Business As Usual At Six Men's St. Peter

Do we recall that when the government was in opposition they were opposed to the construction of a marina at Six Men’s in St. Peter? The Minister of Agriculture Haynesley Benn and losing candidate for St. Peter was very vocal in his opposition. We should recall that when the current government took office they made some encouraging comments regarding their intention to roll-out a land use policy specifically as it related to our coastal development.

BU is disappointed that it appears extensive land clearing, draining, marl filling and “tree wrecking” is in progress at the Six Men’s site. This is as big as Port St. Charles AND NO-ONE LIVING IN THE AREA KNOWS ANYTHING ABOUT IT.The government to maintain its credibility on this issue may want to issue a clear the air statement.


26 thoughts on “Business As Usual At Six Men's St. Peter

  1. I went to see it yesterday. It dwarfs Port St. Charles. And the bulldozers, cranes and tractors are working overtime.

    How do these robbers get away with it?

    What happens when they connect it to the sea? Will they cut into the road and beach and block the route directly from Speightstown to Half Moon Fort?


    This is an environmental and ecological scandal.

    Where is the local press on this matter? Oh yes, they don’t give a ?!*?

  2. i also passed the area but did not see any cranes they have cleaned the area and looks like they are doing some kind of study also at least the paros have no bush to hide in .

  3. johnboy – oh yes, they’re doing a study on the effect of moonshadows on the breeding of non-dengue carrying mosquitos in protected wetlands.

    Waken-up man! (or boy)

  4. It sure didn’t take long for a Six Mens Marina supporter to throw in his two cents.

    Expect more of them because there must be millions riding on the successful completion of this catastrophe. (If anyone has millions left.)

    And where will some of the millions end-up? Overseas in numbered accounts in Switzerland like before apparently.

  5. As the island’s chief land and beach rapist once said, “It’s better to be a nation of gardeners, dishwashers and maids than having no work at all.”

  6. First it was former PM Arthur and today we heard Clyde Mascoll sharing his views on the US finacial crisis.


    The point he made which we found interesting was his reference to overflated real estate prices in Barbados and the fact that the credit squeeze will impact demand for our high-prize properties on the West Coast.

  7. I would like to just put forth a possibility as to why this work will go ahead regardless of PM Thompson’s position on the matter. All the contracts were signed when Owing Arthur was in office and possibly several years ago. The current administration can not simply step in and say STOP without incurring huge lawsuits and having to pay out a vast sum of money that Barbados does not have. It was a done deal long before Thompie took office.

  8. Still building, despite what is happening overseas?

    Somebody real brave or have nuff money to risk.

    Three years from now?

    A lot of neglected condos.

  9. To ~ PiedPiper // October 1, 2008 at 5:19 pm

    You made a proper comment.

    It’s facinating how people can just come out and say things without have any factual information.

  10. Here are some 11 reasons why the DLP Government MUST BE VOTED OUT at the Next Election:

    1) For its part in the mishandling of the Africans who ended up “stranded” in Barbados early up this year;

    2) For its axing of some consultants hired by the last joke BLP Government – but who nevertheless did NOT deserve to be fired, e.g. Hon. Hamilton Lashley – who ironically now has been hired by this wretched DLP Government to do several tasks on its behalf;

    3) For so inhumanely, cold-bloodedly, murderously increasing the cost of local fuel in April of this year;

    4) For so dastardly sickeningly murderously increasing its TAXATION ASSAULTS on the backs of the masses and middle classes of people of Barbados in July of this year;

    5) For its sinister role in further deepening the recession in Barbados, thus disgustingly helping to increase unemployment, business closures and dopwnsizings, helping to tragically lower trading and investment activity in the country and to tremendously reduce the export and foreign exchange potential of the country;

    6) For its very irresponsible role in doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to halt the dangerous slide in the so-called Barbados Economy;

    7) For failing to reduce the raging rampant skyrocketing cost of living and the cost of doing business in Barbados – and thus by NOT doing anything of the sort being indifferent to the fact that life in Barbados is becoming more and more a living hell hole for the vast majority of the masses and middle classes of people in Barbados;

    8) For violently increasing the Government Debt of his country although knowing full well that such has implications for the financial integrity and international creditworthiness of the country;

    9) For allowing the wicked and evil so-called Land Tax Department to wickedly increase the land/property values of thousands upon thousands of Barbadians at a time when many of us are seeking to maintain a piece of this rock or aspiring to own a piece of it;

    10) For failing to implement ANY of its major 2008 election manifesto pledges/promises – except for one so far – the National Consultations on Education – and thus in some cases it being the reality that the DLP deliberately lied to the masses of voters in order to help it win the last election; and,

    11) For the Prime Minister’s attempt some time ago to scrap the very important National Independence Day Parade.


  11. PiedPiper
    You got it…straight down the centre. I hate democracies for a number of reasons, and that is one. Of course I hate bad governments that believe that they can hold onto power for as long as they feel like. Give an’ take I suppose

  12. We will be holding a meeting on Sunday 19th October at 5:pm by Braddy’s Bar to discuss and plan strategies for protesting the construction of this Marina at Sixmens bay, St.Peter. I want all you who commented on this subject here and who supported the letter published in the nation news paper, written by Frank Gilkes, to come to this meeting and leand your support. This is a fight for Barbados, not only Sixmens, so i looking forward to seeing you there.

  13. International support have been coming in to join us in our fight to preserve the Sixmens Bay area from further rape by ‘marina developers’ .

  14. yes johnboy we have bills to pay but do we need two marinas less than 500 yards apart, come on, is this good planing? or maybe someone pocket is being fattened by these developers and what is to become of our beach and the fishermen who now make a living at Sixmens what will become of them when the rich and famous push them out for their pleasure site to sit on there verandas sipping champagne. Don’t let us be blind the west coast is on the verge of extinction as far as Barbadians are concern.

  15. @Sixmensman
    Have you seen the Environmental Impact Assessment study (EIA)?
    Was there a Social Impact Assessment component as well?
    Are these documents still available in a public place(s)?

  16. there is no one in Sixmens who saw an environmental impact study[EIA] this project seem to be going ahead without the knowledge of nearby residents and this is why we need to act now and i am accusing town and country planing dept of not insisting on the rules if they have already giving permission to build this marina.

  17. I hope that the meeting is still on and that you get lots of meaningful support.
    I am however not very optimistic that anything can be done now to save the balance of the west coast from further rape.
    At the very least, they (our so called leaders), will know that we deplore the displacement of traditional bajan life by the mega rich they continue to woo to our island, in their quest for quick bucks.

  18. BAFBFP

    Did Castro honour the agreements Batista signed?

    We are armchair buffalo soldiers deluded that we are progressives.

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  20. Isn’t it possible to get a SixMens situation report here or in the old-fashioned media issued by a responsible government official?

    Meanwhile the digging and surveying continues despite the recent heavy rains flooding the whole site that proved the idiocy of tampering with a major natural drainage system.



  22. There has been a lot of bushing done in that area but where is the road going to go?
    What about the beach north of port st charles will that be incorporated within the marina?
    At the moemt is it one of the few easily acessible family beaches in St Peter.

  23. I’d like to know the construction of the marina is currently affecting both the population and the marine life. I live in Coral Bay, St. John in the US Virgin Islands and a monster marina has been proposed for our quiet side of the island. Everything I’ve read so far applies to us and we need all the amunition we can get to fight this! I’m especially interested in somehow hearing from sixmensman, with any success they had at protesting this idea.

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