Destabilization of the Barbados Community College (BCC)

Submitted Neil Watchman
Stephen Broome, Chairman of BCC

Stephen Broome, Chairman of BCC

There is growing concern among staff at the Barbados Community College where the Board or more accurately, the Chairman, seems to have developed a tight stranglehold on the institution. Staff cannot recall there ever being such a high level of politicization at the institution until the advent of Mr. Stephen Broome who served first as Deputy Chairman and is now in his second term as Chairman.

Some, perhaps out of fear, believe that the Chairman’s mission is to destabilize the institution as a precursor to the Government’s phasing it out. They point to the recent spate of sixth forms set up by the MOE headed by Ronald Jones in support of this supposition. This, coupled with the imposition of higher fees on UWI students from 2014 makes for a very confusing educational policy. One could be excused for thinking that the Government would have put more resources into the BCC but then again, if it didn’t do that when things were well, one cannot expect them to do it in these dire times. So what? Such confusion and contradictions seem symptomatic of the Freundel Stuart administration, anyhow.

Meanwhile, the destabilization of the BCC continues – permanent appointments at the College are being made into temporary appointments.  Case in point is the non-appointment of the head of Fine Arts Division, Dr. Alison Thompson.  Dr. Thompson has been acting in this post for some four years, now.  She applied for the permanent post in 2012 but to date the Board has not chosen to appoint her and has not had the decency respond to correspondence seeking an explanation.

It is understood that in the case of permanent appointments at the BCC, there is a time-honoured tradition in which the successful candidate serves a three month probationary period at the end of which he or she is confirmed in the post. It should also be noted that Dr. Thompson’s appointment should have been made long before the August 2013 budget which proposed a freeze in public sector appointments.

It does not require a degree in rocket science to understand the rationale for this malfeasance.  The Fine Arts Division, under Dr. Thompson’s leadership, managed to secure foreign funding for the Division to the tune of some $300,000.   When the overseas donors refused to pass the money through the BCC’s coffers, the Chairman refused to grant permission to make structural upgrades to the Fine Arts Division resulting in the loss of funding.  Dr. Thompson’s non-appointment followed.   Can you believe this; that in these times when the Government has cut the BCC budget several times, that a Chairman would cause a Division involved in the cultural industries to lose over one quarter of a million dollars in foreign grants?  The contradictions grow!

In the meantime, the Chairman continues to run a one-man Board and micro-manage the College. He has bungled the firing of a non-performing principal, subsumed the Liberal Arts Division under General Education and is now playing Russian roulette with the appointment of a Senior Tutor to the largest and most profitable division, namely the Division of Commerce, where, as a result, operational processes and staff morale are beginning to slide.  BCC staff members are becoming increasingly annoyed at the Chairman’s belligerence, the principal’s tacit consent and the MOE’s silence. It is only matter of time before serious industrial relations problems erupt at the Eyrie educational institution.

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  1. It seems that the whole dam country is being controled by these A-Holes…..Power hungry morons who feel that they, when they get into a position either through bribing those in power or through rigging the electric, are above the common people.
    I look at Tom Haughton, the counterfeit drug king who based his illegal business on your shores, and those who were in his back pocket…..he was able to walk away without any forms of charges (AFTER IMPORTANT P[APERWORK MYSTEROUSLY DISSAPEARED) being laid…..
    Yes your country has a very good reputation for this type of behavour……
    Just maybe it is time that the people stood up and statred to take ????CARE??? of these morons.

    • Members of the Board are:

      Mr. Stephen Broome – Chairman
      Mr. Victor Hutchinson – Deputy Chairman
      Mrs Candace Browne
      Mr. Patrick Cozier
      Mr. Reudon Eversley
      Ms Winifred Grant
      Mr. Adrian Kirton
      Ms. Karen Prescott
      Ms. Joy Gittens, Deputy Chief Education Officer (Ag.) – Representative, Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development

  2. You mean to tell me that every, every institution, every facet of governance in this country that this DLP touches, they contaminate and destroy. You mean to tell me that they cannot get one thing right? Lord have mercy!

    There is another education institution that is headed by another Broome on which a friend of mine was serving.The person left because this man hold meetings every month even if there is nothing of importance on the agenda and every meeting last between 6-8 hours.

  3. RE
    The Fine Arts Division, under Dr. Thompson’s leadership, managed to secure foreign funding for the Division to the tune of some $300,000. When the overseas donors refused to pass the money through the BCC’s coffers, the Chairman refused to grant permission to make structural upgrades to the Fine Arts Division resulting in the loss of funding. Dr. Thompson’s non-appointment followed.


  4. It would be a pity to lose Dr. Thompson. She is an Ontario scholar, and a Fulbright scholar, with qualifications from UWI and from excellent Canadian and American universities. (the woman real bright ya hear!) and many years of teaching experience.

    An American or Canadian university would be happy to snap her up tomorrow and that would be a great, great loss to BCC, to Barbados, and to young artists and art students.

    Barbados’ lost would be some other country’s great, great gain.

    I hope that she is not being punished because she was not born here (but she chooses to live here)

    I hope that she is not being punished because she is white.

    What is Stephen Broome’s claim to fame anyhow?

    Beside being a member of the DLP?

    The Fulbright Program, including the Fulbright-Hays Program, is a program of highly competitive, merit-based grants for international educational exchange for students, scholars, teachers, professionals, scientists and artists, founded by United States Senator J. William Fulbright in 1946. Under the Fulbright Program, competitively selected U.S. citizens may become eligible for scholarships to study, conduct research, or exercise their talents abroad and citizens of other countries may qualify to do the same in the United States.
    The Fulbright Program is one of the most prestigious awards programs worldwide, operating in over 155 countries.[1] Forty-five Fulbright alumni have won Nobel Prizes seventy-eight have won Pulitzer Prizes.[2] More Nobel laureates are former Fulbright recipients than any other award program

  6. I read the purported accounts and in all fairness it would be good to hear the response of the man who is at the centre of this controversy. Nonetheless, if what is stated is true, then this man is ruthless and personal. His agenda is clear and dictatorship obvious. He needs to be taken down,.

    • Education especially tertiary is critical. Why do we feel we have to appoint some of these political lackies we see listed on the website. The Ministry representative should be enough to represent government’s interest.

  7. 7 When God approves of your life, even your enemies will end up shaking your hand. 8 Far better to be right and poor than to be wrong and rich. 9 We plan the way we want to live, but only God makes us able to live it. It Pays to Take Life Seriously 10 A good leader motivates, doesn’t mislead, doesn’t exploit. 11 God cares about honesty in the workplace; your business is his business. 12 Good leaders abhor wrongdoing of all kinds; sound leadership has a moral foundation. 13 Good leaders cultivate honest speech; they love advisors who tell them the truth. 14 An intemperate leader wreaks havoc in lives; you’re smart to stay clear of someone like that. 15 Good-tempered leaders invigorate lives; they’re like spring rain and sunshine. 16 Get wisdom – it’s worth more than money; choose insight over income every time. 17 The road of right living bypasses evil; watch your step and save your life. 18 First pride, then the crash – the bigger the ego, the harder the fall. 19 It’s better to live humbly among the poor than to live it up among the rich and famous. 20 It pays to take life seriously; things work out when you trust in God. Proverbs 16 (The Message)
    With all the church thing that the DLP was about one would think that they would follow the WORD.

  8. All politicians are atheists.

    They have to be to do what they do.

    But they have to fool the ordinary people with this church thing.

    They want the people to believe that they believe.

    But the only believe in themselves.

    Church what???

  9. Reading Broome’s BIO I submit he might be better placed as a personal
    adviser to the PM.The Marketing Analyst seem better suited to advise the MoF on Finance

  10. Simple Simon, you ought to know that you ought not use an ABSOLUTE in an effort to besmear any group of people. It obviously does a disservice to those persons who aren’t party to such conduct but what do I know?

  11. BCC is going down the drain fast fast!!! and its due to the fact that people have been given jobs because they know people and are returning favours!!! another issue is that people get away with bad behaviour, ineptitude, and plain old nastiness because they have friends in high places.
    imagine that there is an uncouth, loudmouthed, INEPT woman teaching of all the things political science there. she humiliates the students, calls them names, has favourites, even had a physical fight with a student, yet SHE IS STILL THERE.
    she messes with young minds, manipulating them, some of them are so afraid of her that they comply and become her puppets, carrying back messages to her about other students.
    All the senior tutors of the COmmerce division so far have been her friends so NO ONE LISTENS TO US STUDENTS. The principal is afraid of her and she talks bad about him in class…….

    as a young person, I have no HOPE IN THIS COUNTRY


  13. @David,
    Has anyone sought to determine what the rules and regulations are regarding the process for receipt of grant funding? Has anyone determined what the accounting proceedures are, the chain of accountability etc? The man is not an idiot, he knows what he has to do. In my experience all such funding would have to be entered in the books of the institution and monitored. After all the funds are being given to the BCc not the individual. If there is not a proper chain of accountability the institution may not get further funding either from that granting agency or others.Check first and then condemn.

  14. @Neil Watchman “The Fine Arts Division, under Dr. Thompson’s leadership, managed to secure foreign funding for the Division to the tune of some $300,000. When the overseas donors refused to pass the money through the BCC’s coffers, the Chairman refused to grant permission to make structural upgrades to the Fine Arts Division ”

    Notwithstanding this funding agencies nowadays are becoming increasingly strict. If money is approved for 100 yellow pencils they don’t want the recipient to buy 50 red pens instead. It is all about accountability to the tax payers in the donor countries. And some of those “foreign” taxpayers are our own hard pressed brothers and sisters (literally) So if this money was approved for structural upgrades to the Fine Arts Division, then it had to be used for exactly that and could not be used instead for anything else at the college and that is so even though the college in its good judgement might have needs which they perceived to be more pressing. So grants nowadays are not so much to the institution, but for very, very specific projects. And donor agencies require verifiable receipts for materials purchased or services rendered, and donor agencies can and do call materials suppliers to see whether 2×3’s really sell for X dollars per foot, and whether the going rate for labourers is Y dollars per hour, and whether the labourer really did receive his fair wage.

    Accountability, accountability, accountability peoples.

    No more 80 million dollar never used landfills. No more highways to nowhere.

    No more wasting of the tax payers hard earned dollars.

  15. The teacher’s name is Natalie Walthrust-Jones. An uncouth, aggressive, madwoman who some fool has found it fit to allow to teach our nation’s children. The woman is incapable of speaking or writing proper English but masquerades around the place as a “political scientist”. Her claim to fame is stealing other people’s work and passing it off as her own. She is so inept that she cannot formulate a curriculum, exam or marking scheme for the course she “teaches”. Her solution? Lift everything from other people, mostly university staff. Imagine a situation where you take 16 year olds straight out of secondary school and confront them with a course outline, reading list and seminar questions, all formulated for 2nd and 3rd year university level students. Walrus as the pupils like to call her is able to get away with it all. After all she has been close friends with two former senior tutors and is now kissing up to the senior tutor in General Ed who is performing the head of department duties in the absence of a senior tutor for Commerce.

  16. And of course no more prouges/bribes/over-invoicing/insider trading/no more giving contracts to friends/relatives/lodge brothers/school mates/church brothers/sisters..

    De fun dun.

    De taxpayers want to know “wha u do wid my money?”

    “Iz my money, tell me wha happen.”

  17. @ David, I am glad to see this article tonight. I am a former BCC student and am saddened and appalled at what has been done to this once fine institution. A few days ago I was speaking to a friend of mine about the dire situation there including the disgusting circumstances in the Commerce/Liberal Arts Division whereby people like Walthrust-Jones get away with terrorising students and just retired History teacher get away with sexual abuse of female students. My friend suggested that instead of bitching, I take action like penning an article for one of the popular blogs. I may still put pen to paper so if I do, I hope to it is received positively by you and posted here.

  18. Dear David: Can you do a piece reminding those teachers and other civil servants who are left, that they are being paid with OUR MONEY and that we expect – no we demand – excellent service at all times.

    Otherwise they can go and find work elsewhere.

  19. @stealing other people’s work and passing it off as his/her own…is know as plagarism and is a serious, serious academic offence.

    Ya cud lose la li’l pick fa dat

  20. @ Simple Simon,

    Not in Bim it seems! She has been “teaching” at BCC for over a decade.

    The History teacher who recently retired taught for over a quarter of a century and got away with sexual assault, physical assault, verbal assault among other things.

  21. Oh Gosh! Wunna gun mek Nattles torment dem childrun next term cause she gine say is dem dat complaining bout she and got people mekking a fuss. Dem poor childrun gine be termblin wid fear all de while she rant and rave and threaten dem and fail de ones she dont like.

  22. Thank for your comments, folks! There are very heartening! I hope this is the beginning of an avalanche that will remove “political pimps” like Mr. Brome (and I use that word “pimp” very deliberately and consciously) from the BCC and get things cleaned up at the BCC; what I have revealed is just the tip of the iceberg!

    But I am glad that the BU community has raised the subject of Natalie Walthrust-Jones. You don’t know that half of it! However, my research says that there was one acting Senior Tutor, now Dr. Aidan(?) Tull, who tried to defang NWJ; that was back in 2010, I think. Dr. Tull is regarded no-nonsense person who has had a wealth of experience with CXC as a Chief Examiner and moderator. His major field is marketing and I gather he has done some fairly significant consulting projects for several local and international agencies. In the space of one semester, I am told, the man set about creating a student rep system for the Division of Commerce and made other administrative changes to get the Division of Commerce to function in a professional manner especially in regard to academic issues.

    Needless to say he was swiftly removed by a very vicious plot involving NWJ, the current Principal, the last permanent ST (one Barbara Babb-Cadogan) and Kay Thompson (nee Skeete) (who was given the post presumably to stop Dr. Tull from rocking NWJ’s boat) and of course the Board! She even boasted to her students how she got him fired!

    Do you know that a few months ago this Kay Thompson person protected NWJ when a parent came to the college to deal with her? Unbelievably, Kay Thompson has just left for greener pastures at the UWI, but it should not surprise you that NWJ hosted a farewell party for her at her home!

    The woman (NWJ) seems to be a cancer to the DOC! Aren’t there laws about abuse of children in this country? Can someone in the BU post the legislation under which the AG prosecuted the Nation for the recently published school porno piece?

    The post of Senior Tutor in the Division of Commerce is now open but no one seems to want to take the job because of the presence of this NWJ. And guess what: the same Board is advertising it as a temporary job! (I’ll try to get a copy in my next post.)

    The job should go to Dr. Tull who not only is the most senior academic in the Division of Commerce but has also demonstrated the ability to lead it even in the face of fierce opposition. But I don’t blame him if he is not interested in a temporary post. What? Fine Arts all over again?!?

    To those students in NWJ’s class: Now is not the time to give up! Raise the pressure, WRITE your political representative, get your parents to write the principal en masse; get the entire class to demand a meeting with the principal (amoral and nincompoop though he be); record any abuse (put your cellphone to good use) write a petition to the Board; talk to a lawyer and do write that article in that blog. Stop being ordinary Bajans (i.e. running with your tail between your legs) and be termites for a change! Freedom is not free! Remember Mandela and Martin Luther King? Stand up for something, for God’s sake!

  23. Mr Neil Watchman
    yes It is heartening to see all these comments (including yours). It means that people are aware.

    The Pol Sci ‘teacher’ (and she does a great disservice to that title) and the History one, of which MY poor Bim talks, are good friends.

    NW is the worst thing that has happened to BCC and she has been protected for over a decade by Barbara Babb-Cadogan, the spineless principal, and Kay Thompson (nee Skeete). These individuals should remember that God dont like ugly and that day does run till night catch it!

    She boasts to everyone that no one can touch her and tells her students that the senior tutors are her friends!! she has spies everywhere at BCC who report back to her. One particular individual works in the Student Affairs section.
    now that Kay Thompson is gone, im guessing that the chosen senior tutor for commerce will be one who will continue protecting her abuse of our children; and abuse them she does!!!

  24. Mr Neil Watchman
    8 years ago, I entered BCC to do a Liberal Arts subject and was put to do Politics as a second subject. I didnt know what it was but told myself that i could possibly manage it. well i endured 2 years of torture, fear, anxiety attacks. Now I look back, i wonder why I never told my parents. well i did and my mother threatened to come up to BCC but I tearfully pleaded with her not to since NW always says in class that she doesnt talk to parents, and that she slams doors in parents’ faces. i hid a lot of things from my parents since I didnt want any confrontation. It seemed as if EVERYONE was protecting her and i mean EVERYONE. the babb-cadogan woman (nasty woman- but then birds of a feather flock together) would screech at my classmates in her low class accent to get out her office!!! other teachers seemed afraid of her and would pretend not to notice that we were being abused.
    this is how the abuse happens:
    depending on how she feels, she will treat students
    there were times she came in class and talked about everything else except what she was supposed to teach. she would rant and rave about the principal or about other random teachers who she hated and would go on and on bout who couldnt teach and so on
    she would target certain students and proceed to do everything to destroy them.
    others, mostly stupid ones, would be her lackeys and would be rewarded with A grades. these are the ones who would spy for her, carry back gossip to her, and tell her what other teachers might be saying and teaching
    she is ugly so she hates goodlooking girls LOL and targets them

    and MR Neil Watchman
    she KNOWS she is incompetent and therefore is adamant about cell phone use. no chance there of anyone taping her

    at teh end of the day
    what use will it be?


    what messages do this type of thing send to young people?

  25. “Oh Gosh! Wunna gun mek Nattles torment dem childrun next term cause she gine say is dem dat complaining bout she and got people mekking a fuss. Dem poor childrun gine be termblin wid fear all de while she rant and rave and threaten dem and fail de ones she dont like.”
    @ Nattles
    how you know sa gud?
    that is what it will be. and she will reinforce that ‘nabody caaan do me nutten…
    and will throw in random comments like
    “all a wunna nasty…wunna does go and sleep wid de men and breeding fa dum”

  26. Overseas donors, knowing full well the way things work in Barbados, offer $300,000. for the good of our young people but with strict conditions of how that FREE money is to be used that must be followed. And this mental midget Broomes says no. His haughty opinion of himself damaged that it wasn’t his idea. Shame. These other incompetent teachers who can only speak Bajanomics: why not REQUIRE that all teachers submit to a “competency” review once a year to ensure they are competent to teach. Natalie and Barbara, both double barreled name phonies, would fail miserably. Both are dumb as the hair from a box that sits on their heads. That is the sole reason the lot conspired to oust Dr. Tull. He exposed their fraud, ignorance, and inability to add 2 + 2. And we wonder WHY the country is fast becoming the lost city of Atlantis? Morons with certificates and titles who lack the ability who are in positions far above their IQ levels.

    • The test is to analyse the results and performances of students who have since graduated. How are they doing?

  27. LOOK DAVID…..
    This situation could be applied in MULTIPLE organizations across Barbados….and in most schools…. Yuh just have to change the names a bit…

    What we have done well in the past is to have COVERED It up – maybe because brass bowls were afraid of “being sued” for defamation ….(as if the damn lawyers were even competent to do that)….Steupssss

    If this snowball starts, you may have to start another blog call “Bajan underwear exposed”….cause you would come to see what an avalanche is like….. 🙂

  28. Natalie Walthrust-Jones, the senior tutors like Babb-Cadogan who protect her, the former History teacher renowned for molesting students, the incompetent fool of a Principal, Worrell the inept senior tutor in General Ed, the Board and all the rest are symptomatic of what Barbados has become. Those political party loyalists who like to blame each party for the malaise are part of the problem. Some of those names above are linked to the current Opposition so it is not as if the situation at BCC is solely a result of the DLP’s folly. They all share in the blame because both parties have presided over the decline.

  29. Wunna serious fuh truth doe? Wid all due respeck Mr. Neil Watchman you tink dat dem students gine really do sumting? Dem frighten fuh de Walrus and dem know she protected so dem aint gine challenge she. Dem know de fate of dose who do so dem does join she bandwagon. Why you tink she does purposefully recruit into her class all de students dat cant get into any other BCC programmes? It much easier to torment and control students who got one CXC at Grade 3 and who aint got nuh confidence or who aint know anything bout anything. In de land of de bind de one eye man is king so Walrus does pompasett in a classful of students who in trute aint know nuh betta.

    Wunna shud blame de foolish parents who does let she torment dem childrun. Wunna feel she cud hit my chile or wrestle my chile for a cell phone and tek it way? Or cuss and scream and insult my chile? She wud learn dat dere are still a few Bajans dat aint passive receivers of crap.

  30. Wait I aint hear nuh body talk bout when Nattles use she connections to go and “present” a paper at some education conference and de people walk out in disgust when duh hear de crap dat come out she mout when she open um. And de fools let she present again a next year and de same thing happen.

    Nuh matta what wunna cahn get de ghetto out uh she. Or de mechanic shop. She used to be a refrigeration technician before some brilliant person tell she she is an academic. Not dat anyting wrong with being a refrigeration technician but people need to stick at wat they good at. If yuh good at writing write and shine. If yuh good at football play football and shine. If yuh good at fixing cars den fix cars and shine.

  31. In a section on persuasive writing, I presented my students with an option of penning a speech or a letter of complaint. Many chose the latter, and of those, nearly all turned in diatribes about BCC, particularly the Fine Arts division. I hesitate to say more, so will let this speak for itself.

  32. Dear Young & Jaded and Bitter,

    I appreciate the consternation you are expressing and the fun you are poking at the situation respectively. It’s the Bajan way – talk it off or laff it off. Regrettably neither approach has or will ever solve difficult problems such as NJW.

    According to Proverbs 18:21: Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.

    Analyze your language and you will see that your own rhetoric is your enemy. If you do not believe you can change anything it will show up, as it has, in your language. Young & Jaded, your actions of not telling your parents and then stalling when they wanted to do something about is typically how Bajans get nothing done. It is called “shooting yourself in the foot!” That is one of the reasons why domestic violence persists.

    So keep telling yourself that nothing can be changed. I’ll bet you there are people out there who still believe that the Bajan dollar will never be devalued! Go on now; dig your head a little deeper in the sand and pooch back in the air!

    Look! this is all about fear. But fear is a very cruel taskmaster! It sees obstacles when there may be none; failure rather than success; giants when there are only harmless windmills –the Don Quixote complex. Brave men and women are not those who don’t experience fear; on the contrary, they are those who recognize the risks and dangers but have decided to take on the challenge nonetheless. Ditto, being an entrepreneur. Ditto, getting married !!!! Hello?! Need I remind you of MLK, Mandela, Obama? There are many others but heading the list is His Most Excellent Highness, Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Christ Himself! This Xmas, read how Jesus dealt with the oppressive scribes and Pharisees!

    Now let’s get practical; has anyone formed a resolution to do any of the things I suggested about NWJ? Look, if you are still in NWJ’s class why don’t you check out this Dr. Tull and see if he will offer you some ….shall we say…logistical help? If he is the man of valour he seems to be, I reckon he will. I won’t offer this advice again!

    But think about this. Every semester NJW stays is one more opportunity for your friends to meet her and experience trauma! And probably one more opportunity for one of them to go to jail! Ever thought about that? Not every student is going to be as docile as you appear to be, you know! Is that what you want? You can prevent this, yes you can! Go, look at the man (woman) in the mirror and stop thinking about me, myself and I for a change!

  33. @ Sarah Venable

    Complaining is part of our culture in Barbados as you would well know. It is a vicious cycle. Nobody takes action. Complaining is the end and be all. It is drummed into our young people from the time they enter our education system. Has any of these students who write diatribe about BCC ever sought to band together and protest? The odd student who probably spoke out and tried to rally the troops was in all likelihood labelled a troublemaker, a radical, a weirdo and margainalised. Students around the world are known for protesting against wrong but not here in good old peaceful Barbados. We in Barbados like to boast about our stability but in effect we mean we like to take no action to correct wrong.

  34. I totally agree with Ms. Venable with regard to complaining and doing nothing about it! There are the following examples!

    The NHC sold plots of land to prospective home owners, and then handed them over to Al Barrack!

    In my opinion, this is fraud, because you cannot sell someone a plot of land and then give it to someone else without feeling the consequences. Instead of banding together and hiring a string of lawyers, all these people are doing is complaining! Whether the NHC is a statutory organization, or not, it too must comply with the laws as laid down in the Constitution of our country! They cannot ride roughshod over the rights of the citizens of Barbados in such a way and get away with it!

    The other one is Government’s firing of 3000 public servants without telling the unions! They complained, and when they met with the MoF, they said that they discussed it, and resolved it! How was it resolved without telling the people whom they are supposed to represent?

    This shows that they have no backbone!

    Neither of these two cases would have gone down well with trade unions in Italy, Germany, France, or Spain!

    They would have shut down the relative country!

    Barbadians must wake up and stand up for their rights, and – as we say – smell the roses or the coffee, or whatever they feel like smelling, instead of letting people put manure in their mouths and telling them it is chocolate!

  35. Anthony, you ought not underestimate the resolve of the Barbadians people, because their have gotten where their are by allowing others walk all over them.

  36. @ Neil Watchman 10:59 pm December 18

    I heard about the Dr. Tull situation where he attempted to bring change and was swiftly removed. Walthrust-Jones did indeed go around boasting to staff and students that she knows people in high places and that she had turned the tables on Dr. Tull having him removed.

    What is it with these women with the double barrel names? Natalie Walthrust-Jones. Babb-Cadogan. Cynthia Barrow-Giles. Uncouth air heads who masquerade as academics. Barrow-GIles is a close friend of Walthrust-Jones. One thing these three have in common is their acute level of insecurity. They systematically target attractive and/or bright females and people who dare question them.

    Throw Trevor Marshall into the mix who is also friend with Walthrust-Jones and we have one huge pot of substandard idiots massaging each others egos and pretending to be intellectuals.

  37. Now that Trevor Marshall has retired, he is actively recruiting another pervert like himself to take over. he was at Ellersie Secondary for years interfering with the school girls and the principal Mr. Corbin did nothing about it. However, for some strange reason he ended up at Queens College. He did not last longer than a snow cone ion a hot sunny day. After one term he was gone. He attempted to interfere with a student and that was the end of him. That school had good leadership.. So young girls going to BCC, look for that short man that is suuppose to replace Marshall.

  38. You should Visit The Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic. Similar Story but staff are afraid to say anything with the fear of losing their jobs. In short their are more actors at the institution than Hollywood. i.e. so many acting ,temporary appointments

  39. Look at the results of the performance of Jamaican students in a country where the dollar is sliding on a daily basis and the same students have to be paying thousands of dollar for their subjects. I suppose this is the “rot” Donville Innis is talking about. This what Ronald Jones, Karen Best and Laurie King should be discussing all like now.

    Jamaican students top 15 CAPE units
    Published: Thursday December 19, 2013

    Jamaican students have placed first in 15 units in the 2013 sitting of the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE).

    The country also placed in the top-ten ranking of all, except four, of the 46 units candidates sat.

    Most CAPE subjects are comprised of two units. Jamaican students swept the top-ten positions in Food and Nutrition unit one and two followed by capturing nine places in the Computer Science top-ten results. In addition, Jamaica took seven of the top-ten places in Electrical and Electronic Technology units one and two as well as six of the top-ten positions in History unit one.

    Jamaica achieved eight first places in units one and seven first places in units two.
    At a ceremony held recently in Guyana, the Caribbean Examination Council awarded Dea Thomas of Ardenne High School as the Most Outstanding Candidate in the Caribbean Overall in the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE).

    The Most Outstanding Candidate in Humanities in the region was awarded to Tasanique Henry of Hampton High School for achieving Grade 1 in eight CAPE units. Senior adviser to the Minister of Education Radley Reid, has pointed to the average pass rate of 88 per cent in units one and 90 per cent in units two recorded by Jamaican CAPE candidates from public schools.

    He further disclosed that in unit one the highest average pass rate of 96 per cent is in Geography, while the lowest average pass rate of 75 per cent applies to History as well as Electrical and Electronic Technology. For unit two the highest average pass rate is 96 per cent in Biology, while the lowest is 70 per cent in Electrical and Electronic Technology.

    Reid said although the average pass rates point to good overall performance by our students, with a little more effort and focus our candidates can improve the quality of their grade. He said with that, Jamaica will gain more top-ten positions in CAPE.

  40. So a pervert replace a pervert teaching History at BCC? What it is wid Bajans and dis tolerance of perverts? How so many nasty men does get way wid troubling young girls? How Trevor Marshall get way wid teaching people childrun fuh so many years when um well known dat he does cant keep he grimy hands off young girls. And especially young girls dat pun de larger side of tings. And he does know who to trouble because most of dem does be from troubled backgrounds, vulnerable and defenceless.

  41. @Neil Watchman
    Aldon Tull ain’t no sweetbread. Our marketing class keep getting smaller because how he treat the students. Come class late or not at all, send email with homework at all hours and expect you prepare it for next class, demiean and fail students because they have a different opinion. They had to cancel the marketing class a few years cause word got out and people went to UWI and BIMAP.instead. Thank God we survive his temper tantrums and now we AL DON.with BCC.

  42. BU community, you should be proud of yourself! The avalanche I alluded to in a previous post is beginning to happen! More members of BCC staff are checking the BU. We’re onto something here but we must step up the pressure.

    WN understands that the initial posting and comments have been laid before a committee called CPAT (or is it CPAC?) in the College. This committee is made up of supposedly middle management staff such as STs (Senior Tutors). Apparently, the committee is being criticized for doing nothing about the mess being exposed, especially the Alison Thompson issue. However, my information suggests that most of these STs are just another bunch of spineless people – like house niggers, some would say. They are in the inner circle so they don’t care about anyone else. The Principal is so afraid that he is not planning to have the usual staff meeting at the beginning of the semester. Oh how the guilty run when no one is pursuing!

    Did you know that previous BCC Boards withheld appointments for this Principal and his then (alleged) mistress, the former Deputy Principal Dr. Hackett? Did you know that the Board under a Mr. Carter wanted to fire him for non-performance? Did you know that several members resigned from that first Board because its incompetence? Did you know that the MOE, the inarticulate, demon-exorcising Ronald Jones is the one keeping the Principal, Gladstone Best in his position? You don’t know the half of it! Don’t we need to contact Transparency International and challenge them with regard to the rating given Barbados for “perception” of corruption?

    Meanwhile, the saga in the Division of Commerce continues and the plot thickens. It appears that there is another woman with a double-barrelled name (Dear Jesus!), one Jean Butcher-Lashley, whom the Principal wants to push to take over the Division of Commerce. She is from Liberal Arts, that same division that was subsumed under General Ed. It is alleged that she has been ingratiating herself with the Principal and even managed to get a hearing with CPAC(?) with some inane proposal which is really a rehash of someone’s plan for alternative ways to finance the College. Some question her liaison with the corrupt Principal and strongly suspect her of slick empire building. WN will be putting her in the crosshairs as of now.

    But there is more. WN understands that when Dr. Tull was ejected from his post, he took the matter to his union. Apparently, the union wrote the chairman a letter explaining that the action was illegal and requesting that the decision be rescinded. The union even cited the piece of legislation under which the offence was committed. It is not clear which union it is at this time but it seems that that union did not follow up with the matter. I wonder why? WN will try to get a copy of that letter but that might take some doing.

    Reading between the lines, it looks to me as though the right and decent thing for the Chairman and the Principal to do now is to apologize to Dr. Tull and reinstate him to his position forthwith especially since a majority of members of staff in the Division of Commerce seem to favour his progressive attitude and vision for the department. Of course, this would not include Nattles (alias Walrus) and one or two other persons including the main clerk typist, one Ms. Trotman who has a deep seated aversion to work! If there is any laying off at the BCC it should be her and the yard fowls the Board hired even though the BCC budget was twice cut! More on that later.

    Members of Walrus’s class should be aware that she has a close friend and ally in the lawyer Laticia Bourne. The two of them are in business together, went school together at Springer Memorial and some allege, do other things together! If you are a supporter of evil you are just as guilty as the evildoer (al la accessory after the fact!?). Watch them but don’t be afraid of them. Knowing your enemy is half the job in defeating him or her. Walrus must be removed at any cost. If Bourne wants to go with her, so be it! Later.

  43. @ Neil Watchman,
    You have made yourself totally unbelievable by the nonsense you wrote about Dr. Sylvia Hackett, who was one of the hardest working members of staff at BCC. The (alleged) mistress of Dr Best?! Watchman you are an absolute fool! But at least now I know that you must have some hidden agenda, which has NOTHING to do with what is best for BCC or it’s students. Carry on smartly, you won’t get anywhere with trying to ruin the reputation of someone of Dr. Hackett’s quality.

  44. No one is trying to censure Dr. Hackett and for the record, I understand she worked hard to bring some level of direction to academic matters which was her responsibility. That IS a fact. But you are confusing the issues. We are focused on a corrupt Principal and his machinations and an equally corrupt Board, not on Dr. Hackett. You are also being extremely naïve in believing that a person cannot be a hard worker or whatever and still have an affair or do something “naughty”. Do you live on this planet by any chance? Then check your halo-effect psychology! Most of us, including myself, have done “naughty” things at some time so who am I to judge! It is when those naughty things interfere with the principles regarding the way an organization should be run or lead to injustice or oppression that we do have a problem. But I will not be side-tracked by this filibuster so I will say no more about it. Go and do the research yourself!

    But you are right…I do have an agenda! and so do you! Mine is to expose and help end the rampant politicization and demoralization of BCC and press for the elimination of Walrus the terrorist from the BCC teaching staff! Nothing more, nothing less! (But if the movement galvanizes the rest of the country, so be it!) What is your agenda?

  45. @ Neil Watchman
    You are not “naughty”, you are dangerous. You are talking about people I don’t know and attacking their reputation. However, I know Dr Hackett, her character and that she’s a woman with high standards and integrity. Not a person who sees adultery as simply being “naughty”; as you seem to do.
    I know that Dr Hackett is not your main focus, but if you have no problem slandering her reputation, why would I believe you about other people whom I don’t know? You might be making up stories about them too! Who knows.
    Clearly your integrity is questionable, that much is clear. I have never been accused of being naïve, LOL, but I can think logically and draw conclusions.

  46. I am suprised in the direction of these comments. It seems that Dr. Tull is posting these messages and posing as someone else. Commerce is not the only division in the college that is corrupt. Look @ computer studies, science, technology. It seems commerce and fine arts are the cash cows of the college. What about admin staff. Grounds men and dont faget the tardy maintence office. Also guards who are so incompetant that the board brought on an external guard firm to guard the college. Studwnt affairs is also a shame. Staff who lose ur grades constantly. And the shame lists go on for miles. So as i see it the person who is only writing about the little corner of commerce n liberal has to come from an insider.

  47. Murdddddaaaaaaaa this blog hawt! I remeber i call divison a commerce sum time ago a woman wid a fake ass accentansa and say she aint got no time fa me see gine lunch!

  48. @ lisabajan, you have clearly not read the article or many of the initial comments. The article is about the incompetent board and the main example used was the impact of its incompetence on the Fine Arts Division. It is posters later on in their comments, such as myself, who drew attention to the Commerce section. The BCC in its entirety has been on a downward spiral. I think it is just a matter of many of the posters in this particular instance speaking from their knowledge of Commerce. Many of us may very well be insiders because many of us know people who have had the misfortune of having to pass through Walthrust-Jones’ “class”.

  49. @lisab
    You en really been an’lyzing dis blog, right? and you en got a clue bout corp’rate gov’nance right? So you en understand wuh gine on in de country at large eida? You suppose to fire the lil man like guards and clerks and leh de big bastards like de principal and de chairman guh free? You joking right?

    En big countries, when uh organization en working right who duh does fire? the receptionist? de driver? de guards? Whe yuh tink we get de saying ‘heads gine roll’ from? Get real lisab. In dem big countries executives who fail does jump before dey get push, you know wuh uh mean… resign! At least um show some kind uh integrity?

    Dey Hackett ting unfortunate but I agree um is just a red-herring. Wuh watchman trying to seh is dat dey top got to get clean up fuss and den de ress will follow. You get um yet??

  50. BCC Insider
    Agree with Fed Up. Lay off Dr. Hackett, the lady not only well-liked, but highly respected by her staff. She has done so much for BCC and as an insider I can tell you that there was not much love lost between her and the Principal and even less between her and the Registrar. Anyway she is retired and does not deserve any attack on her work or her reputation. Leave her out of this.

  51. @ My poor bim I agree with ur comment so when we talk about heads do we talk about the principal who like the government of Barbados have no vision leadership or mangement skills. Do we talk about the so called MIS department who has been at college a year probally two who have the IT skills as a baffoon who cant even spruce up the BCC website in order to promote the college? How about the vacancies that came up where most persons of staff where qualified to fill and all the jobs went to outsiders.

  52. MRE: Hello! This is Mary Redman Effigy returning your call. I understand someone called from BCC asking for advice?

    BCC: Yes, that was me.

    MRE: Care to state your name?

    BCC: I would prefer not to. Well….I…. we want some help with the industrial relations problems here.

    MRE: Industrial relations problems? Really! Don’t all of you belong to a union or staff association?

    BCC: Yes… but we have a lame duck Principal and a dictatorial chairman; the unions are of no help and we don’t know what to do! The Principal doesn’t have a backbone and the chairman is doing a lot of foolishness, like thinking about instituting longer teaching hours. That can’t work at this level!

    MRE: Hmmh! How long has this Principal been there?

    BCC: Nine years, I think.

    MRE: Well at Alexandra we taught the principle (pun intended) that 2 x 4 = Brome; thankfully he is now no more. But 1 x 9…that is definitely the Best! With respect to the chairman, though – I don’t he wants you to work on Saturday too, does he? Because I would immediately say: “Wrong party!”

    BCC: No! no! no! well…not yet.

    MRE: Heh! heh! heh! Not yet? Well, you know what; you people at BCC have a lot of “ejucation” but you are definitely deficient in the three Bs.

    BCC: Excuse me?

    MRE: You heard me right! You are lacking in BALLS, BREAST and as you yourself said, BACKBONE. If the men had balls they would have bowled out the Principal long ago and then taken on the Board and the MOE. Didn’t we at BSTU show how this is done? If the women had breast like Natalie Walthrust-Jones (I have heard of the woman, you know!) Best would have been “bared” long ago! But the problem is that neither of you two groups have backbone so you can’t stand up to do either of the above!

    BCC: Chupse! (click)

    MRE: Hello! Are you there? hello? Ah well, guess my advise has fallen on deaf ears!

  53. The question remains whether anything will be undertaken to halt the rot at BCC. We all know that this is Barbados and nothing will happen. The complaints on this blog are the most we will get out of this situation. Come next term and next academic year, the likes of Natalie Walthrust-Jones will still be “teaching” at BCC, students will continue to be tormented and people will carry on protecting each other.

  54. The Principal, Dr. Best, has decided NOT to have a general meeting with staff come the beginning of the second semester. Instead he will meet with each division/department separately. I wonder why??? Maybe he’s afraid of a possible confrontation with the entire staff present at one meeting? Saying that he will meet with each division individually may of course also never happen.

  55. The principal is not just incompetent. He is a big coward. This is so typical of him. He need to go along with half of the BCC staff.

  56. Wunna know was de worse ting bout all dese people like Kay Thompson, Walthrust-Jones, people on de Board, Babb-Cadogan, Ronald Jones and all uh dem. Dem is like to pretend dat dem is Christians. Dem does be all self righteous when it suit dem but dem is de Devil spawn dat is wha dum is.

  57. Wuh loss! but dis BCC ting real hot doh! So wunna mean we can’ get rid o’ Walrus-Jones? or de Principal? Malaise, you an’ de res’ uh wunna mekking real sport! Nuhbody en invincible! Um look like wunna need de Firemagade!

    Alright den! Engine #1, Fire!

    Walrus-Jones: You got we vex, vex! yuh malign us, trample ‘pon de rights of we students, wound we spirits, slandered yuh colleagues and display the behaviour of a mad dog in this institution. An’ yuh getting more an’ more bold an’ contemptuous! De Principal cudda fire your ten times ovah fuh de piffle you do! But un dun! dis piffle dun!!



    Engine #2, FIRE!

    Bessie! You is a piece of wuk doh! You is really a man, doh? You bin a real GALLSTONE in this institution, yuh know. Yu does block every attempt to advance dis college; sit pon evah good idea; aid and abet corruption; punish the innocent and le’ de guilty guh free. You doan earn yuh salary and you does look out for yourself only. You is a weak, morally bankrupt, canine conspirator. Yuh en fit to be Principal!



    Engine #3, FIRE!

    Broomes, wuh you is dey best doh! You got real gumpshun boss! But looka, massa dey dun, heh! Um doan wuk suh nuh moah! Yuh put in Internet and you do some tings but yuh en behaving right! You en own BCC, boss! Looka, dis is wuh Engine #3 say: you gine give Fine Arts approval to use dem funds casue dem gun get dem back! You gine appoint Alison in Fine Arts; you gine do wuh is right and proper in Commerce and you gine apologize to Liberal Arts and reset de button. All uh dem lackeys you hire you gine fire tuh balance dey BCC budget!


    Anybody else to fire??

  58. I hear that Natalie Walthrust-Jones aka Walrus is on a war path. She is ranting and raging and foaming at the mouth and true to her ghetto nature she cussing and violent. She want to know how dare people speak the truth about her insane ways and she threatening to bring down all and sundry and she starting with David. I hear she run cussing to she friend that stupid Bourne woman. The woman is an idiot who need to realise that it was only a matter of time before she get expose for the fraud that she is. Does she really think that she can go around acting like a violent madwoman and pretending to be an academic and it will work in her favor forever?

  59. @ BCC Source

    Yuh see wuh a little firement cud do? Walrus on dey warpath! As always! I hope wunna en frighten’ cause wunna know dah is wuh she gine do, anyways. Bullies real prediktable you know!! I wanna know wuh she gine do when dey first student she tell to leave dey class fuh wearing slippers or any udder bogus shit stan’ up politely and says:

    “Mam, much respect; but my parents paid hard earned money to send me here and I can’t afford to waste time outside the class. Besides, it is illegal for you to send me out of the class. I have NOT broken any BCC rule! I am sorry but I will not leave”.

    Wuh wunna tink she gine do? Hit dey student? Wunna tink Walrus dat stupid? It gine drive she stark raving mad! Cause she gine rant and rave like a mad cow an’ all wunna got to do is sit tight. Yuh know wuh dey woman gine do but yuh got tuh have a strategy fuh it!! Wunna got tuh stop getting frighten, stan’ together and brek dis bully down, piece by piece! If wunna classmates doan band tugether wid wunna, ostracize dem!!

    If she call dey guard as she gine prob’ly do, let dey guard touch wunna and den get wunna parents to sue BCC. Once wunna in brek no BCC rules nuh guard can’ touch wunna or move wunna. Tell dem so cause dem gurads en know dey rules, yeh! Wunna read dey rules fuh wunna self in dey BCC handbook and stan’ up pon dem rules cause ef um evah guh tuh court, duh gine call fuh dah rule book and the Registrar and dey Principal gine shit duh pants!

    BUT looka, wunna might laff at my firments but I know IF YUH DOAN SPEAK UM EN IN GINE HAPPEN! Dah is why I ‘gree wid Watchman; yuh got tuh stop speaking negative and start speaking positive. Dat terrorist Walrus-Jones mus’ go!! No!!!!! WILL GO!!!!

    Le’ muh tell wunna now; I getting real hot! I GINE “FIRE” ANYBODY WHO CUM PUN DIS SITE AND SAY “NUTTIN EN GINE CHANGE AT BCC” ‘specially Walrus-Jones! Stop dah shit, man!! Help de students get some courage, man!

    I know wunnah en gine understan’ why I gine ask wunna to do dis but I gine try to help wunna agen. Get evah BCC student ‘specially G&P students wunna know to vote fuh deh firements uh issued befoah. Dis is de least dey students could do. Ef duh can’ do dah dem truly hopeless!

    @David le’ dem know dat nobody can’ find out duh identity on BU. An’ David if yuh eveh feel you got tuh shut down dis site, crimson crimon, I gine start another wun!

    Wunna doan mind that idiot who seh um is Dr. Tull who posting tings to BU! Dem en understan’ wuh BU bout! De little I hear bout dr. T, I believe he cud moe dan speak fuh ‘eself. But dah besides de point!

    Uh saying um AGEN; get evah student to vote fuh de firements uh issued before; YUH GOT TO SPEAK UM BEFORE UM MANIFESS UMSELF, YUH HEAR MUH! Dah is how dey Lord create dey world; wunna doan read wunna Bible?

    I hope dem BCC staff vote fuh dey firements too caus’ de same ting apply tuh dem. Yuh know SUM uh dem like @Fed Up may got certificates but not much commonsense; duh like majoring on minors like dey depaty principal ting. Sum uh dem en understand wuh gine on hey, yuh know! An’ @Fed Up uh hope you hear uh say “SUM”!!!

    Insidentally, yuh see how few people vote for @Red Rooster suh far? Dey BCC staff doan like wuh Red Rooster get Mary Redman Effigy to say cause um true, true! Speaking gen’rally, um is true dat BCC staff suffering from lack of dey 3Bs! Um is a bitter pill to swallow, cause duh got tuhmuch intellectual pride! Being interpreted dah mean dem is talkers, not activists! If yuh doubt me, get a copy of dem jackass resolutions by one Joe Inniss, speaking on behalf of the staff association or whatever! Wuh loss, Red Rooster, but MRE too sweet and polished, doh!

    Students, guh long and vote fuh dey firements; Firemagade wid wunna!

    • BU wants to hear from more of the BCC students, keep spreading the word, we see this particular block is very active on FB and Twitter.

  60. Morning has broken, like the first morning
    [David] has spoken, like the first bird
    Praise for the [posting], praise for the morning
    Praise for the [uprising] fresh from The Word!


    Firemagade, wuh I got tuh crow pun dis one doh! You real damn hat doh! You hotter than my MRE!! You know you starting an uprising in BCC! An’ I like um doh! But looka, Watchman en really tell wunna nuttin doh!

    Cock-a-doodle doooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    You see dah Walrus bastard. You know why she and Tull get away two three years ago? Um is because she went and change up she time-table in BCC so that she and a fella name Bob could get away in time to teach at UWI!!!! You know Tull din know till a tutor from Science bring three students, not one; three students to his office because dem did losing an hour each week of a Maths class taught by Science tutors because of dah illegal time-table change! That is a hard solid fact! You see what a SOB dah woman is? She in care about nuhbody but sheself!

    Hold on a miniute: You know that the ST (Tull) brought this matter to the attention of the Principal and tried to discipline her fuh what people does call “insubordination”? And guess what; she bring dey NUPW up dey and dey Principal and Registrar get frighten fuh Dennis Clarke! Dear God, the unions too????!!?

    Wait a minute, man; you know Walrus tell the Principal she did doing this crap fuh NINE YEARS (under that bitch Babb-Cadogan); and she en changing it! NOT ONE YEAR, Firemagade! NINE frigging YEARS!!! Lord have mercy, my comb trembling!!!

    Cock-a-doodle doooooooooooooooooo!! Cock-a-doodle dooooooooooooooooooo!!

    You believe dey Registrar and dey Principal though? Dem is Supreme Hypocrites, especially dey Registrar who really in charge of Student Affairs! You see why this country can’t prosper! Blasted wickedness in high places!! Cock-a-doodle doooooooooooooooooo!!

    Firemagade!!!! you gine have to fire dey Registrar, too!!!

    Cock-a-doodle doooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    Morning has broken, like the first morning
    [Rooster] has spoken, like the first bird …..

    • @Red Rooster

      Where is all the activity you refer to documented? Have emails or other communications been sent any where? What specific actions have been taken by tutors at the BCC many who we see have procured doctorates and other high order accreditation. Do not consider this an attack on those of you who have decided to protest more so an attempt to cloak your actions in credibility.

  61. DAVID
    In 1997 I was asked by a Mr Sisnett to fill in teaching the Pharmacology course for the Academic year to the first year group, since the Course Supervisor was on protracted sick leave.

    At the end of the year I had complied a manual for the course which followed their syllabus exactly. As you know, very few texts are written to accommodate any particular institution.

    At the end of the year when the Course Supervisor re-emerged, I stupidly loaned my manual to this lady, who said she lost it!

    in 1999 when the course was offered again Mr Sisnett brought one of my colleagues (who I supervised in the polyclinics as both a med student and intern) and who is know to have had a mental break down to teach the course.



  63. @David

    I am sorry to tell you but what you are asking for makes sense but still it does not make sense! Let me explain. For example, according to Red Rooster’s latest posting, the then ST (Tull) brought the Walthrust-Jones insubordination to the attention of the Principal. He was required to do so, I understand. That probably means he wrote a memo to the Principal and /or Registrar; I gather that is how serious official internal correspondence is handled in BCC and most government institutions; not by email.

    Now, logically, if you want proof it would mean that either the Registrar, the Principal or former ST would have to give BU a copy of the correspondence. If, for example, Dr. Tull provided BU with that information, that would satisfy the need for proof but that would put him, as the underdog, in a very invidious position, no? Now do you think Administration is going to provide you with a copy of the correspondence? Let’s get real here.

    It isn’t that some people might not have documents. For example, I have obtained a copy of the internal advertisement for the job of ST for Commerce. Where do I upload that? I have obtained a copy of a letter written by a parent complaining about another matter re. Walthrust-Jones; I understand that to date, the principal has not responded to her complaint!

    I have been handed a copy of a staff handbook which details how staff complaints and grievances are to be handled at the BCC. Having perused it can tell you that Walthrust-Jones should have been fired long ago! Perhaps you should try to obtain a copy. If the MOE is going to let bullies fester in their institutions, then there should be a public outcry and Jones should be fired!

    Students have copies of course outlines which contain ridiculous clauses and requirements inserted unofficially by Walthrust-Jones. Any student can scan and upload one of those.

    They also have copies of the plagiarized material she SOLD them against the BCC’s regulations. Some students have even found the websites from which she scrounged her material. I wish they would upload those links. That should be easy!

    It appears that Walthrust-Jones was so arrogant that she wrote dozens of memos and purported to copy them to people outside the BCC even to the Ombudsman and the Attorney-General, believe it or not! Therefore, some of this information might not be confined to BCC!

    I expect that you are going to get intimidation from the Walrus-Bourne Complex and the axis of corruption in the BCC. What else do you expect? They appear to have done it before in the DOC. It’s their trademark. Remember Bourne is a lawyer. I suspect they want to flush out the identities of people who are making these allegations. I advise posters not to play into their hands! If you are going to practice serious warfare, you have to anticipate every move of your opponent!

    I am not a lawyer but nothing on the site so far can pass muster in court re. defamation of character or slander; these are very hard to prove in court, I gather from my research. Readers should also see the BU post about the slander laws in Barbados.

    I really wish more students and parents would come forward to BU but this is Xmas and people’s attentions ARE focused on the season.

    Finally, I concur with Firemagade; if you feel compelled to close off this discussion on BCC then another blog can be set up. As you can see, a few of us are not just into complaining but into ACTIVISM. Although there is a lot of humour in the some of the postings, you can see that some of us are deadly serious because we feel compelled to unravel this stinking mess at the BCC, especially for the students, and see it through to the end. It’s your call, David.

    • BU’s email can be found by clicking the sidebar box second from the top on the right side of the screen.

      Scan and or capture on the ubiquitous iPad to create soft copies.

  64. I pray that this is really the beginning of serous action against the Board, the Principal and all the inept corrupt staff ow which Walthrust-Jones is the flag bearer.

  65. I had high hopes that BCC would evolve into an effective Technical College/University like Ryerson of even Humber College in Toronto.

    It appears that it is being allowed to regress to mediocrity.

    Most unfortunate.

  66. Listen. I will give you people here some background on Walthrust-Jones. She grew up in Carringnton Village poor. She wasn’t too bright. She was not too pretty either and you all know how Bajans especially in those days used to favour the lighter skin, straighter hair females. So she didn’t get attention from the lads, she was not popular among the girls her age, she was poor and she was not bright. She develop a big complex about being dark skin and poor. She develop a lot of self-hatred by internalising the foolishness about light skin straight hair is pretty and dark skin nappy hair is ugly. And she so warped she acts out she complexes and self-hatred in contradictory ways. She singles out the light skin students especially the girls to pick on. She hates light skinned people. But she gravitates towards them. On top of her complexes she is also a lesbian. Guess what type of women she does go for? Light skin women. The woman is one huge mess.

  67. Wuh loss bosey wunna hot un nuff. Wunna must be got de Walrus jumping up and down in she house in a fit. She must be dere writing letters and calling people. I wonduh if this time she gine get proteck like all de udder times when she do things to get fire and people proteck she. She must be asking she friend Trevor Marshall for advise because yuh know he is a lawyer. Well he like to say so but we know betta. Two attention whores.

  68. What does it say about me when I am disrespectful to someone? This is often the first reaction to someone with whom you have a strong disagreement. But, in the quiet of the night, my conscience says to me maybe my actions indicate that I am no better… just maybe…

  69. Well Georgie muh boy, Trevor married wid some childrun but I hear dem dont tek he on and dem does treat he like de humbug he is. Wunna does see all bout trying to get attention so imagine if dis is how annoying he does be in public how he muss be at home. A bare nuisance he is. De man finally retire from BCC but everytime people look round he still up dere meddling where nuhbody aint want he.

  70. Being married aint nevuh stop Trevor Marshall from troubling people lil young teenage dawtuhs. But as i say he know who to trouble cause if um did evuh a chile uh mine he put he nasty hands pun he would know who God he serving.

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  72. With the posting of the first piece of documentary evidence chronicling WJs career of abuse (see pingback at we have now come to a turning point in the struggle against the destabilization of the BCC. Any movement goes through different phases. In the first phase, energy and time is spent on what could be called CATHARSIS; a period in which emotions are high and people vent. Sometimes in this phase people overcompensate and say inappropriate things; I humbly admit I have been guilty of the same. I apologize. Without being presumptuous I would like to declare this phase over.

    However, let not the above be taken as any sign of weakening from the cause. On the contrary! Neither am I suggesting that there is no place for some good humour and double entendre. I really like Firemagade and Red Rooster! However, it is now time for a Phase 2, which I tentatively call, ENGAGEMENT where we refine the cause by stating specific objectives and undertaking appropriate actions aimed at their achievement. In this phase we will steer clear of “unnecessary personal attacks”. That expression is open to interpretation but we can flag these as they occur. For example, without trying to excuse his sins alleged or otherwise, let’s leave out Trevor Marshall because as you have pointed out, he is about to retire. We are not running a “call-in” programme but an ACTIVIST PROJECT (=vigorous and sometimes assertive set of actions in pursuing a political or social end).

    Again, without being presumptuous, I would like to declare Phase I over and move swiftly to set an agenda for Phase 2, ENGAGEMENT. I begin by making it clear what I see as the guiding objectives and their rationale:

    1. Removal of Natalie-Walthrust Jones as a tutor in the Division of Commerce before the start of the nest academic year in August 2014. This period gives the authorities more than enough time to get their lethargic and apathetic administrative gear oiled and up to speed. I think BCC has had too much of NJ and for far too long (more than 10 years now by her own admission and reckoning, according to Red Rooster).

    A nation cannot talk profusely about abuse of children and then have an educational institution harbouring it and giving it succour! That is patently wrong. Let Barrow-Giles & Company at the UWI keep Walthrust-Jones. BCC does not need that liability.

    I warn you, however, that during this period NJ will bring out her alter ego called Sweet Natty who will attempt to charm the “underwear off the unaware” (so to speak)! She will lavish this personality on the students, especially the simple minded, and on any weakling put in charge of the Division of Commerce. You have been warned!

    2. Removal of the current Principal: 60 million (even 1 million) Frenchmen(women) can’t be wrong! Somewhere in all the accusations and his attempting to hide there must be some germ of truth. That the Board attempted to fire him in 2012 is enough. For those who are not aware, the job of principal was advertised back in 2012. It makes interesting reading. Perhaps BU will try to get a copy of that advertisement?

    In any event, I am willing to bet that if BCC staff asked him (current principal) the definitive question: “Tell us, good sir, at least one significant initiative YOU have undertaken SINCE becoming principal”, he would be unable to give an intelligible answer (which is usually the norm).

    Therefore, he is “guilty” both of sins of commission as well as sins of omission, chief on which is his failure to remove Walthrust-Jones. Surely he is just as guilty as she in perpetrating abuse of children! As a parent myself I find this absolutely infuriating! Should he feel motivated to hang on to the post or the powers that be (viz. Jones & Company) feel unmotivated to remove him, this movement will be obliged to list his many “achievements” in his tenure and exert appropriate pressure on the authorities.

    In order to achieve the above objectives, the movement has to carefully consider what specific courses need to be taken. In general, there will have to be a CYBER STRATEGY here on BU and other social media as well as an ON-THE-GROUND STRATEGY that must engage current and if necessary, past G&P students. In the meantime I urge the following:

    Current G&P students must be encouraged to resist WJ because the first step in dealing with any bully is to resist. In a recent post I have provided one type of resistance based solidly on BCC regulations as a response to one of her known bullying tactics. BU will provide more as the necessity arises. In this we will be guided by feedback from students on the ground.

    I understand that there is a student’ guild at the BCC. Why has this body not been roped into the cause? That must now change. More on this later.

    Some parents too need to get up off their double-barrelled lethargy and stop depending on Santa Claus! The state of this economy should tell them something! Those who have written complaints to the Principal and have not received replies must now copy those letters to the Chairman (N.B. letters to the Principal or Registrar do not automatically go to the Chairman) and the MOE and demand a response. It is your child and your neighbour’s child we are talking about! If necessary, this BU site will help by providing a template for your letter. Give one week for an acknowledgement and three weeks more for a substantive response. If that fails hit the next level of authority. Activism requires hard work folks! If you just want to vent but don’t like doing serious, focused, worthy work we can say goodbye to you here!

    More tactics will be developed as this jihad (basic meaning = struggle) continues especially after Xmas and leading up to the start of the BCC semester on 22 January 2014. I hope Firemagade and others will keep the heat and the humour up this cold Xmas!

    P.S. This plan of action agenda deliberately does not make any reference to BCC staff in general. It seems to me that they need to work out their own salvation. BU has given them a good start.

  73. I suggest that this and the most recent entry be printed and circulated all over BCC next semester, in particular among students of the Commerce Division. They may be more willing to stand up for their rights if they realise that many people on the island back their cause and are speaking out against Natalie Walthrust-Jones.

  74. @Plagairism
    Thanks much for comment and offer. We may need to do just that! But hold on; I have just submitted a three page letter of complaint to BU from a parent dating back to 2011. The Principal has not yet answered it! You need to see it! THAT we might have to distribute!

    Let David do his due diligence before he publishes it.

    I sense your excitement, but do let’s try to coordinate what we are doing; nothing hurts a cause more than sporadic actions! This project might well be a model for similar actions in the future!


  75. @
    Fed Up | 19/12/2013 at 10:54 pm | Reply
    @ Neil Watchman
    “You are not “naughty”, you are dangerous. You are talking about people I don’t know and attacking their reputation. However, I know Dr Hackett, her character and that she’s a woman with high standards and integrity.”

    U ARE A PERFECT ASS. what does the above have to our sexual nature? do u not watch tv? look at president clinton? etc a good character DOES NOT equate to being strong enough to resist temptation. u are either a naive 15 year old child or the same Dr. Hackett.

  76. When it’s all said and done the broad of kiss ass and the fools that are on CAPC needs to put their money where their mouth is and look in to this matter from all angles and come to the best decision… One that involves getting rid of her ugly ass

  77. It is indeed heart breaking to see all the comments about NWJ and no one at this institution see’s it fit to remove her. Today is a start of a new year and I have come to let her know DELIVERY is on the way. U abused many student in 2013 but no, no Natts not in 2014. You messed with my friend daughter earlier in the year and letters of complaint was sent to the principal and the Chairman and not a word of acknowledgement was even given. Sorry Natts I have come to let you know Delivery in on the way.

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