Nation Newspaper 'Toeing' The Line?

bfp_piggy125.jpgWe received the following note from a source who regularly provides information to Barbados Free Press and Barbados Underground. As you will read in the note, the Nation newspaper is being accused of not carrying the full page advertisement which is embedded below.

We note that the ad appears in today’s Sunday Sun.

Was there a change of heart?

We also note that the ad appears on the backside of today’s thick Sunday Sun!

Dear Sirs,
I have forwarded to you in this email a copy of a proposed full page advertisement that was to be run in the SUNDAY SUN of today’s date, they the Nation refused to carry the advertisement because for one they did not like the photograph of Owing Arthur mind you that this is the same photograph that was reproduced in their same NATION newspaper before and second they refused to run it as it was too political to have come from a group of Small Black Barbadian Taxpayers.

I think it is disgraceful when the largest daily newspaper is so bent on saving the Gov’ts that they undertake to control the minds and the vote of a free people to this extent it is an absolute disgrace, to us the ones that they serve. It is my understanding that the Chairman and Lawyer Mr. Anthony Audain ruled on the acceptance or non acceptance for running this advertisement should this be the case Mr. Audain where is your sense of fairplay and decency? Was it left in Bay St or at Illaro Court, we deserve better than this abuse from you and the BLP.

Keep it fair and keep it honest and in so doing do the Nation a favour and assist us in keeping the BLP on the straight and narrow part, noticed I refused to suggest that it will keep them honest as we know this will not be the case.

Thank you for your help in this very disturbing matter.

Name Withheld




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25 thoughts on “Nation Newspaper 'Toeing' The Line?

  1. We have a serious matter like the refusal by the media in Barbados to publish the names of the Lucky Number competition but they would refuse to publish this advertisement because the picture of Prime Minister Arthur is unflattering? Don’t they carry cartoon pictures which are unflattering as well?

    Maybe there is another reason?

    We want to ask our BU family to try to discuss the issues with good reason being mindful that this is the silly season.

    We are still resisting putting BU on ‘moderating all comments’.

  2. The stinking loots operating at the Nation News and behind the scenes do not surprise me with their behaviour.

    Their cartoons have often portrayed drunking Owen Arthur in worst light !

    If the Ad above have Owen appearing to have lopsided features……that is the result of his alcoholic tendencies…..the advertisers SHOULD not be held responsible for that.

    The real issue to be dealt with is the questions raised and the responses EXPECTED from a RESPONSIBLE and CARING government.

    But no……with ALL 6 opposition members in the House last Tuesday for the No – Confidence Motion……..the STINKING loots at the Nation News trying to suggest the opposition is divided on this one !

    Roxanne Gibbs……concentrate on the HARDWOOD ( or is it ?????? SOFTWOOD ) you continue to tek from that DRUNKARD……Albert Branford and Roy Morris before him !

  3. Can we lend balance based on the comment above and share that we have been reliably informed that Prime Minister Arthur has had some dental work done on his front teeth. It might explain his tendency to feel with the tongue sometimes.

    Jerome and other. The same thing that you are accusing the Nation of doing, you are doing. Can lift the debate please?

  4. Excellent job by the Nation.

    I’m glad to see that they are keeping their standards high, unlike filthy vermin and trash from BFP who prefer to churn out LIES rather than the TRUTH.

    There are very good reasons why Bajans support the Nation… and among them is that we won’t support the rantings of lowlife scum like Jerome Hinds.


  5. David,

    “We have a serious matter like the refusal by the media in Barbados to publish the names of the Lucky Number competition…”


    It would be a good idea for you to stop spreading LIES.

  6. What lies?

    I still havn’t seen the list of ‘winners’ published in the NATION for the Barbados Lucky Numbers competition, despite the Fair Trading Commission stating they have a list and have contacted several of the ‘winners’.

    And isn’t it amazing that the NATION carried the ‘ads’ for several weeks with the SAME ‘winning’ number.

    Does that mean ALL the lucky ‘winners’ chose the SAME winning number?

  7. David,

    “We have a serious matter like the refusal by the media in Barbados to publish the names of the Lucky Number competition…”

    What is your justification for this statement?

  8. Adrian,

    The suggestion is that may not be accurate to say that the media in Barbados refused to publish the names. Are you saying that the Opera Interactive provided the list to the media and they refused to publish it?

  9. Brutus this matter has been discussed exhaustively under the several blogs dealing with Opera. Please do not use these diversionary tactics which are see through!

    Yes we understand that Aqua restaurant is owned by Tony Hoyos and Colin Brewer. If what we read is true this latest revelation is sure to scatter the fowls in what has become the Hardwood Affair. This is a matter which could have been deflated with a couple resignations but now it has been allowed to gather momentum. We totally agre with Dr. Don Marshall in todays Sun.

  10. The advert was indeed published at the 11th hour and as it was last conveyed to those trying place the advert that it would not be accepted but I to am happy to see that better judgement prevailed and it was published.

    However it does not change the fact that this incident went all the way to the top of the stream in their unwillingness to cooperate with the peoples need for honest information.

    The more this event goes on the more of ASSCOLLS tail is starting to show and trust me it is not a pretty site.

    Yes I to agree with Dr Don Marshall in his verdict, ASSCOLL is a liability to all those around him including the PM and DPM they have the most to respond to, for Owing’s bringing him into the party and secondly for mottley’s support in his nomination and her support in the debate in the no confidence motion they ought to resign.

  11. Brutus..

    I think its quite clear what I am saying.

    WHY has the Nation delayed publishing a list of ‘winners’ that Opera Interactive (Barbados) Ltd supplied to the Fair Trading Commission on or before 14th November 2007?

    Here we are 24 days later.

    Whats the problem?

  12. Too political? Unflattering picture? Is this the same paper that has recently run full page ads attacking and ridiculing the leader of the opposition?

    Where is the fairness, unbiasedness or at least the responsibility to the public? But then again, I’ve been reliably informed that journalism has its own morality.

    Thank God for the Internet. I would forward this to every online voter in Barbados. Let them decide for themselves. This ad encapsulates what every intelligent person is thinking and wants. Simple answers to clearly presented questions based on evidence already in the public domain. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Good work as usual BU.

  13. The ad above states “Paid for by a group of small, black barbadian taxpayers”. The one in today’s Sunday Sun states “Paid for by the Democratic Labour Party”.

    There are a few other minor differences.

  14. Brutus, maybe the Nation forced them to do that. But there were two BLP ads before and nothing was attributed to them. Why the different treatment?

  15. Good point, VELZO !

    But whether the Ad are paid for by the ” Poor Black ” boys……( a term that Owen Arthur despises with a VENGEANCE ) or the DLP….the message is CLEAR !

    Owen Arthur……is yet to ANSWER those questions and more relating to this HARDWOOD issue !

    Where is our so called First World leader EXAMPLE on ” Good Governance ” issues…..?

    You mean tell Barbadians that a Minister of the CROWN

    **** Can be so intimately involved in…….sourcing materials for a Private agency using the State,s appartus…..????

    You mean to tell Barbadians that Tony Hoyos

    *** can sit on EGFL Board and lend Money to Hardwood Inc. of which he is also on the Board Directors…???

    ***Then Tony Hoyos can turn around and saction a $ 2000.00 ENTERTAINMENT Allowance……..which can only be REDEEMED at AQUA RESTAURANT…..which is owned by Tony Hoyos & Colin Brewer……?????

    And OWING AFTER…..says he is too BUSY to investigate this ISSUE !

    Barbados is on FIRE……not only SPRING GARDEN !!!!!! !

  16. If I wasn’t convinced before, I am now that Owen Arthur is a very corrupt man.

    Chris Sinckler produced a cheque last night at the Bayviller meeting from the St. Peter Development Fund. It was paid to the Courts to free Kelvin Price – brother of the wife of the Prime Minister – from prison some months ago!

    How could the money contributed to an NGO to help develop St. Peter be used for such? Perhaps other criminals like Royalrumble could tell us. I think it is the depths of corruption.

  17. I am still waiting on Royalrumble to explain the Kelvin Price issue and the DPP issue raised by David Thompson. How could a Minister attend a meeting to discuss land purchasdes by Hardwood with the DPP acting privately for a party and not tell the DPP that it is wrong for him to do so? No DPP should be practising privately!

    But public morality is now at its lowest in Barbados.

  18. Public morality is now at its lowest.
    Now, you say!
    For years, it was always low under this government.
    1) most people either turned a blind eye, or were too blind to see.
    2) and because of #1, it has emboldened the players involved to behave in this way with impunity.

  19. Best you could change the blog name title Nation Newspaper ‘Toeing’ The Line? | to something more better for your blog post you write. I loved the blog post even sononetheless.

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