Jessica Odle To Remain In New York?

Thompson spoke at an annual social sponsored by the Friends of Barbados DLP Association, the party’s New York branch headed by Lennox Price. It was held at Nazareth Hall High School in Brooklyn.  The “cocktail sip,” as it was called, attracted its largest crowd ever, between 600 to 700 Barbadians, some from Toronto and Massachusetts. The Prime Minister was accompanied by Leroy Parris, chief executive officer of CLICO and chairman of the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation; Hartley Henry, political advisor, and Senator Derek Alleyne – Nation Newspaper
From all reports Jessica Odle hosted the party of her life for the new Prime Minister David Thompson. Some think that she was auditioning to remain in the job.

56 thoughts on “Jessica Odle To Remain In New York?

  1. I call on the new Prime Minister not to buck the trend and keep dye in the wool BLP yardfowls in key positons like NY consul general. Send home Jessica Odle immediately replace her with a loyal hard working DLPite who can be trusted to carry out DLP program to benefit all Barbadians.

    Other BLP yardfowls and stooges who have to be ousted from their cushy diplomat nests are Glyne Blind Murray, Ed Bushell, and the high flyers in UK. Jessica trying to pull a Gabby and Ikel tafari switch back. Dont let none of them do it PM.

  2. Politics as Usual

    Jessica is undoubtedly a BLP supporter and comes from a strong lineage of BLP ites.

    However, she has always been able to separate the peoples business from that of the party. I have personally witness her dynamics and grace at work, she’s a class act!

    With that said, I have always wondered why she never “cleaned house” when she arrived in NY, until this day. Hard working Barbadians at home and abroad deserves a government that understands, our national interest comes first and political persuasion after.

    Jessica has united the Barbadian community and spearheaded more bajan centric awareness than ANY Consul General we have ever had.

    Una Clarke, Congresswoman Yvette Clarke, Supreme Court Justice Silvia Hinds-Radix and Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz support and admire her.

    Why can’t you?

    Oh! I forgot, she’s a Bee

  3. Its seems as though all the Dees like New Yorker now believes that Bim solely belong to them to do as they please, never mind that she may have been doing a stellar job, award the position to a Dem they know what best for us all.

  4. Jessica has done a good job and she should be allowed to continue to serve her country in the position she now holds.

  5. Word reaching BU is that she is being asked to stay on because she gets along with every one. The question is how do the DLP people feel about it? What about Christopher Hackett? We have been hearing that he is a BLP person who has been courting the DLP as well!

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  7. First of all there is a lot of misinformation in the opening remarks. Jessica Odle did not host any function. The function as always was hosted by the Friends of Barbados (DLP) Association and as a courtesy she is invited every year. I have not always agree with everthing she did but she did a reasonable job. The PM was very gracious towards her but she is going to go on her own. She got married recently. About cleaning house with the other employees in the New York offices that cannot be easily done because most of the employees are civil servants. They probably can be transferred which is not normally done.It is the political appointments that can be dealt with and should be. Any Gov’t that is in power should have persons who are loyal and who will carry out its policies. That is the reality of life.

  8. please mr prime minister do not keep the consul general or chris hackett these are both big time bees and any jobs we have should go too dems first and the first person should remove must be LINDA WATSON-LORDE she is a major bille miller pimp and has been a problem at the barbadin consul office in new york send out emails with wrong spelling with the cg name on them and other info that should be kept secret i dont mind jessica staying ontil she get marry in july but after that she must go all jobs diplomatic or other wise must be given to your own mr prime minister dont be fool bt traitors if you are not aD YOU MUST GO

  9. please mr prime minister do not keep the consul general or chris hackett these are both big time bees and any jobs we have should go too dems first and the first person should remove must be LINDA WATSON-LORDE she is a major bille miller pimp and has been a problem at the barbadin consul office in new york send out emails with wrong spelling with the cg name on them and other info that should be kept secret i dont mind jessica staying ontil she get marry in july but after that she must go all jobs diplomatic or other wise must be given to your own mr prime minister dont be fool bt traitors if you are not aD YOU MUST GO

  10. what’s the US missile hit to do with Jessie? Maybe Tell me Why knows more?
    Centipede, why are you picky about my posting. The reason it was posted in this area is due to a “breaking news” on the Internet. This was a sensitive issue since it was stated that this satellite might crash into earth and the Americans were trying to blow it up before impact. This satellite contained life threatening gases and was a concern to everyone with the exception of you. Sick centipede, you need some Malathion.

  11. The Bees had 13 years and now they want more time, depriving DLP Supporters of well earned posts?

    Someone will soon be asking David to invote Owen Arthur or Clyde to be his economic advisors because they are good economists.

  12. The David Thompson I know is not a fool. He will do things in his own time. Jessica really cannot expect to stay in the job. Simple.
    There is a new government in office and under any system I know – republic or Westminster monarchial – it changes diplomatic representation.

  13. Send her home when the BLP came to power the first thing they did was to clean house. She ought to be back in Barbados already fixing people’s hair.

    I did not vote for the DLP so that these BLP crooks can remain where they are. The DLP government is taking far too long to remove thses BLP crooks/operatives.

    DAVID THOMPSON you are taking to long to clean house. I hope that I did not waste my vote voting for the DLP.

  14. I can’t belive Carrol Roberts, Tony Thompson and Henderson Bovell are still in place. What is the DLP really doing?

    They got rid of Dough Hoyte, put Rosemary Alleyne in the back of the house, Ralph Boyce was removed from the Ministry of education and I could go on and on.

    Most of the known BLP people should have been removed by now.

    What is taking David Thompson and the DLP so long? The longer BLP people remain in place the greater the chance of BLP operatives causing sabotage to DLP programns and policies.

    Carson C. Cadogan
    Eagle Hall
    St Michael

  15. Now that the elections are over, the fools have gone to roost, it is time for common sense to prevail. We all know too well that it is not very common as seen form some of those posts above. If they had their way, all persons either openly or suspect of supporting the BLP wuld be out of job or out of pocket. Does that make sense to you? We still have to live here in Barbados, never mind which party is in. One Barbados, one people. Let’s think realistically for once. Keep the workers, drop the shirkers, that should be the policy of both parties, both at home and in the Diplomatic Corp.

  16. Are you implying that only the BLP has workers?

    We the electorate know better, that is why we skin out their asses!

  17. The reality in life is that when a Gov’t changes it has to put persons in place who are loyal and who will also carry out its policies. Don’t let us fool ourselves. As I said before Jessica Olde is going to leave sooner than you think, along with other persons.

  18. Did you hear me say only the BLP has workers. If you cannot properly determine what is said without having to be spoon fed, then you are just like all other yard fowls harping around. I do not or will not back any political party. I support proper work ethic, committment and dedication. You, Mr. Anonymous, or should I say, ass-he-must, should do the same.

  19. Ass-he-must, I like that name for him. I too support the DLP, but not with the foolhardiness of you guys. I am still cautious. Some of the promises in the maniesto can happen and some can’t. get real, people. barbados for Bajans, all parties, DLP, BLP, PDC, …….

  20. Jessica Odle assisted in forming the Barbados Labour Party group in New York. Linda Watson-Lorde, community relations officer with the Consulate General of Barbados is President of the BLP group in New York. These two ladies are carrrying out the policies of the Barbados Labour Party. As an emample, Jessica Odle even went down to Barbados during the recently concluded elections and was chairperson on many BLP platforms speaking against David Thompson and the Democratic Labour Party. Prime Minister Thompson, please open your eyes! Jessica Odle (like the Americans) has the gift of garb (gab)!

  21. The reality is that Prime Minister David Thompson cam into to office on a platform of creating change. After reading the comments of most under this blog you seem to be urging him to continue with the old practices. We have news for you, David Thompson intends to leave Jessica and a few other in position for awhile because they are doing a good job. We find the decision commendable.

  22. well perhaps if he had used Bees like Carol Roberts ( formerly at the NCF) he would not have been disrespected by his buddy and fellow Dee KB Klean. Barbados is too small to just get rid of experts because of their political affiliation!

  23. Good point me. But I hope PM has chased way Carol Roberts by now. Her despise of DLP and Thompson makes KB Kleen disrespect pale into insignificance.

  24. If David Thompson leaves Jessica in place, then he is an ass. I was in Eagle Hall when the Bees launch their manifesto and Jessica was up front and center on the Bees platform. She lambasted Thompson and the entire DLP. Not a single kind word did she have to say about Thompson or the DLP. I was there.

    She is no use. All of these BLP should have thrown out by now. When the BLP came to power they lost no time cleaning house. Before the cat could like his tail all those who were DLP or perceived to be DLP were sent packing. No sentimentalities about out of a job or out of pocket mattered to them. There were looking for jobs for their people and all DLP people had to go and they went. End of story. You disappoint me DAVID.

  25. I want to ask the people who are praising Jessica if they only know her from the act she put on when she go to events or if they have ever work with the CG. I have friends in the Consulate and they all say how she use the office like a BLP constituency office. The people who talk so good about her on here do not even know that she waste half million taxpayers dollars on a Barbados concert for it 40th anniversary and nobody buy tickets so she give them away in the end. She use taxpayers money for buying a Lexus and she is what my mother call a nasty crook. She break all the rules for giving people passports and if a DLP and a BLP supporter want help she always choose the BLP supporter first but now she saying she work for Barbados and not party. People who never work with her sound stupidy when they come on the site and say how much good work she do.
    One more thing. She did not host a party for the PM. She got invite to a function that the DLP New York Association held.

  26. Is the newly formed Goverment retaining its officer in Europe who is defending homosexuality at the UN?

  27. My friends in the Consulate tell me that Dr. Byer-Suckoo came to New York for a meeting last week and CG and Hackett did not want to go to the airport and meet her even though she is a new Minister because she is from the DLP and so the Indian boy from the office end up going. When Ministers from the Bees use to come to New York CG and Hackett would rush and go meet them all the time but all a sudden they do not want to go anymore. This is the same CG that say she work for Barbados not BLP.

  28. All BLP international appointies’ should be replaced. The BLP would have wasted no time in replacing the DLP appointments.

    Mr. Prime-Minister, please pick up the DLP’s broom from the 1961 election and sweep them out.


  29. I am particularly saddened that persons are continuing to use this blog to promote extremist views whether right or left wing. It’s also quite amazing that in one breath we are quick to claim that Barbados is a Christian society but find it comforting to hind behind anonymity to promote bigotry, hatred, name-calling, gossip, bashing, slander and outright maliciousness.

    I have no fear of declaring who I am and on the question of whether Jessica Odle should remain in the job this is my view.

    For the three and a half years I worked at the NCF in the position of Sr. Business Development Officer, there were two Barbadian diplomats who worked relentlessly to promote our art and culture abroad, namely, Jessica Odle and Glyne Murray. Not a single month passed that I did not receive some correspondence from these two outstanding Barbadians whose only interest was to maintain our impeccable international image and promote us to the best of their ability.

    Though I understand the nature of political appointments, it’d be very sad to see Jessica Odle demitted from the post, for I believe she’s done a sterling job – certainly from my vantage point of interacting with her professionally within Government. Now this brings us to the question of where we need to go in terms of professionalizing our Foreign Service.

    Wiser men and women have taught me long ago that a country like Barbados will (and should) always have political appointments. Reason being, the political appointment normally has a direct ear to the Prime Minister and can dribble pass the bureaucracy of the Foreign Ministry to get the job done. As such, a country with limited resources like ours should always seek to use the pragmatic route.

    Now who are these trusted political appointments that will have the ear of the PM and will still put country ahead of party? From my interaction with such persons over the years, I cannot think or recall of a single Barbadian appointed in an overseas mission who has ever undermined the Barbados government or its people. Having said this, I believe that competence should be awarded over party loyalty in the same name of pragmatism; that is, our best most capable and best trained persons should be appointed to our missions to get the job done, irrespective of their political affiliations.

    Let us remember that we are pulling from a very small pool of talented people at the end of the day. It’s therefore now a prime opportunity to professionalize the Foreign Service with a proper career track that can lead to promotions from Foreign Service Officer to Ambassador/High Commissioner. Though this obtains at the moment to some degree, ours is not a closed service – meaning that our Foreign Service Officers are part of an open Civil Service and can be transferred to any other Ministry at a given notice. I must add that this is not normally practiced and only obtains at the very senior level where officers may go to other Ministries as Permanent Secretaries.

    I believe the time has come to rethink the organization of the Barbados Foreign Service and have a corps of well trained career diplomats. In this way, within five to ten years, we will be able to reduce the number of political appointments and avoid this divisive partisanship that can only hamper our development in the long run.

    Our neighbors in Trinidad have already put measures in place to professionalize their service and Jamaica has done this since the 1970s. However, in both cases there are still political appointments.

    Remember that the next time you invoke your Christian principles, you need to be consistent and not only in words but in deed.

  30. Ian we agree with your argument, the only hole we can detect is the fact that if the region is moving to a common space then it makes sense to have a blue print for foreign policy handling in our region. The benefit is to make a One Policy and at the same time save on resources.

    You mention that Barbados has a small pool of talent, a move to a Caribbean pool would solve that problem no?

  31. Is this the same Ian Walcott who refused to work at NCF under new Minister Blackett, or do I have the story wrong. I agree that competence should be rewarded over party loyalty, but please let us remember that Ms. Odle had no relevant prior experience in this particular field. From what I have heard, she was a hairdresser. Not that I’m saying that any reasonably intelligent, articulate, sociable person cannot assume a position and perform well – they do have plenty support personnel to groom and show them the ropes. although I do realise that several other qualities are required. I am neither B nor D, but I would hope that in this new administration, there are other suitable candidates who are loyal to both the current governing party and also to Barbados, who should be given the opportunity to perform the duties of CG, in the same way that Ms. Odle was. Let us not forget that the lady in question was a senior member of the most crooked administration this country has ever seen – of course, that is not to say that she was crooked.

  32. David:

    I totally agree with you that we should be moving toward a more harmonized foreign policy….moreso than a common foreign policy. There will always be issues on which we will not agree because it will not be in our best national interest. Let’s take the example of the “One China” policy and how the region is divided on that issue.
    We can also look at the paradox of moving towards a single economic space yet Bdos and Trinidad continue to haggle over fishing rights. In other words, we are not prepared to share maritime resouces.
    And this is from the horses mouth…my former boss in the Foreign Service said to me once…”there are times when we shaft CARICOM and there are times when CARICOM shaft us…”
    So you go figure…
    Nonetheless, I believe we can share resources like real estate, shared office space, rotate negotiators on complex issues like int’l trade in Geneva (this I believe is already done), etc.
    But you are absolutely correct in your assertion that we should not go it alone…
    Having said this, however, I fully support Barbados’ stance in not signing the PetroCaribe deal with Venezuela…while the rest of the region (with the other exception of Trinidad) did.
    Ambassador Corina Russian stopped speaking to me after my letter to the press…but it goes to show that there will always be issues of national self-interest over regional issues.

  33. David,

    I had the very same question as partial. Is this the very same Ian Walcott of ‘ I leaving if Thompson elected” fame?

    I can’t stand people who don’t keep their word. If he leaving why the man don’t leave?

    Cud dear man, I didn’t even know he was here before he said he was leaving….
    – now he suppose to be gone -he in we face like another Peter Wickham???


    …apart from the lotta qualifications what is this Walcott person’s claim to fame? …. sound a lot like another show off, big talker, fame seeker to me.

    Point to consider – persons who have IDEAS to share use a pen name and let their ideas speak for themselves….unless they are already a public figure like Dr Justin R etc.

    ‘Show offs’ have to give their name and qualifications….. that is the whole point for them.

    …Ian – keep your word and disappear -like the other BLP hangers on…. or use a pen name like “had to leave”….

  34. Would someone please enlighten Bush Tea and explain to him/her that the white spaces on the blog are put there by the administrator and not the person who makes a submission? Why would I go around flaunting qualifications? That was taken from an online directory of associates…
    It’s rather unfortunate that you attack persons and not the issues at hand.

    And FYI Bush Tea…there are thousands of us who supported the BLP…be informed that Barbados is a democratic society with the right to association and BLP supporters will not be silenced.

  35. Mr Walcott,

    You don’t even argue well….

    How many of the BLP supporters childishly threatened to leave the country unless they retained government?

    …and Bush tea is only able to attack ‘the person’ because that ‘person’ flaunts himself on a blog that is largely anonymous…. intelligent analysis would indicate that THAT was my point.

    Attack what person what?!?

    …so what about your promise to leave – Is it that you are having second thoughts- or is it that your words don’t mean much anyway…??

    …or have you not got the elections results yet?

  36. Bush tea we want to confirm that BU is responsible for the posting Mr. Ian Walcott’s bio. Whenever it is possible we try to be courteous to the BU family by giving info on the writer. Like you we were surprise at Walcott’s comment re: operating under a DLP government but like he said its a free country.

    We thought that his perspective would be interesting to provide another view and invited him to share his views when he can. Man Bust tea leave the man lone and attach his views nuh? What he say he leaving what !?!.

  37. David:
    I will refrain from any further dialogue with the likes of Bush Tea…for obvious reasons…
    Nonetheless, one should be informed that there’s recourse for any kind of political victimization…and if the likes of Bush Tea believes that only DLP supporters have the right to an opinion….then think again.
    Barbados is a society of law and order…and the firings that took place when this government took office will now be dealt with before the law courts…so if there are those out there who think that victimization and silencing in the way to go…then think again…
    Some special procedures mechanisms intervene directly with Governments on specific allegations of violations of human rights that come within their mandates. The intervention can relate to a human rights violation that has already occurred, is ongoing, or which has a high risk of occurring. The process, in general, involves sending a letter to the concerned Government requesting information and comments on the allegation and, where necessary, asking that preventive or investigatory action be taken.

    The decision to intervene is at the discretion of the special procedure mandate holder and will depend on the various criteria established by him or her, as well as the criteria laid out in the Code of Conduct. The criteria will generally relate to: the reliability of the source and the credibility of information received; the details provided; and the scope of the mandate. However, it must be emphasized that the criteria and the procedure involved in responding to an individual complaint vary, so it is necessary to submit a communication in accordance with the specific requirements established by each special procedure.

    The following minimum information must be provided for all special procedures in order for the communication to be assessed:

    • Identification of the alleged victim(s);

    • Identification of the alleged perpetrators of the violation;

    • Identification of the person(s) or organization(s) submitting the communication (this information will be kept confidential);

    • Date and place of incident

    • A detailed description of the circumstances of the incident in which the alleged violation occurred.

    Other details pertaining to the specific alleged violation may be required by the relevant thematic mandates (e.g. past and present places of detention of the victim; any medical certificate issued to the victim; identification of witnesses to the alleged violation; any measures undertaken to seek redress locally, etc.).

    Communications that contain abusive language or that are obviously politically motivated are not considered. Communications should describe the facts of the incident and the relevant details referred to above clearly and concisely. Communications should not be based solely on media reports.

    To facilitate the consideration of reported violations, questionnaires relating to several mandates are available to persons wishing to report cases of alleged violations. It should, however, be noted that communications are considered even when they are not submitted in the form of a questionnaire.

    For specific information concerning the individual communication procedures of each special procedure mandate please consult the individual webpages of thematic mandates or country mandates.

    After consulting the requirements established by each mandate for the submission of allegations, information can be submitted by fax to +41 22 917 90 06, by e-mail to , or by postal mail to:

    8-14 Avenue de la Paix
    1211 Geneva 10

    Please specify which special procedure mechanism the information is addressed to in the subject line of the e-mail or fax, or on the cover of the envelope.

  38. Mr. Ian you can’t be so thin skinned because we all know Bush tea testing you. Discussion on the blogs can get fairly ‘helter skelter’ so your appetite for robust debate must be a prerequisite.

    So far you like you struggling Ian :-). Any way we like how you dust of this blog that was sleeping since January!

  39. …. Oh all right David, I will back off…

    I was just bored and decided to check if his was a genuine intellectual or a fraud. (it IS a free country 😉 )

    … I am a bit surprised at how easy it was able to to determine….

    In any case he says that he is done with the likes of Bush tea “for obvious reasons” (Bush tea can be rough on jokers…)

    …I know full well that you did the bio David.
    Did you also insert the following?
    “For the three and a half years I worked at the NCF in the position of Sr. Business Development Officer”
    ….I was actually hoping that this would turn out to be someone who could enlighten us on the challenges of project management; and more specifically on why it appears that that we are unable to efficiently execute projects in Barbados… although we are so good at talking.

    …but don’t bother.

  40. WOW Bush tea we had a charter flight to Ghana that Walcott missed out catching a ride on, I am sure that there would have been room for a few of his likeness, Henderson Bovell, Hallam Nicholls, Arthur, Gline Clarke, Glyne Bannister it is a pity that they missed out on a chance ofd a lifetime afterall the same clown openly stated that he was getting out of town were the DLP to win , hey Walcott the DLP have won and are in office what is your flight number out of here?
    But please when you are leaving lighten us the load carry a few of your party frauds with you and save them from VECO PRISON.

  41. Wishing In Vain….since when was it a crime to speak one’s mind freely?
    Since when was it a crime to state that one would leave Barbados if Thompson is PM?
    There’s no law that states that one has to support or work with the DLP.
    WE HAVE THE FREEDOM OF CHOICE…and your subjectivity exemplifies why people would not wish to stay in Barbados under a DLP government…because rather than take the moral high ground…you are bent on reverse cronyism, reverse victimization and outright bigotry…

  42. There are some persons who still don’t understand that there is a new gov’t in Barbados. Ian Walcott while I respect your right to voice your opinion you seem to be coming off as an angry person. Don’t be. Governments come and go and in the end we are all Barbadians. About the matters before the courts don’t hold your breath. I don’t think King and those other fellows want these matters to go too far. Grandstanding is the name of the game right now.

  43. Is Hartley Henry paid by the Barbadian government for any assignment? David Thomson could do well to watch him closely and his Diplomatic passports too!

  44. @ Busshie

    was jsut glancing at some old blogs and came acroos the the backward and forward debate between u and Ian Walcott? is this the same Ian Walcott who i am told that emigrated to Brasil? Just curious.

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