The "Big Boys" Continue To Satisfy The High Demand For Drugs In Barbados~Barbadians Have Surrendered!

$3.6 million drug haul

Web Posted – Mon Aug 06 2007

NINETEEN bales and six packages of cannabis have been netted by the police force in yet another drug haul. According to Acting Public Relations Officer of the Royal Barbados Police Force, Station Sergeant David Welch, the Drug Squad and the K9 Unit responded to a report at 8:30 yesterday morning of bales of cannabis being seen at Long Pond, St. Andrew.

A further search of the area was conducted on the beach and a bushy area, leading to the discovery of 1 309 and three quarter-pounds of the drug, he said.The street value of this is estimated to be approximately $3.6 million. No arrests have been made as yet with the find, and investigations are ongoing.

Source: Advocate

It has always been puzzling to the BU household that a small country like Barbados where we are all known to be related, it seems, yet we have never been able to arrest any of the “big boys” who are obviously connected to the importation of drugs into our 21 x 14 island. If there was any doubt that most Barbadians are connected by bloodline in some form or fashion, it was exemplified in the recent accident on Joy Road, Horse Hill in the East Coast tragedy. Almost any Barbadian who came into contact after the accident confirmed having a close friend or was related to occupants of the coach which appeared to have suffered mechanical failure. The big question which all Barbadians must ask must be__why is our society silent on the “big boys” who are obviously circumventing the security barriers in place to detect crime. There is the obvious answer that Barbadians are scared to speak-out. Could it be that the value system of our people has deteriorated to the point where we have lost our ability to care? But without a doubt BU know that it has to do with the power of money, greed, the hungry, and our black Barbadian officials who continue to betray the country by accepting bribes.

Ordinary Barbadians who are understandably afraid to speak-out must consider the alternative to remaining silent. As Barbadians, we have a responsibility to the current and future generations to ensure a wholesome society is guaranteed. So there is the catch-twenty-two situation; hear no evil, see no evil. But there is the long term effect this approach will have on our small and what has been to date a stable society. Looking at some of our Caribbean neighbors (Jamaica, Trinidad and Guyana) can confirm what our destination brings if we continue on the current path. Our fixation to attribute 100% blame on our politicians seems to be part of the problem. Each citizen in Barbados has a responsibility to do the right thing. Sometimes, it takes only one or two persons to step-up, which can have a significant difference on outcomes. If Barbadians who can be heard to boast of our rich education is to benefit, we must be able to translate our “high literacy” to create a wholesome society. If we fail to do so, then all of our boasts will echo shallow on our fields and hills which are fast becoming not our very own.

Our politicians are charged with making policy and our Police Force is charged with enforcing the laws. In recent times, the missing ingredient has been the influence and power of our people. The policies created by our politicians must be flavored with the dreams and aspirations of our people, and the Police Force will be as effective as the information and support given to it by our people. To BU, it seems that the next move is with the people of Barbados.

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