, and in any event let’s not run away with the idea that the competition is better (Digicel need to pull their socks up big time).


  • @Livinginbarbados… I agree with you.

    My counsel would be that people should *not* not pay due bills. The service was rendered, within the terms of the service.

    Not paying a due bill should only be undertaken by those who are prepared to face a court of law — and to lose.

    Again, as I’ve said before, please read your Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Furthermore, *understand* them.

    Interestingly, I spent several hours on the phone yesterday with the LIME “Contact Centre” in St. Lucia. I was told by several “agents” there that LIME know they had an outage from “Sunday until Tuesday”, and when one pays their bill (importantly) *IN* *PERSON*, they can request a rebate for this outage from the “Credit Agent”.

    However, the Call Centre could not tell me how much this credit would be — one would have to go down in person to pay the bill to claim this rebate.

    When I asked what if I didn’t pay in person, but rather by cheque, dropped off or mailed? I was told I would not be able to claim the credit.

    If anyone in the BU family is willing to spend their valuable time standing in line waiting in person to pay their next bill, and then report back here as to how much the rebate was, then the rest of us *could* reasonably discount this amount from their next payment without (much) risk of recourse.

    But, as LIB above says, withholding a full months’ payment is only asking for all kinds of trouble most of you will not want to undertake.

    (Trust me on this!)

    (More to come….)


  • We welcome the competition. Thanks to a BU family member for highlighting this article.

    December 11, 2008
    WireIE to Build 4G WiMAX Network in Barbados
    By Divya Narain TMCnet Contributing Editor
    Ontario-based WireIE Holdings International has announced that it has been selected to build the first domestically-owned and operated 4G broadband network on the Island of Barbados.
    As part of a Build Operate Transfer project, the network will be powered by alternative energy. Its CarbonVIX solution will harness solar, wind, and battery power. Based on WiMAX (NewsAlert), the latest in 4G wireless technology, the project allow Internet telecom solution provider AccessOne Barbados to offer high-tech services to its customers.
    Local Bajian consumers, the public sector, and service enterprise clients will benefit from the network. With the state-of-the-art network the Bajian economy will be able to acquire world-class technical capabilities. This will in turn generate more revenues and give the economic development a boost.
    “WireIE and its venture capital partner the New Carbon Economy Fund are very pleased to have been selected by AccessOne Barbados to build the first 4G carbon-neutral broadband network in the Caribbean,” said Richard Tuttle, chairman of WireIE. “Once completed, this new domestically-owned and operated state-of-the-art network will provide Barbados with a key foundation for future economic development.”
    New Carbon Economy Fund and Covington Capital have agreed to act as WireIE’s financial partners in the project. Together the three will provide financial guarantee for the build.
    A provider of professional services and innovative solutions in the wireless space, WireIE is committed to empowering service providers across the world with the latest in wireless technology.
    Earlier this month, TMCnet reported that WireIE had opened a new wireless broadband services division in Canada that will design, build and operate secure high-availability broadband wireless infrastructures in under-served areas of the country.
    “WireIE is pleased to provide telecom solution providers like AccessOne with financial support, skills, and latest wireless technology that will add tremendous value and generate ongoing revenues, in order to support economic development for emerging markets,” said Robert Barlow, president and CEO of WireIE Holdings International.
    Don’t forget to check out TMCnet’s White Paper Library, which provides a selection of in-depth information on relevant topics affecting the IP Communications industry. The library offers white papers, case studies and other documents which are free to registered users. Today’s featured white paper is Fixed Service Strategies for Mobile Network Operators, brought to you by Comverse (NewsAlert).
    Divya Narain is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of Divya’s articles, please visit her columnist page.Edited by Michelle Robart
    WiMax Community Sponsored by SR Telecom
    Copyright 2008 Techonology Marketing Corporation (TMC) – All rights reserved


  • @BU.David: “We welcome the competition. Thanks to a BU family member for highlighting this article.

    You’re being played like a fiddle…


  • I have a friend who just moved to Emerald Park, St. Philip. She was told by Lime that there is no specific time for her to get phone service because there are no poles in the area. Could you believe that in 2008 this is still happening in Barbados? Poles should have already been placed there. I will surely call her tonight and coerce her (she has been brainwashed by LIME) to contact TeleBarbados.C&W(Lime) is doing what the big phone companies were doing here in the USA years ago. They fought derugulation and when they couldn’t win that battle they made life difficult for the new entrants because they owned a lot of the hardware. Barbadians have to make some sacrifices and try other services otherwise they will remain slaves of Lime.


  • Chris Halsall

    On telecom anything you say I welcome as gospel but why/how is ol’ Davy being played?


  • @BAFBFP… You are too kind.

    However, seriously, please treat *nothing* I say as gospel. Nor what anyone else says, either… Check the *facts*. Do your DD…

    The “Press Release” David quoted above did not mention which provider here in Barbados was underwriting this deal.

    The PR did not mention the radio frequency band to be used.

    The PR mentioned “4G”, which is marketing bullshit…

    David has allowed the popularity of his Blog to be used to promote others who will not ever likely bring any benefit to Barbados.

    If David would like to bring any further information on this post forward, it is of course entirely within his ability to do so….


  • @ Tony Hall…

    In all fairness, if it is a new Development, LIME does not plant the poles.
    Before you get your knickers in a bunch, check the facts first.
    We all know LIME is fair game now but (not to defend them) the issue with poles is not a LIME problem when it comes to new Developments.
    Your friend may need to check with the developer or BL&P.
    Get to the bottom of it before you run off talking nonsense.


  • @Chris

    Time will tell and we do understand your cynicism:-).


  • Technician,
    You seem to have a chip on your shoulder. Relax. You always appears to be coming off as angry.Relax man!!


  • No chip Tony, just letting you know to check before you post ignorance on the forum……angry….never….always cool…ask 199 why 🙂


  • I encourage everyone to boycott LIME. Let me advise you though they really don’t care if your bills aren’t paid they will disconnect your service and now they are withdrawing it fully in an even shorter time frame than before so that they can take your line and give it to someone else who has been on the ‘wait list’ for years. What customers should know is if you do not get your service within the time you may be entitled to a rebate for your installation fee$98. Don’t try calling the call centre either because now it is in St.Lucia and they cannot help with anything. They send me to the office to collect my modem, I gone up there and my request was not even actioned, nothing was on my account saying i want internet. Shame on you Donald, shame on you LIME. I hoping one of these days I pick up de phone and hear one of my Bajan girls. Oh to top it off de young lady ask me if I was ‘happy’ with my service. lmao.


  • Maybe because yuh head full o reefer


  • I did a speed test and it recorded a download speed of 47 kb/s and an upload speed of 155 kb/s. I miss dial-up so much right now 😦


  • @ LOL at Tony Halls comment to technician.

    LIME has hundereds of waitlisted customers who live in areas where LIME has no plans of installing line plant in the near future. It is all about recoving cost and if LIME can see it fit to spend the money on something else that will generate more revenue in the short term they will.

    Does anyone know what options these customers will have? Other than the traditional mobile, does anyone know of wireless landline service?


  • Sometimes its better to leave sure for unsure. We need to embrace change here in Barbados or no matter who comes, if we don’t start to change to the competition, even in cases where they do not offer significantly cheaper services, companies like LIME will continue to take advantage of our docile attitude. Just do some research on LIME Jamaica and you will see what I mean.


  • Tony Hall // December 12, 2008 at 3:10 pm

    Maybe because yuh head full o reefer


    Tony Hall… must be old school……reefer??
    Haven’t heard that term in years.


  • This one is for PM Thmpson,




  • There is an answer to the placement of poles. Wherever electricity runs and I am sure that is 99% of the island… but what bitter limer is speaking about is a quite different thing if I understand it correctly.

    Therefore if poles are not the problem then it would have to be the equipment to provide the service that is missing.

    Are you saying that LIME is not interested in expanding its service to remote areas? That does not make sense. Every landline installed adds to the cash cow. Hello????? Need your help!


  • JC

    I would let him know that now C&W liming, we need providers to take care of business.


  • @ technicial
    “All the poor lapdog can do is to wait for his crumbs to fall from the ‘table’, walk around with his chest in the air, talk shite and count down the days, while preparing his nest egg.”

    Yeah but he’s got several million crumbs to collect.



    “The PM arrived for a negotiation meeting between the Union and the telecom company wearing a LIME COLOURED TEE SHIRT for shits sake…”

    Lime coloured and LIME colors are so far apart. LIME does not even seem to wish to associate with the Caribbean lime colors – instead they go for Black and White as the corporate colors….Nothing fresh about that look.

    Saw a technician in a black LIME shirt in the HOT sun, and to make matters worst it’s got some silly looking muppet drawing on it …are these people for real???


  • While I agree that not paying due bills could lead to problems, everyone can withhold payment until a day before the invoice date without any problems.

    If you are not satisfied with a service, hardly use it or no longer need it then cancel it.
    Too many people I know give C&W free money every month by paying for services they hardly use.

    Anyone remember the earth tremor last year and the effect it had on the network?



    “The PM arrived for a negotiation meeting between the Union and the telecom company wearing a LIME COLOURED TEE SHIRT for shits sake…”

    I heard on the radio the worker’s union that the dates proposed on the employees are ‘void’. Anyone catch that?


  • I am VERY disappointed that WE Bajans have not yet taken soem form of action against LIME. A company that has made $91MILLION and looking to send home over 250 of its workforce here in B’dos. What are we waiting for?????? Are we just contented to lay back and let these ‘white’ men continue to indoctrinate us with their plantocracy mindset???????

    The other islands let LIME walk in and do what they wished to are we in B’dos willing to follow suit!??? Some of these peoepl could be your wives/husbands, sisters/brothers….with the forecasts for 2009 looking so gloomy what will happen when other companies who has made WAY less than LIME decide to follow suit? I could be anyone of your turn next year.

    I say we nedd to TAKE ACTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND Take ACTION NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • as i watch and observe and do understand the need to protest, bare in mind that any subcriber to the l.i.m.e ADSL service should understand that the charges for the landline and the internet are tied together and when you pay monies to this service,you cannot specify where you want this payment to go… it actually goes to the overall amount on the account … so if person’s go and withhold some of the charges, the company can’t be held liable if your services are barred or disconnected … just an observation …..


  • Just another mechanism so ensure that consumers pay more than their share and to penalise you if you don’t pay. The accounts can be separated. If you check carefully you will see an MO.


  • LIMErs international

    LOL @ “Saw a technician in a black LIME shirt in the HOT sun, and to make matters worst it’s got some silly looking muppet drawing on it …are these people for real???”

    That was funny.

    As for layoffs here in BIM, when businesses actully start feeling the effects of the economic melt down you will see how many of us are through the door while the big ups continue to reap their high salaries and the country as a whole is made to suck salt.


  • Finally got rid of C&WLIME Phone and Caribsurf……..Digicel is my business phone and TeleBarbados my internet.
    Love it!


  • Hi everyone, Merry Christmas. Just putting it out there, but wouldn’t it be great if Tele Barbados offered Internet, domestic telephone and television. You have to admit it would be a WELCOMED change to the nonsense we endure.


  • @Coolieman

    That would be wonderful!!!


  • lol

    then maybe I have to start writing a letter to a U.S Internet Provider. I’m nearly finished but I wonder what I should do (actually).


  • @All…

    Just for the record…

    I personally lost BB.LIME.ADSL service last night (2009.01.18) at approximately 2000 hours. This was, from what I understand, a *widespread* issue.

    I placed a call to their “help desk”. After over an hour of hearing that “my call will be taken in the order it was received”, I dropped the call and enjoyed a delightful dinner and some UK TV.

    This morning (2009.01.19) my service was still down, and I once again “joined the queue”. After *only* thirty minutes or so I finally reached a human, who told me that they (read: LIME) were aware of the problem ***AS OF THIS MORNING***, and that I was to wait three hours, and then reset my modem and see if the service came back.

    Channelling LIME: “Welcome to 2009. We actually have no idea what we’re doing. But we know we’re the only game in town. We thank you for letting us continue to exploit you.

    “Thank you for choosing LIME….

    [@ED: The “supervisor” of the agent I spoke to this morning actually closed with the very last sentence of my immediate above. I have it on “tape” if anyone wishes to challenge me on this.


  • “LIME” will be a perfect case study at the UWI Business School as to how not to launch a new brand.


  • @Anonymous: ““LIME” will be a perfect case study at the UWI Business School as to how not to launch a new brand.

    With respect…

    I would argue that the LIME “experience” of re-branding would be a “grade school” lesson…

    An “undergraduate” level question might be how LIME has been allowed to get away with what its being allowed to get away with. (I’m thinking in the political sciences department.)

    A “graduate” level question might consider the tools available to the “regulators”. And the mistakes the “regulators” made.

    A “post-grad” level question might be: how to we correct the mistakes? “Please give exact values for your suggested “X-Factors”…


  • I had exactly the same experience as Chris Halsall to the letter!!! They informed me at 9.00am yesterday that there was a widespread problem since the night before – so why wasn’t I told that in the first place instead of spending half the night on the phone trying to get an answer from St. Lucia!! They then reset my modem and I cannot even see my network now. Needless to say I am tiefin’ access from someone on Telebarbados!!!!
    Why are we sharing customer service with two other countries and why do they only take written complaints??
    I left a message yesterday morning on the CEO’s secretary’s phone as I was told to do by the telephone operator in Barbados – did she return the call?? Hell no…………


  • It is now 4.30 on Tuesday and I am still not connected – in fact LIME had the nerve to call me last night to tell me that I was reconnected when in actual fact I still cannot see my network. When I called LIME in Barbados I was informed that they have no numbers for technicians, that only St. Lucia can contact them.When I again contacted St Lucia after queuing again for over an hour, they were not aware tomorrow is a Bank Holiday and that I will now have to wait until Thursday to get my service back….What is happening???
    This service is outrageous and yes I would happily boycott.


  • A-Fish (formerly .22)

    LIME/C&W’s way of restructuring themselves and how they are doing it now is simply wasting the consumer’s time and money and productivity.

    This such irrelevance needs to stop.

    I don’t see the point having making so much profit and not putting it into their customer services and upgrading their services. Its all about the money.


  • Please tune in to the Getting Down To BrassTacks being aired NOW, with executives of LIME on hand to answer any queries with LIME. Unfortunately being moderated with Stetson (Skinny Mout) Babb, shoulda had Mr Marshall fah dem!


  • Mr. Halsall has made a phone call on Brasstacks to give his view.

    We would wish that Tony Marshall moderated Friday’s programme (best suited on this) to drill down on these executives of LIME.


  • stetson babb is so pathetic.

    He just love to hear himself.I can’t believe he is congatulating the lime reps for coming on the radio to respond to customer complaints.

    Is this how low we see ourselves that even though we the public allowed Lime to make $91 million yet we should be so grateful that they come on the air to offer crap words after hearing person after person complain.


  • I appreciated the opportunity to speak. I also appreciated the kind words of the gentleman calling in after me.

    Said caller suggested I be brought in as a guest to have my brain picked.

    An official offer — if any broadcaster would be willing to have me in as a guest, I would welcome the opportunity.

    And I’ve relatively good at picking my words carefully (read: avoiding lawsuits), even if I’m a little shaky the first few minutes when speaking in public…


  • Go for it Chris, you tell ’em!! They are running scared already……….


  • Disturbed Employee

    I work at LIME and I have always been troubled at the lack of concern for the plight of the customer. The decision makers have no committment to providing proper service so I fully support any effort made by customers to fight for their rights…even if it mean boycotting the services provided by LIME.

    I belive the problem stems from the head …Mr. Dodd and Mr. Austin have no respect for the workers at lime whatsoever! Friday would be the second time a closure date for the Contact Centre has been announced to the press without the staff being informed. The last communication the company made with the staff was via letter dated 30th December 2008 stating that talks were ongoing with the Union and they will be informed about the status of their employment when an agreement is reached. On Friday 23rd January, the Manager of the Contact Centre neglected to publish the weekly schedule and staff were left wondering if they should report to work on Monday, seeing that you have to be scheduled to work. Only to read in the press on Saturday that the Centre will officially be closed by the end of the week. Neither Mr. Dodd nor Mr. Austin has not once visited Centre to speak to staff or properly explain the company’s decison. In fact the 1st time the staff of the same said contact centre learned of the closure was in the same Nation news paper. One staff member told me “Imagine my embassasment when someone called me on Saturday morning to tell me my last day of work is Friday”.

    I heard with my own 2 ears the very British Mr. Dodd announce to us in a General meeting that air condition in our retail outlets were unnessesary and that the Caribbean operations are run like back yard garages. I also stated to the public on Friday that he will not apologise for the comapany’s profitability because C&W paid 68 million in tax to the B’dos govenment and in a nut shell that we should be greatful that they choose to operate here.



  • It now appears that VOB is selling promotional slots on its call-in programmes to corporate Barbados.

    The LIMERS offered little, if anything at all, to help callers in their quest to obtain at least reasonable service from the company.

    Too many people liming.


  • @General Lee

    Even with those questionable ads I’ve been hearing on VOB 92.9 that doesn’t say anything about better/improved service besides one of the ads indicating some lowered costs on some cellphones.

    C&W/LIME doesn’t care about the service they care about the money and cost-cutting to rake up even more ridiculous amount of money.

    These Heads of C&W/LIME of their operations are “very questionable” to the very public. After hearing the complaints raised on Brasstacks to the Heads and those Heads prematurely left the show, I’m disappointed.

    What kind of promises they are making to the people of Barbados while they are doing things that are ridiculous to this nation???


  • STATISTICS ………..thats all it is !!!!!
    i was giving some nudges to read some reports and articles about call centre operations …. it is plan to see that anyone going the route of calling a particular arm of there business a “call centre ” mainly looking at ” STATISTICS ” ….. it has nothing to do with customer satisfaction .. if that happens then that is a bonus … this part of the business should be called ( get this) .. *** MAKE CONTACT WITH THE CUSTOMER CENTRE *** cause thats all the decision makers would want yuh to do .. (1) listen to the caller (2) take a contact (3) tell then someone will get back to them shortly . >> the guidelines given to the workers in these centres are not adequate to provide “TOP CLASS CUSTOMER SERVICE”


  • @All…

    Just putting this out there…

    Have any of you read the “revised” Reference Interconnection Offer?

    Please pay particular attention to the “Service Description” document (page two).

    Please note that there is no service description for “Out going…” anything.

    Just who is looking out for “us”?

    More to come….


  • Good to see this issue it at least being commented on here… Can’t seem to find much about the issue with the traditional news sources… One would think that the lost of reliability of basic utility services (phone, water, electricity) that are key not only to the people of Barbados but is vital to our Tourist industry would have tons of coverage


  • My LIME dial-up internet connection has been working very poorly for about a month now. Many times the computer states that it’s connected when it really isn’t. (Well, it may be connected to LIME but not to the Internet: When that happens and I place the mouse over the connection icon on the taskbar, it states that 218 bytes have been sent and 1093 bytes received.) At other times it connects for about 5 minutes and then stops. If I wait long enough (sometimes as long as half-hour or even longer) it starts working again. My anti-virus application (AVG Free) needs updating to version 8.5 but that’s a 59 MB download (practically impossible with this nonsense happening. I tried downloading it via my download manager but that method isn’t working for this particular download.)

    I thought it was a problem with my modem until I discovered a few weeks ago that my niece was experiencing the same problem. Then I found out that they’re people with high speed connections experiencing similar issues.

    LIME hasn’t even had the courtesy to send me an email about the situation. Why on earth am I paying $59 a month for this lousy service?



  • There is something like a standing order existing within entities that have monopolies or just above average market share in this country.
    That standing order is called “cockiness”.
    You can protest, boycott whatever you wish to do, but very little if anything will be changed. If changes are done they are very subtle and only” appear to be beneficial” at first to customers. The company continues on its merry way knowing that in reality/final analysis there is no iron fist exercising control over their actions. All the public showings with the FTC, rebranding etc, are what they are. Just showings.


  • @ abajan

    You can try TeleBarbados services because it appears to be more reliable. It’s quite Slower a bit more expensive but keeps you connected. If you want reliability here it is. Give it a try if its Wireless Internet services are available to you.

    Well I certainly can’t because I’m a heavy Internet User and relies both reliability and connection speed and reasonable cost.


  • @ A-Fish
    Thanks for the suggestion but my connection started working properly again a few days ago and my niece’s says hers is back to normal too.

    I’m so happy about it that to celebrate, I’m attempting my biggest download ever (in separate chunks via a download manager, of course). It’s the 550 MB version of the Tomb Raider Legend Demo.

    Wish me luck! 🙂


  • So…

    Lets assume you were a corporation, wishing to buy services, and were trying to in touch with LIME…

    If you were in Barbados, you might find yourself at this web page:

    There are two numbers listed here:

    1. 246 292 2677

    2. 1 800 804 2994

    The first number, if called from a LIME landline in Barbados, plays a recording which says “The number you have reached is not in service

    The second number, if called, places you in contact with the LIME call centre in St. Lucia, who can’t actually tell you the phone number to use to contact the corporate sales office in Barbados (although they’re happy to forward you to Directory Assistance, although you’ll pay for the information…



  • It’s no better in Nevis. What Cable and Worthless need is some SERIOUS competition. Imagine I can call from the USA to England for US$ .07 per minute, and US$ 1.35 per minute to Nevis. Who ripping off who? Steuuppppppps


  • Eyes Wide Open

    I just love how Lime uses the script from telecom companies in other countries and say “thank you for choosing Lime” at the end of a telephone conversation with their staff. My answer is always…..I don’t have a choice, do I? …and there is either a dead silence or a laughter on the other side of the line. It is a blood sucking, abusing and corrupt company that should be expelled from the Caribbean


  • I recently installed a modem for adsl , I installed it right all four lights r green but when I tried to accses the internet it said told me the webpage can not b veiwed yea I know u guys r going to say I maybe did not set it up right but to make sure I called customer care after. waiting four an HOUR for some one to answer the phone as so as I was about to put down a person anwers the phone. I explain the problem(MY POWER LIGHT IS GREEN, LAN1 IS GREEN, ADSL IS GREEN, AND INTERNET IS GREEN)but I am not getting a webpage.She gave me introutins to follow and I did them, when the process was over she says that she can see I am online and if I am still not getting through try truning of the fire walls.Curently I am using dailup and hating ever mintue of it if there is any one with simlar probs or if u have a solution plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz let me know by emailing at


  • @Javan…

    From the Command Line (read: click on your WinBlows “Start” Icon, click on the “Run…” menu item, and then in the pop-up window type “cmd” and press your “Return” or “Enter” key”.) (I’m assuming from your above you’re not running Unix / Linux.)

    When you run the command (you’ll have to type this exactly) “tracert -d“, what do you see?


  • When I first applied for licenses in Barbados I was told that I will have to pay the bag man, and we refused to. I also want to state for the record that we were granted a loan based on the terms outlined in the term sheet from Bank of Nova Scotia. The new General Manager, Mac Anderson froze our account claiming that we were only suppose to use the loan to pay the invoices of the guarantor, WireIE, a Canadian company that also uses the same law firm, Cassels Brock as the Bank. Locally WireIE is represented by none other than Dale Marshall.

    To date the bank has refused to accept responsibility for crippling the company by breaching the loan agreement, and breaching the confidentiality of our relationship with them by sharing our information with others as we have confirmed.

    Though this bank has the proclivity to do this sort of thing to their customers who are primarily black, they reckoned wrong this time.

    Mac Anderson told us not to say anything for fear that WireIE sues the bank. What he did not know is that my military training and certain expertise allowed me to preserve every word he uttered for future use.

    The bank apparently followed someone’s orders to freeze account because whoever that person was seems afraid to see us finally launch.

    The bank expected us to pay an invoice for $ 900,000.00 USD that most would expect for that kind of invoice would have some detail to support the invoiced amount, well this invoice had a single line.

    What the bank wanted us to do was tantamount to money laundering a very serious crime. Compounded with the other two charges of breach of contract and confidentiality and now this i was compelled to inform the authorities.

    As a U.S Citizen we provided the full details to the Department of Justice and the Dept of the Treasury and an investigation has been launched. There are more facts that have sent come to light but due to the investigation I can not share them here.

    I have exposed my real name because we have nothing to hide and will see to it that the senior executives of this bank are held accountable


  • Folks:

    WireIE will not be building a dam thing for AccessOne barbados, Inc. I cannot give all of the details here but will say that we were presented with invoices from WireIE for services and fiber that were installed by LIME for our interconnection at our new offices. These invoices represented a 400% markup over what we paid LIME. First off WireIE had no authority to invoice us for these services and we had already paid LIME.

    WireIE went on to invoice us for the BIDC offices which we occupy. THe other thing they did was to invoice us for $ 910,000.00 USD for what we are still trying to find out. I am serious here. The Invoice stated ” Progress Payment- Network”. We asked for a detail invoice to as to ascertain what we would have been paying for and to date no detail.

    The next astonishing thing that happened is that happened is that after we refused to pay $ 1,212,000.00 USD in fraudulent invoices it appears as if someone call the Asst. General manager of a Canadian bank who then froze our account causing us to loose $ 21,400,000.00 USD as of September 2009.

    Needless to say that that had we paid these invoices we would have been violating local money laundering laws as well as that of the USA.

    WireIE is going around the region trying to buy their way into the market, but I call on all to rebuke them for this kind of highhanded racketeering practices.

    Not in my back yard and no on my watch


  • With the increase cost of landlines hanging over our heads, now is the time for the smart executives at Digicel and TeleBarbados to offer more attractive rates to Barbadians.

    Digicel should now offer packages that make consumers, that do not really need a landline, seriously consider going 100% mobile with them.

    Telebarbados needs to set up its game and broaden access to its network. Partner with Digicel, if that is allowed, to compete with this Goliath.

    AT&T wants out of landline business
    (AFP) – 2 days ago
    WASHINGTON — US telecom giant AT&T has asked US regulatory authorities to waive a requirement that it and other carriers maintain costly landline networks.
    AT&T, the oldest US telephone company, made the request in a filing last week with the Federal Communications Commission in which it also asked the FCC to set a “firm deadline” for phasing out wireline service.
    “The business model for legacy phone services is in a death spiral,” AT&T said. “With an outdated product, falling revenues, and rising costs, the plain-old telephone service (POTS) business is unsustainable for the long run.”
    The AT&T filing was in response to an FCC request earlier this month for input on plans to extend high-speed Internet broadband to the entire country.
    It was published online by technology blog GigaOM.
    AT&T said the high costs of maintaining the legacy phone network were “diverting valuable resources, both public and private, that could be used to expand broadband access and to improve the quality of broadband service.”
    The company said it was being forced to “dedicate substantial resources to an antiquated network and outdated service.”
    AT&T said that with the rise of cellphones and Internet communications such as VoIP less than 20 percent of Americans now rely exclusively on landlines for voice service and 25 percent have abandoned them altogether.
    It said 700,000 lines are being cut every month.

    Coincidence or what?

    Ill-advised, misguided leaders, create nothing but problems for the people they seek to guide.


  • Heard a statistic that in the USA one third households have replaced land lines with mobile.


  • Just joined Telebarbados’ waiting list. One of the customer service reps said they may get to me in a month. Once they come and test the signal at my location and find it satisfactory, I am getting my internet and fixed line service from them. That same day I am going to Careless and Wutless or LIME (Less Intelligence More Errors) and begging off their “exemplary” service. In this day and age I want to have a reliable broadband service. I don’t want to be watching youtube and keep having to pause to wait for it to load (I have the $99.00 package, dammit!!). I don’t want to be clicking streaming links and hoping that the video will play during the hour or so I have free. I can’t stand the service dropping every few minutes to an hour and having to turn on and off the modem – I even moved it from across the room to right next to me on the desk so I can do so in comfort and frequency – only to call the “Customer Service Rep” at LIME when I am outraged at how low I had come to and have him or her suggest that I do that very thing (reset the modem). AARRGGGHHH!!!! I can do your job you moron!! Or for them to suggest that I can have a technician out to my house for a (substantial) fee to fix their own crappy service (can I say “crappy” here?) I mean is this the norm? Do I really pay $150.48/month for this when I earn $1200.00-odd per month? Obviously my internet is important to me and LIME just doesn’t give a s++t! Just please let Telebarbados work out… That is exactly why people are still putting up with Careless and Wutless: the uncertainty…


  • telebarbados is the available in my area st joseph


  • Alan Kaplan …I was thinking of coming to your country to start a Call Center I was hoping for good Internet Service but reading this form I am having second thoughts ,


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