When Water Turned To Wine At the Barbados Water Authority~Part 1

BU source has definitely confirmed the word on the street that Mr. Dale Miller, Barbados Water Authority, Corporate Communications Specialist is currently on special leave. News about the circumstances which surrounds his leave is still under tight wraps. What BU has been able to find out is that a certain dummy company was set-up to receive cheques on behalf of the Barbados Water Authority (BWA). The unsuspecting companies which delivered cheques to the dummy company did so with the understanding that they were sponsoring extra-curricular events to be hosted by the BWA.

BU regrets that Mr. Dale Miller who has encountered a recent domestic upheaval in his life may yet have to confront another one.

53 thoughts on “When Water Turned To Wine At the Barbados Water Authority~Part 1

  1. its time these guys learn to leave people money and live within there means firstly you are paid an exorbitant salary to MARKET WATER which doesnt make sense.

    Well i hope justice is served no more Long neck hennessey at Lemon Arbour on Saturdays and if found guilty and its proven the plantation house in st george was bought with these funds that too should be confiscated

  2. By erasing his laptop he puts himself under pressure. I hope BWA know that forensic technology available to recover data.

  3. BU. you mean Dale Miller has now become…….the Trail Miller….?

    Good gosh…..let the water flow !

  4. It appears that misappropriating funds or “tieffing” has become a past time of the Barbadian middle class. We wonder what is happening here : – (
    It will be interesting to see how his new young model-like girl friend will react.
    Let us see how this plays out.

  5. she should accept some of the blame as the thiefing was to help support her, silly fellow hope he can go back to her and get a refund on the recent trip they spent in England, these thieves need to learn to leave people money sorry we didnt have muslim laws

  6. BWA, yuh can’t work wid paint unless yuh get daub.
    Daley boy, I used to admire you, but why did you do that sort of ting?
    You were paid a handsome salary and still gone and do foolishness? You mean that because Owen and Barney and de rest tiefing dat you wanted to be up there wid dem? Dem is big able ministers not you. You is only a lil fella fron sint john.
    I would hate to think that all this was done because of a woman.
    How did the man stumble, BWA?
    Enlighten me, please.

  7. Did he really do anything wrong? Is it an ethics question? Was the work supposedly done anyway? Where is the beef? I sincerely hope that he got close to one million. It is ok for the big ups but not the small fish…man you guys full of sh….

  8. Observer r u condoning this behaviour? when a person could set up companies accept money for work that was never done isnt that fraud?

    of course what he did was wrong including the over invoicing of pics for BWA by his name sake but it will all come out and the woman whom it was done to help support will be gone

  9. Of course I am not condoning what he did. All I am saying is let him who is without sin…….And what is all this talk about Natalie Webb.Leave the poor girl out of it. Deal with the facts. It is more Govt corruption. What about Greenland….what about the beautification project in town….what about the NHC building….what about the leaky airport….what about the RDC and UDC I could go on …deal with the issues…..a corrupt govt with no opposition. We all know that Dale was Gerome’s man. Is he being investigated as well? Just asking

  10. He tief an he gotto deal with it.
    if Gerome tief he will gotta deal with it too.
    Same peolple he use to lime at l’arbor with cause he downfall. People like he give black people a bad name.

  11. De man is a stinking tief. He want lossing way in St. Lucy. Leh we see how much ‘wata’ pipe he able to deal wid up deh…..

  12. Why dese men dat already got a berry does still gotta kah way people money so?? If de woman leff he out and dah can’t prove dat she spend nun ah de money, she should gah long and shut she mout… Miller?? Who he???

  13. stealing, stealing, stealing be careful, be careful love got a hold on you like a tief in the night

  14. BU would hate to be guilty and to have you all as a jury of peers! Things look bad but we have not had any charges laid, so be careful of your comments.

  15. I always hear; What goes around comes around, if he does not get “lock-up” fuh this, it will be something else, cause he dishonest.

  16. Look how the mighty have fallen. I know that somebody would end up getting their balls squeezed for real. What will happen to all his follow ons, the little parasitic freaks who were waiting on him hand and foot? Will they look for another manager to lick his ass? I can’t do that, my tongue too rough…..

  17. What about all the overtime he signed off for payment to BWA employees who did private work for him at the big house in st. george?

  18. Here is the question which BU has for Barbados. If it was known that the gentleman was doing these illegal activities why no one blew the whistle?

  19. Here is the question which BU has for Barbados. If it was known that the gentleman was doing these illegal activities why no one blew the whistle?

    David…..because the accused had the whistle in he mouth ?

  20. You have to ask yourself this question. Dale Miller did not work in either the Accounts Department or Stores. So who in these departments helped him get through with his thiefing??

  21. was feeling sorry for him but every man has his right to decide his destiny. Should know better.

  22. How can Denis expect to charge him when so much things wrong at the BWA and all the man did was his job….stop the rumours

  23. Stop the rumours and leave the poorman alone.
    The Managers at the BWA should be the last to point fingers. xxxxx xxxxxx thief to build he house when he was in charge of the building of the reservoirs and xxxx xxxxxx still getting he kicks back and struggling with he house. Wunna need the real stories

  24. As for xxxxx xxxxxxx she now come and I hear that she was out in the cold if a certain man did not begs for she with the same stinking big boy. Since she came there she has lived with ever one…and now want to be holier than though…leave the man and stop the characte assissination

  25. xxxx is not left out he just would not leave Jones alone..a big married man/ Living with her and giving her allowances when others on the same project aint getting none and you talking about corruption leave the marketing man along….the BWA need people like him, HE went out among the staff and motivated people
    They pulled down Jesus, Julius Caesar, Dr Martin Luther King and all the other great men…dont worry Miller..God will take care of you

  26. xxxxx constructing a building for six year at Bowmanstan and it still aint done..and money going down the drain and you want to kill a man for what rumours

  27. BU wish to thank all the posters. Unfortunately We have had a flood of posts which have named names of wrong doings at the BWA over the years. If any reader has information and evidence of any kind please forward in to email address at thebarbadosunderground@gmail.com,We will do the rest.

  28. David – What will you do with the evidence if given? Barbados has always been full of corruption, anything to do with politics you should expect some type of illegal act. The only problem is some people tend to want to bite off a bit more than they can chew, and the result is they wrong doings come to light. Unfortunately it appears to be so in this instance.

  29. Mind Your Business~BU separates the water to wine act from the politics in this matter. Giving us the info to act is better that doing nada.

  30. Why do people post names of other persons? There seems to be a bunch of cowards and cowardices at the BWA.

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  32. So many rumours, so much gossip. What does one acheive by crying down the senior staff of bwa. Seems like u are out to ruin these people. Remember Carma, and what aint pass yah aint miss yah. So who are we to judge. Beloved judge not least ye be judged. Just do the right thing and stop slandering the people.

  33. Some good points all round, enjoyed them all.

    Obviously there are fast food churches doing a good job but we would be hypocritical if we did not agree that several of them have been established to make quick bucks in far too many cases. We know of several fat food churches in Barbados which have splintered from other fast food churches because the pastors felt they commanded more popularity and the result was to seize the opportunity to do their thing. BU must stress we don’t agree with this approach it is sending the wrong message to a “fat food” public!

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  37. For years now all tyoe of poeople have been thiefing at BWA…from meter readers to supervisors, to men selling pipe to men in the storeroon sell all tyoe of ,material. They should first fire the head man who is a real whimp…he allows all this to happen and does absolutely nothing…
    ..they just suspended another persons for inflating or falsely submitting claims for over time.

  38. I just started reading this forum and all i am getting is alot of gossip.The thing is all unrighteousness is sin.Those accused of stealing will have to answer to God. We all sin in thought word and deed ,in what we have done and what we have left undone.We all are guilty of stealing at some point in time, Wether it be money,a reem of paper and time.Yes time !when we go for lunch at one and come back if we do at all 2 hours later.Waiste time as soon as home time is near.
    What we all need to do is to help build up our brothers and sisters. We as Barbadians need to stop dragging each other down.
    Lets face it if placed in these same positions we may very well do the same thing . Dont say not me cause that is a lie right away.

  39. i live in st john on de far east, and de water up hay does be off like de sun in de sky, well not for a while now and i feel it has something to do with my lil experience.

    a ex farmer told my wife that the water authority also get money for delivering water to de farms and dem duz say dem int gine down in de newcastle martins bay area, anyhow i pass on de info to a woman at de bwa and she tell me hold on, when de woman come back de woman tell me how dem int got nuttin showing de water should be off in my area, anyhow i was shocked too cuz de water did off for 4 days straight, dis was like 2 months ago.

    she den tell me she gon pass de info on to her supervisor who will begin a probe in de matter, u int know since then the water in st john int went off for more than 15 minutes. these things make me go hmmm

    i am a strong blp supporter but things like wa i gon tell ya next got me pissed and int even care bout voting.

    before i got tru to de bwa lady i called and got tru to a fella and he put me on to his supervisor who stated when de rain fall, it collect mud and it go in de bowmanston depot so they turn off de water, i turn and tell de man we water get turn off even when na rain int fall, he wa silent, dis did like 2 days before de final call, i asked him how long this was going on, de man told me for bout 10-15 years, i asked so wait u mean de govt int planning on fixing the bowmanston problem?
    he then said how its gonna be costly, so i turn and asked if building highways more important than supplying water to de barbadian people or mekking a cricket ground look good fuh people ta jump up pun fuh 2 months?

    i said i will take this further because this is nuff (bad word goes here)

    anyhow, i called the PM office and as usual de secretary told me she will pass de message, up ta now i int hear nuttin mo

    what we people in bim need is someone who will speak in parlaiment on behalf of each barbadian who meet problems like these, de ombudsman is get on like he mek helself.

    dis is a fine example of de stupidness that goes on in bim, and regardless where u turn, theres a deaf ear, we people need to get someone who will speak up, not someone whom de govt choose, we need to choose who we want.

  40. well well well, u believe yesterday i posted on blp blog bout de incident i had wid de BWA which i mention above, i posted it and checked and it was posted, now de comment get delete from de blog, walossss, hmmm, thats something for ya, well i guess this is one lil man who int voting next election, bcos if i tell dem wa goes on and dem act childish like that and remove my experience, which mean that what i am saying means nothing to them, well thanks alot BLP, ya save me de energy of leaving home to vote next election cuz i int voting.

    no sense voting for people who ignoring ya

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