Stephen Grant's Plea ~ Help! Help! Help!

Stephen Grant – Source:Nation Newspaper

As an individual who works in the Social Service sector in North America, it is sad to read about Mr. Stephen Grant’s diagnosis and the ongoing problems he has faced his entire life. Are Barbadians so preoccupied with wealth that they refuse to address social issues such as Mr. Grants health and housing issues. It is sad when a Welfare worker refuse to accommodate him in their office and nothing is done about their attitude towards this man. I am sure there are great bajans out there who are willing to advocate on his behalf. His support plan is simple, health care and housing. This man is not on any form of drugs or does not have any mental health issues that is being mentioned. Come on let Mr. Grant spend the latter half of his life in dignity. One day while vacationing abroad take a trip to our shelters here and then you will be thankful for the minor cases you have there. Barbadians are suppose to be God fearing people where is that fear and compassion when addressing the serious needs of your own people – Submitted by BU Commenter Karia

Karia, a BU commenter was moved to post the above comment after reading about the plight of Mr. Stephen Grant’s ailment in today’s newspaper. BU also received a few emails asking that we join with the Nation Newspaper and spread the word about the diagnosis of this unfortunate gentleman. We are usually very harsh on this newspaper, but on this human interest story, we commend them.

14 thoughts on “Stephen Grant's Plea ~ Help! Help! Help!

  1. I was saddened to read of Mr.Stephen Grant’s plight. However what concerned me as much was his alleged treatment by someone in an official position in the Welfare Office, if events were as Mr. Grant outlined, that person should be reprimanded, as they failed to understand their official responsibilities.

    I hope now his situation has been brought to the public’s attention, those with a responsibility to see after citizens with problems outside the ordinary, will act with due haste to address Mr. Grant’s situation, to fail or disregard his plight would be a blight on the conscience of all Barbadians.

  2. Yardbroom it was indeed sad to read of the young man’s plight. We are not optimistic that such an unfortunate incident will not recur. The civil service of Barbados is not known for easily reprimanding persons.

    We shall see if there is a mood of change sweeping the country.

  3. I feel for Mr. Grant, but you all cannot help him, because you possessed with the Guyanese coming over and taking Little England or Land of the Flying Fish. Now please don’t go crying to David that how I posting stupidness all over the place and that I should be banished to some side area. I know it’s you the Guyanese born Bajans doing that piece of badness to me, but as I said before I am an Obeah woman who is skilled in Umbanda and Djuka ways.

  4. David,

    Since you have brought this terrible situation to our attention, how about BU and BFP setting up a fund at one of the banks that bloggers can make a donation for Stephen Grant.

    It is DEPLORABLE that such cases should exist when the ULTRA rich “play” not far away. There are so many in this island that have so much and CARE SO LITTLE. If the Government doesn’t care it’s up to ALL OF US. Are we not our brother’s keeper?

    Come on Barbados.

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  6. It is good to read members of the BU family wanting to make a contribution. Unfortunately it is not possible at this time to accommodate the request for BU to receive monies. We suggest that you mail your cheques to the Nation Newspaper on behalf of Stephen Grant with a note to the Editor.

  7. I like that Idea, how about one of our visible and vocal commentors set it up and we all just donate what we can. After all the folks at BU have to remain a little invisible. Don’t forget in the elections cheques were all in our faces so the banks, don’t think twice to reveal their personal business to anyone else. Like I said it is a good idea.

    Rest In Peace

  8. Ok, I will certainly do that.

    Folks, I’m only one person.

    If all of the readers of this blog make a committment to help Stephen we can make a difference in this man’s life.

    Think about it and let’s do something.

    The Bible says: “Whatsoever you sow, that shall you reap”.

    Even the world agrees: “what goes around, comes around”.

    So even if you don’t do it for Stephen’s sake……….there’s something in it for you!!!

    BTW David, do I write a cheque out to Stephen Grant? I’m not au fait with these matters. Please advise.

  9. What is it that one of your commentators David doesn’t believe. Is it too harsh to look at Mr. Grants plight, does it saddened him to the point of internal disbelief.
    Tomorrow my team will be meeting at my agency here in Toronto.I will personally devise a plan for Mr. Grant even if it is a donation of clothing and I trust someone on the island that reared me into the person I am today also join in assisting him. First and foremost housing and daily care. I beg you not to let this man’s plight be in vain. We so often send money to all corners of the world yet we turn our faces in SCORN.

    Come on David, today for Stephen tomorrow for you…..

  10. Good for you Karia! We just think that they are many individuals and agencies in Barbados who could execute on this matter much better than we can, from Auntie Olga to the Salvation Army.

  11. It is so sad i so sorry for him i saw him at the hospital when he came to get those bandages changed; i felt so bad for him i will give readily. God bless this poor soul

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