Sir Richard Cheltenham's Vanishing Act In The Jippy Doyle Affair

Sir Richard CheltenhamOur tireless local media has been reporting for the last seven years about the routine adjournments of a rape case which sees the charismatic and popular Pastor Jippy Doyle at the centre. BU family members who are not familiar with this case can have a quick read. In a nutshell Pastor Jippy Doyle has been accused of rape by a female who would have been a minor at the time. We believe the sexual acts are reported to have happened between the ages of thirteen and fifteen years old. This case has been stuck in the ‘system’ for seven long years.

Yes indeed you read correctly!

Having said the above we know that there are real challenges within the court registry to efficiently process many cases currently awaiting trial. The question therefore can be rightly asked by the BU family, what makes this case special regarding the length of time to rooster. The BU household wish to make it very clear that our last sentence in no way intended to diminish the seriousness of the alleged crime which was perpetrated on the victim.

A Google by BU family members can quickly search-out the reason why this case has been jammed in the ‘system’ for so long. The reason reported in the local media most of the time has been the unavailability of Pastor Jippy Doyle’s lead counsel who we know to be the veteran Sir Richard Cheltenham. We did find it interesting that a search of Jippy Doyle’s name on the Nation database brought up zilch! Perhaps we typed his name incorrectly, BU family members can give it a try.

It is reprehensible that such a serious charge maybe leveled and both the plaintiff and the defendant would be denied swift justice. Isn’t there a saying that justice delayed is justice denied? Did we get that right? On the one side we have the Pastor whose reputation is being sullied, and on the other side of the coin we have a young adult who has to face the trauma of the rape ordeal every day because of the lack of closure. All of this is happening against the background of the large public perception that the judicial system in Barbados is independent and true.

We have no reason to doubt that Sir Richard is a busy man. We have no reason to doubt that he would have been sick as reported on those times which led to the perennial postponement of the case. What we don’t understand is how Sir Richard finds the time to island hop the Caribbean during the seven year period. He presided in the Prime Minister Mitchell fraud commission in Grenada where it is alleged he took a bribe. It was reported in the local press this week that Sir Richard submitted a 83 page report of his findings. It has also been reported in the local media that he is actively involved in the dispute resolution exercise between members of the St. Lucia Stephenson King cabinet. Again it has been widely reported the rife in the St. Lucia cabinet since the death of Sir John Compton.

How long is too long?

We are aware that in the court pecking order Sir Richard is a big boy. He is a Queen’s Counsel and has been practicing law for a very long time in Barbados. The Chief Justice would have climbed the ranks with Sir Richard and should know him well. In the interest of justice being delivered we hope that the obvious delays and manipulation of the Jippy Doyle case should cease.

The PEOPLE are watching and they are beginning to smell the stink which has started to envelope this matter.

33 thoughts on “Sir Richard Cheltenham's Vanishing Act In The Jippy Doyle Affair

  1. Cases like these are usually dragged out in the system to frustrate certain people. It is a game which all the parties play.

  2. Since he is so busy we can easily see why he has been picked and retained by Jippy, because of his unavailability, and since he is a Q.C the court would not bagger him up. He is a brand name lawyer, so he would not be pushed around like a no name lawyer.

    This is our own R. Kelly case. And like that Jippy should/would be in no hurry to start the case, they said the R. Kelly strategy was to let time pass and let the girl appear older more woman like.

    The purpose of defence is to acquit and to delay justice, so the defence is doing their part. That is why you see him every there, ready to start the trial (or so it is ment to seem) not missing court, so being a “victim” himself. If he were suing someone then he would have been on his lawyer’s case or gotten a new one. Remember if they force him to start without his lawyer, and he is found guilty then he has grounds for appeal. – Not having counsel of his choice. etc……….. This one will play for a long time yet! Justice will come, but I believe some other way at another time.

    What I find pathetic is the church goers who went to the court yard, singing a professing his innocence.


  3. this is absolutely ridiculous! i didnt even realize that this case hadnt been heard yet. Cant the presiding judge make jippy get counsel who can be present ?

  4. Cant the presiding judge make jippy get counsel who can be present ?


    I am sure the Jippy is not complaining. We seem to forget that justice is ONLY for whom can afford it! Or who can afford to avoid it!

  5. It is things like this that has our young people so confused. I thought that if he is so innocent, he would want to get the matter over with to clear his name. What he is doing is getting his culters to try impressing us that he is allpowerful (like making one of his followers see through a marble eye. However we are seeing through the nastiness of this and the effect it’s having on our young who are losing confidence daily by reports like these. The Jippy saga isn’t the only one. Wake up Barbados, having many churches and denominations does ot make us a christian society but the christian way we live. TAKE STOCK.

  6. You said “we know that there are real challenges within the court registry to efficiently process many cases currently awaiting trial.”

    Seeing that in over 50 years Caribbean ‘politicians’ ? have been unable to get any meaningful political union together (first political union was with the ‘Federation’ in the mid-50s) – and up to this day there is no other way to get around between the islands except by ‘air’ – it doesn’t seem to me there is any hope for more speedy settlement of business in other fields either.

    I’m sorry to have to play the “race card” here … but the problem is Black People. Nothing else. Don’t expect anything different any time soon.

  7. It does not seem that we will have justice for the victim of this crime. I cannot begin to imagine what is has been like for her to endure this for the past seven years. Physcing herself up for each and every court apperance, then nothing happens

  8. What is happening to this young lady right now is tanamount to abuse. Is it not the fault of the justice system? It seems that some class of people are above the law. Had some simple bajan just touch a young lady on her backside, the case would have been before the court and he will be rightfully punished if found guilty. Why for an allegation much more serious than that we are fooling around. Ironically, I don’t hear the christian society speaking out against the delay. Is it that this might expose too much?

  9. Those are just foolish religious (note NOT Christian) women who show up in the courtyard. They are losers on earth who live in the foolish hope that Jippy can get them into heaven. He can’t

  10. You people foolish or what. Everybody involved in the case done think the girl did want the thing from Jippy to start with. Cheltenham is deliberately stalling so that by the time the case is actually heard people will have forgotten details and the girl would be a grown woman so the jury would not be sympathic.

  11. Justice delayed is justice DENIED. In Canada the lawyers would be hauled before a judge and censored. In some instances the cases are thrown out for being on the process docket for too long ( 3 years maximum). If it is a lawyers fault, then his reputation is shredd and he gets few clients.

  12. Dear True Believer:

    It does not matter whether the girl wanted the thing that Jippy has (or had, since he is old now and may no longer have it) or not. Minors cannot consent to sexual intercourse, so even if she had sworn an affidavit before ten judes asking Jippy to have sex with her he would still be wrong. A minor CANNOT consent. The law protects minor children, both girls and boys for a very good reason. The Bible tells us that foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child. It is because children are foolish that the law offers them special protections. This is the same reason also that minors cannot sign contracts. So no minor can go to Courts or DaCosta Mannings or any other store and sign a hire purchase contract for anything, no minor can go to Simpson’s Motors and take a car on credit. Even if they signed a piece of paper in front of witnesses the contract would still be null and void. So this foolish business that we hear all the time that the girl wanted it and therefore the man did nothing wrong and is not guilty is moral and legal foolishness. You ought to be ashamed of yourself. A big man like you should know better.

  13. Dear Time Will Tell:

    If Jippy believes that he has been raped or otherwise vistimized then he should immediately go to the police and give a statement and I am sure that the police will arrest the alledged rapist. He should also immediately go to his doctor and be tested and treated for any sexually transmitted diseases including HIV.

  14. J hold on a moment, reign in that indignation. A True Believer did not say that nothing wrong was done, he said “everybody involved in the case” thinks the girl consented. What else would account for the unfortunate behaviour of even the judiciary, in allowing the delay of the start of the trial for SEVEN YEARS?

  15. True justice in our Courts, in a number of cases is a joke, and I talk from personal experience. I had a case against against a Company who owed me a fair amount of money; that company’s ‘pitbull’ of a lawyer, a female, realized they did not have sound foot to stand on, so she manipulated the system, over and over again, with endless adjournments, which went on almost TEN years, during which time, the devious ‘man’ the owner of the company, drained the company, sold it and went to live overseas. By the time the case was finally called and heard, I WON the judgment against him, BUT, there IS NO money to pay me. Talk about justice delayed is justice denied, I know all about it! However, there is an ultimate High Court, where you cannot run from and manipulate, THE GREAT WHITE THRONE JUDGMENT of Almighty God. ‘Vengence is mine, saith the Lord, I’ll repay.’ Amen!!

  16. In jurisdictions I can think of, before a case is adjourned diaries of counsel are consulted. A magistrate or judge will not pluck a future hearing date out of thin air. The date then “agreed” will be one convenient for defence and prosecution counsel.

    It is true other important events can sometimes intervene, but if this continues repeatedly. The judge/magistrate can deduce that counsel are not taking the directions of the court seriously.

    He/she could then direct that court papers are marked accordingly and advise counsel that at the next hearing the case will proceed…regardless.

    There is also the issue of “wasted cost” in that court time is being taken up unnecessarily…with the subsequent knock on effect. These cost can be levied against those seen at fault for the delay.

    If it is that this case is seen as so important, that no other person in the partnership can deal with it…or qualified to do so. Then one wonders why it is pushed to the back of important business to be dealt with.

    I do not know the full details of the case. However, the point made by another contributor eg, the age of the alleged victim at the time of the offence. Then a young lady confident and perhaps poised in the witness box are different situations.

    The jury will have to exercise a great deal of mental dexterity, to arrive at a just decision in those circumstances.

    NB: That a “minor” could “consent” to have a sexual relationship with a grown man in a position of trust…does not warrant any discussion.

  17. Sometime ago the Chief Justice made the claim that lawyers will be penalize for wasting court time. Maybe it does not apply to QC’s and a former colleague! The truth is Barbadians are left to speculate giving the current situation of this case carrrying on for 7 years.

  18. Dear Time Will Tell

    The only way he can be a victim is if there was a beef between him and the girl’s family and this is their way to get back at him. (it has been known to happen) If that were the case I would think that he would want to have the matter taken care of speedily……. seven years……. somehow I do not think that is the case.

  19. Look J you got me all wrong. I dont think that it is right for big men and children to be involved and i dont think that a girl can consent. I know the law but many people dont agree and they think that if a girl wortless or she big for she age then the man aint do nothing wrong. You might not want to believe that but some big shot people feel so too but that is how they think and some of these big ups in the police and in the law courts and in the church. They should loss way Jippy in Dodds for all i care but i feel he going get off because people involved in the case dont feel he do anything wrong. it aint got anything to do with me but why you think it take so long to start the trial?

  20. I,m not a pastor but if I was involved in such a case and I was inocent I would want my name cleared A.S.A.P.

  21. Dear True Believer:

    My apologies. Indeed I mis-understood you. I see now that we are as they say, “on the same page”.

  22. Can someone please tell me where the goodly “prphet” earned his doctoral degree ?
    I really want to know.
    If we can come up with the university, how long did it take him?

  23. ACCUSED TESTIFY … Jury hears final arguments in ‘Hitman’ trial
    Wednesday June 11 2008

    by Saju Ng’alla

    The four men accused of the murder of a Saddler’s man were yesterday allowed to tell the jury their respective sides of the story.

    “I would have never been in such a plan to kill Magilla,” Ruedeney ‘Denney’ Williams said. He and Sheldon “Hatcher” Isaac, Romeo “Buncum” Cannonier, and Louis “Tooloo” Gardener claimed they had nothing to do with the shooting murder of Gavin “Magilla” Gilbert on the 21 March, 2005.

    The prosecution team feels however, the evidence linking the four men to the murder is very strong. The High Court trial started last week at the Sir Lee Moore Judicial Complex with the prosecution planning to call more than 20 witnesses to give testimony.

    Yesterday, the team, led by Richard Cheltenham of Barbados, brought its case to an end, allowing the jury to finally hear from the four accused.

    We can’t believe that the Jippy Doyle case has been held up in the Barbados Courts for 7 years because of all kinds of excuses offered by Sir Richard, yet we read today that Cheltenham is leading a big defense of a case in one of the other Caribbean islands. Interestingly this case started up in 2005 with is well after the Jippy case.

    Should the Chief Justice disciplice Sir Richard?

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  25. Dear “Dr Doyle?’

    Let me inform you of one thing , jippy doyle or any other person professing to be a PROPHET, does not have to go to a university to become a prophet, the prophetic is a gift from God no one has to do schooling for it, it is a gift of insight that one has and the ability to hear the voice of God and speak what he is saying either by word of knowlege, discernment, visions or audibility of voice, no university or length of time spent in it can really teach you the voice of God your relationship with God and time spent in his presence praying and seeking him teaches you his voice..

  26. The question was does Jippy Doyle have a doctoral degree.

    The answer is no.

    Jippy Doyle does not have any degree at all from any accredited or chartered college or university.

    Therefore any piece of paper which he has is worth nothing.

    This business of calling himself Dr. is so that he can deceive foolish people, especially foolish women.

    Jippy Doyle dropped out or was sent home from St. George Secondary school without a single CXC to his name, and he has earned none since then.

    He has earned no other academic credentials either.

    Jippy Doyle is an egotistical, crack-head, high school drop out.

    Who has spent many years deceiving people, instead of earning his living by the sweat of his own brow and the labour of his own hands.

    Please note tht one of Jippy’s principal witnesses, Colleen Belle, a so-called counsellor at his church has admitted under oath that she has twice been charged with criminal deception, once for signing a cheque for $13,000

    By her own evidence under oath Colleen Belle admitted that the notes on the “file on the girl” were sometimes written days after she (Colleen) had “counselled” her and that neither the girl nor her mother witnessed or signed these notes at the time they were written.

  27. Sometome people hear voices.

    Sometime it means that the person is mad.

    Sometime it means that the person has suffered brain damage from manyyears of abusing drugs.

    Rarely is the voice the voice of God.

  28. Dear Patricia,
    Read your commnents on ”
    I am glad “J”answered for me, as my question was on Mr. Doyle’s doctorate and not on Prophets.
    But since you have interjected the concept of “Prophet”, I have noticed that these folks are springing up like wild grass.
    Patricia, you seem to be versed on this matter.
    Please answer these questions:
    1. How does one know he/she has the gift of prophecy?
    2. What are the qualifications of a prophet?

  29. As the Bible says…”You without sin cast the first stone…”

    You all speak as if you were there at the crime scene…. Be careful of how you judge! Remember They crucified JESUS too….was not he innocent???

    You would not STONE a tree if it did not have fruits…..

    PS. Trust no man….everyone has to give an account for their own life before God….

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