Barbados Labour Party Fail To Use Their Online "Mouth Pieces" To Say Sorry To The Nation


At this time of deep National mourning over the Joe’s River Tragedy we thank our prolific contributor “Wishing In Vain” for highlighting that the Barbados Labour Party Blog or their official website is in no rush to extend condolences via the online medium. We acknowledge that they would have communicated sympathy in the traditional ways but at a time when technology makes the Internet a more effective tool in a communications plan, it speaks volumes for where we are as a people given our reluctance to use what is without a doubt the most effective and efficient means to communicate a message.

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Perhaps the decision makers over at the Barbados Labour Party need to hire Karel Mc Intosh of the Caribbean Public Relations Blog for some guidance. BU take this opportunity to say thanks on behalf of the Bajan blogs for the “big up” she gave to us on her blog.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Bajan blogs continue to top WordPress’ lists

I’ve always believed in the power of blogs – especially Caribbean blogs – to reach a wide audience. Of course, your ability to do so depends on several variables including, compelling content, the audiences you’re catering to, and optimising your online searchability.

Two blogs, which have been enjoying phenomenal success are the Barbados Free Press blog and Barbados Underground. Congratulations! BFP and BU focus on political, social and economic issues in Barbados, and are quite dedicated to their craft, sometimes posting several times a day.

To read about their experience, click this link, which shows statistics on how they’re achieving top 100 status on WordPress’s blog and post rankings, individually.

We just wonder who is in charge of managing the BLP websites. The Prime Minister who of late is taken up with image building should have a word with that person!

46 thoughts on “Barbados Labour Party Fail To Use Their Online "Mouth Pieces" To Say Sorry To The Nation

  1. Thank you BU for the acknowledgement.
    Really I am not certain that expressing sympathy is a major concern of theirs.
    What we have on our hands are a bunch of cowboys playing with bank accounts rather than playing with guns, and unless it deposits monies into their bank accounts nothing matters to them.
    We have a very superficial bunch in office that will tell you what they assume you want to hear but then proceed to do what they want to do whatever the case.
    By their very actions it is blatanly clear to me that they care little or nothing about the masses, there are too many examples of this style for it to be considered an accident moreso a willful act of callous manner.

  2. They have publicly stated their condolences. So lets not get ANAL, like a bunch of spoiled little children. Give me a break!

  3. crossroads~it is all about protocol. Think about it. It is a tragedy of enormous proportions for Barbados. The info is currently flowing all over the world as we speak. All the organs used to disseminate information by our governments should be used to covey their message. When general elections come-up they will do so. When there was CWC 2007 they did so. If AA had crashed or some other international incident had occurred they would have done so.

    Because it is a few locals dead and several hanging on its no problem. A few words to VOB or the Nation is all that is required. No wonder we get the suffer the crap spouted on us.

  4. You all really overrate yourselves. Yes the Internet is important but haven’t you all realised that generally in Barbados, the majority of persons do not use theInternet as yet.

    Just the same people over and over (e.g. all the responses on all the Barbados blogs are basically made by the same people).

    They made a decision to make condolences the most public way in Barbados (newspaper and TV). As a result, all of Barbados knows that they express their condolences.

    No protocol has been established anywhere that you must make every comment or actiona available on the Web. David – as you said, it is a tragedy of great proportions for Barbados and if you note around the world, when tragedies of greater proportion occur (189 dead in Brazil), you do not notice the governing parties rushingout on thier websites offering condolences. If you look around the Internet you praise so much, you will notice that after tragedies most political parties and organisations leave them alone. It is generally only blogs or extremists (who attempt to blame everybody else for all problems) who comment.

  5. I belive BU is just being picky. Seriously, to imply that the present goverment does not care for the people of barbados because they did’nt use a particular form of media is to me, ridiculous. Seems like “mountain out of a mole hill”. They used the more popular forms of media for our society to share their condolences. Stick to real issues.

  6. crossroads/tundr~thanks for your opinion, we respect yours and we have aired ours and so be it.

    There will always be these times when we must disagree and that is the nature of beast. To conclude that the position which we have taken can be summarized to mean that the government does not care is a non point. We based our argument on the need to establish a protocol, the fact that Brazil did not do it is again a non point. It is interesting what happens when we have to benchmark to a developing country. Why did you not use USA or UK when they experienced 9/11 or the underground bombings. At the end of it all we feel that the government is big on using technology and if they are then they should use it. Disseminating a message of condolence is not only meant for Barbadians it is meant for the world.

    Barbados has always established it self in the world based on an independent way of thinking. There is absolutely nothing wrong if we were to do it our way. This is our opinion and we will defend it until we think otherwise. On the question of numbers on the Internet you are right about the numbers. But dont be fooled you see the number of people who submit an opinion what you don’t see are the thousands who say nothing.We remember when there was a time we all caught the bus or walked. Now we all have cars, houses and high level education. Things change so get use to it.

    Remember this is a government that is talking about a modern society!

  7. At least the team at the DLP saw it fit to post a message expressing their sympathy, not bad for a bunch of wild boys meanwhile our leaders lapse.

  8. FYI? Ppl at Lucky Horseshoe got calls from NY, Tobago and St Lucia about Sunday and are still receiving such calls – so do not dismiss the Internet nor text messages, I understand a flurry of SMS were made shortly after the Joe’s River incident

  9. tundr // Aug 1st 2007 at 11:47 am

    You all really overrate yourselves. Yes the Internet is important but haven’t you all realized that generally in Barbados, the majority of persons do not use the Internet as yet.

    Just the same people over and over (e.g. all the responses on all the Barbados blogs are basically made by the same people).

    I beg to disagree with this statement. More than half the population has the internet, if not dial-up, then ADSL. who does not have at home have at work. Pay close attention and see the increase of internet cafe’s around the country, not only in the tourist belt and notice who’s using them.

    Some parents can’t use it but they purchase computers for their young ones and learn as time goes on. School work and projects now get a lot more exciting because of research and info pulled from the internet.

    Barbadians read these blogs but are afraid to post anything, even their own opinions, because they strongly believe that some one who can harm them will get their IP address, locate them and threaten them.

    I have been long persuaded that the BLP cares nothing for the people of Barbados. If nine ppl die in the space of a few days it means nothing to them, as long it is not one of their family, or someone from whom they can gain political mileage.

    One only has to revert to when the PM and his wife experienced a human moment earlier this year to see the blatant evidence.

  10. A browse of the web shows that Barbados has one of the highest Internet penetration rates in the worlds and is listed at #26 according to this website. So for those people who think that the radio and the newspapers will continue to be the media of choice they need to get real.

  11. Unless we are prepared to accept that the blp are more concerned with their financial well being than the affairs of Barbados we are going no where fast.
    When money dictates actions we are having a real problem and no money was involved here hence no comment of expressing sympathy.
    Simply put it has no real gain for the people in power to enhance their bank accounts so why bother to do anything sad but true.

  12. Iris and Jim~by now you must realize that unsubstantiated comments are worthless to any discussion. If you care to you can put down an argument which challenges anything that we have written As it stands how can we adequately respond to what you have posted. We knew that when we decide to write about political topics we would attract criticism and we welcome it. So Iris and Jim lets here your views and dont’ hide behind the one line stuff:-)

  13. Apologies for that, David, but we just can’t elucidate on that one, so we’ll just withdraw. Perhaps we’ll come back with something substantial at a later date. Ciao!

  14. To Iris and Jim no sickos on here just real people with real concerns and real responses to real issues that the gov’t chooses to neglect.

  15. Wishing in Vain,

    We have already apologised to David, but we would like to assure you that nothing we stated was in reference to you or anything you posted. We are “holding strain” for now!

  16. David on this subject it might be appropriate that the Government of the day or some other appropriate source that Barbadians and those who lost loved ones approve of consider erecting a small permanent “Memorial” at the site of the accident.

    I suggest this because of the event involved that led to the tragedy and the fact so many died!

    Maybe someone has already suggested this or they are plans to do it. Just a thought!

  17. Wishing in Vain, David saw through these two for what they were and who the BFP labels as BLP “Operatives”.

    These people are smooth and the minute they realize you are hurting the BLP cause, they resort to going after you, using trivia and nonsense as their weapons. That is the trade mark of the BLP, cowardice!

    David showed them up for what they are, basically BLP lackeys who have nothing to say of any intelligence that would help Barbados and the masses that so desperately need help. Just ignore them!

  18. David – Just to let you know. Proceed to Natiional and state Republican and Democrat sites and you will see no condolences offered for victims of Bridge collapse other than news reports and that is in the US as you told me to compare us to. All condolences appear on individual candidates websites. So BLP followed according to party protocol on Internet. Also go check Conservative and Labour parties in UK regarding recent flooding.

    And where did that website get its figures of 160,000 users. Not that many households in Barbados. So unless you assume that in every household in Barbados with Internet access it is used by all members of the household – which refutes poor Warrior point about parents who do not use the Internet or computers buying for their children – those numbers do not really add up.

    BTW – Warrior which Internet cafes are bursting at the seams?

    Come on, you say do not take everything BLP says just so but remember the Internet is just as full of half-truths as anywhere else.

  19. Wishing in vain – when we accept that all politicians regardless of party are no different to the rest of us. Wanting to get theirs while they can then we can open our eyes. Things were no different under Dems.

    As Gabby said before being included DLP, BLP, NDP, PEP all the same. Looking out for themselves ahead of everybody else

  20. It is wonderful to note the group of wild boys are in touch with the hurt of the nation that they have made a point of mentioned it on their blogs twice, they have two places to pass on your comments of sympathy, well done DLP we are still awaiting the wakeup call from the blp to see when they will finally make it known that they care as well.

  21. Is this the same T.D. Allamby, aka Dave Allamby, aka Plover/Patrick Porter, who caused so many problems on BFP and DLP blogs? oh please, dont let him come and spoil this one. I read an apology to David by a man and a woman but I didnt know what it was about until it clicked when I saw references by Allamby to BLP operatives. The people had the guts and decency to apologise for whatever, which was obviously accepted by BU, but this character has to come along and stir things up. Same old, same old.

  22. You know what I find very interesting about this blog and that of the BFP?

    There are very few if any commenters supporting or laufing the BLP or any of their policies!

    I wonder why that is?

    Maybe some might like to express an opinion on this observation of mine because I am curious why.

  23. Pearl and Idealist both humorous responses that I got a chuckle out of but seriously.

    I do not know how many people I mean different people use these blogs daily but you would think that at least a few comments would support the BLP but unless I am missing them I see none that is why I asked!

  24. You tell what good they are doing to comment on , Paradise, Cohhobopot, flyovers, Prison, west coast sewage treatment plant, QEH and health, unfinshed gov’t owned buildings like in Newton,the Police, CWC, GEMS and that whole mess, slot machine moving to 2,500 from less than a 1000 before, pandering to Pemberton and the rich west coast folks chains and barriers across public roads actually the lady gets rewarded with an consul in Germany after her chaining off the road. Baths that cost 10 times what they should cost to build only because Liz Thompson’s husband is doing the job,Greenland land disaster $60 million and not useable.
    If these are the things that they should be praised for doing lord help us as we have real issues.

  25. Wishing in Vain I am glad my question has elicited comment from you, Pearl and Idealist and I hope others will also post their reasons.

    Personally I thought the question was worth putting out into the forum to see who responded and what they had to say.

    One would think that if the BLP or their followers were seriously monitoring this Blog some of them would come forward. Don’t you think so? Why then don’t they?

  26. Could it be that it is a situation where BLP supporters feel that they are in a position of safety and it is the DLP supporter who has to come after them. So far despite all the talk by DLP loyalists on the blogs we have not seen any concrete evidence put forward to shake the BLP people confidence of not winning at the next poll.

  27. It is hard to be the lone voice in the wilderness of massive corruption and dishonesty and I really do feel that even the diehard BLP supporters are ashamed and annoyed at what Owing and company have conspired to do to rape this country.
    They may feel a sense of disgust and annoyance but in true bajan style are not prepared to voice an opinion one way or the other hence the silence.
    Quietly they to maybe wishing for a change of gov’t but too afraid to say this.

  28. David and Wishing in Vain both good and valid comments.

    But David surely there are rabid BLP supporters that must take exception to some of what is being said about them on these blogs. That is my point. Why would they remain silent instead of getting into the action?

    But my next concern is this, could there be only a limited number of people using these blogs including the DLP and BLP Bolg that might account for it?

    when you read the DLP AND BLP BLOGS they are really few comments and many are from the same people. In the case of the BU and BFP Blogs the same is true as far as the same people using them I mean but there are more postings.

    My concern is that our voices whether we are Pro BLP or DLP are really not reaching any great numbers of people in Barbados who will vote. Because surely if thousands or even hundreds were reading the blogs human nature what it is would make many of them out of anger or political loyalty go on the record to voice an opinion. I find it very interesting and baffling!

  29. Well done to the BU, BFP and the DLP for having the wisdom and forward thinking to sey up a section on their blogs for us to express sympathy to those who loss loved ones in those tragic accidents over the weekend.
    It is very timely as the blp is taking a pounding on the call in shows today for their lack of compassion both in their article in the newspaper today or on their website.
    Keep the good work up you are doing a wonderful job of allowing people to express their concerns.

  30. Well done to the BU, BFP and the DLP for having the wisdom and forward thinking to set up a section on their blogs for us to express sympathy to those who loss loved ones in those tragic accidents over the weekend.
    It is very timely as the blp is taking a pounding on the call in shows today for their lack of compassion both in their article in the newspaper today or on their website.
    Keep the good work up you are doing a wonderful job of allowing people to express their concerns.

  31. Tundr~we concede that Barbados is a backward place and Barbadians have little regard for the Internet. Keep wallowing in the past. Times are changing; REMEMBER!

  32. It would help if the thousands that read the blog daily would email our information to Barbadians and others listed in their address book. The numbers would increase significantly. Imagine if a 1000 readers emailed to 3-5 of their friends, and those friends did the same.

  33. Anyone believing Barbados is a backward place and have little regard for the internet is not playing with a full deck nor are they living in the real world.

    Computers and the entire world of computers are the way of the future and children in North America and I am sure in Barbados too are using them in schools at very young ages and at home.

    The computer is the future and if you are not computer literate God help you in the world of business, or most vocations you may chose to pursue.

    As a matter of fact only a couple of days ago I saw my grand daughter who is 8 using some kind of electronic gizmo that I was not even familar with and she could tell me all about it. And I still do not understand what the hell it is.

    I go into Future Shop and places like that and realize my generation is obsolete. Half of what is bering sold and displayed I have not got a clue what to hell they are. I had to jump through hoops to get a phono cartridge for my 35 year old stereo receiver as I refuse to get a CD. I listen to my vinyl!

    What I find hard to understand as far as blogs are concerned is this. Using them in Barbados where mainly local issues are being discussed/debated and hearing that thousands are hitting these blogs daily two things are apparent to me. Most bringing up the blogs have no interest to participate in the issues posted or the comments made. Because few who hit the blogs submit opinions.

    In this regard you have the same old same old people and comments going back and forth. All of the blogs without exception are like this BU, BFP, DLP and BLP. As a matter of fact the few comments that DLP and BLP get they could shut theirs down and not miss it.

    My point being it is no good if 1000 people hit a specific blog a day and only 10 particpate in debate. I thought the idea of a blog was to enter into debate and the more the merrier. That does not happen in the blogs I mentioned, but I do not think that suggests or support that only a few Barbadians are using the net. I just think people hit blogs out of curiosity more than anything else.

    Many might also fear participating or have reasons of their own for not doing so but in either case by them reading the blog tells us nothing about what they think one way or the other about the blog as far as if they agree or not with what is being published.

  34. I think the main problem is that people are scared that their identities will be revealed through their IP addresses, so while they may read comments they prefer not to become involved. Also, it appears to me that most of the bloggers are male and some of them dislike having a female on board! It’s as much as to ask, “Wait! How a woman get pun dis man talk?” Another thing, the topics are usually politically based. I interact regularly with Talkback on a U.K. magazine and the subjects are enormously wide and varied and you can jump from one subject to the other like playing musical chairs! I have commented many times about Barbados in glowing terms, and one of the participants actually brought her family to Barbados on holiday earlier this year. I can assure you that it is a refreshing and highly enlightening experience, chatting on that magazine Talkback. And the comments are short and straight to the point, so you don’t start to yawn and get bored. I think blogging is a good thing for Bajans because we have become frustrated and angry, and the mainstream media is no help. And by the way, the BLP poppets don’t need to come on these blogs because they own the mainstream media! This is too long – I gone!

  35. Pearl you have said a mouthful all it makes sense.

    Why though women should feel as you say they do about participating is beyond me.

    As for identity fears. Litigation against bloggers is very complex if even practical. Were someone to get your identity number that in itself is no proof you sent the e-mail.

    Plus the Blog itself prints the material and are under no obligation to do so. That puts them in the drivers seat when it comes to libel.

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  37. The DLP blog is growing steadily indeed, once people feel that the wind of change is blowing strong you will see more freedom of expression in general with people feeling free to express their opinion without fear of being fired.
    Like Kid Site said A Frighten.

  38. Sadly I see advertised today two funerals for those who lost their lives in that tragic accident, may they rest in peace.

  39. We are most pleased to see the BLP blog wishing the best to the Codrington family of Britton’s Hill. It is never too late to correct a mistake.

    Good job!

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