What Is The Deal With Melina LeBlanc?




Teen back home

MELINA NAOMI LeBLANC, the St Ursula’s 14-year-old student who went missing two weeks ago and was traced overseas, is now back home.

Police confirmed LeBlanc had returned to her Sargeant’s Village, Christ Church address, after her mother went to Texas, United States, and reunited with her daughter. (TS)


We find it amazing that this teenager could end up in another place and then contact her custodians that she is alright. There is obviously a story here behind the story. We will monitor our Bajan Reporter friend to see if he is able to sniff it out.

Breaking News – Teenaged Canadian restored to parents: Official RBPF Notice

Got this notice not long ago from the Royal Barbados Police Force, it seems Melina Naomi LeBlanc, 14 years of Sargeant Village, Christ Church who was reported missing on the 10th April 2007 has been traced, and is safe.


The RBPF thank members of the public and the media for their invaluable assistance in this matter.

6 thoughts on “What Is The Deal With Melina LeBlanc?

  1. When I first saw the story on Bajan Reporter I posted some questions, pertinent, which they refused to published. Coming from a CBC background they are accustomed to censoring the news.

    Something smells to high heaven here.

    Was she kidnapped?
    Did her abductor give her a cell to make a call?
    Did she kick the door down and escape?
    Did the crack team do a dynamic entry and free her?
    Was anyone charged with kidnapping her?
    Did she just go to get some?
    Will she be charged with wasting policeman time?
    Is this a regular occurance for her?
    What type of parents does she have?

    Don’t expect anything more from Bajan Repoter on this one. Like a “good” journalist he took the press release from the police public relations dept. asked no questions, a-la-CBC repoters, and just published s.it.

  2. Well folks I have done some checking and it appears that there is a hint of some **** in the household. Given the sensitive nature of the matter perhaps I will leave the rest to Bajan Reporter!

  3. LOL, Sauna – so you are Anonymous! You insult me and then expect me to print it and yet you had no identity then, so who was the coward? Be real, I may do a News Blog, but I still am in Govt, what do you expect? 60 Minutes?? :op

    LMAO, I have reached a cooperative point with RBPF in that regular media barely cover this kind of stuff until after the fact – you want me to lose that source altogether? Please!

  4. What Bajan Reporter is doing must be commended. We have so many people who sit on the fence, instead of satisfying himself with his 8-4 job he is making other contributions to add value to our society.

    So I BU says to Sauna et al lets give AirBourne our support!

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