Nation Newspaper Finally Awakes From A Deep Slumber By Publishing The 3S Barbados SRL, Jonathan Danos Story ~ Can They Stay Awake?

Just over a week is the time it has taken for the Nation newspaper to break the story which Barbados Underground and Barbados Free Press published last week. The fact that the Nation and its counterparts in the media in Barbados refuse to acknowledge the blogs and other social media is a reflection of their own ignorance and insecurity. In the BU household not one journalist can be found, however our mantra is simple, news is news and it does not matter the source provided it can be cross checked. We have been very deliberate in the stories that we publish and most of our content can stand-up to scrutiny. We admit that traditional media has the hurdle of a more restrictive environment in which they have to operate. This is exacerbated by the litigious climate which exists around the world today. Having said that we feel the passive approach to journalism in Barbados where the media Houses are afraid to test matters in court if they believe in a news story is partly responsible for the arrogance and contempt which the Prime Minister and his troops have for media practitioners in Barbados.

How else can you explain Barney Lynch walking out of a live program on radio?

How else can you explain the Prime Minister not pressured to give regular press conferences?

How else can you explain the reaction when a Prime Minister can call Publishers at the different media houses in Barbados and tell them about their mother and fathers when articles not to liking appear?

The 3S and Jonathon Danos law suit story is relatively old news and in any country in the world the media practitioners would have sought to ferret out information on any vendor which won a major government contract. When we factor that Operation Free Flow aka flyovers was a very controversial project in the eyes of Barbadians it makes the incompetence of our media all the more evident. We hope that media practitioners in Barbados will wake up and come to the quick realization that there is a new way in which things must be done going forward. As the Fourth Estate it must play an active role while working with the Third Estate to agitate and advocate the ideals and aspirations of our people. No one group in our society should be allowed to invert their roles to the detriment of the people. Politicians and government must always feel that integrity and humility will be rewarded, never corruption, immorality or arrogance.

We know that it is an unrealistic desire, but we speak for the Blogosphere when we say that we are prepared to work with all media entities to ensure that pertinent issues are exposed for public consumption. To those who say that blogs have their agendas they would be correct and this is why it is important to welcome all media entities bearing the different agendas.

The Voices of the PEOPLE must be heard!

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39 thoughts on “Nation Newspaper Finally Awakes From A Deep Slumber By Publishing The 3S Barbados SRL, Jonathan Danos Story ~ Can They Stay Awake?

  1. “How else can you explain the reaction
    when a Prime Minister can call Publishers at the different media houses in Barbados
    and tell them….”
    – a comment on THAT.

    This has been going on for longer than you think,dread!
    Some decades ago I was close to the Nation.
    I talkin bout back in the 70s and 80s – and I knew then that the Nation big-ups would get their surreptitious calls instructing them which spin or not-spin, would suit The National Purpose!
    That would mean Harrr Hoyte and maybe a few immediately under him.

    So, it’s nothing new.
    After all, your newsprint rolls and barrels of ink have to come in thru MY Port.
    You DO need them to print continuously, don’t you?

    It’s SO easy.
    Kinda like shooting fish in a barrel!
    SO easy to control and micro-manage a small island.

  2. David/Barbados Underground

    whew – sigh – Finally boy,finally !

    I believe your threat of exposing things in the media is what forced their hands.

    Bunch of yellow bellies.

    I agree with you totally,the media houses are the ones responsible for the Prime Minister and his yardfowls feeling they are ‘Untouchables’.

    If Owen and Liz and Barney Lynch and others were challenged in court (like the Dominican Times newspaper publisher did) every time they threaten a lawsuit,and if Vob and others were to test these Libel laws in court instead of censoring callers for the most innocuous and benign of stuff – then Owen and the rest would have gotten the message ever long time since.

    Boy,it goin be cat piss and pepper soon bout here.

  3. I would personally like to thank the BFP and BU for giving this story the front page position that it deserved and my thanks to OOPS!! for bringing this site up todate and exposing these corrupt persons involved in this scam, ie the PM, Nicholls, Bannister, the minister of road works, the DPM and the AG they should all be held liable for this bastard being brought onto the scene and to conspire with him to rob us Barbadians.

  4. I think the readership of the blogs and forums, in addition to what has taken place in the US and elsewhere has demonstrated to the Bajan mainstream media that they are progressing towards a similar demise. Everything todate from the advocate, nation, and vob has centered around the fact that their are first foremost a business, and the threat of libel and large litigation payouts, in addition to the lost of revenue from being continually denied a tv and other potential communications licences to my mind is the core focus of their approach on what to report on and how to report it. In the past they only had to pander to and or contend with one end of the string, the end that has a vested interest in with-holding news and information, now they must pander and contend with other end of the string that is demanding the news and information that is being withheld. This end of the string represent their core and most loyal revenue stream, the people, and any business that intends to manage the up and down cycles of business, and to build-out and progress in the long run have got to secure their core, via loyalty activity on the business part and in it’s many forms, in order to profit , to build out and to progress. The blogs are a direct threat to their very existence, and the flyer’s would have demonstrated in a much more tangible way how this is so than the viewership of the online spaces can. Bigger media house have fall to the blogs, they can too.

  5. Adrian Hinds

    I agree entirely with your comment.

    Online blogs such as BFP and BU do pose a threat to mainstream media.

    I listened to ‘Down to Brass Tacks’ (with David Ellis) yesterday for the first time in ages. I had to force myself to listen all the way through – it was PAINFUL!!

    Here are my main criticisms:
    1) Ellis is arrogant and bullying
    2) Ellis ALWAYS has to have the last word (cutting people off then continuing to speak)
    3) Ellis never once mentioned the blogs (although he constantly hinted at them saying ‘certain writers…..’
    4) Nearly every caller was incoherent and muddled
    5) Discussion topics were poorly organised

    Plainly, the radio call-in show is a dying format, if this pile of plop is anything to go by! Blogs are much more fun and are far more intelligently run – no patronising host who is in love with the sound of his own voice!

    Long live BU and BFP!

  6. Ian Bourne was a reporter not too long ago and he recently confirmed in this blog that the mantra at the Nation was never to quote a blog, so there you have it from the horses mouth.

  7. Excellent analysis YUm YUM.
    On another note, I am disappointed with the great hype about the Nation finally printin this story.
    THE NATION is history – who cares what they print? How does this become an achievement?

    David, how soon can we have issue number 2 of the REAL news?

  8. Bush Tea don’t you agree that part of the process of dismantling the sorry perceptions which exists with the masses is to poke holes in the Nation and the other media entities? The clarification might help in the process of change which must occur.

  9. All I will say is thank god for BFP and BU if it were not for them we would be living in the dark ages devoid of any news.
    The other amazing issue here is we are supposed to have an effective gov’t running the affairs of this island but when the short runt is out of the island there is no one with a voice to say anything on any subject, this sounds more like a dictatorship than a democracy to me, why is the title DPM bestowed on Mottley if she is unable to issue a statement on any subject at all?
    Why would the Nation or any other media house have to seek permission to from the gov’t on the printing of this story are they lapdogs of the ruling party or do they need the dictators permission to say what they ought to say.

  10. David, on September 14th, 2007 at 4:21 pm Said:

    Didn’t we see Reginald Farley in the role as acting Prime Minister on Wednesday? Must mean that quite a few people are out of country.


    Only this morning I commented about that. I wonder if the scamps get out early, I hope that anyone working at the air and sea ports and see wives and families moving out would give us an early heads up.

    Captain! the ship is sinking – who going first the mice of the men.

  11. Wishful thinking Warrior?

    We read that AlHart is the PR company for 3S. BU notice that Al Gilkes seems to pick-up many of the high profile clients. It will be interesting to see how Al manages the fallout from the story today because it will force the passive DLP to respond because it is now in the public domain. We feel that David lost a good opportunity when the blogs put the info out there to act. Now it seems like they will be just reacting because they have no choice.

    Will they ever learn?

  12. The nationnews need to either get a non-partisan political correspondent to replace Albert “blp penman” Brandford, or hire a second and or a third politcal correspondent in an attempt to get some balance. Every sunday i am hard press to find the difference between the Beresford and Brandford articles.

  13. Have to hand it to BushTea. The Nation and the rest of the lap dog media has lost credibility. I personally do not want to hear anything they have to say from henceforth. They are has beens. Vote Nation, Starcom, Advocate, CBC for hasbeens with no credibility left. Does not matter what they do now. No one wants to hear them.

  14. Dear all

    I am starting to feel VERY STRONGLY that it would be wrong to vilify Jonathan Danos, as the Nation article is doing.

    The main point of this ‘fraud’ story is to highlight the corruption in the tendering process and the lack of transparency therein. The GOVERNMENT should be the ones under scrutiny not Danos.

    I’ll tell you why. (My hunch)

    Danos chose, after 13 distinguished years at Mabey & Johnson to leave and set up his own specialist contractors firm. He did so at a strategic time when he knew that certain big contracts were up for grabs – including the Barbados flyovers project. (understandable)

    Danos and co formed 3S and tendered for this job, competing with his old employer M&J, amongst others.There can certainly be no question marks against Danos when it comes to his pedigree supplying roads infrastructure (after all it did earn him an MBE!)

    3S won the contract by whatever means it took to convince the Barbados government (!!???!!)- remember these guys are used to dealing with Latin America!

    Mabey & Johnston were understandably a bit p*ssed off about this – a lot p*ssed off! A MULTI-million dollar contract stolen from beneath their noses! HA!

    What could they do to get back at Danos?

    Sour grapes motivated this civil action, nothing else. Don’t get me wrong, Danos is probably not squeaky clean, but these sorts of backhanders/kickbacks etc are common in the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa or any location where there are fragile and/or corrupt governments with no system of accountability or transparency! (Look at what just happened in the Philipines!) There is no co-incidence in the timing of this citation – after the Barbados government made their decision on the contractor.

    He may be convicted, but I suspect he has been fitted up, we’ll have to wait and see!

    Danos is innocent until proven guilty, however the BLP government (in the eyes of the people) should be regarded as GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT!

    Let us see all the documentation. The tenders, the contract…….get it out in the open!

    PS I would be obliged if some of the more informed commentators would desist in referring to Danos as a crook, stick to ‘alleged crook’, after all we don’t want him to be made into a scapegoat, that might let the real crooks off the hook (I did’t know that would rhyme :)).

    The End

  15. Was Danos not party to the share of the Jamaica Kickback Agreement where they split the commissions ?
    Or did I miss the point of the fraud case against he,Gibson and the 3rd partner?

  16. WIV

    As I said he is ‘probably not squeaky clean’. The point being that I suspect the kickbacks would usually have been overlooked by M&J.

    Lots of little illegal activities are going on ALL the time in big business. How do you think that some people make SO much damned money? Tax dodges, bribes, insider trading………If you randomly picked a big company and were given unfettered access to their accounts etc. I would guarantee that you would dig up some-one who was stealing, defrauding… whatever. It just so happened that this was a convenient time for M&J to do some digging!

    Fraud and conspiracy are wrong, and IF proven guilty Danos is a criminal.

    What I am saying is that is TOO convenient for the government (and maybe others who don’t believe in integrity legislation -DLP??) to simply view Danos as the villain.

    Do you get my point?

  17. YUM’s point is valid and taken. Danos is not the story it is the transparency in our governance system in Barbados. Some might say however that if Danos is taken down both purposes will be served. Another point of focus is the possibility of the government legislating against the blogs. The reality for government is that a blog can be managed from any part of the world by anyone. Any action by government to muzzle free speech via the Internet will take on global significance and attention.

  18. Can we also focus on the inter-relationships between Al-Hart, the publicists for 3S (and perhaps the BLP), the Al-Hart whose principle has a column in One Caribbean Newspaper, plus the BNB board (as outlined by ‘More’- thank you More), the GOB, and the principles of local businesses (likeWilliams Industries, BS&T, Neal and Massey, and takeover businesses?

    The general public can logically make the links between these entities. In fact, the link from ‘More’ to the BNB board is mandatory reading. It reads like a circumstantial ‘crime’ sheet, paving the way to knowledge of what is really happening in Barbados.

    Interestingly, did any more bloggers recently notice the photo in One Caribbean with Owen Arthur and Robert LeHunte in One Caribbean News recently? There was Mr. Le Hunte dressed up like the proverbial witchdoctor awarding the prizes. That photo said it all. The look on the Prime Ministers face said a lot too! If you never saw it, do search for it.

    I’d like to see that picture published in the blogs.

    What I really want to know is how our patriotic Nation Bajans can work at One Caribbean Media ans still serve the country justly.

    Calling all journalists. Put down your pens and take a day strike action to protest to your bosses for freedom of the press. Show them that we can view corruption objectively, report it, publish it….

    ….eliminate it. Not for DLP, but for the sake of maintaining honesty in our country.

    For the good of our Island we have to work towards an honest future. Otherwise we end up another Antigua story. I don’t like what is happening, but I’m still reserving my vote . Are there journalists anywhere who think like this?

  19. Actually David, re the bit about Nation not recognising blogs? I said it here, but at CBC I have seen the Info Min of the day call an editor to see what stories were running that night and gave orders to change the order and angle stories were approached

  20. yum yum the corrupt illegal secret wheeling and dealing that takes place in big business in barbados would make what Rommell, Lynch and BLP doing look like a walk in the park. Thing is the commercial elite in barbados is a small narrow ultra rich group who connive among themselves. Journalists, politicians, social commentators etc are clueless as to what the big business bosses their family and friends get away with.

  21. This is the Al Hart that is playng with government and the NCF as it is to be privatised and who is getting shares in many events? Just asking.

    One way to speak to the BNB is to speak with your feet- and withdraw your accounts. Move to another credit union or bank. if enough people believe the above to be true, why support its occurence by investng your hard earned funds here? Change banks!

    For the journalists and the employees who make the papers, make it difficult for them to be unpatriotic. Work to rule, sick out, etc. Or is the policy at OCM to simply fire and liquidate all who disagree politically?

    Are we proud to work for Bajans who are grasping at owning our entire country, working with gov and foreigners in offshoere jurisdictions.

    Are we happy that milk is going up 45% from next week as a red herring to distract and oppress the masses of Barbados from looking at 3S/

    Are we prepared to vote for anyone who aspires to these things, and creates a personal ability to lerave Barbvados in offshore industry?

    Are we prepared to allow ethanol production instead of sugar without a thought towards incentive to planting food for the population to eat?

    Do we have money to buy land and build house in Barbados, we are so well off? How come so much land lies fallow?

    Do we know what our debt consists of and whether our bonds from Gov will be paid back?

    Are we prepared to shoulder this debt while we believe that a percentage, perhaps even a large percentage goes into offshore accuonts and to foreign consultants, companies and middlemen and does not benefit us, yet we have to pay? Isn’t that OUR money?

    Are we happy with prices in the stores as middlemen companies factor just like above? And no recourse, the FTC has allowed it?

    Do we believe that Barbadiansd are still an honest people with integrity and morals? For how much longer if in fact we still are?

    So many questions, and no answers in sight, no prospect of help or exposure. Help!

  22. In the Sunday Sun of august 26, george siddall was quoted as saying that the cost increases for the operation free flow was due to widening of the highway for its entire length, along with new median barriers, rehabilitation of the centre of the roadway, street lighting along the centre as well as utility challenges especially in the northern section of the project. In fact, at the public launch of the project on July 22, 2006 3S already had prices from CO Williams and Rayside for the widening works now being undertaken and as far back as April 2006, a full 3 months before the launch, there were drawings showing the full extent of the widening along with the median barriers, central rehabilitation and lighting and even a roundabout at the Belle junction.

  23. this article really has nothing to do with us in barbados atall right now cause he is being sued elsewhere for one and the other thing is innocent until proven guilty so for right now we need to be careful wat accusations we through out if he is proven guilty then we we have to worry

  24. if he is proven guilty then we would need to investigate our involvement with these guys but for right now we need to be careful

  25. Guilty as charged he accepted a cheque for STL 100,000.00 that was part of the scam that they called the JAMAICA KICKBACK AGREEMENT does it not want to make you ask if the extra US $ 100 million is not part of a BARBADOS KICKBACK AGREEMENT ?
    Come on guys do not swallow this rubbish being put out by the corrupt bunch of the blp unless you stop and realise what their game plan was, if in doubt it was exactly as happened in Jamaica why do you think Hobson and Nicholls brought them here? no other reason than because they knew how they would play the game with Owing and company, not because of any building skills more for there corruption skills.

  26. Operation Free Flow

    Stated cost of project at launch on July 22, 2006 – $ 70 million US
    Reported cost of project in Sunday Sun August 26, 2007 – $ 180 million US.
    Works additional to scope of works at launch – 2000m 69kV duct for BL&P, extra underground utilities for BWA and NPC at Warrens, additional service crossings at roundabouts. Do the math. By the way, Shak Shak, I agree that the drawings (Belle roundabout) are not in the public domain but let me assure you they do exist.

  27. I did my bit in cutting and pasting some stories together and using your discreet mailer distributed to many ministries and gov’t departments and heads of missions and actually to some regional newspapers and the Guardian in London as well to see where it goes and if it goes.
    This corruption must cease and it must cease now we cannot continue with this wholesale raping of the treasury as these people the blp are presently raping our island.
    One was even sent to the PM’s office for his perusal, he MAY NOT BE AWARE OF THE CORRUPTION you know !!
    When will the second batch be ready for mailing ?

  28. David, on September 14th, 2007 at 3:29 pm Said:

    “Bush Tea don’t you agree that part of the process of dismantling the sorry perceptions which exists with the masses is to poke holes in the Nation and the other media entities? The clarification might help in the process of change which must occur.”

    David, you DID that already. let sleeping dogs lie..

    Truth is that most of us would do the same in their shoes. And if they could operate anonymously, they would sound just like us too.
    Lots of cowards around.

    ..and OUTSTANDING WORK so far on your part.

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  33. My take on the economic situation is not academic, people tend to respond to threats to their pockets and the Prime Minister would have had a year to crank the numbers. There wil be a need to preserve the foreign exchange position and if the economy is adjusting on it’s own slowly then ther will be a need to help and I am advocating higher tax credits with the usual 5 year hold for this type of investment. The Government should take the lead by investing in areas like agriculture eg bio-fuel plants, diversification is needed now for energy security.

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