Why Does China Strongly Support The Myanmar Government?

Beijing’s silent support for the Myanmar government and its brutal suppression against its people angers the international society. Even Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Price laureate and a South African cleric, a religious leader who is seldom involved in international politics, came out and urged China to intervene in the confrontations in Myanmar or he (the Archbishop) would “join a campaign to boycott the Beijing Olympics”. Some Internet users in China continue to show their misplaced loyalties based on their ignorance and applaud Beijing’s action.
Opinions from some westerners conclude that what motivates Beijing to support Myanmar is economic interest, and yet others think it is out of Beijing’s fear of democracy. Some experts in China defended the government with seemingly correct reasons—in principle Beijing does not interfere in the internal affairs of other countries and really doesn’t possess the kind of powerful influence the outside imagines; it is correct that Beijing chooses to be silent on the situation in Myanmar.
Source: Status of Chinese People

burma.jpg Last week, BFP joined with other bloggers around the world to highlight the atrocities being perpetrated on the PEOPLE of Burma. The graphic pictures of Monks being slaughtered will remain etched in our minds forever.  We were alarm when we read the report by a fellow blogger about China’s support for the Burma government.  Why is this important? China has veto powers on the UN Security Council so it makes it unlikely that the UN will be able to levy sanctions.  It is also interesting to know that China and Burma are heavy trading partners just like the USA and China.


Some things never change. What a world we live in!


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